Selling The House

by Techsan

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: When I try to sell my house without a realtor, I met some interesting people. Some were more interesting than others.



Ding-dong! Ding-dong!

Thump, thump, thump sounded my cane as I hurried to the front door as fast as I could go. I silently cursed the temporary problem I was having with my legs that made it necessary to use the cane to get around the house.

"Hi. Are you Sheryl?" I asked of the pretty young woman who stood outside the storm door.

"Hi. Yes, I am. Are you Ed?" she responded.

I pushed the storm door open and held it for her. "Yes, I am. I'm pleased to meet you."

"Me, too," she said as she stepped past me into the living room.

I took a few moments to size her up and was very favorably impressed. I would guess she was in her mid-thirties, about 5' 8" and maybe 115 pounds. She was a little thinner than I preferred my women but I would never kick her out of bed... of course, the odds of me getting her there were "Slim" and "None" and "Slim was walking out the door." She had near-shoulder length jet-black hair, an attractive face, and curves everywhere I looked... except for a very flat stomach. Well, her boobs were a little flat for my taste too, although I was impressed with the way her nipples were standing up through the material of her matching top-and-shorts set.

She stopped in the middle of the living room. I said "As you can see, you come into the middle of the house, with the kitchen and dining room right behind the living room and the bedrooms to each side. Let's go this way," and I pointed her to the left, "into the master bedroom."

I couldn't help but watch the two globes of her ass as they swayed and swished in front of me. I pointed out the ceiling fan and the double-wide closet as well as the built in cabinets in the master bedroom.

Turning a corner, I said, "and this is the master bath."

She followed me in, taking in the big garden tub, the separated shower stall, and the well-lighted dressing area. I pointed up and said, "We've really enjoyed having the skylights in both bathrooms. They provide a lot of natural light."

She said, "I like it. It's really nice and big." Then she turned and went through the remaining door. "Ah, the utility room, I see."

"Yes, and all appliances are new this year, name brand and the largest they make."

"That's good. With two teenage girls, I can never get the laundry finished."

"This closet houses the central heat and air. The heating unit was replaced about 18 months ago and the air is keeping us cool right now."

"Yeah, and it feels good. It has been so hot lately!"

She turned right and I said, "This leads into the kitchen and dining area. As you can see there are built-in cabinets around plus the overhead see-through cabinets between the kitchen and living room."

"Oh, I like that! And how about the appliances?"

"We're planning for them to stay. The refrigerator is about two years old and the dishwasher was replaced in December."

"I'm impressed with the way the house has been cared for. You wouldn't believe some of the things I've seen. Dirty, holes in walls and floors, things that don't work. I just can't believe it."

Sheryl looked around and, when I thought she was ready to move on, I led her to the opposite end of the house. She checked the hot water heater closet and then the bathroom, stating, "I like the depth of the tub with the shower in this bath. That's nice sized."

"Yes, we like it. Before we open this door, let me warn you that it is our son's room and he uses it as an office and to run an internet organization too so it looks really bad."

She laughed. "With two teenage daughters, you can't show me anything really bad that I haven't already seen."

She pushed open the door and turned on the light. "Yes, a nice size bedroom. And this is the closet?"

"Yes, this room is the mirror image of this one over here."

I led her into my office. She looked around carefully, verifying its layout to the other one. Slowly she turned and retreated into the living room.

I said, "Excuse me. I hope you don't mind if I sit for a bit. I'm having a few problems with my legs."

"No, no, I don't mind."

"Won't you sit a while?"

She didn't directly respond but sank into the love seat while I sat in a recliner.

"So... its just you and your two girls?" I asked, trying to make conversation.

"Yeah. I've never gotten married although it sure would be nice to have a man around the house whenever I need him. But I just never found the right man for that situation." She giggled. "But I try every once in a while."

There was a short pregnant pause before I asked, "Do you like... cunnilingus?"

Her right hand involuntarily dove between her legs and rubbed her nubbin. I smiled, anticipating what she wanted to say. "Nn, mm... well, yeah, of course. Who doesn't?"

"Would you let me do it for you?"

"Oh, my! That sounds so good but... I hardly know you," she said wistfully.

"That's true but those needs can be so strong."

"Well... " her face split into a huge smile. "Why not? Sure, okay."

I took her hand and led her back to my bedroom. By then, she was in the process of pushing her shorts and bikini panties to the floor, so that when she stood by the edge of the bed, she sat and kicked them off at the same time. I grabbed a pillow from the bed and put it on the floor for my aging knees and instantly found myself face to face with her black curly hair-covered mound.

I lifted one of her legs to each of my shoulders, watching her slide backwards onto the bed, although most of my focus was on that spot between her legs. I turned my head to the left and reached my tongue out until I was creating a light trail of my spit along the warmth of her inner thigh. At mid-thigh, I made a U-turn and traced a parallel path back to her center, crossed over to her other leg and repeated the process.

By the time I got back to her middle, Sheryl was rocking gently and humming in a monotone "uuuuuhhhhhhh." My tongue covered the flat terrain around the top of her slit and down around the sides, finding a very fine, lacy layer of flesh protruding from her puffy outer lips. Each time my tongue touched one of those bits of lacy flesh, Sheryl would jump slightly and the tone of her voice would waver for an instant. My nose was assaulted by the fragrance of a sexually aroused woman, an odor that aroused my own desire to a fever pitch.

As I moved downward, I looked up to see Sheryl holding her knees up, a hand on the underside of each, making it easier for me to find her treasure. My nose savored her fragrance just as my tongue savored her tastes, both growing stronger as my tongue found the opening to her pussy.

The entire area was dotted with sparkling little star-like drops of her own dew. I devoured each mini-drop as if it were the greatest nectar in the world... when in fact it was. Carefully exploring each fold of flesh, I settled down with my mouth sealing the opening to her inner core, my nose gently nudging her out-of-focus clitoris. I was surprised at how few minutes it took for Sheryl's reaction to become a series of "uuuhhh... uuuhhhhh... uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh!" sounds that signified her last steps up the mountain of lust and headfirst dive into the pit of pleasure just beyond.

Sheryl seemed to relax a bit, as if she thought I might be finished with her but I wanted a lot more... for her and for me too. After giving her a few moments of pleasure, I resumed the devouring of her sweetest treasures, my tongue lapping up her fresh juices before exploring for the source and trying to create more. A few minutes of teasing her clit interspersed with meandering around the inner recesses of her cunt brought her to her second and then her third climax, each a little more powerful than the one before.

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