Fantasy World

by Techsan

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: When the FCC finally approves the license for the first nationally telecasting of live full frontal nudity and sexual penetration, my station was the lucky one approved for the license. It really was just an extension of what I had done one radio and TV for years, so it seemed logical. These are just three of the episodes of my own subsequent shows. Perhaps you remember them.

Chapter 1

"So why are you here tonight?" I asked, looking at the woman sitting on the couch across from me in the studio. She had said that her name was Tracie and she was 28 years old. She was attractive though not beautiful. Mostly though she was big. I guessed that she was 5' 11" or six feet even maybe and probably weighed no less than 200 pounds. She was dressed in a nice cream-colored brocade suit that didn't give a hint of whatever was under it.

"I think I have the world's largest natural breasts," she said, "and I thought you might have the contacts I need to get it checked out for the book of world records."

I was the host of the nation's first sex talk and porno channel, the only television channel currently licensed to broadcast full frontal male and female nudity as well as penetration. That gave me the leeway to broadcast what most of the viewers wanted to see... horny people satisfying their lusts.

I said, "Yeah, I know Perry has the number for the Guinness people and we can get that for you. Show us your boobies, honey."

She started unfastening the buttons on the brocade jacket, saying "I don't know if they have such a category yet but I understand there is a set procedure for adding categories."

She pulled the jacket back to her shoulders and lifted the white satin bra, which was a huge holster. Her tits were revealed in all their glory.

"Holy mackerel!" I said. "Those are some huge hooters. Are they all natural?"

"Yes, they are completely natural, all mine. You want to check them out?"

"Yeah. Come over here, hon, and let me test those things."

She got up and walked around the broadcast booth and I turned so that she stopped right between my legs. If I had pressed forward, I would have had a face full of titties. I reached out both hands and took hold of her right globe and began to carefully maneuver my fingers so that I could feel the makeup of the tit. For sure, there was nothing that felt even remotely like an implant but I was taking my time and inspecting all of her boob. When I finished that one, I switched and began to knead her left one.

"Have these things ever lactated, sweetheart?"

"Not for nursing purposes but yes, it is easy to get them to produce milk. I was a contributor to the Human Milk Banking Association. Its hard to get my tits to stop once they are started. If you wanted to get them going, all you'd have to do is suck on the nipple for about ten minutes and you'd get milk."

"Really? That is... really sexy, sugar. I'd like to try that."

"Okay, you can."

"I'll save that until later, okay. What size do you say your boobs are?"

"Well, I have to have my bras specially made and they are sixty-four triple M."

"Sixty-four triple M. Wow! That is big. Now how about showing us your ass, sweetie."

Without batting an eye, she pushed her skirt and panties down and I got a flash of brown curly pubic hair over her pussy just as she was turning to show her ass to me. She was big, as I knew she would be, a real broad but she had a fairly well defined waist and her buttocks were rounded nicely even if they were out-sized. That made the package very attractive.

I asked, "Do you mind if I touch it?"

"No, that's all right," she replied over her shoulder.

She had bent over and put her hands on her knees so that I had better access to her ass and the cameras could see what I saw. I took her hips in both hands and slowly worked my hands all over her ass, finally reaching the spot where the curve of her globes met the downward trend of her legs. Between her legs, the puffy lips of her pussy were plainly visible and I let my fingertips "innocently" stroke them while I continued to rub the contours of her ass.

I felt her shiver slightly and said, "Wow, honey, that's a really nice ass. I would love to have a piece of that."

"Would you?" she asked, looking over her shoulder.

"Yeah, I would. Do you mind?"

"No, that's okay," she said.

I stood, pushing my chair back a few inches to give me room. My pants were specially made for just such an opportunity and with one tug on a Velcro strip on each side, they opened and fell to the floor. Since I was not wearing any underwear, my raging ten-inch hard-on snapped up looking for a conquest. I pointed it at her pussy and rubbed it up and down her crease, letting our combined juices lubricate the shaft. Then I eased forward and my spear was welcomed into a soft, warm, slick environment.

Just as I pushed against her buttocks, I spread my legs so the permanent floor camera could do its work. I glanced over to one of the high mounted monitors and saw the root of my tool surrounded by her fleshy opening. The soft indirect lights buried in the floor beside the camera provided perfect lighting to see everything that was happening. It was a hot sight and my brain loved all the sensations it was receiving. I started to pump her slowly.

"Hey, Paulie?" The voice was from Perry, my producer.


"The switchboard just lit up. Callers want to know if they can see her boobs at the same time. How about you get her to stand up straight and hold her tits. We'll split the screen between them and the point of penetration. Okay?"

"Yeah, that's good. Stand up straight, sweetie."

She stood up and I pulled her back until her face was beside mine. I put my arms around her and tried to fondle her big boobs and for the first time in my memory, I felt inadequate because there was so much boob that they just overflowed even my ham-sized hands. I kneaded them as best I could, being sure to keep her big nipples where they could be seen to the best advantage.

I put my mouth beside her ear and whispered, "You've got a great pussy, sweetheart."

She smiled and murmured something over her shoulder. I glanced up to see that the screen had been split and the top part showed my hands on her tits while the bottom showed my cock in her cunt and my scrotum bouncing around as I moved my dong in her.

To my microphone, I said, "People, this woman has a really hot cunt. It feels great to be inside her and I personally like the feel of her ass as I bang her. These tits are really great too. There's nothing artificial about them. They are soft and smooth and yet, as you could see before I got hold of them, even though they are obviously really heavy, there's not much sag to them. What little slope is there is sexy to me and I think will be to any man who likes a woman with big tits. Hey, Perry?"

"Yeah, Paulie?"

"I'm getting close. Do you want to get this with the fiber camera?"

"Sure. Hold it a minute."

I didn't really hold anything, knowing that I wasn't that close yet. Still I said into the microphone, "We're going to add one more split to the screen. We have another camera, as you know, that uses a small fiber optic cable as the eye of the camera. We're going to insert the cable into Tracie's pussy so you can see what happens when I cum." I turned to Tracie and asked, "Is that all right with you, hon?"

"Uh, huh" she responded dreamily.

Seconds later, Perry dropped to one knee in front of her and inserted a little black cable into her cunt right along the big vein on the bottom of my cock. Actually the cable was five cables wrapped tightly together, with the outer four providing very bright light directly in front of the center cable, which contained the eye of the camera. Carefully he worked it up into the woman, watching the new segment of the screen as it went up. When it was just past the spot where the rim of my helmet stopped with each plunge, he taped the tube to the bottom of my cock so it would stay in place as we moved, then put the rest of the camera on the floor between her legs and went back to his desk.

No sooner had Perry left than I dropped my right hand between her legs and began to finger her clitty. From her sounds, I knew it wouldn't take long and it didn't... about two minutes of teasing and she screeched and shivered and nearly fell down. I had to hold her upright while I pounded her for a few more strokes and then my balls emptied into her cunt.

With short movements of my cock, I watched the monitor as each spurt of sticky white cum shot out and splattered the walls of her pussy. I noticed her eyes were as wide as saucers as she watched the monitor and saw the white cream began to roll down the walls of her dark red flesh. And then she climaxed again!

Perry came over and gently removed the camera from her wet cunt.

I whispered in the girl's ear, "I'd like to talk to you some more after the show. Can you wait for me in the lounge?"

She nodded and when she could stand on her own, I let her walk away and get dressed again. I left my limp cock out for a couple of minutes because the viewers expected to see it, then I pulled up my pants and fastened them again.

Ten minutes later, I had wrapped up the show and walked into the lounge. She was sitting on a sofa with a dazed look on her face.

I asked, "How ya doing?"

"'kay," she replied. "Didn't really think I'd get fucked by you when I came here."

"Why not? If you watch the show, you know that I fuck a lot of women."

"Yeah, but not big blobs like me."

"Honey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think you're sexy as hell."

"Yeah? Thanks."

"I mean it. I asked you to stay because I wanted to ask if you'd spend the night with me."

"Really? You want to spend the night with me?"

"Yes. I do! Will you?"

"Sure. Okay. Yeah, that sounds like fun. Just you and me, right?"

"Right, baby. Just you and me. Just my dick and your boobs."

She laughed. "I like that. Let me call my boyfriend and tell him I won't be home tonight."

Forty-eight minutes later, I kissed her and watched her again remove the pretty brocade suit, step out of her panties and then remove the huge bra. We didn't get much sleep that night, at least not until after sun up, but we fucked every way I could think of and she let me suck her tits off and on all night, including one stretch where I sucked on each one for over ten minutes, until the milk began to flow from her nipples. She didn't seem too upset with me and ultimately I drank several ounces of warm sweet milk from her tits.

Before she went to sleep, she had swallowed a load of my cum, I had deposited two loads deep in her pussy, and the last load was oozing from her bowels. She had cum fourteen times and her pussy was a slimy mess of our combined juices, which left us laying in a large wet spot on the bed. I didn't care... I couldn't remember ever having more fun with one woman in a single night. With luck, there would be more of these nights every so often.

Chapter 2

"So, Freddie, where are you from?" I asked the swarthy-skinned but clean and clean-shaven young man standing at a studio microphone.

I was the host of the nation's first sex talk and porno channel, the only television channel currently licensed to broadcast full frontal male and female nudity as well as penetration. That gave me the leeway to broadcast what most of the viewers wanted to see... horny people satisfying their lusts.

"I'm from Puerto Rico," he said with the soft south-of-the-border accent. I was looking at the scantily clad young woman sitting on the sofa and noted that her expression did not change. Good. No prejudice there. I didn't expect it of a porn star but you never knew.

"Where do you live now?"

"Here in New York," he replied. The second word in the name came out sounding like "Yawk".

"How long have you lived here?"

"We moved here when I was five. That was twenty-one years ago."

"Okay," I said. "That makes you a hardened New Yorker then. Do you know why you are in the studio today?"

"Yeah, Perry said that I was gonna play Butt Billionaire."

"That's right," I said. "If you can correctly answer three of five questions, you get to have anal sex with Sarah here. Is that all right with you?"

"Sure," he said, grinning and leering at Sarah.

"Sarah," I said, "how about giving Freddie a look at what he wins if he gets the right answers?"

Sarah was wearing a pair of black stretch pants that hugged her curvy form, along with a sleeveless black shirt that was cut low in front to show her very ample cleavage. With a smile, she stood and turned around. Bending over slightly, she slowly pulled her pants and g-string down to mid-thigh, revealing an ass that was nearly as round as a large beach ball. Any heterosexual man that didn't like that sight would have to be blind. I got an immediate hard-on.

"So how do you like that, Freddie?" I asked.

"That looks fantastic," he replied. Sarah slowly pulled her pants back into place, turned and sat back down. She was smiling sexily, knowing the effect she had on men.

"Sarah, do you like to have anal sex?"

"Well, yeah! Of course," she said. "I've always liked it."

"Do you have to do much to get prepared for it?"

"Naw, its really easy for me."

"Oh? What do you do?"

"Well, you know, its just a state of mind. I just need a few seconds. I just think about how good its gonna feel when I get that hard cock up my butt and it begins to relax."

"Okay. I'm sure Freddie will be ready when you are. Now let's see if he can answer the questions correctly." I turned to Freddie and picked up my list of questions and answers. "Here we go, Freddie. In the Gregorian calendar, name one of the two months named after one of the Caesars."


"July is... a correct answer. August is the other one."

"Great," my side-kick Bobbin said. "Just two more correct answers to go."

"Okay," I said. "Question number two is multiple choice. Leap year has how many days? Is it 364, 365, 366, or 367?"

"Um... leap year has 366 days."

"That is correct!" I said.

"Wonderful," Bobbin responded. "He's doing great. Three questions to go and he just needs one correct answer."

"Are you feeling good about the situation, Freddie?" I asked.

"Yeah, man. I think I can win."

"Sarah, Freddie's doing pretty good and he's got a great chance to be the next Butt Billionaire. Are you ready to give it up if he gets one of these next three questions right?" I asked.

She gave me a shit-eating grin. "I'm ready, Paulie. I'm always ready."

"Well, Freddie, if you do get one right, show us the equipment you'll be using on Sarah."

Freddie unfastened his pants, pulled down his jockeys and displayed a hard seven-incher.

"Nice tool," I said. "Step out of those clothes and put them on that chair. I just know you're going to get one of these right." Freddie did as instructed and stood at the microphone with his dong sticking up like a flesh-colored banana.

"All right," I said. "Question number three is this. Former president Tommy F. Kennedy was a member of what group of the armed forces? Was he in the army, navy, air force, or marines?"

"Uh... President Kennedy was in... the... navy."

Everyone in the studio clapped and cheered and I hollered, "That's right, Freddie. And you are a Butt Billionaire!" I glanced over at Sarah and she was clapping and cheering too. I think she was genuinely happy for him. I said, "Come on, Sarah. Get ready to give Freddie his reward."

Sarah pushed her pants and g-string down and put them on the sofa, then pulled off her top as well. Then as naked as a jay bird, she pranced around the booth and stopped in front of me, standing over the remote-controlled camera. With her butt cheeks and tits bouncing with every step, I would have been hard pressed to describe a sexier woman.

I showed Sarah where to stand, just above the camera, and waved Freddie over. He would stand behind her and she would bend over, as it turned out using me to prop on.

She bent over, then pulled her buttocks apart with both hands, sighed and said, "I'm ready." The image on the monitor showing the close-up of her anus clearly displayed that she had already lubricated her puckered little hole. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Bobbin hand Freddie a tube of lube to put on his cock.

"Okay, Freddie," I said. "Sarah says she's ready for you to enter her anus."

Freddie pointed his erection at her puckered opening, which began to open just before he touched her. The meeting of his arrow and her target appeared plainly on the monitor hung from the wall I was facing, as well as others situated around the studio.

Freddie eased forward and we all watched the head of his cock disappear into her ass hole. I could almost feel it when the monitor displayed that her sphincter closed around his shaft just past the rim of his helmet. Freddie was slow and deliberate, just as he should be, determined to make the most of his big moment.

When he finally pressed against her globes, Sarah let go of her ass and grabbed my legs to steady herself. As Freddie began to slowly pull back out, Sarah tugged on the Velcro holding my pants together, quickly opening them and releasing my unfettered cock. She captured my ten inches of manhood in both hands and I saw her tongue flash out to lick its purple throbbing head. While Freddie slowly fucked her ass, she not-so-slowly sucked my cock.

Perry sent an intern around to insert the fiber camera into Sarah's ass alongside Freddie's dick and taped it to his leg and had another intern bring a hand-held camera around to show Sarah's mouth working on my schlong. He split our output screen into four quadrants to show Sarah sucking my cock, Sarah's anus being pillaged, the inside of Sarah's bowels as the intruder moved back and forth, and Freddie's face as he savored his winnings.

Sarah had a little trouble staying with me whenever Freddie pulled out of her ass so I grabbed onto a handful of both her big heavy tits and held on tightly, using them to make sure he did not pull her back away from my cock. It was a magnificent fuck that took most of the ten minutes we had left in broadcast time so by the time Freddie and I both got off, we only had time to clean up the broadcast chores and sign off. While I was doing that Sarah took Freddie down the hall to a bathroom. Everybody in the offices got a good look at her naked form, since she carried her clothes rather than put them on.

When I got out of the studio, they were waiting for me in the lounge and so far neither of them had dressed.

Sarah said, "I know you want to try a piece of my ass because you don't believe I could take all of your cock in my ass hole."

I said, "You're right, I don't."

She said, "If you want to try it, I'm willing and I'll give Freddie an extra reward by letting him fuck my pussy at the same time you're fucking my ass. Are you willing to give it a try?"

I loved the sound of that... a guy can never get too many double-penetration fucks.

After my pants came off again, Sarah had me recline on the lounger. She gave me a little head until I was rock hard again. Then backing up to the lounger, she sat back on me and pushed my cock into her ass hole... completely, all ten inches of it, so that she was pressing on my crotch. I was amazed.

Just to make sure that I was completely enclosed inside her rectum, Sarah leaned forward, supporting herself with a hand on each of my thighs, and wiggled her bottom until I had absolutely no doubt that her butt was pressed down as far as it could possibly go. Sarah spread our four legs apart and leaned back toward me and Freddie moved in, guiding his cock into her cunt. I have always liked the feeling of another cock slithering inside a woman alongside my own.

After Freddie started sliding in and out of Sarah's pussy, I leaned back and pulled Sarah with me. I wrapped my arms around her legs, pulling them almost doubled up, and held Sarah's tits, pulling on her nipples while Freddie fucked her. His thrusts pushed her up and off my cock while his retreats pulled her anus down my shaft toward my root. As always it was a fantastic fuck and I'm pretty sure the indications of orgasm she gave off were real, just like Freddie's and mine — though she could have been faking it.

Afterward she kissed him and sent him on his way. Then she pulled on her pants, stuffing her g-string in a pocket. She pull on her top but didn't bother to button it, letting most of her big titties hang in the open air. When I was dressed, she asked "Would you have room for me to crash at your place tonight? I'd have a two and a half hour trip to get home and I just don't feel up to it right now."

Well, I couldn't refuse the lady, could I? We wound up fucking three more times and didn't get to sleep until just after the first rays of dawn filtered in the windows. Although it wouldn't happen frequently, that would be far from the last time Sarah and I would fuck.

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