Time Gentlemen Please

by Pagan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Wimp Husband, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Don't be greedy you may get more then you want

I put the receiver down and pushed back in to the sitting room. Mark who was still sitting watching the porn film heard me say, "The bitch," he looked up at me as I picked up the can of Fosters, "What's up mate?"

I sat down and took a swig, "Its Sally, you know I told you we had a load of builders in the bar, bloody good drinkers, well as soon as she knew they had just been paid off and were moving on she was doing her usual land-lady flirty bit, well I got pissed off, said I'd go, she could close up, I didn't think I was needed besides I've got an early start in the morning," I took another swig.

Mark looked quizzically at me, "Ian spit it out, what's the problem; you two did buy the pub to make money, didn't you?"

I snapped back at him, "Yes, of course we did, but not to spend every hour of every day and night there, she's gone money mad."

Mark shrugged his shoulders and turned his attention back to the film.

I sat there seething, "Look mate you don't fucking understand, as soon as she sees people with money she starts, chatting, laughing and I don't matter, she just wants their cash, now she's doing a lock in. Says their spending good money I've told her I'm going to get pissed with you, do you know what the bitch said?"

Mark turned, looked and shook a disinterested head, but I wanted my say so I ranted on "She said, that's typical of you, you spend it while I make it, well fuck her, if monies that important to her she can stay there all bloody night, let her have her fucking lock in."

Mark took another swig, "She's your wife, I just hope she don't get to pissed to drive home."

I laughed, "Oh no she's to cute for that, she will look as though she's drinking but all they buy her will be hidden under the bar for pouring back in the bottle later."

I sat there, Mark watched some bird getting fucked on the T V but me I was really pissed off, it was just as much my pub as hers, O K I'll give you she's pretty, she makes herself look even better, you know short skirts and tight blouse's, maybe flirts a bit and, yes she's right it does bring in the punters, but there has to be a limit, we should have a life together, I didn't want to watch the sex I wanted to have some, it was then I told Mark I was going home but as I got in the car I decided to go back and close that bloody pub, just to show her who was the boss.

I pulled in to the car park; the three white vans were still there. I knew it was pointless trying the front door, it would be bolted, I went to the kitchen door, found the key and slipped in.

I could here men's laughter; I crept in to the back lounge bar. The lights were low so as not to alert any passing police cars, I had a good view of the main bar. Two men were playing pool, the others were dotted round the bar some more drunk than others, Sally was behind the bar, I could see about eight brandy glass's under the counter, they must have been spending well.

To my surprise I noticed she wasn't her usual chatty self, she was polishing glass's then I heard the pool balls released again, she said, "Come on boys you said that was the last one, its time to close."

One of them, who was well oiled said, "Come on, you said your old man was away getting pissed, what you got to go home for, ain't our company good enough anymore, you didn't complain when you were taking our money."

I stood back in the shadows, counted eight of them and thought, O K little miss smarty-pants lets see you talk your way out of this.

One said, "Put some music on I fancy a dance," the bloke beside the pool table flicked the on switch at the music player and inserted a coin. Sally rushed out from behind the bar, "No, no we have got to be quiet, police and all that," but she never reached the machine a hand grabbed her a pulled her to him, Lady in Red, started playing.

She struggled, at that moment I laughed, I thought she must have wished I was there or that she'd come home with me, she was really struggling but she was no match for the man, he held her arms by her side almost lifting her around to the music.

She was getting angry, shouting at him as she tried to pull her arms up, all he was doing was singing to her as he swayed her from side to side, then he looked at one guy near the bar, "Go serve some more beers while me and the land-lady smooch a bit."

I tried hard not to giggle at her helplessness as she pleaded with the others to make him stop, her little high heels trying to keep her in touch with the floor.

As the man who had been designated to get drinks stepped behind the bar things took a turn for, how should I say, the unusual?

"Look at this, that bitch hasn't been drinking the brandies we been buying her, she's got them all down here," the one dancing stopped and looked at her, "You gona put them back in the morning, was yer?"

The man behind the bar put all eight drinks on the counter, she was really struggling now, the man holding said, "Who's got tape in their pocket?" One guy moved over to his jacket fumbled in the pocket and pulled out a roll of red insulation tape.

The man holding her pulled her wrists back, "Just keep her still, wrap some round her wrists, I need to think about this." She shouted, pleaded, almost cried but to no avail as the man wrapped the tape securely around, trapping her wrists behind her.

Now let me think, do I run to my wife's aid or, like the series you say you don't want to watch, but curiosity demands you do, do I wait and see what happens next, after all I'm not wanted, I'm not the one who brings the punters in and most of all, I'm not here, am I?

Still protesting she was marched to the bar; the music had stopped as all the men gathered round her, he pointed to the glass's, "Go on Trev, pour us all another and lets have another brandy for the land-lady and make them large ones because these are on the house."

Sally was trying everything now. The, I'm sorry I didn't mean to upset you and the, you have been wonderful customers, untie me and we'll have a drink and forget about everything routines, but they weren't buying it.

The one holding her looked at Trev, "Is there a funnel behind there, that's a laugh, there must be one for her to pour drinks back that good honest customers buy her," he pulled her round, "Just so she can make extra profit."

My enjoyment of her humiliation was slightly tainted by two of the more drunken ones who were looking at Sally and her helplessness, whispering to each other and cupping their hands at their crutch, it was then that I regretted the fact she had worn that short black skirt and white lacy blouse, she has good legs but high heels and no stockings made her look a bit tarty.

I put it out of my mind as the one behind the bar found the funnel.

As much as they tried to hold her tight she moved and fought as they tried to force the funnel in to her mouth, the one who had started it all said, "You are going to drink it, you just made it harder on yourself, bring that chair over to the middle."

One of the large wooden armchairs was brought from beside the fire to just in front the pool table and Sally was dragged back to it, her language was getting foul as she cursed at them to get off of her.

They forced her down, I watched as they taped her ankles to the chair legs then pulled her arms over the back and more tape secured them to the centre stave.

Now she was unable to defend herself they concentrated on her mouth, holding her nose and pushing the funnel between her lips. They pushed the end in quite a long way; I thought it must be over her tongue, nearly at the back of her throat.

Again he took the tape and wrapped it round the funnel at the top of the base just under neck; holding it firm they wrapped the tape round her head then round the funnel and again around her head until its was impossible for her to dislodge it.

They stood back and looked at her as she made silly noises from behind the funnel gag, I started to wonder if they were going a bit to far just to make her drink but she had brought it on herself and I felt a little excited at her being taken down a peg or two, besides what could I do? There were eight of them.

The glass's were put on a tray and brought over to her, the now self elected leader looked at her, so did those two I had noticed earlier, in the struggle and the fact her ankles were tied to ether side of the chair her skirt was showing a good bit of thigh and they had positioned themselves to get a better view up her skirt to her panty line.

He picked up the first glass, "Digger hold her head back," as her head went back it pushed her tits out and the top button on her blouse flicked undone, I held my breath and waited as he moved forward and tipped the first brandy slowly in to the funnel, he smiled down at her, "Cheers."

I could see her throat working on swallowing the liquid, her tits heaved as she tried to breath, her eyes fixed on him as he stood posed with the next glass full.

"Who bought her this one?" Trev moved forward, took the glass and proceeded to pour it down the funnel. This went on until they got to the last one, the fight had gone out of Sally, the drink and knowing she couldn't stop them had brought her to heel.

I noticed it first, a police car, then one of them saw it, quickly the leader who some-one called Ray said, "We'll slip out and move the vans, you three go round back and ask for directions while we move the vans," one of the two I didn't like said, "We'll hang on and keep things in line in here," I swallowed when Ray said, "O K."

As they left these two moved towards Sally, one put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a cork, he must have found it behind the bar, he pushed it in to the neck of the funnel cutting her sound off completely her head moved slowly from side to side, she was breathing heavily through her nose, her tits raising and falling very invitingly.

Now I know most of you will think that I should do something but I couldn't, I just couldn't, something inside said, if I failed then we would both be in danger at least this way I was still around when they went, I mean there was only one drink and the large one left, they must go soon.

I watched as the one stood behind her slid his hands on to her neck, "Your very pretty, pity you have that thing stuck in your mouth, I've been looking at that mouth all night, you'll not be surprised but I've been imagining my cock stuck deep inside it and as for your tits."

His hands slid down and in to the front of her blouse, the other one started undoing the buttons, he pushed the two halves apart, I could see the other mans hands inside her sheer white bra.

He grinned, "She's got a nice handful, haven't you Sally; good to squeeze and play with and nice nipples, you like them pulled, you like your tits played with, makes you hot, does it? Makes you want to fuck?"

The other one pulled her bra up, "Shift your hands lets have some of her, lets have a suck," he knelt on one knee and pinched her nipple, she made a weird moaning noise as his mouth enveloped her nipple.

The first one carried on playing with her left nipple, his mouth next to her ear, "You enjoying this you money grabbing bitch, well just for a change your going to put out and we'll have our monies worth with you."

As both men abused and played with her tits, I closed my fists and thought this is it, but, yes there's always a but, he knelt down, his right hand pulled at her nipple, her head rolled from side to side and she moaned pitifully, his hand went to her knee and slid up to her thigh, "You getting hot, you want me to give your cunt a little squeeze, a Sally, your cunt nice, juicy and wet, you want me to fingering that hot hole?"

As he spoke to the other one, "You want to feel her cunt, you been wanting to get your hands in her pants all night," he looked up at the helpless Sally, "I'm going to have fun fucking you." I don't know why but I found myself rooted to the spot and I had the biggest hard on.

Just as I contemplated rescuing her, the others came back, I thought, lucky I'd stayed hidden. The two men playing with her hurriedly tried to redress her but not quick enough, "Look at these two horny bastards, we get out the way and they get her tits out, anyway what they like?"

Both men said, "Fucking lovely, nice handful, good size nips," Ray walked around in front, as he past the pool table he picked up a cue, he looked at her, her blouse half undone most of her tits on show, he took the thin end of the cue and aimed the fat end between her legs, lifting the tight skirt as much as it would move.

"Oh Sally, black, thongy sexy pants, got anything interesting in them, you know, I've got an idea that some of my mates want to get their hands in them, have a feel round, see what you got, but I told them that's after we've given you the rest of your drinks,"

She was moaning at them, but they took no notice, he screwed the cue forward so she was sitting on it between her legs as Digger grabbed her head, pulled it back and uncorked the mouthpiece; Ray picked up a glass and poured more brandy into her.

The last glass was picked from the tray and poured slowly in. His arm raising up, making a show of pouring it from a height, they let go of her head and pulled at the tape from around her head.

Slowly they unwound it releasing the trapped funnel, they pulled it from her mouth and she choked and coughed her head rolling from side to side, her voice a slurring horse whisper.

He bent beside her, "Fancy continuing that dance," they pulled the cue away, untied her arms from the chair, then they released her ankles; I watched as hands ran up her legs as they did. Ray pushed them aside and lifted her, with her wrists still tied she sort of fell on to his body as he moved her to a much quieter Lady in Red.

Even with that amount of brandy now flowing through her body she still struggled as he swayed and pulled at her, gripping her with one hand as his other dragged her hair back saying, "Come on Sally give us a kiss, lets tongue your cute little mouth, you may like it, if you do we can tongue some more, elsewhere."

She tried to move her head, she tried to keep her balance, fighting the effect of the drink but he was to strong and his mouth closed over hers, I could see her eyes trying to focus as he forced himself on to her, his other hand pushed her bound wrists out the way and tugged at the zipper on her skirt.

She really pushed at him until, "Hold her still Ray, I've got the zip," the one who had got her tits out moved and tugged the zip down, Ray immediately let go of her head and slid both hands down and inside the waistband of her skirt, I could see the outline of his hands covering her ass as he gyrated his hips to the music.

"You got a nice ass, Sally, feels firm, tell me do you like it spanked? We all know you're a bad girl so maybe a spanking on this meaty round bum of yours may do you some good."

She shook her head, "Nooo please stop, let me gooo, I said I was sorry, you can't do this to me, please stop, I aahhhh," she squealed as he squeezed her ass cheeks hard, "Oh come on Sally its only a bit of fun, you're a good looking woman, we ain't had a good looking woman to play with for a while and you did ask us to stay and that was after you got rid of Ian, so what say we have a bit of fun, just you and us."

She struggled as he started to pull her around, clutching her naked ass, grinding her to him, her heels fighting to stay on the floor. The song started to finish, she shook her head trying desperately to clear it, "No please it was only business."

He grinned as he moved her back towards the pool table, "Your right Sally and we mean business."

Her pleading was cut short as she felt the pool table behind her and his hands slipped from her ass to her hips, "Up you go," and he lifted her on to the pool table. She tried to kick at him but he soon stood between her dangling legs, he grabbed her jaw, "Now Sally behave or you'll have more than a stinging ass."

Still holding her jaw he pulled her forward and licked her lips pushing his tongue all around them and in to her mouth; as he did two men positioned themselves ether side of her and started undoing what was left of her blouse, pulling the two halves wide and down her arms, her bra straps quickly followed.

Before hands grabbed at her naked tits Ray pulled away from her mouth and looked down, "My, my Sally, now that's a nice handful," as hands started to squeeze and pull at them he looked at her, "With nipples like that I think I should say a good mouthful, what other goodies you got?"

He stood back as Trev got on the pool table and lifted her, someone else dragged at her skirt; it slid down her legs and dropped to the floor, she started to cry.

He stood there grinning at her as hands pulled at her tits and other hands pulled her legs apart, "Oh come on Sally, you're a big girl, there's no need to cry, you fucked with us so we're going to fuck you, all of us, maybe more than once, we wondered if you'd put out, now you have no option and some of these lads are in no mood to make love, they just want to fuck your brains out and by the way you've been wiggling that ass about all night you just might enjoy it."

I watched the horror on her face as, even through the drunken stupor she realized they were serious, she started to kick and squeal, she even tried to head-butt one, but she was no match for them, Ray tugged her thong down and off, "Now that's a nice hair cut, stick those in her mouth, the tapes beside you, lets teach Sally some manners, then we'll all inspect that trim a lot closer."

Now your thinking why aren't I doing something, I'm standing there while my wife is almost naked and about to be gang raped, well there were to many for me to take on, and if I involved the police there would be questions and as I said I'm not here and I hadn't intervened earlier, more questions would be asked besides this hard on is almost ripping my trousers.

They swarmed over her, holding her head and forcing her pants in to her mouth, the tape was used to keep them in, one of them held her head, "You like something in your mouth," he licked over some of the pants that stuck out from her lips, "You better."

They pulled her down spun her round and over the pool table, her elbows were taped so they could untape her wrists and pull away her bra and blouse, some-one shouted, "Oh yes, that's it, lets have Sally completely naked, lets have it all out and really give her a seeing too."

I've got to say it was a sexy sight, her totally naked apart from her black shoes; Digger got on the table and knelt over her head, keeping her pinned to the cloth; her wrists were dragged apart as Ray licked his finger, ran it up the full length of her cunt and ass before delivering the first stinging slap to her left cheek.

A muffled shriek came from beneath Diggers crutch as Ray said, "Who wants the right one?" Trev was quick to swing his hand back and down, another shriek.

The bar resounded to the slapping of naked skin, one after the other they swiped her ass, even in the dim light I could see her white ass turning red; the squeals became less and her legs stopped kicking back as Trev bent as close to her as he could get, "Your ass nice and hot? How about we start stinging the back of your thighs?"

A last futile effort to kick back brought two hands down hard on the back of the tops of her legs, the squeal was loud, then another and another, the slapping continued until she couldn't hold herself up, her knees buckled and parted, some-one drove a finger in to her cunt, "Lets fuck her."

Another voice yelled, "Come on get the fucking bitch over a chair I want to give her a real good seeing to."

Digger got off her as Ray grabbed a handful of hair, "Learnt your lesson? Time to do as your told," he shook her, she groaned and tried a nod, "Well done Sally now your not going to do anything silly are you, you heard my friend, we are going to bend you over that chair and start getting our monies worth out of fucking you for a few hours."

He unwound the tape and dragged the thong out of her mouth, then put them in his pocket, "Just a souvenir," she looked at him I could see her tear stained face, he stroked her hair, "Kiss me," his hand slid up and cupped her tit, "I said kiss me or we'll sting these tits like your ass," she open her mouth, he grinned at the others as she let him kiss her.

He squeezed her red ass and mauled her tit as she let him tongue her mouth, I could see the others getting restless, then he pulled away and looked at her, "Right my little money grabbing land-lady time for you to do a service for your customer, bend over that chair while I get a nice fat cock to give you a face fucking that will leave me to fuck this hot ass of yours, come on Sally over you go."

Hands gripped her and dragged her over the chair, the man who had first played with her had his cock at her face, I heard him say "Come on Sally show us what your mouths for, open it and take my cock, suck it good and suck it all," he held her head and shoved it in. Her elbows still tied Ray grabbed her wrists and pulled them sideways, pushing his cock at her ass, I watched as he pushed and moved, forcing it up in to her, she didn't like anal sex so I knew he would have a struggle, but he made it, I saw the grin on his face and knew he was up inside my wife's ass.

Others watched, some pulled at her swinging nipples but the two men were in no hurry, just banging her hard one end then he would slow down while the other fucked her hard at the other. This went on until Ray filled her ass, I heard him, "Like that Sally like my thick wet cum up that hot ass?" Ray looked at the others, "Nice tight ass lads, lets make sure it ain't this tight by the time we have finished fucking her," then the next had her cunt, he was well in to fucking her when her mouth was filled for the first time.

Sally coughed and spat as quickly as possible before another hand grabbed her hair and silenced her with her next mouth full of meat.

I could move closer, they were not looking anywhere else but at my helpless wife and how long would I have to watch her squealing with a cock in her mouth, another up her cunt while she squirmed and cried, I wondered what else they were going to do to her.

I listened to the two fucking her, laughing at her, "You know her cunts not half bad, sucks a cock in nicely I can feel her holding on to me, you enjoying this Sally or can't you talk with your mouth full?"

The one fucking her mouth, "Yes your enjoying it aren't you bitch, listen to me, just suck my cock further down your throat if the answers yes."

With that he shoved his full length in to her mouth, I could see her gagging and trying to breath, "There you are, told you she loves a fat, hard cock in your mouth don't you Sally, and your going to suck me real good aren't you because what I'm going to make you swallow is going to be far better than brandy."

All I could hear was her sobbing and grunting with the force of their thrust until both of them pumped wave upon wave of cum in to her mouth and cunt, as they pulled out of her she hung over the chair, spitting and choking up streams of filthy male juice, then she groaned as Trev said, "Clear the table, now you two have fucked up Sally twice its time to make her jump with three up her."

Trev was up on the table, flat on his back as two others dragged Sally on with him. I heard a little whimpered, "Please stop, please no more," as she was positioned and slid on to Trev's erect cock, he licked his lips and smiled up at her, "Come on Sally bend over and give Trev a nice wet girly kiss," he grabbed her tits and pulled her, "Come on give me that kiss before some-one else wants to fuck your mouth."

He held her head, kissing her hard as two other men positioned themselves; a hand grabbed her hair and pulled up. Both my eyes and Sally's widened as she saw this enormous cock bobbing in front of her face, he laughed as she tried to prevent it; a finger pressed in to her ass-hole, it was then she squealed and he jammed his fat meat in to her protesting mouth.

He pushed hard down her throat, blocking it, forcing her to move her head up and down just to breath, he smiled in triumph, "Look at our Sally fucking me with her mouth, and she's loving it, aren't you Sally?" He held her hair and yanked her head up and down his meat, "There she goes nodding her agreement, you're a great mouth fuck Sally, you really love getting it down your neck don't you and I might let you do it again but that's after I've poked your other delights."

I heard her grunt as the finger playing around her ass-hole was replaced by a cock, the grunt became a painful moan as it ploughed in to her matching the fucking Trev was giving her cunt, she was being slammed back and forth between the three men, grunts and moans took the place of gurgled protests as they fucked any fight she had left out of her.

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