Consequences 4 - Getting Caught

by FamilyMan

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Drama Sex Story: Consequences is a group of stories, each of them separate and not connected to the others. Their main issue will be the effect of extramarital sex on the family unit. This is the fourth story of this group.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Tear Jerker   Cheating   .

Intro: Consequences is a group of stories, each of them separate and not connected to the others. Their main issue will be the effect of extramarital sex on the family unit. This is the fourth story of this group.

Special thanks to my proof reader, Bruce, for improving the quality of my language.

I was sitting there with the TV showing white snow and the VCR still running, tears running down my face and my whole body trembling and wracking with sobs.

The marriage to the wonderful man I've loved so much for the past 6 years ended, completely and entirely by my own doing. I had no one to blame but myself, my ever present lust and my slutty behavior.

Knowing me he warned me before he proposed to me, that he will never tolerate any infidelity. His words were 'I have no intention of becoming a cuckold and/or share my wife with anyone else. If you can't promise that - I won't even propose.'

My name is Janet Moon, I'm 26 years old and I've been married to my husband Mark for the past 3 years after a period of another 3 years that we were together.

Before meeting Mark I had allowed myself to acquire a reputation — with some it was a slut, with others it was of a girl who enjoyed sex a lot, was willing to try anything and didn't always care with whom.

By the age of 20 I'd already lost count as to how many sex partners I had had — male and female — or how many multiple sex events I had participated in. Some of those events I still remembered fondly and was even turned on by the memories. One of those was a Labor Day party in which I was the only female among a changing number of men that averaged about 20. In that party I had one kind of sex or another with all present males about three times with each. As the people were changing all the time — some leaving and new ones coming in — I must have been fucked one way or another at least 80 times that day. My cunt was sore for about 3 days, but not so bad that I couldn't fuck a guy or two every day (my norm).

I liked guys with 8" cocks or more, and who could fuck at least 3 times a night causing me to have at least one orgasm in each fuck. About 5% of the guys I've fucked met these criteria, and I had a list of them with names, phones and e-mail addresses to call whenever I had the need for their cocks (which happened usually when I was not satisfied with someone else I dated that day). The list really included only 20 names, but that was enough. Those guys would leave another girl in the middle of a fuck to be with me. 3 of those guys where my professors at college, and one of them even lost his wife who heard about his 'fondness' for me.

Anyway this is what I was — and liked being — when I met Mark Moon, a senior in electronics. Just like any other date I had — we fucked on our first date. Hell, why waste time? Dating was a way of courting before fucking anyway, so why is this silly counting of first date, second date, third date for making out and from the fourth date it was allowed to fuck. Such a waste of time when you can enjoy what you want to do anyway as of the first date unless you really don't like the guy.

Mark, of course, knew my reputation (everybody at the college did) and didn't really mind, but something happened to me. Without paying attention I stopped fucking around (well, almost... ) and started dating Mark exclusively. Oh, well, I still felt I need the variety so when the itch became bad, about once a month; I called one or two of the guys on my list and had a night of fun. But, for the first time in my life I wanted discretion and asked the guys not to spread the word.

We were together for about 3 years while Mark graduated and (only then I found out that he was from a wealthy family) started his own company, and I studied 2 more years till graduation. We lived together happily like a married couple. There was hardly a day that we didn't fuck, and every day was like something new, so we never settled into the normal routine like other people who slowly lose interest. Without his knowledge of course I kept fucking others too but on a decreasing frequency. Mark had kept me fully satisfied and yet I still needed to feel another cock in me from time to time.

When we were 3 years together and my extra activities became very rare I asked the question:

"Mark, are you ever going to propose to me? Are we getting married sometime?"

His reply surprised me so much that I sat dumbfounded for a few minutes.

"No. As much as I love you, and you know very well that I do, I have no intention of marrying you."

When I was able to speak and the tears stopped flowing I asked:

"Why, Mark? You say that you love me, and you know perfectly well that I love you too, so why are you so decisive against marrying me?"

"Jan, I do love you, and I'm sorry this subject came up, but what you don't know about me is that I'm the possessive type. You like sex a lot with whoever comes along, and I can't tolerate being cuckolded or having to share my wife with others. The way we are now there is no legal commitment and I know for a fact that from time to time you fuck others. So you have your freedom to enjoy whoever you want. But can you imagine yourself being totally monogamous and faithful? Living the rest of your life with one man only? Fucking one man only?"

I tried to deny fucking other men while being with him, which turned out to be a mistake. He recited a list of names and approximate dates, and what he knew was all true.

"You see, darling, even now you tried to lie to me. What will happen if and when we are married?"

God, I loved the man and wanted nothing more than being his wife, but it seemed that I had some tough decisions to make. I had to promise that I won't have any more men and that was very hard. Now that I knew that he knows about all the men I had in the last few months it was clear to me that being married to him I'll be under some kind of surveillance all the time. What would be more important — my love for that man or my love for a variety of cocks?

It took 3 more months to convince him that I'll be a faithful wife. I felt a real pain when I made my promises.

A few days later we stood in front of a Justice of Peace and got married, but not before we signed and notarized a pre-nup agreement in which it said very clearly that if any of us was caught in an act of infidelity — the divorce will be immediate and the unfaithful one will get nothing from the joint property and no other financial compensation. This document was about 'any of us' but it was perfectly clear that this paragraph was meant for me only. So, with heavy feelings, I signed the document in front of a notary public.

For 2 years and a half I held on, and succeeded suppressing my need for more cocks. We were really happy together and strangely — I was sexually satisfied. Oh, Mark had always been good in bed and after 3-4 fucks (our norm) a night, and sometimes more in the afternoon and one before breakfast — I was really satisfied.

But Mark's company needed more of his time and energy, and our 3-4 fucks a night came down to 2-3 and then to 1-2. Although when Mark went on business trips he'd always taken me with him (was it showing that he didn't trust me alone at home?) I was starting to feel the itch. The itch of needing other cocks as well. I loved Mark very much and kept fighting the itch, knowing what would happen if I yield to it and got caught, but my defenses were weakening by the day. I just had to have a variety of cocks again.

And then, one day as I was shopping in town, I was nearly run over by a car. I got out of my regular lingerie shop, and started crossing the street without looking. I had just bought some sexy lingerie that made me hot and horny just from thinking how a man would react when seeing me in it. The screech of tires brought me back to earth, and then the driver stepped out of his car.

"Jan, is it really you?"

It was Stan Howard, one of my 20 regular lovers from college; one of those with whom I still had sex while being Mark's girl. I recognized him immediately, the memories came back in a flash and I became immediately wet between my legs.

"Stan, fancy seeing you in this town! What are you doing here?"

"I'm here on a business conference for a week. I never knew that you lived here or I would have called you."

Cars started honking and we quickly decided to meet at his hotel, the Hilton, for a light lunch. He drove his car and I drove mine and we met in the hotel lobby, going out to a nearby restaurant for lunch.

During lunch our conversation flowed. Stan told me about his failed relationship and I told him about my wonderful marriage with Mark. Stan knew Mark from the college days and it also turned out that his business in town was with Mark's company. But, during the conversation Stan saw the glint in my eyes and my fidgeting in my seat, and he suddenly asked:

"Jan, sweet, I understand that you love Mark a lot, but are you really monogamous and faithful or is your old self surfacing from time to time?"

I told him about Mark's delayed proposal, about the pre-nup and about the fact that I've been faithful for two and a half years. Then, stupidly, I told him about my returning itch and being scared to do anything about it for the fear of losing Mark.

He looked at me for a while, and then said:

"You live in a golden cage. How about letting me unlock it for you and then let's go up to my room and see if we can re-act our college days. I'm sporting a hard on from the minute I saw you and it's getting painful. I want to feel your hot cunt around my cock like we used to. I'm in town only for a week and I have no wish to hurt Mark or damage your marriage, so we'll have to be discrete and only meet in my hotel room."

I thought for a few minutes, but then I was thinking with my cunt and not with my head. My cunt was dripping wet and I needed a big cock right that minute. Stan and his 9" cock were available and willing. I reached a decision, the first one to ruin my marriage.

"OK, Stan. Let's go. I'm so wet just thinking of your wonderful cock that I'm sitting in a puddle. God, I need you in me right now!"

He gave me his room number and we went separately, meeting in the room. The door was hardly closed and we were at each other, cloths flying around, and within less than a minute we were both naked.

The first time went without foreplay or any play — he pushed me on the bed, pulled my legs open and slammed into me like there is no tomorrow. It only took 3 minutes and we both came hard. The spurts of his huge load sent me to space and I had a long lasting multiple orgasms.

After our breathing became normal he started making love to me slowly. His talented tongue brought me to three intense orgasms before he pushed himself into me again. This time he fucked me slowly and I came 3 more times.

We stayed in bed for 3 hours, in which he fucked me 5 times, causing me an endless number of orgasms. Then I said I had to get home, shower and prepare for Mark's coming home. I mentioned, however, that Mark was due to go on a two day business trip the next day, and I hoped that he would allow me to stay home this time.

Until the day Stan had to fly home, we spent four afternoons together, several hours each time, with all possible kinds of sex we could think of at the moment. Those were four wonderful days at the end of which I was completely satisfied.

Strangely, I wasn't feeling any guilt. I promised myself that this was a one time thing for at least the next 2.5 years, and only hoped I hid it well enough.

On Saturday night, when Mark made love to me (after doing it both in the morning and in the afternoon) in his wonderful way, I felt that I really pulled it off and he had not even suspected. Perhaps because I felt so good I missed his meaning when he suddenly said:

"I'm so glad that our marriage is holding strong as it is. I know my conditions are still hard on you, and I can only hope that your itches will disappear completely with time. I really appreciate this."

The itch came back after three months only. I was hoping for 2 and half years, but the devil was whispering in my ear:

"Don't be scared to have your fun, Jan. You've done it once already and weren't caught. Wasn't it fun? Go for it and do it again, girl!"

On a Wednesday, my good friend Beth called and invited me to have a late brunch with her at the best restaurant in town. Beth was a very good friend since college times but Mark didn't like her. He hadn't liked her for a good reason — Beth, although very nicely married, was a slut, and everybody who had known her and her husband Gary knew she was freely and openly fucking around. Mark was afraid she would influence me. Well, until that day at the restaurant Mark had been wrong.

When I got to the restaurant Beth was already seated there, with too handsome young men. When I got to the table the two guys rose politely while Beth introduced us.

"Janet, this is Dave and this is Sherwood, Sher for short. They are, ummm, very good friends of mine. Guys, this is Janet with whom I used to have some fun at college."

Our meal was delicious and conversation flowed, as had the Champagne. The guys weren't only handsome; they were also smart and witty. Any subject we touched during the conversation — at least one of them knew about enough to talk about it. We joked a lot, and the meal was total fun.

When the meal ended, Beth excused the two of us and we went 'to powder our noses'. In the bathroom Beth talked to me quietly:

"I have a room reserved at the nearby hotel, and I'm going there with the two guys. I've had them before and they are both great fuckers with an abnormal staying power. From what I know about your life I know you must be ready for this — please join me and the guys. I promise you'll enjoy every minute."

"Beth, you know about Mark's conditions to our marriage. Do you think it will be worth losing Mark and everything that I have?"

"I know, and I see no reason that he should know what we do. You love cock and you love fun, and you live in some sort of a cage where you have neither. Yeah, I know that Mark is good. Don't forget I had him in college before you two have met, but I also know what you like. We've had threesomes, foursomes and other orgies together, remember? Come on; let's re-live what we both like."

"Beth, I know that you fuck around on Gary. Hell, everybody in this town knows about it. But I have maybe much more to lose... I want it, but I'm scared."

"Don't tell me that you've never cheated on Mark since your marriage?"

"Well, I have, once, but the suspense of waiting to see whether I still had a marriage or not nearly killed me."

"This is not the fun loving Jan that I know! I can hardly believe it!" Sputtered Beth.

BUT... The damned devil was whispering in my ear again and my cunt was flowing, I saw the two guys with their ready big cocks in my imagination... and I collapsed.

"I'm with you, Beth. Let's go before I change my mind! God I'm so horny I could die if I don't get a cock in me soon!"

"That's my girl! I promise you won't regret it! Let's relive our old days again!

You mentioned that everyone knows that I fuck around. Well, just because everyone knows about it I get so many partners. It's so much fun fucking someone new almost every day! Should I remind you? And then there are all the married guys that I fuck. The husbands of all the aristocratic snot nose ladies in town. I don't break up families because I go with a man not more than twice or three times, but knowing that I fucked every snobbish woman's husband in town adds to my satisfaction, and now I have my good friend joining me. I've fucked the Mayor and most of the council members and I've fucked most of the rich industrialists in town, and like today — I've fucked their sons. Our two boys are aged 20 and they are the sons of xxxx (she gave me two very famous names in town). Their mothers would have a cow if they knew! Wow! We are going to have some fun!"

And we did. We spent three hours in the hotel room and the boys really had a wonderful staying power. Each of them fucked each of us 4 times within the 3 hours, which means being fucked 8 times, that's an average of one fuck every 22 minutes! Each and every time in a different position, each and every time an exquisite pleasure. Youth certainly has an advantage over older age (although Mark was only 28 at the time, the difference was obvious).

I went with Beth a few more times, but at a low frequency. I was still afraid of Mark's suspicions so I went with Beth once in two weeks, so that there were different partners every time. I'd requested from Beth that none of the partners would be someone I might have met before or that he has connections in Mark's company. So there was a time with 3 boys and once with 7 boys! It was an adventure, it was fun and it was exciting.

One day Mark sat and looked at me for a long time without saying a word, and his look was very strange. A shudder went through my body when I noticed the look.

That night, after making love, I heard for the second time:

"I really appreciate the change in your life style and the sacrifices you made in order to make our marriage work. I hope it's worth it and that your itch will only be there for me."

The next morning I called Beth and told her that I won't be joining her again because I thought that Mark was suspicious.

Only one month had passed and Mark's company was giving a big party after closing a big merger deal with another company. The two companies became one, and the expected profit for the new company was 4 times the profit they had had before.

Bill Hunter, the ex-chairman of the other company, who has become Mark's partner, danced with me several times, and I could feel that each time he was pulling me closer. I was wearing a gold lame cocktail dress with a plunging back that was open down to 1/4" above my ass crack, that kind of dress meant no underwear of any kind, and Bill's hand was sliding lower and lower in that direction while he was pulling me closer, letting me feel his hardening cock.

"Bill, as much as I enjoy dancing with you, you should know that Mark is not the 'wife sharing' type, if you continue what you're doing either of us or both of us can be in deep shit. I suggest we dance in a more... traditional way."

"You only mentioned that Mark is not sharing, but what about you? Can I sometime make you enjoy more than this dance?"

"Thanks for your sweet offer, Bill, but as much as I enjoy dancing with you I don't think that your offer is worth losing my husband."

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