After The Fighting

by Techsan

Copyright┬ę 2006 by Techsan

Erotica Sex Story: After another world war, a manufacturing expert helps rebuild one of the devastated allied countries, including meeting some of the displaced persons.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Slow   .


Chapter 1

According to the newscasts, it had just been two weeks ago that the armistice treaty was signed, stopping the fighting that had consumed most of the world for the previous four and a half years. It had started as one nation trying to expand its territory by taking control of and dominating one of its weaker neighbors. One by one other nations had jumped on their bandwagon or been overrun by the war machine. Only gradually had opposing nations began to band together to fight back, many waiting until it was almost too late for them to muster any kind of power to contribute to the resistance.

Of course we had jumped in near the beginning, trying to be the world's police force, attempting to stop the onslaught with a handful of resources, such as we had done in the desert wars that were so short lived. But this was not a war run by shortsighted zealots; rather the heads of state had put their best soldiers in charge and committed all their nations' resources to the effort.

Reluctantly our government reinstated the draft and began to convert domestic manufacturing into weapons generation machinery to rival anything our nation had ever done. I'm convinced that the only reason I was not drafted was that I headed up a critical production effort in the midwestern states, creating the most effective electronic devices for locating and pinpointing enemy resources that our armed forces had ever used.

Now, with the uprising by the greedy country-states having finally been quelled and agreement for unconditional surrender having been reached, I wanted to visit the actual sites where the physical battles took place, to see for myself the damage to friend and foe alike. Like many other industrialists of our country, I had been asked by the government to make recommendations on how best to help all involved countries begin their recovery. Several of my fellow leaders were also taking similar tours but we were all starting at different locations so we could maximize our coverage of the affected area.

Now, having been landed on a rubble-strewn beach of one of our allies, I was alone in a Hummer with supplies for two weeks, a bedroom-type pop-up tent, and several cans of gas. I had a satellite phone so I could contact the outside world as well as occupying forces when I got into enemy territory but I was basically on my own.

I had mapped out a plan to drive inland just a short distance to one of the country's major cities and spend at least a day checking it out. As it turned out, I spent a week there.

Even on the outskirts of town, I was appalled at the destruction. It looked worse than the most calamitous hurricane site that had hit our own country and the closer I got to the heart of the city the worse the destruction appeared. Almost every major building had significant damage, even those that were centuries old and made of extra thick stone walls. Gaping holes had been blown in most of them, often filled by the rubble that came tumbling down once the supports had been bombed out. Individual residences, retail stores, commercial buildings, high-rise apartment complexes, office skyscrapers: all had been treated with the same contempt.

People were, for the most part, busy trying to clear the rubble, some already in the process of rebuilding smaller buildings, although their tools were very limited, making progress slow and it seemed like there was little in the way of organizational support so far. Apparently any rebuilding plan had been thwarted by the decimation of teams that might have planned and coordinated such efforts.

Most everyone I saw was ill-dressed for such endeavors. Obviously the war had taken a great toll on the people's ability to obtain new clothes and patches were everywhere. People who should have been wearing cool weather gear were making do with summer weight clothing. Some had made warmer outer wear by cutting holes in blankets.

Even though the majority of the people were at work trying to rebuild, dig out usable salvage, or just trying to clear space, there were people who seemed to be wandering around in a daze, not sure what to do. I suspected most of those had lost their homes, their families, and were probably at their wit's end trying just to live from day to day.

I knew that our own government had mounted a massive war relief effort in an attempt to get food to people who needed it but without a doubt most of these people had missed out on the handouts, for whatever reason. I finally found the remains of a grassy park area that was being used as a campground by people who had been forced underground for many long months. I found a place to set up my own small tent and wound up inviting a group of about 30 nearby people over to talk and help me drink my coffee, which was a real treat to most of them, although they would have preferred tea.

As we talked, I made notes about the things that seemed to be most pressing needs (drinkable water, food, warmer clothes, mortar for stonework, lumber, etc.). At a prearranged time, I sat in the Hummer and used the satfone to call in my daily report. I requested the list of Must Haves and also suggested that several tractors on tracks, such as Caterpillar bulldozers, would be most beneficial in speeding up the rebuilding process.

The next day I continued my travels, only to see more of the same thing, just in different parts of the city, and there was more of the same on the third and fourth day. However by the fourth day, I got notice that the Corps of Engineers was bringing in a C5 "pregnant roller skate" plane loaded with heavy equipment, with more to follow. They also had three C130 cargo planes filled with urgent supplies and had arranged for the army to provide duece-and-a-half trucks to distribute the goods to all parts of the city.

Since I was always running into needy people, I met the planes at the nearest R.A.F. base and replenished my own supplies as well as loading down the remaining space in the Hummer with even more. Then I resumed my tour of the city.

The following day it was time to broaden my research into outlying areas so I went back to the air base and replenished my supplies from a hangar where they were storing incoming goods until they could be distributed. Then following a detailed map I had obtained from the army, I started out to investigate the smaller towns to the west.

At least once I got outside the major residential areas of the city and its suburbs, things were a little less chaotic, with fewer buildings demolished. I was a little surprised at how much farm land had been cultivated this past spring and was now approaching a bumper harvest, in spite of the devastation in the city.

I was maybe eight or nine miles out of town when I overtook and passed a solitary figure trudging along the side of the road. At the last second, I realized it was a woman and came to a screeching halt. Carefully I backed up to where she was still walking. Lowering the electric window, I asked where she was going and if I could offer her a ride. It would be a little crowded but I could move some of the boxes of supplies and make room for a needy passenger.

At first she shied away from me but, when she saw the labels on the boxes, she got a hungry look on her face. She was covered in a hooded jacket that looked like it might have been handmade from an old army blanket and she was pretty much hidden. It was only when she pushed the hood back that I could tell that she really was a fairly young woman, probably somewhere in her late twenties.

Sticking her head just into the window, she asked, "Do you have anything to eat?"

I smiled and replied, "Yes. Let me move these things," as I moved a couple of boxes and piled them on the stack behind the front seat, just barely squeezing them in but leaving the front passenger seat open. "Come on. Get in," I said, scrounging through a box that contained MREs... military use Meals Ready to Eat. I dropped the glove box lid for her to use as a table, popped the MRE open and, as she settled into the seat, showed her how, with a little pop of the fist you could burst the little chemical bag that reacted to generate heat around the plastic-encased foods. Within just a couple of minutes, I was opening different bags of foods and handing them to her, amazed to watch her scarf them down mostly without the use of the utensils. She was obviously very hungry.

Again reaching into the back, I extracted a bottle of water and opened it for her. She gratefully accepted it and thanked me. Only then did I think about how nice her voice sounded, with the accent of English spoken in another country from my own. As she finished the last of the food, she leaned back and sighed. I offered to open another one for her but she shook her head, saying that she was full.

But when I reached into the console between us and picked up a couple of small candy bars from the package I used to provide myself with quick energy, she squealed with delight and snatched them from my hands, quickly popping one into her mouth and savoring it like it was the best thing she had ever eaten.

Meanwhile I started to drive again. I said, "I'm Tom Remmington. I'm on a mission to help with rebuilding."

"Oh... oh," she said, shaking my big rough hand with her small one. "I'm Tammie Carstairs. Nice to meet 'ya."

Pointing behind us, I asked, "Are you from the city?"

"Oh, no," she said. "Well... I did live there for the last five years but I'm a country girl. I moved to the city after university, got a job and got married but I'll always be a country girl."

I laughed. "I know what you mean. Still married?"

"Huh?... Oh, no. He was killed nearly four years ago."

"I'm sorry. So... where are you going today?"

"Oh... I don't know. I was just looking for someplace I could get some food. I didn't know where to go."

"Wow! Sounds like you've had it tough."

"Yeah. No. Other people have had it much worse than me. I'm still alive, still able to walk. I will survive!" She spoke the last with determination and I had the feeling that she would, too.

I drove in silence for a couple of minutes until the beginning of an idea formed. Then I said, "I'm planning to visit some of the smaller towns nearby today and see what kind of help they need most. The supplies I have won't feed many people but I'm going to give them to those that seem to need them the most. If you don't have anything better to do, you can keep me company and help me do my job. I could use someone to take notes and distribute the supplies. Are you interested?"

"Oh, yes! I would be glad to help."

Chapter 2

The heat in the Hummer had dispelled the cold of the outside and she had slowly come out of the hooded jacket, revealing a very nice, conservative white blouse and a black skirt. She was wearing hiking boots that looked like they had seen better days but no socks or stockings.

Turning to me, she crooked her left leg and lifted the knee so she could sit sideways, seemingly indifferent that her skirt was riding up to mid-thigh. However it certainly had its effect on me, since I had not had any pussy since a few days before my departure more than a week before. I turned my eyes back to the road, but found myself glancing back at her quickly.

Tammie said, "Look, I don't have any way to pay you for the food... except this, if you would like." She pulled her skirt up to her waist, revealing her bare pussy covered only with a very hairy bush. "I haven't had any cock since my husband shipped out. When the army came through after the armistice, I was in hospital wounded and missed out."

She searched my face for a reaction. Instead of speaking, I ran a hand up her left leg and turned it at her crotch, covering her mound. She moaned and slid further over in the seat so I could have easy access. Her pussy was wet under my fingers and I soon had two digits deep inside her while the heel of my hand rubbed her mound.

I thought she was going to bite through her lower lip to keep from crying out. Less than two minutes with my fingers in her hot box and she humped my hand and came, screaming out her pleasure. I stuck my fingers in my mouth and sucked them clean, concentrating on my driving.

I hadn't driven much further before she turned and faced forward. However I noticed her fingers fluttering in the lacy trim of the front of her blouse.

But then we came into a small farming community. Well, it wasn't all that small. Probably somewhere around 5,000 to 7,000 people, I guessed, based on information on my map and looks of the buildings around. We found the town hall and were lucky enough to catch the mayor in. We talked for some minutes and he told us that they had been relatively lucky in that they had only taken a few hits from stray bombs, since they didn't have much in the way of manufacturing in town and thus were not a strategic target. They were basically a farming town with mostly older families working the farms so they had done fairly well in the food department, although they were having to ration everything so that they could provide groceries for other parts of the country.

Tammie made notes of everything we saw but the main need was fuel for their tractors. We would include a note about that in my report that night. Back in the Hummer, we moved out towards the next town.

The whole day passed pretty much as a blur as we visited one town after another. Some had nearly missed out on the damages while others had been nearly devastated. We easily found those who needed our pitifully small amount of supplies and had dispensed them all shortly after noon, keeping only those that Tammie and I would needed ourselves.

Just before sundown, I found a clearing in a copse of trees beside the country road we were traversing and we pitched camp. While Tammy gathered wood for a fire, I erected the small tent I had been using and put my bedroll in it. By the time Tammie came back with the last of several armloads of fallen branches, I had a good fire going and a pot of water on for coffee... or tea, if she preferred.

I selected two MREs and popped the heating chemicals. While we waited for them to heat the foods, we fixed cups of hot drinks and waited, sitting on the soft grass near, but not too near, the hot fire. I noticed that Tammie chose to sit close enough that our elbows rubbed together lightly... not that I minded.

We ate, grateful for the warmth of the fire and the warmth of the food and drink both. After a while, we began to get sleepy. I said, "I'm sorry I only have the one bed roll. Why don't you take it and I'll stay out here by the fire?"

Tammie smiled and shook her head. Reaching for my hand, she pulled me into the little tent. By the light of the dying fire, she kicked off her old boots, removed her jacket, her blouse, and dropped her bra, releasing a pair of enormous boobs. Suddenly my mouth was watering.

Quickly she unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. Wearing nothing but a little pair of panties, she stepped into the bedroll and slipped down into it, pulling the cover up to her chin. Shivering lightly, she said, "Come on, honey, take your things off and get in here with me. I'm going to need you to keep me warm."

What an invitation! I stripped down in record time and, wearing only my jockey shorts, which were misshapen trying to retain my erection, I dived into the bedroll, under the cover she held up for me and found myself in her embrace as the cover dropped behind my back. The sensations caused by her big boobs rubbing against my bare chest were fan-damn-fucking-tastic!

She shivered, from the cold I'm sure, and pressed the length of her body against me. I know she felt my rock hard cock throbbing against her stomach but she didn't react. I leaned to her and our lips met in a soft, sensual kiss. She met me hungrily, searching my mouth frantically with her tongue, turning her head this way and that to reach into every part of my mouth.

I ran my hand down her back until I cupped her round bottom, pulling her hard into my erection. Still that was not as hard as her reaction, because she jerked her hips forward as if trying to press us together forever. When our kiss broke off, I bent down and kissed around one of her boobs until I could capture the distended nipple in my mouth. I suckled her teat like a baby nursing from its mother.

After a few moments, Tammie sighed loudly and rolled onto her back. I was disappointed at first but she reached down and shoved her panties off her feet, then asked me to fuck her. I kicked my shorts off and rolled over between her legs, guiding my throbbing, pulsing probe into her wet, slick opening.

Before I was all the way into her, she had locked her ankles behind my butt and jerked me as deep into her as I would ever get. Our bodies were mashed together and I felt the enormous heat of her around the base of my probe. While I kissed her cheeks and neck and ears and eyes, she emitted a series of sighs that let me know I was on the right track.

When I finally began moving, I managed only two full strokes before she squealed, "YESSSS, HON," and came.

I watched her enjoy her orgasm and then slowly returned to my task at hand. Slowly moving in and out of her and, giving her clit special attention with each completed cycle, she climbed right back to the mountaintop in just a few minutes and dove head first into oblivion. And I thought I was hungry for sex!

Tammie had so much pent up sexual energy and emotion that I continued to have to stop every few minutes just to watch the waves of sensation roll through her body like an ocean tempest. I didn't mind though; I knew I was storing up my own pleasures for one gigantic climax. And it finally came, just after Tammie had cum for the sixth time. My balls exploded, trying to shoot my cum straight through her body.

I couldn't remember ever cumming so much. I filled her up and felt our combined fluids dripping out of her pussy and down my balls. It occurred to me that the bedroll would forever smell like sex after that but I didn't care... after all, it was as great as any fuck I could ever remember.

We snuggled up, spoon fashion, and went to sleep, huddled in the warmth of the bedroll and single blanket. Twice in the night, I awoke to find Tammie fondling my cock and balls. Each time we fucked again, once with Tammie on top and the other time in the doggy position (which I hurried through because my uncovered ass got incredibly cold, but we both still had amazing climaxes).

In the morning, I awoke to the exquisite sensation of Tammie sucking on my cock while holding my balls in both hands to keep them warm. When she knew I was fully awake, she spooned with me again, lifted her top leg and guided my dong into her slick pussy. I fucked her ever so slowly while massaging her tits, fingering her clit, and nibbling on her neck and ear. By the time I dumped a not-so-large load of cum into her body, she had gone through another three climaxes and was telling me that I was a great lover. At least it was good for my ego.

Chapter 3

Dressing quickly, I stoked up the fire and got some water going for coffee and tea while Tammie went into the bushes to relieve herself. I retrieved two breakfast MREs from the Hummer and got them to heating. Meanwhile I struck the little tent, folded it back into its carrying case and stowed it and the bedding in the Hummer.

Soon after we ate, we were on the road again. We made a quick trip into the base to restock and resumed out tour of the countryside. While I drove, Tammie kept up a running commentary about how great the night's sex had been. She had missed it so much in the past few years, she didn't know if she could ever again go so long without it. And she was so glad that she had found someone who knew just how she liked it too! More ego boosting! I just knew that I loved having sex with the woman.

Like the previous day, this one was filled with popping into small towns, taking a quick inventory of damages and needs and then moving on. About 10 in the morning as we left our second town, Tammie lay across the seats and reached for my crotch. When my cock responded with a hard-on, she unzipped my shorts, pulled out my cock and gave me a great blow job, swallowing my load of cum just as the signs of the next town appeared on the horizon.

At noon we stopped in another of the thousands of natural parks for lunch. Afterward Tammie pulled up her skirt and showed me that she had not put her panties back on. She asked if I would like to "take advantage of her" and of course I did. She bent over the back bumper of the Hummer and tossed her skirt onto her back, giving me access to her uncovered cunt. I loved pounding into her soft, yet firm buttocks. We both managed a very nice orgasm before we climbed back into the truck and moved on.

That afternoon we toured a town of 25,000 that had been devastated because of its manufacturing plants. Many of its residents had been killed or maimed and those who remained were struggling to rebuild. Fortunately there was a reasonably good food supply ready for harvesting, although the refinement of wheat and other grains would have to revert to older methods until refineries and mills and bakeries and food processing plants could be reconstructed.

That evening when we pitched camp just outside of town, I called in my report and requested that the town be given some priority on equipment for rebuilding. The powers that be agreed that it was a good investment. I was instructed to halt my tours for now and await a supply convoy that would be arriving mid-morning the following day.

Shortly after sundown, Tammie asked if I would like to go to bed early. She had a mischievous look in her eyes and I quickly agreed. No sooner had we gotten naked and under the covers than she mounted me and rode me like a stallion. Later we reversed positions and I read to her from the book of love as I galloped in her saddle. Still later I turned her on her face and knees and drilled her from behind - again. Every time we stopped for a breather and our heart rates slowed, Tammie fed me her titties one at a time until we started to fuck again. It was well after midnight before we fell asleep in each other's arms.

The following morning, with little to do until the caravan arrived, Tammie suggested we "sleep in" which turned out to be her words for screwing our heads off again. She seemed like a woman possessed, trying to make up for lost time as quickly as she could. She was not ready to stop until I couldn't get it up any more and even then she tried for nearly 45 minutes before she gave up. By then I had already cum three times and she had lost track of her orgasms.

We were camped near a little stream that gave us enough water to heat for makeshift showers. By the time the caravan arrived at mid-morning, we had at least washed some of the smell of sex from our bodies and put on clothes that we had washed out and hung by the fire the night before. They were stiff and smelled of smoke but were cleaner than they had been.

Tammie and I split up, with each of us leading supply trucks to distribution locations on the east and west sides of town, while the Corps of Engineers took the heavy equipment to different spots and offloaded it so it could begin the cleanup process. I was surprised, although I know I shouldn't have been, when the people organized themselves into building teams, complete with a few foremen who laid out plans and assigned tasks to others and the rubble began moving out, leaving room for new construction or repairs to those buildings that could be salvaged.

By late afternoon, we were useless to the efforts so Tammie and I piled back into the Hummer and headed along our path. By that time, my path since leaving the city resembled a giant U turned on its side, first pointing west turning north and quickly back to the east. Within a few miles of the edge of the city, we turned north again and camped just outside the first town we would visit the following morning.

We had pitched the tent and started a fire and had water heating for our drinks. Then with dusk descending, two people walked out of the shadows into the edge of the firelight. A woman's voice called, "Hallo. Can we come warm by the fire?"

Before I could respond, Tammie said, "Sure. Come over."

The two figures moved close, pulling up a short tree branch that we had dragged in for firewood. Only when they sat back on the branch could I see that both people were females. Although it was sometimes hard to judge the ravages of war, I guessed that they were between 25 and 35, which was about as close as I wanted to narrow it.

Neither of them had gloves and they held their hands close to the flames, rubbing them together to get the circulation going again. I walked to the Hummer and scrounged up a couple more mugs. Rinsing them out, I poured hot water in all four mugs and offered the women instant coffee or tea bags. All three of them took the tea bags.

Tammie described my mission and what we had done the last couple of days, omitting our sexual exploits. The women told her that they were sisters, Emily and Celia Cornwallis, who had been displaced and were trying to find a way to make a living. They were all that remained of their family and their home had been destroyed in one of the last raids the enemy made.

Finally I offered them MREs from our supplies and we all ate in relative silence. When I distributed treats from my bag of candies, their eyes came alive and they dove into the little chocolate bars as if it was the best thing they had ever tasted.

I had been pondering how we could help them and was really at a loss. As they ate, I explained, "The only shelter we have is this tent, one sleeping bag and a blanket. You folks can sleep in the tent with Tammie tonight and I'll stay in the Hummer. Tomorrow we'll see if we can find something for you."

Tammie jumped in, "No, hon. That is not good. I see these ladies had blanket rolls. We can all sleep in the tent tonight. It will be a bit tight but we can manage, right, girls?"

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