Hey Culligan Man!

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Jackson Conner is a new Culligan sales rep and calling on Mrs. Emily Wilson who is seven months pregnant and very horny. Can Jackson help out the lady of the house? What is the beautiful Emily hiding?

It was his first week on the job and Jackson was sitting in his car looking through the 3x5 cards trying to decipher exactly which of the houses on Elm Street didn't have a Culligan soft water system. 1126, yes the Johnson's have one. 1130, yup, the Miller's too. 1134, no but the woman who lived there was a widower and living off of social security, no chance of a sale there. Ah yes... 1138! Apparently the idiots that did the cold calling every evening had forgotten to write down the correct address of the woman who had called in and said that she was interested in a demonstration of their new soft water system. Jackson drove up Elm Street looking at the addresses painted on the curbing until he came to 1138. He parked his car and grabbed his demonstration kit and walked up and rang the doorbell and waited. A few minutes went by and he rang the doorbell again, this time with a little more urgency, and still he waited. Then he heard what sounded like footsteps and the door opened a few inches and there stood... he looked down at the 3x5 card... Mrs. Emily Wilson.

"Mrs. Wilson my name is Jackson Conner and I'm with Culligan, you know from the TV ad, 'Hey Culligan Man'. I understand that you made an appointment with out marketing department for this morning."

"Yes Mr. Conner I did, please come in."

The woman opened the door and Jackson walked into the house. It was your typical residential two story home, living room, den, formal dining room and kitchen on the ground floor and four bedrooms upstairs. It was well appointed, the decorations lovely and the furniture new and sparkling clean but it was the beautiful Emily Wilson that caught his eye.

Jackson realized that Emily was around 30 or so, a tall woman that he estimated at maybe 5'9" with light brown hair that came down past her shoulders and framed her light green eyes. Her bust line was big but her bust size seemed to be irrelevant as she was at least seven months pregnant. She was wearing a blouse that buttoned up the front and the top two buttons were undone giving Jackson a peek at her creamy white breasts and he didn't think that it was any accident. She was also wearing a pair of shorts and he was pretty sure they were the type with the expandable waist so that they would be comfortable around her ever expanding stomach.

She led Jackson out to the kitchen where they sat at the table as he went through his canned presentation. During each and every step of the presentation she watched him intently then asked pertinent questions with regard to how the system would function, where it would be located and she even asked him for local references. She also made sure that Jackson had ample opportunity to look down her open blouse at her breasts. Jackson gave her the standard reference sheet for her neighborhood and asked if she could give him a tour of the house so he could see where all of the water outlets were located in order to know how big her system needed to be. It was a lie of course, he just wanted to see where and how this woman lived. He knew from experience that pregnant women were often sexually frustrated, their husbands more than not being turned off by their pregnancy.

They started in the garage where Jackson looked around and took measurements of where he could install the tanks for the system. She led him back through the kitchen and down the hall to the wash room where he looked at the washer and dryer hookups. He noted that in the dirty laundry basket there were several pairs of her underwear, Victoria's Secret if he wasn't mistaken. He picked up a pair of her panties and held them up to the light.

Blushing at having a man holding her panties she said, "Uh, excuse me Mr. Conner but what are you looking for?"

"Well," he said pointing to the stain in the middle of the inside of her panties, "see this stain? When you wash your lingerie with the hard water you currently have this stain will become ingrained and ruin these lovely panties but with the Culligan system that stain will be long gone."

Emily blushed again knowing what that stain was, it was her dried cum from using her vibrator last night. "I see Mr. Conner; well we wouldn't want to have that stain become permanent now would we?"

He looked at the stain again and knew that it was just her cum and figured that she wasn't getting any action from her husband and had taken to masturbation. "No we wouldn't." He reached back inside the dirty laundry basket and picked up several of her bras looking inside the cups of each one until he found what he knew would be in at least one of them, dried milk. She was far enough along that her breasts were leaking. "And this stain too Mrs. Wilson, see this is where you're lactating and that will leave hard yellow stains and it will ruin your lovely bras."

She took the bra and held it up to the light and saw the yellow stain then looked back down to her bust. "Really, I never thought about that." She moved closer to Jackson until her right breast was pushing on his arm. "Funny my husband has never noticed that?"

"Well in my line of work it's not unusual to find that when a woman is pregnant, especially for the first time, that her husband doesn't pay all that much attention to her. Would that be true in your case Mrs. Wilson?"

"I think you might be right about that Mr. Conner." She moved even closer her breast was now mashed against his arm.

He thought she felt soft and spongy. "Excuse me but can I see the upstairs now? I want to make sure that there is enough capacity in the system that if you're using the tub or shower that you won't run out of soft water."

"Sure, no problem, please follow me." She led him back down the hall and up the staircase. He noted that, although she was at least seven months pregnant, her butt hadn't expanded all that much, at least not yet. It was still shapely, compact and delectably sexy. They walked down the hall and into her bedroom. It was a pretty typical California bedroom, a king sized bed in the center between two windows, his and her walk-in closets and a master bathroom to the left. They walked into the bathroom and he looked around. There was a beautiful large glass shower stall and a sunken Jacuzzi tub.

"Very nice, I'll bet you love the Jacuzzi tub! I've always wanted one of those."

She held onto his arm and looked down at the tub. "Normally I do but more recently I've been showering more and more often. There is just something about having the warm water running down through the valley between my breasts and then down over my huge stomach and between my legs. Do you know what I mean?"

"Uh actually I'm not sure. Is there a problem with just being in the tub?"

She pressed her breast against his arm again. "Well I am quite big now and it's hard to get out of the tub so I use the showe, r but it's really the feeling of the water cascading between my breasts and legs that I like the most. How will the soft water feel Mr. Conner? I mean will I enjoy it more?"

He looked at her and smiled. "You know that is an interesting question Mrs. Wilson and actually I've never been asked that before. I guess it all depends what your hard water feels like now. I mean I know what Culligan water feels like on a persons body but I don't know how your water feels like so I really can't make a comparison, I'm sorry."

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