When Red Is Golden

by Techsan

Copyright© 2006 by Techsan

Romantic Sex Story: A shy young male college student meets an equally shy young female student and a wonderful courtship develops.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   School   .

Yeah, I have to admit that I grew up being pretty naïve about girls — and women, in general — when it comes to talking with them, being around them, kissing, or — heaven forbid — having sex with one. I had only one sibling, an older sister, but she was four years older than me and we lived in different worlds, for all practical purposes. She struggled with schoolwork; I breezed through mine. She had lots of friends; I had very few. She was close to my parents; I tried to stay out of their way. She learned to drive early and was trusted with the family car; I was trusted to take the garbage out, after being harangued mercilessly.

In high school, I managed to make a few friends, although none of them were really close friends. I joined the Math Club, the Chess Club, the Spanish Club, and was inducted into the National Honor Society. I could hold a conversation with some of the people that wore pants and none of the ones who wore skirts. For some reason, I felt like females — all females — knew something that I didn't, and I couldn't figure out what it was. And I was too bashful to ask about it.

That didn't keep me from dating. Oh, yeah, I dated. Let's see. There was the time I met Mary Lou at the theatre and we watched some movie, ate popcorn, drank cokes, and then went our separate ways, without ever touching. Yep, then there was the time I met Annette at the theatre and we watched some movie, ate popcorn, drank cokes, and then went our separate ways, without ever touching. Oh, yes, there was the time I met Doris at the theatre and we watched some movie, ate popcorn, drank cokes, and then went our separate ways, without ever touching. Then there was... no... no, that was it. Just the three times. Really intimate guy, wasn't I?

Then for the first time, I was out from under the direct influence of my parents when I went to college. It was 357 miles from home. That first semester, I got to go home not one time. Man, was I homesick! I went to classes, studied, played a little ping-pong, and slept. I didn't even know you were allowed to do anything else until the second semester. I found the student union and began spending a lot of spare time there. Some of us studied there while others played cards or video games and others ate — or made out with girls. I guess that's what got me to hanging around so much, watching guys kissing on the girls and getting kissed back. It made me wonder what that must be like.

One Saturday afternoon, I was sitting at a table by myself as usual, trying to read a dry text but really studying the people, when I was jolted out of my reverie.


"Huh?" I looked around.

"Hey! It was me."

The speaker was a girl, a redheaded girl with freckles covering every inch of bare skin that I could see: face, arms, a little bit of her neck. Her straight red hair hung down past her shoulders and she tossed it back. She wasn't a beauty, in the beauty pageant sort of way, but she was good looking. And she had a figure! Big round uh-huhs on her chest pushed her blouse out in front, and I could see how her hips made her blue pleated skirt flare away from her waist. That waist wasn't narrow but you could tell she wouldn't break apart the first time she was touched, either.

"Hi," I finally responded.

"Do you play bridge?"


"Good. I need a partner. Wanna play?"

"Sure!" I replied, probably a little too eagerly.

She led me around a corner where a group of bridge players frequently gathered. One table was already playing and two guys sat at another. She told me her name was Kristen but her friends called her Kris. She introduced the two guys as Macy and Franklin, both juniors. Neither of them hid their looks of disdain when they glanced my way and they didn't bother to greet me when I told them my name was Louis.

I took the seat Kris indicated while she sat across the table from me and we began playing. The guys' comments told me they didn't consider us to be worthy opponents and their every attitude dismissed us as being beneath them. The first couple of hands seemed to bear out that attitude but then Kris and I began to get a feel for each other's bidding and things turned around. By the time we'd made game, it wasn't close. They slammed down the cards and stormed off.

I reached my hand across the table and Kris shook it, while we laughed uproariously. I asked if I could buy her a coffee or something and she shyly agreed. I bought us two cups full at the counter and we walked outside, strolling along the beautiful campus. Even though it was winter, the weather in the south was still pleasant with just light jackets.

As we walked, there was some desultory conversation between us and I decided that she was really just as shy as I was. Twice our hands touched and both of us jumped back from the contact as if we had just touched fire. We wound up back at the entrance to her dorm just before sundown. I timidly asked if I could see her again and she agreed to meet me in the student union for cokes on Monday afternoon.

For the next few weeks, we got together once or twice a week at the S.U.B. for cokes or to play bridge and afterward to walk through the campus if the weather was decent. It seemed to take forever to find out anything about her but I guess she was getting the same kind of responses from me as well. I loved being with Kris but was so deathly afraid that I would say or do something to drive her away that I continued to be very shy around her.

It was weeks after that first meeting that, while we were walking one day, I caught her hand and held onto it. I was amazed that she did not pull away from me but it was a good feeling to just hold her hand. More weeks passed with us holding hands while we walked. I found out that she had never dated, she was an honor student, she was an only child, and she hated the farm.

Rather belatedly, I found out that the S.U.B. had a movie theatre and the movies were free to students just by showing our student Ids. I asked Kris to see a movie with me one afternoon instead of our usual walk and she accepted. We sat in the back in one corner, not wanting anyone we knew to see us.

The movie was filled with action and suspense. I was acutely aware that our shoulders were touching almost all the time, although she kept her hands folded in her lap. After a long internal debate and with my heart in my throat, I lifted my arm and casually put it around her. She made no indication that she noticed but I got some satisfaction a while later when Kris leaned my way, snuggling her shoulder against my chest. That was a major milestone.

After that, we went to the S.U.B.'s theatre every time they change movies and Kris let me put my arm around her for almost the entire length of the picture. Still on other times when we got together, we took our walks.

It was on one of those walks beyond the political science building that I steered her into a long-overgrown garden, what had probably at one time been well-kempt with short flowering bushes and rather meandering walkways through a spate of evergreens and other trees. Now with spring in the air, the trees were all green again and some of the bushes had bloomed anew, although many of them were as tall as ten feet. It was as if the garden had been forgotten by the groundskeepers.

Well into the garden, with my heart a thumping drum in my throat, I pulled her to me and gave her my first kiss. Her lips were so sweet — and she didn't pull away from me. After some minutes, I screwed up my courage even further and stuck out the tip of my tongue. Glory of glories, her tongue met mine. Inhibitions began to fall. My arms went around her and pulled her to me. I felt her arms around me — and her breasts against my chest! Gradually our mouths opened wider and our tongue met in a full-fledged duel somewhere between us.

Time lost all value. The only reality I knew was the taste and touch and smell of this wonderful creature letting me kiss her. Something happened to me and my cock grew hard and long, pressing upward and out from my pants. I knew she had to be aware of it but we both ignored it. I dared not touch her with my hands anywhere other than her shoulders lest I lose the valuable ground I had gained over the weeks and months we had spent together.

Finally we broke apart, both of us gasping for air, both of us seeming to wonder what we had just done. I stared into Kris' eyes and she stared back, as a blush crept up from her neck to her face. I wondered if I had done likewise. When her arms gave a slight tug, we leaned toward each other and started a new kiss, deep and passionate. It lasted for long minutes — or it could have been a few seconds — and it seemed like the world stood still.

When we broke apart once more, Kris stared at my face and smiled as she reached up to wipe her lipstick from my face. Then she reminded me that we had better go. I looked at my watch, amazed at how late it was. At her dorm door, she turned and kissed me again, giving me a little hug before turning and almost running inside. I didn't walk to my dorm — I floated!

For the next few weeks, we forgot about the movies, taking our walks into the same forgotten garden, which became our haven. We met almost every afternoon. We spent hours kissing. She had so many tastes, all of them sweet and reminding me of delicious desserts and fragrant flowers. After I got back to my dorm room, I changed my pattern of masturbating nightly to masturbating, cleaning, masturbating, cleaning, and masturbating again. It got to where I couldn't get to sleep until I had cum at least three times and sometimes twice that often. I know I lost a lot of sleep because of it but there didn't seem to be any cure for this "illness."

I will never forget the afternoon of April 14th. It was a Thursday and we met right after her one o'clock class was out. Unlike most afternoons when we bought cokes in disposable cups and took them on our walks, she kissed me as we met, took my hand, and pulled me out to the path. When we arrived at the secluded back part of the garden, she turned to me and we embraced, kissing passionately. My reaction was quick, as my cock grew hard in just seconds, pressing against Kris' stomach in an unmistakable reaction. However instead of ignoring it as she always had in the past, her hand slipped into my pants and cupped my erection. I knew I had died and gone to heaven then.

After a few seconds, I deduced that, if she was going to be that forward, it had to be a sign that it was okay for me to do something similar. I moved one hand around her until I cupped one of her big breasts in my hand, loving the sucking in of her breath that my action caused. At least she didn't draw away from me. For long delicious minutes, she fondled my cock while I gently kneaded her boob. When she unbuttoned my pants, I unbuttoned her blouse. When she worked her hand into my jockeys, I opened her bra. Both of us soon were working flesh-on-flesh with the other. That was two firsts for me: being touched by a woman and touching a woman's breast. I truly was a nineteen year old virgin.

It rather surprised me when Kris worked my pants and shorts down to my ankles there in public but not as much as when she knelt in front of me and stuck her tongue to the tip of my soldier. Sure, I'd heard of blowjobs and read about them on the internet but nothing prepares a guy for that first touch of a tongue to his penis. She spent some time looking at it, the top, the underside, both sides, and then my balls. Then she began licking again, tentatively at first but with most gusto as time passed, like maybe she decided she liked it. When her mouth closed over the entire head, I groaned with delight, savoring the magnificent feelings coursing throughout my body.

I could have let her do that all day, although I suspected that my already shaky legs wouldn't keep me upright for long. However a gnawing feeling told me that something was missing and I wasn't sure what it was — until a light dawned.

Lifting her up, I said, "I like that, honey, but I need to taste you too. Come here."

Picking up my pants, I stepped away from the stone path to a grass flat and pulled her with me. I sat on the grass and reached under her skirt, my hands coming back down drawing her panties with them. From the look on her face, I think she knew what I had in mind. With a little twirling motion of my hand, she got the idea and turned around. As I lay back on the grass, she lowered herself to her knees over me while I pushed her skirt up to her waist. As her round bottom slowly descended to my face, I got my first look at an uncovered pussy in the flesh. I reveled in the coarse curly red hair that covered her pubic area.

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