Melissa's Revenge

by Samantha K.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Reluctant, BiSexual, BDSM, FemaleDom, Orgy, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A girl catches her boyfriend in bed with her best friend and takes revenge on them.

Melissa and Holly had been best friends since grade school. They played together, they went on vacations together, and they both grew into beautiful teenage girls together. The problem between them didn't surface until they had been going out with boys for a few years. It would be easy to say that boys were the cause of the problem, but they weren't, not really. The boys just provided the flash-point for the jealousy that had been simmering for some time.

Melissa had been dating Scott for only a few weeks, but it had been a torrid few weeks. It started when he asked her to a party at a friend's house and then took her out to Riverview Drive instead, to park.

She resisted when he tried to kiss her, but he put his hands on her breasts and squeezed them and stroked her nipples through her blouse and her full-coverage bra and she kissed him to get him to stop.

She resisted when he tried to get his hands in her panties, but the feeling of his hands down there made her wet and she took off her bra and unbuttoned her blouse so he would leave her wet pussy alone.

She resisted when he pulled up her skirt, but he sucked and licked her pink nipples until they were puffy and very sensitive, and she skinned out of her panties herself so he could do the same to her hot little clitty.

When he undid his pants and pulled out his raging hard cock, she almost bruised her legs getting them quickly apart so he could put his cock into her pussy and make her cum.

When Melissa wrapped her legs around him and arched her back and squealed loudly as she came, Scott's cock creamed her pussy and she stopped resisting. After that, Melissa did whatever Scott wanted, whenever and wherever he wanted it. She thought she was in love, but she was just cock-crazy. As long as Scott would put his cock in her and make her cum, she would do anything for him.

He usually called her every couple of days to tell her to take off her panties and go out and wait for him somewhere — the mall, the library, the convenience store near the school, the football stadium, the bowling alley, or a street-corner downtown. Melissa would go eagerly, and stand and wait with the night air blowing up her skirt, teasing her quivering pussy until she thought she couldn't stand it anymore. Then Scott would come and drag her behind a building, or a dumpster, or just a bush beside the road, and bend her over anything handy before shoving his hard cock into her and making her cum really hard before filling her with his hot, sticky cream. Then he would leave her to walk home alone, with his jizz running down her thighs.

Melissa didn't mind this. She thought it was incredibly romantic that Scott needed her so badly that he had these sudden needs to get his hard cock into her pussy. She didn't even mind those times when he would cum before she did and then she would have to her frig herself off after he was gone.

She was very proud that she had a pussy that Scott couldn't get enough of and she pampered it. She massaged it with fragrant creams and lotions and she douched regularly so it would be all nice and fresh. She meticulously shaved every trace of pubic hair because he said he liked her to be smooth.

On those nights when Scott didn't call, she played with it, rubbing and teasing it until it was hot and wet and her little clit was as hard as a small marble. She always tried to stop short of bringing herself to orgasm. That, she told her pussy, was because it belonged to Scott and it would just have to wait for him to give it the orgasm it craved. As hard as she tried to make it wait, sometimes it disobeyed her and came anyway. When that happened, she would call it a bad pussy and she would spank it until it became very red and sore. Then she would make it apologize by kissing the hand that she had used to punish it.

When the weekend came and Melissa hadn't had a call from Scott in three days, she became worried. She knew his parents were going to be away and she had been expecting a call any time to tell her to come over. She had even spent some extra time primping and petting her pussy so it would be ready on a moment's notice and after all the extra attention, it was very, very ready for Scott to put his hard cock in it and give it what it needed.

By Saturday afternoon, when Scott still hadn't called, Melissa decided she should go over to his house and make sure that he was all right and that he wasn't sick or something.

She put on her nice blue dress, the one she had mostly outgrown, but that had a pleated skirt that came just down to mid-thigh. Scott loved to flip that skirt up over her butt before he put his cock into her and she wanted to look nice for him.

She walked the several blocks over to Scott's house very carefully, because it was a breezy day and, in anticipation of Scott's needs, she wasn't wearing panties. A couple of times, she almost wasn't quick enough to catch the skirt before it blew up and after each time, she felt her pussy tingle as the wind whispered across it.

When she got to Scott's house, she saw that his parent's car was gone, as she expected. She went up to the front door and was about to knock, when she decided that it would be much more fun to sneak in and surprise Scott.

Melissa went around to the side door and slipped into the kitchen. She tiptoed down the hall as quietly as she could, almost holding her breath. When she came to the front stairs, she heard a noise from the second floor. Assuming that Scott was up in his room, maybe listening to his CDs, she very quietly went up the steps and along the hallway until she came to the room where the noise was coming from.

When she peeked around the doorjamb, she got the surprise of her life. There in the bed was Scott. And lying under him with her legs spread widely apart, was her best friend Holly.

"Oh, Scott!" Holly was saying. "Your cock is just so big and hard. You make me so hot when you put it in deep like that! Don't stop. Don't ever stop."

"Damn, Holly! Your pussy is so tight. It feels like my cock is in a vise!"

"I'm glad you like my tight pussy, Scott. Is it just the right size for you?"

"It's fantastic! I love it. You're so much tighter than Melissa!"

Melissa didn't hear anything after that. There was a roaring noise in her ears that drowned everything else out. She backed away from the door and leaned against the wall. The roaring in her ears was giving her a headache. She needed to go home and take an aspirin and lie down.

Melissa went down the stairs and out of the house in a mental haze that seemed to grow thicker and swirl faster around her with every step. She couldn't let herself believe what she had just seen and heard because that would mean it was true and she couldn't stand the thought that it was true.

She walked all the way home and into her own bedroom without really seeing or hearing anything around her. She took an aspirin and lay down to wait for her headache to go away. It didn't help. The pain in her head just got smaller and smaller and hurt worse and worse. After tossing and turning for an hour, she sat up.

"If I want this pain to go away, I'm going to have to do something about what's causing it," she told herself.

She sat on the bed for a long time, thinking about how she could make the pain go away. When she made up her mind, she went to her PC and turned it on. She spent the rest of the afternoon looking for just the perfect tools she would need to make the pain go away. When she found them, she used her mother's credit card number to place the order. She even paid the extra charge for rush delivery so she would be sure to have what she needed by the next weekend.

After supper, she went back to her room and planned just how she would get revenge on Scott and Holly. When she had it all worked out, the pain in her head eased off and she smiled.

"This is going to be fun," she said to herself, "This is going to be a lot of fun."

She became so excited thinking of the fun she was going to have that she locked her bedroom door and hopped on her bed and pulled her skirt up over her waist. She spread her legs even further than she had seen Holly doing and she stroked her pink pussy.

"Don't you worry," she told it, "You're not Scott's pussy any more. You're my pussy now and I'm going to take very good care of you."

She stroked and petted and rubbed her pussy for a long time after that. She made it cum over and over again and when it couldn't cum any more, she put some of her best cream all over it and when she finished, she let it kiss her hand in gratitude for taking it away from that two-timer, Scott.

Melissa waited until her packages had arrived before she went forward with the rest of her plan. She didn't know that the Internet places she had ordered from were reliable and she didn't want to have to postpone her plan once she had set things in motion.

When the boxes arrived, Melissa dragged them into her room and locked her door before she opened them. She unpacked and took everything out and read all the instructions and tested everything she could. When she was satisfied that everything would work, she hid it all in the back of her closet and dragged the empty boxes down the street to the convenience store, where she tossed them in into the dumpster.

When she got back home, she sat in her room with the phone in her lap while she went over exactly what she wanted to say and how she wanted to say it. Then she made two calls.

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