The Concert

by Luv2Rite

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Me, a young college coed, and the Deftones... what more could you ask for?

I've always been into all different kinds of music, but kind of got out of it in my late 20's. My wife discouraged me listening to the kinds of music that I really liked, particularly at home because she said the kids didn't need to hear it. Now mind you, we're not talking about hard core rap or anything, but she doesn't like the stuff I grew up with... Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, etc... so I took to listening to whatever I wanted at the office and in the car when I was alone. A few years ago I discovered the Deftones. I think that the first song I heard was 'My Own Summer' and I immediately loved them. I've now got all of their albums and listed to them regularly.

Last year, I heard that they were playing at the House of Blues and really wanted to go, but I couldn't find anybody to go with and I knew my wife would never go and then something came up and I never got around to buying the tickets anyway. I kicked myself because I just knew I wouldn't have the chance to see them again.

As luck would have it about a year later, I was doing some web surfing and came across the HOB website. I browsed around and was pleasantly surprised that the Deftones were coming back to town. Well, actually the nearest HOB is about an hour away, but more on that later...

Anyway, I decided that this time I was going. I got on Ticketmaster and bought two tickets. I wasn't really sure who would go with me, but I figured what the hell, I'll find somebody. I asked a few buddies, and no one was available, then I called my buddy Deion. He went to college with me, and I knew he liked the same type of music. He was up for it so we set it up.

About a week before the concert, I get an email from Deion saying that he was sorry but he couldn't make it to the concert. He was working out of town on a project and wouldn't return until after the concert. So, what was I going to do? I had 5 days to find someone to go with.

I knew none of my buddies could go, and for sure my wife didn't want to so I didn't even mention it to her. As I was thinking about it, I happened to be browsing the local Craig's list site. It dawned on me that surely there were more Deftones fans in town, and I could probably find someone, maybe if I was lucky some young college girl would want to go... ha, fat chance of that, but I'd try my luck anyway.

So I put a listing under the personals section and I figured I would at least look for some female companionship (shhh, don't tell my wife) for the concert. I wasn't looking to get lucky or anything, as a matter of fact, I said that in the ad, that I was just looking for a female "friend" to attend the concert with, dinner and the tickets were on me, and I just wanted someone who liked the band and was nice to talk to. Then I waited.

The next day I had three or four responses when I checked my email. I went thru them pretty quickly. Two were gay guys looking to hook up... delete... one was a lady that lived four hours away... ignore, and then there was one from a local girl at the college. Hmmm... that could be interesting. She said her name was Kari, and that she was a huge Deftones fan and that she had really wanted to go to the concert but that it was already sold out and she was very disappointed.

That sounded pretty good. So I emailed her back and explained why I didn't have anyone to go with and we corresponded a little. She seemed like a smart young lady, and was a little nervous about going out of town with someone she didn't know. I agreed and offered that we should maybe meet in a public place to make sure neither of us were weirdo's or anything and see where it went from there. "Fine," she said.

So we set up a lunch meeting for the next day at a local grill. She said she's be the redhead with the red t-shirt on. OK, so this could be nice. This was going a little too well, I thought, but what the hell.

The next day was a Wednesday and the concert was on Saturday so I figured if she didn't work out, I'd be going alone... Lunch time came and I went to me Ms. Kari. I got a table at the restaurant and waited. Just about the time I figured it was a joke or that she had stood me up, I see a red shirt flash by the front window. Then she walked in. To say I was pleased would be an understatement. I waved at her, and she came over and we introduced ourselves and she sat down. She was about 5'2", 125 pounds, red hair, about a D cup and 23 years old. I think you can fill in the rest.

I became a little nervous, but she was very cordial and a very good conversationalist. We seemed to have a pretty good deal in common so I relaxed a little. I told her that I was married and that I was not looking to "hook up" or anything, and that I didn't expect any payment (of any kind) for the tickets or dinner, that I was just looking to have fun. I also told her that although my wife knew I was going to the concert, she thought I was going with a buddy, and I'd like to keep it that way so as to not arouse any suspicions or anything. She told me she understood.

We had a good lunch, and she told me she thought I was a nice enough guy that she would like to go, so we were all set. I couldn't believe my luck. A night with a beautiful woman listening to a cool band. I figured I'd have a really good time... I had no idea.

I arranged to pick her up at her apartment at about 5PM Saturday.

I didn't change my story at home, so my wife thought I was still going with Deion. No harm, no foul right... just a fun night out.

Saturday came and I left the house about 4 to run some errands and then pick up Kari. I arrived at her apartment right at 5 and she came out and hopped in the car. She was wearing a Deftones T-shirt that was tied up under her boobs and a mini-skirt. Man this chic was hot. I did my best not to stare, but I did manage to compliment her without sounding like a perv. She thanked me, and we left for the hour and a half drive to the HOB. On the way down, we talked the whole time. She told me that she was a nursing major at the local university and that she currently was between boyfriends. She was in her last semester and was graduating in December. We talked about school, my work, music, and all sorts of stuff. We actually seemed to become fast friends.

We even discussed my marriage a little when she asked about my life. I told her it was OK, but that it could be better. My wife has the sex drive of an office chair, which is to say zero. So that part of my life is not so great. She seemed to take pity on me, but didn't really mention it anymore.

We arrived at the HOB and since I already had reservations at the restaurant, we went in and were seated to eat. The food was great and the company was even better. I actually think she was flirting with me a little. I wasn't sure, and I just played it off like she was being friendly. It was hard not to stare at her tits though; this was one gorgeous young thing. After dinner, we went into the concert hall and fortunately found some seats at the bar. One of our agreements was that I wouldn't drink and that she wouldn't get drunk. This was just so that she could get home without getting killed and that I wouldn't have to explain who puked in my car since originally I had no idea who I'd been going with. Fortunately she was a light drinker so it was no problem. She only had a few beers.

The band came on at about 10 after the opener... man they were awesome. Kari actually got up and did a little dancing. Needless to say about 10 guys hit on her, and she just took it in stride, talking to a few, but not much more. She basically hung around with me the whole time, which kind of surprised me. I mean, I'm not old, but I'm was a good bit older than her and I figured she'd ditch me until it was time to leave. She stayed with me and we enjoyed the show.

Afterwards we were leaving the concert to get in the car, she gave me a hug and told me that she really enjoyed the evening and the company. I was pleased as well, a great band, good food, and a beautiful young woman to spend the evening with. I haven't had that much fun since I was in college... hmmm.

So, we had the hour and a half drive home... she had to stop and pee about 20 minutes into the drive home so we stopped at a McDonalds. She ran in and came back out. When she got back in the car, I noticed kind of a funny look on her face when she looked at me. I asked her if everything was OK, and she said "Oh yeah... Jim, I had the best time tonight, you're such a nice guy."

We headed back out on the road and talked some more. She gushed about the band and the concert. I was pleased as the night had turned out really great, and besides her being drop dead gorgeous, she and I had hit it off and seemed to become really good friends.

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