Poor Amy: Nurse


Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Amy Jameson, Nurse, thinks that this is a regular rotation. It's not.

Important Note: For those of you who have read my stories before, I want to warn you that the Poor Amy series is a different type of story than I have written in the past. No romance, very little caring, and often, very non-consensual. See my blog for more details.

Amy Jameson was pissed. Amy was a student nurse, and she had just begun a new rotation on the geriatrics ward. While she had so far had some very nice experiences in other areas, this one was marred by the nurse in charge, Joanne Richley. Joanne was, simply put, a bitch. Amy had been warned by her friends in the program when she was assigned this rotation, but there was nothing that she could do about it.

"Watch out for her, Amy," Anne had warned. "She watches you like a hawk, and she's not particularly fair. There are some girls that she seems to single out for more abuse than others. Luckily, I wasn't one of them!"

Apparently however, Amy was. It started the first day that her rotation began. Nurse Richley took them into a room and asked them all to introduce themselves. She asked some pointed questions of each of them, like why they wanted to be a nurse, and how they felt about the elderly patients that they were in charge of.

As each person answered, Nurse Richley stood in front of them, looking intently into their eyes. When it was Amy's turn, she had a hard time keeping eye contact. She had the most unnatural urge to lower her eyes. Something seemed to pass through Nurse Richley's eyes before she moved on to the next person, some sort of recognition.

From that day on, Nurse Richley seemed to relish giving Amy the shittiest jobs, sometimes quite literally making her do more than her share of bedpan duty, one thing that Amy particularly disliked.

Everyone in her rotation clearly believed that Nurse Richley was unfairly singling out Amy, but she did not know what to do about it. Finally, she went to see Dr. McMillan. Doctors in hospitals are a funny lot. Most seem to think that they are gods, able to do as they please, orderlies are servants and nurses are just glorified orderlies or a convenient semen depository.

Of course, for every rule there are exceptions. Many of the doctors truly appreciated the nurses on their staff, and some went out of their way to show them that all doctors were not bad. Dr. McMillan was one of those, and he made himself available to the student nurses as a resource that they could approach when they had issues. He was a direct contrast to Dr. Lawrence Jaffe.

Dr. Jaffe was everything that you thought a doctor should be: a stunningly handsome cardiovascular surgeon who drove a Porsche, was filthy rich and had a young trophy wife. His view of nurses was that they were there for his pleasure, whether it was fetching his coffee or sucking his cock. His looks and demeanour, which could be devastatingly charming when he chose, ensured he could have his way with most of the nurses that he was interested in. It was rumoured that there were a handful of abortions financed by him, and that he was paying child support on a couple of others.

When Amy approached Dr. McMillan, he made time to talk to her. He met with her in the cafeteria before her shift, and they each got a cup of coffee.

"What's on your mind, Amy?" he asked, taking a sip.

"It's Nurse Richley," Amy began.

"I see," Dr. McMillan said understandingly, leaning back in his seat. "You don't really have to go on. Listen, don't worry too much about Joanne. She can be a bitch, I know, but she's good at what she does, and she can teach you a lot. Just try and get along with her, get through this rotation, and all will be well."

It was good advice, and Amy should have taken it but she was pissed. This time, Nurse Richley had sent her to the laundry in the bowels of the hospital, and by the time she had gotten back she missed the instructions that everyone else had received.

Amy found Nurse Richley and growled, "What do you have against me, you cow?"

"Excuse me, Amy?" she asked.

"Why do you give me the short end of every stick? Why can't you ever cut me a break? Why are you such a bitch?" Amy asked.

Nurse Richley just looked at Amy evenly, and Amy realized that she may have gone too far. "This is not the place to discuss this, Amy," Nurse Richley. "After the shift, you and I will sit down and have a little conversation."

Amy nodded and went back to her duties. She was nervous through the rest of the shift. She tried working herself up to the same righteous indignation that she had felt before, but now she just felt fear. As the shift ended and everyone else left, Nurse Richley beckoned Amy to follow her. Amy wondered where they were going as they wandered the floor, into a construction area. The hospital was in the midst of renovations, and this section of the floor was currently not being used.

Nurse Richley stopped before the door to a patient room and pushed it open, gesturing for Amy to enter. Amy did, and Nurse Richley followed. Amy looked around nervously.

"I brought you here so that we can talk frankly, without concern of being overheard," Richley said. "I want you to be open and honest and tell me what you think."

Once again, Amy tried to get her indignation to surface, but in the end she just mumbled, "You're being unfair to me. You give me the worst jobs and talk down to me constantly, whilst you don't do the same to the others. What do you have against me?"

Nurse Richley just looked at Amy for a moment and then said, "Ms. Jameson, every time I get another rotation of students, I take it upon myself to determine exactly how they fit in. Ms. Jones, for instance, is very good at what she does, and she knows how to take charge. You are very good as well, but you, Amy, are not a leader. I believe that you are best when taking orders."

"What do you mean?" Amy sputtered. "I don't take orders."

"Stand up!" Nurse Richley barked.

"What?" Amy asked.

"Stand up!" Richley repeated. Amy stood up.

"Take off your shoes," Richley commanded.

"Why?" Amy asked.

"Because I ordered you to," Richley replied.

Amy looked scared, but she complied. She didn't want to, but she was frightened of Nurse Richley.

"Now the dress," Richley demanded.

"I can't!" Amy protested.

"You must," Richley said calmly.

"I'm going to report you!" Amy cried.

"No, you're not," Richley informed her. "You are going to take off your dress. Then you are going to take off anything else that I tell you to. And when I am done with that, you will obey every other order that I give."

"I won't!" Amy protested weakly.

Richley walked up to Amy and slapped her across her face. "You will," she said. "You will do what I say, and you won't complain. You will do it, because you are a sheep, fit only for taking orders."

"No," Amy whispered hoarsely.

"Yes!" Richley replied.

"Please!" Amy begged.

"The dress," Richley said.

Amy slowly pulled the zipper down, and then stepped out of the dress. She stood nervously in front of Nurse Richley wearing only a plain white bra, plain knickers, thigh high white stocking and white shoes. Nurse Richley slowly walked around Amy, looking at her from all sides. Amy tracked Richley with her eyes, but remained standing where she was.

"You have a choice," Richley told Amy. "You can remove your bra and knickers, bend over the bed and receive 20 whacks with my shoe, or you can remove my knickers and eat me until I cum. Which will it be?"

Amy was horrified. She couldn't do either.

"Why? Why are you doing this to me?" Amy cried, tears running down her face.

Nurse Richley leaned forward, wiping a tear away. Her face was very close to Amy's as she said, "Because you want me to."

"No I don't!" Amy protested.

"Yes Ms. Jameson, you do," Richley disagreed. "You may not know it, you may not like it, you may not approve of it, but deep down, in a place that perhaps you are afraid to admit exists, even to yourself, you desperately want it."

Amy flinched, but otherwise said nothing. Richley stepped back and asked, "So, which is it going to be?"

Amy reached behind her and took off her bra. Then she slipped off her knickers and stood there, naked save white stockings and comfortable shoes. Nurse Richley took another look at her. Amy was a twenty five years old blonde, and a natural one at that Richley could tell glancing down. Her hair was done in a bob cut, with blue eyes and a sexy face. Amy was tall, 5' 8", with long legs, perfect 36C breasts, a waist that pinched in at 28" and hips that flared out to 35", slipping down to a gorgeous arse.

"I did well this time," Richley thought to herself.

Richley just looked at Amy, who eventually turned and bent over the bed. Richley slipped her shoes off, then bent to pick one up. Despite the popular image of nurses in high heels, the reality is that nurses, like waitresses, are on their feet all day, and comfortable shoes are a must. Richley flexed the rubber soles, looking at the luscious arse that Amy was presenting. Despite all her other excellent attributes, her arse was Amy's best feature, which should be an indication of exactly how good it was.

Richley smiled, and then with no warning to Amy, she slapped her shoe down right on Amy's cheek. It was a good thing that they were so far from anyone else, because Amy let out a shriek that could have been heard from quite a distance.

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