What To Do About Edie

by Just Plain Bob

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Desc: Sex Story: What would you do?

I am constantly receiving feedback from people wanting to know why I ended a story a certain way and then asking me if would mind if they wrote an ending for the story. This has happened so many times that I've decided to hold.

I will submit a story and then those readers who so desire can write and submit their own ending. I plan on doing this every October from now on. Take the story anywhere you would like it to go. The only rule is that you have to identify the story in the title and put your own name to it. Examples would be: "What to do About Edie Invitational" by The Wanderer or "What to do About Edie Invitational" by Ohio. (I use those two authors as examples since it was The Wanderer who gave me the idea and Ohio seems to like giving my stories second chapters). That being said, I give you:

What To Do About Edie

The Just Plain Bob First Annual Invitational

I've been married to Edie for just a little over six years and I am constantly finding out things about her - things that I would never have expected or even believed for that matter. For instance - I just found out she is a slut.

Edie wasn't a virgin when I married her. It wasn't something that I knew first hand, but in the spirit of being up front with me Edie laid out her entire sexual history for me even to the point of naming names. I knew two of her previous lovers and she wanted to know if that was going to be a problem. The two guys were not close acquaintances, which meant that I would not normally interact with them and so I told her no. However, knowing the tendencies of males to keep on trying to fuck what you have been fucking I made a mental note to keep an eye on both of them.

Over the next couple of years, at several parties, the two of them did try more than once to hit on Edie and she always blew them off. Several others also made an attempt on my lovely bride and they also got the bums rush. As we moved into our seventh year I had no reason to believe that Edie was anything less than one hundred percent faithful. There was no doubt in my mind that she loved me and I was certainly crazy about her. The woman spoiled me rotten and I tried very hard to return the favor which made what I just found out all the more harder to understand."

As always seems to be the case I found out about Edie because I came home early one day. I was on a parts run that took me within minutes of my house and I thought that I would just swing by and have lunch with Edie. When I got home her car was in the garage, but she wasn't anywhere in the house. I figured that she must be over at the neighbors so I went into the kitchen to make myself a sandwich. Our kitchen over looks the backyard of our neighbor to the south and I looked out the window and saw Edie in their backyard. I had told her half a dozen times not to go over there, but she never listened to me. The house was up for sale and had been vacant for almost five months. The big attraction of the place was the in ground swimming pool. The realtor had convinced Earl and Marge not to drain the pool before they moved saying that having the pool looking inviting would be a good hook for prospective buyers. When Earl and Marge lived there Edie had an open invitation to use the pool whenever she wanted. I had tried to tell her that the invitation had left town when Marge and Earl had, but as far as Edie was concerned she was going over there as long as the pool had water in it.

I had just opened the window to yell at her and tell her I was home when two men came out the back door of the house and one hollered, "Hey! What are you doing back here? This is private property and you are trespassing." Edie got up off the chaise lounge and I could see the two men feasting their eyes on the body that the two Band-Aids she called a bathing suit tried to cover. She told them that she lived next door and was keeping an eye on the place for Earl and Marge. "Bullshit lady! I'm the realtor handling the place and Earl would have told me about you. I'm sick and tired of having people trespass on the property I'm trying to sell." He told the other man to keep and eye on Edie while he went out to the car to get his cell phone so he could call the police

He turned to go and Edie said, "Wait! Maybe we can work this out. My husband will kill me if I get into trouble with the police." The man said, "What do you mean by working something out?" Then Edie made my jaw drop, "I'm sure that I can find a way to convince you to leave the cops out of this" and while she was talking she was running her hands over her breasts in as blatant a suggestion as I've ever seen. I saw the realtor glance over at the second man who had hunger written all over his face and then the realtor said, "Okay honey, let's see if you mean it." He unzipped his fly and took out his cock. Edie licked her lips and said, "Oh my, that's a nice one" and then she went to her knees in front of him and took his cock in her hand. She looked up at him and smiled, "I think I'm going to like this" and she opened her mouth and took in his cock. The other man unzipped himself and moved up to where Edie could get her hands on him and she started stroking him while sucking on the realtor.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My wife sucking off one stranger while jacking off another and she hadn't even put up a fight. She had just offered herself up as if it was the most natural thing in the world for her to do. That made me begin to wonder if maybe it was. After all, how did I really know that she turned aside all the passes made at her?

The realtor told the other man to go and get the chaise lounge and move it into the shade, "I'm going to cum in her mouth and then we are going to fuck the little slut." While the man moved the lounger Edie stood up and pulled off her bikini bottoms and when the lounger was in place she told the realtor to sit down on it and then she bent at the waist and took him back in her mouth. She spread her legs apart in an open invitation to the other man and he moved up behind her. He gave Edie a playful slap on the ass and then he began working his dick into her. Edie moaned around the cock in her mouth and the two men smiled ear to ear as they took Edie from both ends.

I don't remember at what point I took out my own cock, in fact I was kind of surprised to find it in my hand, but I found that I was beating myself off in time with the guy fucking Edie from behind. The realtor said, "God that's good honey, you can trespass over here any time you want as long as you are willing to keep doing this." Edie took her mouth off him long enough to say "Promise?" The realtor said, "As long as you suck my cock honey, I promise." Edie giggled and said, "I'm over here every day the sun shines sugar. Think you could handle it?" Then she went back to sucking his dick.

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