Over Engineered

by Howard Faxon

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Science Fiction, Robot, Humor, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Size, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: what would the father of all sybians be like?

Kelly was depressed. The petite red-hed was sipping coffee at her kitchen table thinking about college and all that she had left behind, including her boyfriend. As she idly surfed the net in her old farmhouse outside of Sweetwater, Texas, she wondered what she would do for the next 40 years. The trusts and annuity took care of her physical needs, but what of the rest of her? Things were beginning to look bleak.

She needed a distraction. Hell, what she needed was a good fu--

My God! What IS that? There wasn't much to it, just a motor, controller, eccentric, piston, collar and -- what was that? a 14" x3" dildo. Hmmm... Electic boyfriend...

She dove into the site, checking out the equipment. The models didn't look too shabby, either. A couple of downloaded movies made her jealous. She fidgeted in her seat. "Damn. Gotta get me some... something!"

The onlide store showed a Sybian. She whipped out plastic and ordered, then kept browsing.

There. That one. No mistaking the mixer as the main component.

Kelly grinned a tight little grin, remembering the 5 gallon Hobart mixer in the equipment barn. THIS farmer's daughter with an engineering degree was about to get her some.

The old electric pipe threader still worked, and she had plenty of cutting oil. A trip to town brought iron and PVC pipe, pipeweld, some electronics and large pump replacement parts.

The old master bedroom became a workroom for a while, the delivered package was forgotten in her single-minded building spree. Another trip to an online "adult" store bought belts, harnesses, and--most importantly-- the final "interface", a selection of normal-to-heroic sized dongs. Two days later, Kelly was boring out the rubber to mount connecting rods within them, and fitting them one by one to the end of the driven arm. This had the added benefit of making them stiffer. looking it over, the mixer drove an axle where the mixing blade used to be, fastened to a horizontal disk modified with a slot to vary the stroke depth. Below that, a reciprocating arm was driven thru a sleeve bearing to keep it pointed at one place. Now, where to sit? Where to put the controls?

Her OB/GYN in town had retired two years ago, and nobody had replaced him.

What happened to the equipment? A couple of calls located the bench and gear in his old garage, gathering dust under a tarp. An even thousand dollars and it was hers for the hauling away, and haul she did. The leg supports were worth that to her alone.

After tying it all together she crawled inside the box frame and lay down on the bench, trying things on for size. Rise and angle were OK, now how to set the depth?

Kelly stripped, took a long dildo, lubed it up and squatted over it, slowly impaling herself. Deeper, deeper,... there! Now, push a little more... streeetch... Oooh.

OK, that's it! Marking with her thumbnail, she slowly pulled it out, to measure it. Wow. 13 inches. Who would have guessed? She clevised the rod in place and rotated the head, measuring and adjusting until she was happy.

Sitting on the floor in sweats, Kelly looked over her work. This thing was powerful. That was a twenty amp 3-phase motor! This thing could really hurt her in a place that... Lubrication. Damn. She forgot about lube!

The timer could go to 2 hours... what a rug-burn THAT would be. Back to the shop.

A small-bore aircraft drill bored out a small hole along the axis of each dong and a brass hose fitting glued in. Thin hose connected to a stroke pump, and then to a 5 gallon reservoir filled with mineral oil. An odd thought made her purchase a small air pump with tank and a piston pump in town when getting the oil. She fashioned a four-ounce "surge" oiler to the final tube, and arranged for the thing to automatically reset. She set the pressure to forty pounds in the air tank and promptly forgot about it. Next, an immersible heater was put into the oil and turned on to warm things up. Oh, damn. A check valve so the damned thing wouldn't suck her guts out. Next morning, a trial run.

Friday morning came all too soon. With a small case of the shakes, she stripped down and lay on the table with her legs in the spreaders. Too flat. She wanted to see this thing in action. So, she propped up the back until she felt comfortable.

Back in the "saddle" she strapped her hips down with a wide belt.

She didn't want to slide into the thing by mistake. pulling the controls over to be close to hand at her right on an articulated arm, she took a deep breath. Now to test it. reaching down below her legs she pulled up the head of the dong between her legs.

Kelly rubbed it between her labia until she was quite wet, and let the head pop into her vagina. "Uf!" Two inches of stiffened rubber was connecting her to the engine. She lay back. Time for a little dynamo hum!

Kelly settled back and wiggled around until everything felt right. she pulled the belt around her hips a little tighter. Inspecting the control panel, she set the speed control to low and hit ON.

Oh My. That felt nice. Ooh. The warm oil felt VERY nice. Faster.

The rheostat was edged up, thrusting faster and faster, thrusting and pulling back faster and jerkier. She felt her labia being pulled in and out of her vagina with the thrusts. Her breathing was getting irregular as the pumping was making her flip her hips in little involountary motions. Shuddering in a little orgasm, she pushed the speed controller up again. Up, and up again until she shuddered in a massive, belly-clamping orgasm. As she was coming down, she brushed the oil injector button.

Four ounces of 110 degree oil rocketed into her. Spasming and writhing, she clawed and howled as her orgasm doubled up on her. As her belly clamped down, her diaphragm spasmed and her breath left her. She felt her cervix trying to eat the dildo. Within moments she had exceeded her previous best orgasm, wildest hopes and air supply. She passed out only to be jarred into awareness by another orgasm, then another, and yet another.

Weakly, she slapped the off switch only to have the machine stop at full stroke, with the dildo buried fully into her belly. Her cervix spasmed open at the touch and swallowed the invading rubber cock. Shivering in an extended spasm, Kelly deliberately reached over and pressed the oil injector button once again. A jet of hot oil jetted into her womb, gushed out of her clamping cervix and flowed out of her vagina to cover her ass and thighs.

Kelly's belly spasmed hard. Her legs flailed over her head at the amazing sensations that drove her over the top of another electric climax. Her back arched and she screamed--then relaxed as she passed out again.

The room was silent except for the sound of her unconcious breathing and the quiet drips of the oil striking the puddle on the floor from between her thighs.

The sunlight slowly drew its long arc across the room as the day passed.

That afternoon, Kelly stirred and opened her gummy eyes. looking down, she groaned as she felt all her muscles and ligaments complained over the olympic- grade workout she had put herself thru. "Wuuuh. Talk about aerobics. Oooh."

Slowly, carefully Kelly unstrapped herself and carefully sliding the controls to slow, she pulsed the arm until it was withdrawn, and sliiiiid off the bench to the padded floor below.

"If I didn't have to piss so bad, I'd just lie here". She crawled to a frame riser and pulled herself up, to stagger off to the bathroom for a long soak, then off to bed.


"Aunt Kelly? You here?"

Kelly's neice Allie had her own key as she was spending the summer with her aunt.

Everything had been arranged-- she thought. This was the first day of her summer vacation and nobody was home. Allie shrugged, and hauled her pack to the back room she always used when visiting.

Looking around, she found a large, unopened packing box in the living room.

Opening it, she found to her delight, a sex shop catalog and... something big.

Looking thru the catalog, she found the Sybian section. Her eyes got bigger and bigger as they switched between the text, pictures and the contents of the box. The fourteen-year-old giggled and started singing to herself in a little sing-song every kid knows: "Kel-ly's-A-Per-vert! Kel-ly's-A-Per-Vert!"

She wondered where her aunt and best friend was. The car was in the garage...

Allie went thru the house looking for her aunt. The door to the master bedroom was unlocked.

"Holy Shit!"

The perfume of her aunt's "exercise" filled the room. The boxy frame of iron pipe surrounded a mixer and bench, with a control panel to one side. She slowly reached out to stroke the controls, seeing several un-labelled dials and switches.

"Don't touch that!" rang out. "The thing's not safe yet."

Allie spun around to see her wrung-out aunt leaning against the doorframe in a robe and fuzzy slippers.

"What... Who... what... Did you?... Is it... Gawd! Aunt Kelly! You look rode hard and put away wet!"

Well, dear, that's what happens when an engineering project damned near fucks you to death. Twice, I think."

Kelly slowly padded off to the kitchen, followed by a totally bemused Allie.

Kelly glanced over at the Sybian half out of its box.

"I see you found the little toy. Mine's better!" she smirked

"Oooh! " A grimace took her face as she sat in a kitchen chair.

"A little too good for the first time, I think. Be a dear and get me some water and start the coffee, would you?"

"Sure, Kel. No problem." Seven minutes later Allie slid into a chair across from her aunt and looked her in the eye.

"OK, Fessup!" Tell me about the train wreck and cattle fucker in there!"

After a long dring of water and a few careful sips of coffee-nectar, Kelly started talking...

"I was bored and surfing. This web site showed some interesting toys. I was really horny, and ordered the Sybian, then saw the others. I had to try it, as the mixer was in the toolshed. I'll tell you, it sure as hell beats a carnival ride."

After eying her neice a bit, she came to a decision.

"You ever had a guy? I mean, in you."

Allie stared at her like a three-headed cow, and flushed from her belly button to the top of her head.

"What, me? why? What's on your mind?" Allie's eyes narrowed. "You're not going to put ME on that thing, are you?"

"Umm, no, at least not until I make sure it's safe. I got lucky, and I feel like I just fucked the Rams, Colts and Oilers. Thank God I put in a lube system or I WOULD be smoking after sex."

Allie just loooked at her, the burst out laughing.

"OK, what's the record? I might beat it by the end of summer. I want to break in on the Sybian first, though. OK?"

"Deal." They both started giggling at the thought of seeing each other "in the saddle".

Kelly had a thought. "Hey, I put an hours counter on that thing. Let's see what it says."

They walked into the "toy room" and started cleaning up. The hours counter gave her the bad news. She only spent 95 minutes in the saddle. She looked aghast at the control panel with the two hour timer on it. Waaay over-engineered.

Allie looked on with interest as she explained how the systems worked, and demonstrated the lube and jet system against her hand. Allie was fascinated with the collection of dongs and what had been done to them.

"You can borrow them, just put them back clean, OK?"

Allie flushed, knowing that her aunt had read her mind. "OK, Kel. No problem."

Looking into her aunt's eyes she continued: "But if you get me addicted, I'll want a going-away present."

Kelly broke up at that, leaving a puzzled Allie until she was let into the secret that Kelly's college friend from England called an intense orgasm "going away".

As the weeks went by, the "CF" machine was automated and saftied by limit switches and pressure sensors. There were motors and servos added to vary the stroke depth and speed.

Computer interfaces gave the thing programmability. Allie asked about changing the size of the dildo by computer control. Kelly got a "far away" look and dissapeared into the computer room for a few days. Finally, she came out and gave her neice a nasty little grin.

"Come in here and look at this." Kelly started her CAD box up and sat Allie at it.

She saw a metal phallus in a mesh covering. The legend showed 1:1 and it was 18 inches long, and just 1 inch across.

"Now watch this as I adavance the views to different rheostat settings." slowly, the thing grew to two, three then four inches across. The mesh just streched.

"I could make it bigger, but why bother? I'm not a cow."

"OK, how to make it? Will it electrocute us?"

"Nope. I know a place that makes latex forms to order. Laurie works there. I took some classes with her. She's nuts enough to do it. She'll just want a copy for herself.

I'll send her a request and copy of the plans right now."

The phone rang later that day...

"Kelly? Jesus! You're actually MAKING this thing? What the hell are you putting it on? the six million dollar man needs a woody? Holy shit!"

"Hi, Laurie. Nice to hear from you, too. You want one too? "

"Sure! What the hell are you going to put it on, though?"

"Try a Sybian, for starters. Then, think of a motor, eccentric, sleeve piston..."

"Ohh shit. BOB. Your battery-operated-boyfriend needs an extension cord."

"How soon can you send me some samples?"

"Hey, little girl, want to come play in MY toyroom???" there was a pause.

"You Betcha, kiddo. Name the date and time."

"Damn, kid. OK. Bring the samples when you can spend a couple of days. It'll take a week or two to make the insides once I get a machine shop intown, and the monomel stock."

"Got it, Kelly. It's a date. Three weeks, OK?"

"Deal. Bye!"


Allie just looked on with admiration.

"You're really doing it, aren't you?"

"Yup. Let's go get re-tooled. I'll make an engineer out of you yet."

"Kelly? Are you going to market this thing? What are you going to call it? If you put tracks on it you could call it Sherman. It'll march to the sea and burn Atlanta on the way."

Only a week later saw the first prototype. It expanded evenly inside her fist and closed again.

Kelly called her friend and set up the date.

When Laurie arrived all the controls were in place and labelled, the oil tank was filled and warmed. Two chairs were dragged into the toy room where two fascinated witnesses watched-- one a thirteen-year-old blonde girl with a slim build and runner's legs from highschool track, the other a curvy italian-looking young woman with lusterous black wavy hair. Their entertainment for the day, Kelly, stripped down to her milky smooth skin, freckles peppering her face, shoulders and breasts. She fitted herself into the saddle and belted in. Grinning at her friends, she mounted the new dildo between her labia and lay back. Setting the panel to computer control, she activated the first program she had devised. Taking a deep breath, Kelly slapped the "ON" switch.

The dildo slowly swelled to 2 inches and slowly began to stroke. The injector worked flawlessly. She began to groan and grunt as the probe started to speed up and reach deeper.

After 20 strokes a jet of oil splattered into her and the dildo swelled another inch.

Kelly howled and climaxed, her belly rippling and breath gurlgling in her throat. The thing pulled almost out, paused, and started all over again. Three cycles later the system shut itself down. Kelly groaned, unbelted herself and flopped to the floor laughing like a loon.

"Time!" she shouted

"Twenty four minutes!"

"Beat that!"

Laurie looked at her laid out on the floor, looked at the saddle, and began stripping. "You're on."

Seating herself she looked at the control panel. "OK, talk to me. What can I do?"

Allie stood beside her and pointed out settings:

"manual-- olympic fucking team.
Program one-- you just saw it. 6 minutes
Program two-- porno tape-- varying strokes. 12 minutes
Program three -- like one but faster and harder. 6 minutes
Program four-- Latin Lover. 12 minutes.
Program five-- deeper, deeper. 4 minutes
Program six-- doggie
King Kong is program seven."

"Give me program two."

Alright, Laurie. Deep breath. Ready?


The ride started and laurie began to orgasm immediately. When the oil squirted she climaxed again. when the dong ratcheted up in size, she orgasmed. The thing stretched deeper and deeper into her soft liquid center. She came so hard her jaw locked up and she banged her head against the bench.

She howled like a wolf and bugled like an elk as it squirted inside her belly.

Laurie thrashed all over the bench, pulling and twisting her nipples until she sat straight up.

"Uuuhhh!" and fell over backwards, her hips twitching.

The cycle reset. She panted, catching her breath, as the probe shrank and started in easily again.

"Quick, Kelly! Tie me down!" she panted with eyes afire as she commanded her old friend and sometimes lover. Kelly threw a strap over her arms and below her breasts, buckling it fast, and another over her shoulders. "Do you want a gag?"

"Yes. Tight."

"Would you rather have me throat you?"

"Can you? Please?"

"OK, but I'll have to tie your head down."

"Do it! Doit now!"

Kelly thrust a rolled-up towel behind Laurie's neck and strapped her head back with another towel to either side of her head. Picking out a slim doubledong, she waited until Laurie began babbling and twitching, then pulled down her jaw and thrust the dong deeply down her throat, working it in and out, watching her throat swell and collapse. Allie was fascinated, looking back and forth between them. Finally Laurie's eyes bulged as the veins on her forehead popped up; her eyes rolled back and she collapsed.

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