Eat Me Out

by Marina Tete

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Light Bond, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: a new fantasy i had and how my boyfriend realized it for me involving a lot of tongue action.

Girls! Be careful what to say in front of your boyfriends/ spouses. Take me as an example; I was talking yesterday morning with my boyfriend after a really nice lovemaking, my tongue slipped out that I had a new fantasy. I want to be tied and eaten out till I cannot take it anymore. "Your wishes are my commands" he -Ricky my boyfriend- replied, of course I giggled and laughed at him being my innocent self. It turns out afterwards he wasn't kidding.

A week later he told me to get off early from work and go home to prepare us a great dinner, I didn't argue especially the weekend was coming up and we usually have these dinners to spice up things romantically speaking. So I went home and cooked up an amazing meal and spiked our favourite drinks with strong liquor we use in these occasions. Going upstairs I fixed myself a nice warm bath and let it fill and headed to pick out a costume for tonight. I decided to do an elderly lady who seduces a young lover into sex, I picked a dark blue conservative but sheer skirt and an off white- long sleeved silk top which is also sheer.

I took out some highly erotic undergarments (according to Ricky); they are red satiny bra and panties. The bra has a half-cup and soft to allow my nipple to get rock hard and show it. As for the panties they are typical g-strings, but a bit small for me so they show a lot of ass, my arsehole and trimmed pussy. I soaked myself in the bath and cleaned all over my body, including my sticky slit and my little arsehole as I know Ricky loves them to smell great when he is playing with me.

After I finished the bath, I dried up my body and applied moisturizing lotion to the right places and natural oils on my erogenous zones. These oils tingle a bit and actually have a nice taste for my love. Having that done I moved next to put on my underwear, then I decided to overdo the whole lady thing and pulled up my hair in a bun.

I put on my blouse and skirt and went for a touch up scarf, amazingly some of my scarves were missing especially the long ones. I didn't bother looking for them at the time. Being as horny as I got and not letting myself any release sure was getting in on me and I was fantasizing about sex already. So I picked a white scarf and tied it around my neck, applied several coats of a pink blusher and a faint red lipstick for the effects.

I hurried down to set the table to find Ricky has already done that; I was amazed but take on my role immediately. "Hello young fellow, looking especially handsome tonight aren't you?" I said while circling around him and passing my fingers over his chest. "Oh hello madam, I can say the same truly," he answers while taking hold of my body and giving a deep kiss with his lips. I feel his hands checking out my bra through my blouse and exciting my nipples.

He moves down further and runs his hands on my encased globes and returns to the front and rest on my mound. I slip out of his grip and turn to the set table, "you did a great job young man. Come join me" I said and he took his place in the chair facing me. We ate and chatted for a while and he was taken by my costume. He said it turned him on tremendously and I could see his bulge growing by the minute. Although everything seemed perfect I was feeling some rumbling in my stomach, I was almost sure something big will take place.

After finishing dinner we retired to our bedroom, with lusty sex in store for us- so I thought-. Instead he told me that my fantasy was coming to life tonight. And bam he produced my missing scarves from underneath our bed, he took hold of my right arm and tied the wrist to head rail then he did the other wrist. All this time I was staring at him, and I couldn't figure out if this was true. I was scared to be so close to my fantasy, but Ricky solved my dilemma by covering my eyes with a black scarf acting as a blindfold. He whispered in my ear that if I wanted this to end or to stop anything he is doing just say apple.

This got me thinking, I wanted this to happen actually I needed it so I shouldn't be so uptight about having my fantasy realised. Hence started my pleasure; I felt tingles of signals coursing through my body. Making me writhe and shiver in anticipation, Ricky was really up to this I thought. He moved next to my legs and softly removed my convenient heels, and then he softly massaged my right foot in his hands. I started moaning and relaxing t his touch but my pussy was nearly soaked with juices. He softly ceased to switch his attention to my left foot, I could see it coming and held my heels high for him to remove. But he teased me by quickly taking it off then reaching underneath my skirt and slipping my panties off me.

I nearly screamed from the surprise but instead I yelled at him, he told me to keep my mouth shut if I needed more of this coming in. so I remained quiet, settled on limiting my expressions to moans only. He chuckled softly to my silence when he slid down my skirt of my thighs, and gave me a little I knew it laughing sounds. Suddenly I realised how embarrassed I am; he was playing my body and pushing all the right buttons and I had nothing to say or do about it. Well this must the beauty of submission to someone you love and trust.

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