A Job In London
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, Heterosexual, BDSM, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Get a taxi its safer

Row 22 seat A, lord how I wish I had never seen those numbers, I've been in so much pain and I don't know when it will end. I can only hope, no pray someone will find out what has happened to me, may-be you can help me? Why don't I tell you how it happened, this is only if you have the time to listen to how stupid I was.

Row 22 seat A. The raw sound of the Glaswegian voice had just announced the immanent departure of flight LG 284 for London Gatwick. It was still ringing in my ears as I found my seat, it was a window seat and I giggled as I looked over the rain soaked Glasgow airport thinking of my first trip to London.

I suddenly felt some-one sit down beside me, I looked and smiled at the woman, I'd say she looked around 38, strong looking in her tweed jacket and corded trousers, she smiled at me, "Hello," I nodded and said "Hello," back, turned and looked back out at the rain.

"Fancy a snifter?" I turned back to see her offering a large hip flask towards me, "Go on, helps to calm the tum before a take off."

I shook my head, "No thanks," but she was insistent.

"Go on, no ones looking." I didn't want to make a scene so I took it and had a mouthful.

"Ohh that's strong," she held it to my lips, "Go on take some more, it's real warming," I couldn't do much else and took another swallow, thank goodness the seat belt sign came on and the stewardess came around to check, just before we were ready for take off.

Soon we were high over Scotland and on my way to London, the stewardess came round for drinks and I said no but to my surprise the woman next to me ordered two double scotches and handed me one, "I know it only a 2 hour flight but we may as well get acquainted," she lifted her glass, "Cheers I'm Fay."

I took the drink, "Hello again I'm Liz and thank you for the drink."

That last drink out of the flask had made me a little giggly, she could see I was a little flushed she said, "So what's in it for you in the big city?" I took another mouth full of drink and showed her the piece of paper I had been holding, she read "Models wanted, 18 to 24 must be over 5' 10' for new agents, auditioning Tuesday 21st at Globe House, The Shambles, Queer St SW 1, no need to ring just turn up. Mmm I thought you were a model with those long legs."

I smiled, "Well I'm not really this is my first try, I haven't told anybody about it, in case I fail."

She lifted the glass and said, "Well hears to success cheers again," I took another swig and laughed but she looked straight at me, "So were does your husband think you are?"

I laughed again, I didn't know whether it was nerves or the drink, "I'm not married and sort of between partners, my folks think I'm shopping in Glasgow, won't they be surprised?"

She smiled back, "Have you ordered a taxi, London's a big place?"

I carried on drinking," Eeerrrr no, it says pick up a Taxi from zone D terminal C," she never took her eyes off me, it made me a bit nervous so I finished the drink, but she asked more questions.

"So you want to be a model, get away from Scotland, well you are very pretty and that's a lovely suit you have on and the blouse goes really well with the skirt, is that tights, hold-ups or stocking? Lovely colour."

I blushed and went even redder, "Eeerrrr, stockings."

She smiled, "And are you wearing sexy suspenders, I love wearing stockings and suspenders, drives them wild and I love the feel of their hands on the naked skin just above the stocking tops as they make their way up to get in the panties, don't you?"

I was shocked, because when she said that she put her hand on my knee, I had to get away so I got up and made the excuse that I had to go the toilet, it wasn't until I stood that I realized how much the drink was affecting me, I almost staggered out of my seat and I felt her put her hand on my bottom as I pushed past.

I must have been in the toilet for ages as I was aware of somebody trying the door and then the stewardess asking if I was all right I wasn't, that drink was very strong and I was frightened of that woman but I had to go back, there was no choice, "Yes I'm all right," and I unlocked the door and returned to my seat.

"You all right pet? You have been gone a long time," I smiled at her and made another excuse of being a little air-sick, she said, " Don't worry pet, here, I've got us another drink," another large scotch was put on my table.

I thanked her a sipped it, it tasted a bit off but I put that down to me and thought that I wouldn't offend her so I just sipped it, she never spoke until I'd emptied the glass. "There now I bet you feel better now?"

I looked at her through fuzzy eyes, "Yes thank you I'd do," then I hic-cupped, she patted the inside of my knee.

"There, there, soon be in the big city, tasting its delights," then she said quietly "Well one of us will." My head rolled to one side and I could see her looking smiling at me, her hand was still on my knee, "You are a very pretty girl, I should imagine your a natural blond, can't see any re-growth, you well certainly make a fine model."

She rubbed her hand up and down my knee letting it slip under my skirt, I went to speak but the words didn't come out quite right, I didn't think I was that drunk, I didn't think for too long as the seat belt sign came on and we were descending into the cloud of Gatwick.

We rolled to a stand still and we all started to move, I felt very wobbly but she was there to help me, she guided me out of the plane making some comment to the stewardess about me not being able to take a drink and bundled me to the check in, I showed my cards and soon she was heading me out, I said, "Thank you, can you show me were the taxis are?"

She said "Over at zone C terminal D;" I thought that sounded right and followed. As we went out a tall man meet us, I know he was tall because I was wearing high heels and as I'm 5"11' I don't get many men in eye line.

She was short about 5"5' she quickly spoke to him, "Tony this young ladies got to get to the Shambles can you take her she's had a few to many."

He took my other arm and soon I was in the back of a very smart car, they never spoke which I found very odd as the journey took half an hour. We pulled up outside a very imposing building I went to get out, "Look Liz I think you could do with a couple of cups of coffee before you go to meet your fame and fortune, I live close by, don't worry I'll get you sober."

Before I could speak the car sped off and with-in 10 minutes we were outside a very smart Victorian building, Tony helped me out and both of them lead me to the lift and up we went. I saw no-one as they pushed me quickly into the apartment, it was very nice and I collapsed on to a large sofa, they both disappeared into the kitchen and she was soon back with a pot of coffee, "Here have it black, it's a bit bitter but it's good."

I took a sip, funny it tasted like the scotch we had on the plane, she gave me more, I heard Tony say, "Steady on, don't give her all of it, it's a bit strong."

She turned on him, "Fuck off, I want her out of it for a while, I gave her two on the plane so a third should do the trick, for fuck sake think about it, I told you in the kitchen no-one knows where she is and when was the last time we had a looker like this to play with," she undid my jacket and blouse, roughly pulled the sleeves down my arms then flicked my bra straps down.

She pulled hard on my bra until my nipple's showed," With these looks she can do a bit on the market, you know how much some people will pay to play with her and use her as a sex toy for a night or two, you won't moan when you get a bigger car from her earnings.

My arms were so heavy and I couldn't move. I looked at them through my glazed eyes, I wanted to speak but I just blew bubbles from the corner of my mouth. I could hear them and I was scarred shitless at what I was hearing, suddenly she stood up, "I suppose you want to fuck her first, go on pick her up, take her in the bedroom and we will have a look at what we have, you won't look so worried when you have her naked with these long lovely legs wide open."

I saw him grin back at her then move toward me, put his left arm under my knees, his right grabbed around my back and he lifted me up, I hung there starring at the ceiling as he turned towards the bed room. She followed us in to the bedroom the first thing I noticed was a huge round mirror on the ceiling.

The whole room whirled as I was thrown on to a large round bed directly under the mirror. Through glazed eyes I stared at myself, my lovely plum coloured suit was hanging on me, the skirt had ridden up and my stocking top were on full show, my blouse was wide open and I could see one of my nipples over my bra then I looked at my face and wondered why. Suddenly my view was blocked by the back of his head. I looked at him he still had that grin.

"Time to take your clothes off and have a look at that present you have for me between those lovely long legs, I haven't fucked anything as nice as you for a long time.

Suddenly I heard her voice again, "You fucked me two days ago," my eye's flicked over to where the sound had come from. He said, "Yes but this is young, tender fresh meat, the perfect fuck and I can hurt this one until she does everything I want."

She was standing by a large wardrobe, she had taken off her out-door clothes and was in a black bisque with black and red suspenders and stockings, finished off with red high heels, she smiled at both of us, "You will have to wait a while for her to be able to move let alone perform your kind of perversion," her laugh scared me.

Her laughter turned to a nasty grin as she looked fully at me; her hand moved to the wardrobe door and slowly opened it. If I could have screamed I would have woken the dead.

On the inside of the door were racks, racks full of weird looking sex toys. The top row consisted of whips, they were all shapes and lengths, my eyes were trying to focus as his hands started to undo my clothes, my skirt was being pulled off then my jacket but all I could see was that door. The next row was straps, handcuffs, ball-gags and nipple-clamps, all sorts of restraints, I was pulled up and my blouse jacket and bra were ripped from me before I fell back on the bed. I looked up and apart from my stockings and suspenders saw myself naked, his hand pushed my face back to the side.

"See our new playthings," she laughed again, " I'm going to use them on my very pretty, beautifully young new plaything."

I looked further into the wardrobe there were racks of under-wear, disgusting perverted things, then she moved and I saw the last row on the door, vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, all different shapes and sizes under them hung four strap-on ones, one of them even had two cocks for double penetration, she noticed the fear in my eyes, "Any of them take your fancy pet, don't worry I will try them all out on your pretty little pussy."

She pulled the riding crop from the hanger and walked toward me, Tony had just finished taking his clothes off, "Tony darling you don't mind if I warm that little blond covered slit up for you, do you darling?"

He sniggered, "Be my guest sweetie, do you want her open or closed?"

She slapped the leather crop end down on the bed, "Open of course."

My mouth felt like I had been to the dentist, my tongue seemed to fill my mouth and I couldn't speak as Tony pulled my legs apart, she smiled down at me, "You may be drugged but you will feel this, get used to it we love a hot, obedient cunt, I hope you take a while to break in," the pain between my legs burnt in to me as she slapped the crop hard down on the top of my cunt.

She walked slowly round the bottom of the bed flicking the crop on to my cunt or catching the tops of my thighs, "Open her up for me, Tony" his fingers pulled my lips open exposing the pink flesh, she looked at me and then at my cunt, flick, she let go of the head and it stung hard on my clit, I moaned, "She felt that, want another?" Flick, flick, two more hit home.

I blinked and my eyes cleared, "Oh Tony look her tear ducks are working, little babies crying, aaahhhh, lets give you something to cry about." She stood at the end of the bed flicking the riding crop at me, 10,11,12 the pain was burning and I could do nothing to save myself, Tony suddenly stopped her, "That's enough I want something left to fuck."

He looked at me, "Reckon you'll be grateful for a good fucking at least you'll enjoy my cock up you cunt," he bent down and took one of my nipples in his mouth and sucked hard on it, "You will wish you didn't have such long nipples when I leave you alone with Fay and her toys, she's got some wicked clamps."

He pushed my legs open then curled his arm under my left knee and pushed it up so my cunt was fully open and held it there, I could see him through the mirror as he started to push in to my sore cunt. It hurt as he slid further in until his length was right up me then he went at me hard, thrusting in and slowly out then hard in again, he smiled in to my eyes. "Just get you wet before I really fuck you, and when I do I'm going to hold that pretty little mouth open and give you a great tonguing while my fingers see if your tit's bruise, I love tweaking long nipples," I closed my eyes as I felt him start to speed the thrusting up.

The force of the fucking was moving me up the bed as I fought to breath with his tongue half way down my throat and the relentless pulling of my nipples, with all that had been done to me I couldn't believe I could feel myself getting wetter.

He was like an animal banging into me," That's it girl, juice my cock up, you can't help it you know you love fucking, well, with want we have planned you better, now come on girl lets fill you up," he was pumping in to me and bending to my tit's biting at my nipples, pulling them hard up in to his mouth then lifting his head until they were forced to pull from his mouth, then he'd do the same to the other, all the time his hips banged into me and his knees pushed my legs to breaking point.

His whole body went suddenly rigged and I felt steams of hot juice fill my cunt, his head dropped and he grabbed my jaw and nose then drove his tongue fully into my mouth as his hips jerked the last of his juice in to me.

I thought I would pass out for the lack of air when he pulled up and looked at me, "How was that for the first of many? You are nice and tight, what is it? Not been used much, well, we will soon put that right. How's your ass? You have ether had all back door or that's not been used much ether, I look forward to finding out, but sadly today I'm already late for an appointment and I can see Fay is ready to have some fun with you."

I looked up at myself in the mirror, he had left me with my legs wide open, I could see the red marks on my breasts where his teeth and fingers had mauled them, then Fay walked in to view, thank god she didn't have that crop in her hand.

She got on the bed beside me and lifted my arm, she let go and it dropped lifelessly back on the bed, "Aaaaaahhhh poor pet still can't move, but you soon will, so I had better get you in a position to make sure you can't run away." As she said that she slowly toyed with my nipple pulling it around and flicking it, she moved her head down to it and ran her tongue all over them still looking at me with an evil stare. Her right arm moved and I felt fingers curl in to my slit, I looked up at the mirror, I could see her hand covering it, she was still looking at me, "Still a bit sloppy from Tony, please may I go and lick it out for you, maybe you would like a taste."

She pushed her fingers right up me then slowly brought them up my body before shoving them into my mouth, "He doe's taste nice doesn't he? He has blown off in my mouth many times, do you suck good, not that it bothers me I just want your mouth to work on my little pussy and you better be good or I will sting you until you are, now how's about that licking I promised myself?"

Her head slid down me, licking me as she went until she was between my legs, her tongue played all over my cunt lips then on to my clit before pushing up as far as she could. She was making silly yummmiieeee noises as she licked hard at me and I know my cunt was starting to respond, she knew it to and looked up, "You like it when people play with you, don't you? I hope your going to be a good pet and do the favours back," she laughed and I could see through the mirror her head covered my hips, suddenly she drove her tongue hard back up me then, I couldn't stop watching, she was shaking her head violently between my legs, pulling at my clit with her teeth.

She licked at me and bit at my thighs, her left hand would snake up my body and squeeze at my tits, I could feel more and more suddenly as she bit at my clit my leg moved, she pulled away, "Aaaahhhh sleeping beauty awakes time for a little restraint, oh this is so exciting, you just wait there, I won't be a minute."

I was fighting to try and move, just slightly I could feel my fingers clawing at the bedclothes, I looked up to see, yes my knees bent and I could wiggle my toes just as Fay came back in to view.

"Where's my pet off too? No, no you can't go we have only just met," she waved two sets of cuffs at me, "Shall we see if these fit? Over you go." She rolled me on to my stomach and pulled my arms behind me, I was powerless to stop her as I heard them click and hold my wrists tight. Then she took my ankles and they were trapped together with cuffs, she turned me back over and I could see that the restraints on my ankles had a four-inch chain between them holding me.

"There my pet that should keep you just where I want you, now you naughty girl you've made me all hot and I need a little fun, so lets see what we have."

She went back to the wardrobe, I moaned as she turned and held aloft a ring-gag and a double length rubber cock, "How's this, some fucking for you and some for me, won't this be fun," the evil grin was back on her face.

She had taken her pants off and held them under her nose then under mine I could smell the aroma she must have been very wet, she wiped them all over my face, "Wait until it's the real thing rubbing over your pretty mouth, but for now we better do something about it."

She dropped the rubber cock on the bed and came over to me with the ring-gag, she grabbed my nose and pulled hard up while pushing the ring on to my bottom teeth then the foul thing pushed in and I couldn't close my mouth, I moaned as she pulled my hair up so the buckle could be locked shut behind me.

"You look perfect my little pet now for a bit of double fucking for us girls." Pushing my legs apart she shoved the full length in to me then she climbed on and pushed the other end up herself and started to fuck herself off and me. My cunt was sore after the slapping and my juice stung me.

She was going at it hard, fucking herself and making me wet, I didn't want this but it was happening all I could do was watch her as she squeezed at her breasts and played with her cunt until she flooded and screamed on a tremendous orgasm. For three or four minutes she just sat on the end of the rubber cock as she pulled herself together then slid off it as it slowly slipped out of me.

"Well my pet we have made a mess of ourselves, I think its bath time, you just wait there while I get things ready," she picked up the rubber cock and went back to the wardrobe, I couldn't see what she was doing but when she left for the bathroom she had something's in her hand. I pulled at my cuffs but they both held firm, the drug had worn off but I was still helpless.

The phone at the side of the bed rang, Fay came back in, she was naked, she smiled at my helplessness, she squeezed my tit as she picked up the phone, "Hello Josie, --fine, you--yes--yes it's true--you've obviously been talking to Tony--, yes she's gorgeous--oh very good strong thighs--I'm looking at her right now--yes I've just fucked her--tonight, why not--your going to bring Jess and Bobbie--I don't think she will mind, hang on I'll ask her," she looked down at me.

"My friend wants to come over later to see you, you don't mind do you?" I stared at her, she put the phone down by my ear, "Tell them," I glared back at her, she bent forward and twisted my nipple, "Tell them you don't mind or I'll fetch the riding crop."

I started making stupid noise's through the gag, "Aaahwwhggh ahwwhwwhhgghh," she laughed as she put the phone back to her ear, "See I told you she wouldn't mind--one of my gags--lets her tongue out to play--I don't know, she hasn't had the pleasure of me sitting on her mouth yet--oh lots tonight--yes see you later--no, no Iv'e got wine--see you later you randy bitch, bye darling."

She put the phone down, "Who's a lucky girl? You're going to have lots of company tonight."

She laughed all the way back to the bathroom, I turned and struggled, eventually I got my legs off the bed just as she came back, "That's right, come on let's get you cleaned up."

She took my arm as I hobbled to the bathroom, it was very big with everything done out in cream and gold, she guided me to the bath as I got there I moaned in horror, stuck to the bottom of the bath was another dildo, about five inches long, fat and stuck firmly just where I was going to have to sit, I looked at her and shook my head, she just smiled and nodded hers.

I wasn't going in and looked at her, I could see myself in the mirror behind her, my mouth open grotesquely, the metal ring showed against my white teeth, I could see my tongue and I remembered what she had just said, my blond hair hung around my shoulders and my eyes red with tears.

I thought why me? She ignored me and left me standing there only to return with a small bag, pincers with needles in there jaws and the riding crop, "I can assure you, you would be wiser just to get in."

The crop stung my ass. As I moved to avoid it another flicked on to my cunt then my tit's, every time I moved she was ready to hit another sensitive part of my body, it was no use, she had me. I sat dejected on the side of the bath as she lifted my legs over and in to the warm water. As the rest of me was manoeuvred in she held me then got in behind me and held my shoulders as I slowly lowered myself on the tip of the rubber cock. As I got lower, my legs wouldn't hold me and I slipped down impaling myself on the five inch dildo, my cunt had been abused so much that afternoon it sank up easily, I moaned as I felt it fill me, she bent and whispered in my ear, "Cosy fit pet, now to get you clean."

Fay got perfumed bath oils and rubbed all over me, working hard on my nipples forcing them out. I didn't see her but she got another pair of pincers and suddenly gripped my nipple, pulling it out hard.

Too late I saw the other pair and she was holding them over my extended bud, I tried to cry but couldn't as they closed piercing me. The blood ran down and in to the water.

She never spoke as she got a little box out of the bag, but she did smile as she showed me the nipple ring before it was clipped on to me.

"Don't fight it pet, I'm going to do the other one, I tried to look any-where but at the pincers as I felt them pull the other nipple out, soon that one too had a ring through it and she was washing the trickles of blood of my chest. She got in and washed her self all the time staring at me, "I will give you those as a present, they are gold only the best for my little pet's, I'm going to wash your hair and make you beautiful again, I want you to look your best for my friend's."

She washed me like a mother taking pride in their child, as I sat impaled on this cock, my nipples stinging she just washed me, I couldn't believe it, she even hummed to herself while she did it.

She stopped and asked, "Are you enjoying that cock up you? Next time I'll use a double so you can have one up your ass as well, close your eyes while I rinse you," I closed my eyes and waited for the shower, but it wasn't the shower I was expecting.

She stood above me, opened her legs and let a stream of her urine cascade all over me, I heard her laughing as I tried to avoid the hot filth, "Just my little joke pet, just to prove you are mine to do with as I see fit. Now I want you to stick you tongue through that ring and lick me clean, do me right or I will hurt you until you learn who is your mistress."

I pushed my tongue a little way through as she lowered herself down and her cunt covered my mouth and nose, I tried to lick her, the acrid smell was awful, besides that I didn't know what to do, it was the first time I had ever done anything with a woman but it wasn't good enough for her, she slid her hand down to my nipple and tugged at the ring, again I tried to scream, not only the gag but her cunt muffled the sound" Now you know what they are for, do me good or I get worse."

My tongue pushed out as far as it could I was revolted by the taste of her but I licked her as hard and as fast as I could, she lifted off me" Good that will do to start with."

She left me sitting covered in her juice and urine while she washed herself down and dried then she showered me off. It took a long time to get me out of the bath, with my ankles chained I kept slipping back down on to the cock, all she could do was laugh as it sunk back up me.

"What's up pet don't you want to leave it, don't worry you will get plenty more when my friends arrive."

Eventually she had let me use the toilet, then I was dried and back in the bedroom laying on the bed, while she busied herself, looking for something sexy, she grinned at me as she said, "These are for my friends to rip off you when they arrived."

She threw some things on the bed and told me to get some rest it was going to be a long night, especially for me.

She fastened a dog collar around my neck, then a chain which she attached to the wall, "There, now you aren't going anywhere, I'll leave you a while, I'll be back to dress you, do your hair and make you up later, now sleep well my little pet," I lay there in frozen horror as to what she was going to do to me next.

I don't know how but I must have drifted off in to some sort of sleep. I suddenly woke too fingers playing with my cunt, "Hello, you do have a nice soft cunt, show me your ass, do it now or you get punished," I turned on my side and she examined my ass, pulling the cheeks apart and probing it with her fingers, "Oh lovely, nice and puckered, beautiful ring and tight, you will be popular, very sore but popular," she pulled me back flat and examined the rings on my nipples, making sure they moved and hadn't heeled tight.

She was pleased, but I wasn't, she got a chain and fastened it on to the two rings, "Now you will move when I pull on this," she gave it a little tug and I jumped with the pain, "That's it, now to get you ready," she unclipped the chain on the collar, got a shorter chain and clipped it to the front of the collar then down to the centre of my nipple chain, it wasn't very long and if a moved my head quickly it pulled my nipples up.

She moved me to the bedroom stool in front of the dressing table and yet another mirror to look at my retched self. I stared at myself still trying to understand why I was there as she did my hair then applied make up to my eyes and cheeks, even a little lip stick around my ever open mouth. To finish off she had a gold basque, she didn't have to untie me, it clipped around me, the cups scrapped my sore nipples then she took her time buttoning the gusset and playing with my cunt at the same time, it was easy for her as there was a lace trimmed hole for her to finger me through, "I love your soft pussy just can't get enough of it, thank god it's going to be around a long time I shall enjoy sucking and licking it and you will love kissing mine, you better, after me and my friend are done with you my pretty little pet, you will be an expert, now lets get some stocking's on you and get you finished off."

Oh how I wanted to close my mouth, the pain was getting unbearable, I tried to plead as best I could but she just carried on preparing me like some sort of sacrifice, I was hungry, tired and sore, I offered no resistance as she undid my legs and put the stockings on.

She cuffed my legs again and left me sitting looking at myself, oh so pretty but not with that thing in my mouth.

I heard a bang as she re-entered the room she was carrying a small wooden plank about four feet long it had straps at ether end, she laid it on the floor facing the door, then she moved the long mirror around to the side of the door, she went to the wardrobe and picked out the riding crop, then she came for me, "Come on pet lets have you in position."

She slapped it on her side; I stood up quickly and shuffled toward the plank. Finally I was standing on it, she took my leg cuff off and strapped my legs apart to the straps as I stood on the board I looked down I notice a fixing in the centre.

Once I was secure she went back to the wardrobe, my worst horror came back as she turned and showed me a long pole with a screw fixing at both ends and in her other hand a long battery driven rubber cock, "This should moisten you up for my friends."

I made more stupid noises and tried to lift my legs as she screwed the cock to the pole then she started to push it up me, she didn't stop until it was fully in filling all of my cunt, it was like I had never known before. Then she fastened it to the fixing in the board adjusting it until I had to stand on tiptoe to gain any relief. I looked ridicules as I watched my panic in the positioned mirror.

She stood up and looked into the mirror at me impaled on her vile contraption, she smiled as she looked from me to the vibrating control in her hand," Shall I start you off slow? Or do you want to go for it straight away, lets see." She turned the control. My god it started to move slowly round and vibrating very slowly, I shook my head but she turned and faced me just grinning back at me as her hand moved the dial on and it moved faster.

First one knee bent then the other as my body squirmed to escape the sensation, I moaned which was her signal to move the dial up again, my hips thrust forward and then back, my moans became heavy breathing as my body responded to the enforced fucking the machine was giving me, she let the control slip to the floor as she sat back on the bed and I watched me self fucking this rubber cock. As she watched my torment her fingers played around her cunt, still that evil grin stared up at me.

I was bucking around, my head moved from side to side, I knew I was wet, wetter then I had ever been, it was running down my leg I felt as if I was being fucked to death. She got off the bed and stood in front of me, "I don't see why you should have all the fun," and put one leg ether side of mine and started to rub her self up and down me.

I was only just aware of her wet slit on my thigh, and when she pulled the cup down to free a tit, her lips were sucking at my nipples, but I really shook when her left hand started to play with my clit, rubbing it and tweaking the nub she was wanking me off as this cock fucked me senseless.

She was rubbing me very hard and her mouth sucked at my nipple then her teeth tugged out the ring, now her right hand was slapping my ass as she slid up and down my leg.

I came in a tremendous orgasm, she slid down my leg and picked up the control switch, turned it down, she smiled at me as she moved down, " Just leaving it slowly to fuck you," I could only look in the mirror which she had deliberately put there so I could see what was happening to me.

As her lips sucked at my cunt licking the juice from my slit, I stood there unable to stop her I was totally exhausted. When she had licked enough she slid back up my leg and continued to get herself off as she caressed my nipples with her fingers she looked at me, "Enjoyed that didn't you? I know you won't mind if I come on your leg, in return I'll leave the cock slowly fucking you, just keep you ticking over so to speak as my friends will be here soon and they will want to see you put that little show on again."

She rubbed herself faster on me, I could now feel the sticky slime that she was leaving on me. She sucked at my nipples her right hand fingered hard in to my ass-hole and she would keep pulling at my clit until she finally came spurting juice all over my thigh.

She lay against me smiling up and then sticking her tongue out and running it round my nipples. Suddenly a car horn sounded, "Shit," she said and rushed in to the bathroom brought out a face cloth and wiped me clean, then she rubbed it hard between her legs, sprayed us both with perfume, checked my hair and make-up, touched the control up a notch, I moaned as the door bell rang and I felt the cock starting to work on me.

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