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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Door-to-door marketing of home improvement sales also yields some wonderful side benefits with a willing lady.

"Hello?" she said.

"Hello," I replied, standing at her front door handing her one of my business cards. "I'm Eddie Matthews and I'm a representative of the Classic Remodeling Company. If you have thought about doing any remodeling, I wonder if I could show you some of the things we have done for people and see if you might be interesting in using our services."

"Sure, honey. Come on in. I'm Gloria," she said, pushing the storm door open.

As I started to step into her house, I was struck by the way she was dressed!

She was wearing a yellow print bikini that stood in stark contrast to her deeply tanned skin. She did not have a neat and trim body, one made for bikinis, but was somewhat heavy, particularly around the middle where an extra roll showed. She had broad hips and, as she walked away from me, I had to admit I admired the roundness of her buttocks, most of which was outside the yellow cloth. I'd gotten just a flash of her breasts and they were big, probably 40DD or maybe larger, and much of them were also uncovered!

I felt an instant growing in my crotch.

I followed her into the living room. She sat on one end of a sofa facing a coffee table. I started to sit across from her but she patted the sofa and said, "Sit here so you can show me your things, honey."

So I sat on the cushion next to her and spread my display books out on the coffee table.

When she sat forward to look at the first opened book, things seemed to change. She had been sitting demurely but when she leaned forward to look at the books, her knees spread apart and her legs pressed against mine.

I talked about the first page and the project of remodeling an ancient kitchen. I got ready to turn the page but when I reached for it, my hand brushed her left breast. I was immediately concerned but she didn't show any indication that she had even noticed. When I brought my hand back, she had put her left elbow on her left knee, limiting the space I could move my hand and not only did it brush her tit again but my palm wound up resting on her thigh.

I talked about the two pages of pictures, some before and some after the projects to show what we had accomplished. When I got to the point of turning the next page, she just waited for me and when my hand again brushed her tit both going and coming and landed on her thigh, she again made no indication of noticing, although I thought there might have been just a tad more arch to her back... so now it was even harder to turn the pages without touching her.

The next time I turned a page and drew my hand back, she leaned further forward, pressing her left knee more into my leg and spreading her legs further. This time my palm rested on a softer, fleshier part of her thigh, higher than before.

Still she made no indication of noticing it.

I went through my spiel on those two pages and reached to turn to the next one. On the way back, my hand really dragged against her heavy tit and I rested my palm just a little higher on her thigh. I started talking about the projects pictured but my mind was elsewhere. I let my little finger move backward and it brushed the cloth in the crotch of her bikini. She had to know it was there but she seemed totally absorbed in the pictures.

Once more I reached to turn the page and when I drew my hand back, I planted my palm over her crotch. This time, she lay back against the sofa, her legs splayed wide and her eyes closed.

She said, "Go ahead. Tell me about this project." But her eyes remained closed and the look on her face was one of pure lust.

I began talking slowly about the projects and rubbing her pussy through the thin cloth just as slowly. If she gave any indication of what I was doing, it was to try to open her legs wider.

By the time I had gotten halfway through talking about the pictures, my fingers had worked the cloth of her bikini to one side and then plowed into her crevasse unimpeded by the cloth. I teased her clitty out of its hiding place and it stood up strong and proud.

Carefully I shoved the coffee table out of the way with my foot and then swiftly swung around in front of her. Dropping to my knees, I pulled her legs up to my shoulders, pulled the strings on her bikini so that it dropped away, spread her pussy lips with my fingers and introduced my tongue to her clit. She was sopping wet and within seconds, I had her cunt juice all over my face. I thought she had as good a tasting pussy as I could ever remember eating.

I licked all around her clit for a bit, then down to the opening into her love tunnel, which I explored with the full length of my tongue, wishing I had a longer tongue. I could feel the pressure of her inner muscles trying to grab my tongue. I hadn't been working around her clit and pussy more than five minutes before she reared up, her neck on the back of the sofa and her legs pressing my shoulders, touching nothing else, and then she shook like a leaf through about 18 seconds of wonderful climax. A fresh stream of pussy juice flowed onto my tongue and I lapped it all up like a thirsty dog.

Still I licked and sucked at her clit and vagina and then made a foray into the valley of her anus, causing her to buck with surprise as she pulled her legs up higher, opening her anal valley for me.

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