by Techsan

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Rape, Heterosexual, Fiction, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I forced my way into the apartment and then had my way with the lovely occupant -- well, maybe 'forced' is too strong a word to use.



I hugged the wall next to the apartment door, my pistol held tightly in my right hand against my chest. I made sure again that there was nobody in the seldom used corridor, then reached over and knocked on the door. I had surreptitiously watched my prey enter the apartment a half hour earlier.

I heard footsteps approaching the door and then a pause. I could imagine that she was looking through the spy glass but seeing no one she opened the door a crack. Instantly I jumped and shoved the door hard, pushing the door open, and the woman stumbled backward, gasping. I slammed the door and quickly pointed the gun, held in both my hands, at the woman's head.

"Do what I say, bitch, or I'll kill you," I spit venomously. "Make a sound and you're dead."

Her hand flew to her mouth to suppress a cry. Holding the gun steady with one hand, I grabbed a handful of her long dishwater-blonde hair and steered her down the hall and into the bedroom. I shoved her toward the bed.

"Please! Please don't hurt me," she pleaded.

"Shut up!" I shouted. "You're mine and I'm gonna do whatever I want with you, fucking cunt!"

"What do you want?" The words came out so softly I could scarcely hear them.

"What do I want? Why, bitch, I want you. I'm gonna rip you a new pussy, bitch." I grabbed a handful of the thin baby-doll pajamas she was now wearing and gave a yank. With little resistance, there was a ripping sound as the flimsy cloth tore and fell to the floor, leaving her bare heavy breasts exposed to my stare.

I grabbed one and squeezed mercilessly and watched her cringe and cry softly.

"Please, please don't hurt me," she pleaded again. "I'll give you whatever you want. Just don't hurt me."

"You'll give me what, bitch?"

"I'll... I'll suck your penis. I'll let you fuck me if you want. Please don't hurt me."

"And what else, bitch?"

"What... what do you want?"

"What else do you have?"

"Oh," she said quietly. "Yes, I'll let you fuck my ass too, if you won't hurt me."

"Oh, yeah?" I said suspiciously. "Let's see what you got."

I pushed her backward toward the bed, then ripped my clothes off and let them land on the floor. I jumped on the bed and said, "It better be good, bitch, 'cause if it ain't, I'll still fuck you and then kill you."

Instantly she was on the bed between my legs and nursing my cock. Her hands roved over my shaft while her mouth covered my glans and her tongue began exploring every inch of the purple raging head. She was good and she was very intense; she apparently didn't want to take a chance of displeasing me.

After she had been at it a while, I made her change positions so that her knees were beside me and her head was toward my feet. Grabbing her flimsy panties, I yanked and heard two velcro fasteners rip open. I tossed the panties to the floor and began to slowly spank her naked butt, occasionally probing her crease and penetrating her pussy with two fingers.

Finally I'd had enough head and told her to sit on it. She turned quickly and lowered herself onto my shaft. I squeezed both her tits this time until she cried out and told her, "You'd better be good, bitch," as I pointed the gun at her head. She started rocking her bottom on my crotch and I could feel the head of my cock roving around inside her cunt. It was great.

I ignored the fact that she had cum twice while I was fingering her pussy and that she came five times while she was riding my cock. She made no sounds but her closed eyes and momentary pauses confirmed that the shaking I felt were her climaxes. I acted as if I didn't notice them, not wanting to give her the satisfaction of recognizing her reactions.

Just after her fifth orgasm, I exploded inside her, my balls shooting nine shots of cum high into her hot twat.

No sooner had the last drop oozed out than I grabbed a handful of her blonde hair and demanded, "Stop it, bitch! Its time for you to clean me up."

She quickly twisted around and began to lick my cock and balls, removing all traces of our orgasms. Then her head started to bob up and down my shaft again while her hands gently kneaded my testicles. I let my fingers lazily explore her pussy while my thumb rested on her anus.

She had licked me for nearly fifteen minutes and climaxed three more times before I said, "Okay, bitch. Its time to fuck your ass. If you don't do it good, I'll turn you over and rip your guts out so you'll have to get a new ass hole. Got it?"

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