The Mentor

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Lynn Basset has just retired from the police department as the number two in command and now her father has hired her to establish an investigative unit for his law firm. She hires her old partner, Jimmy Dy and together they hire a third member, Lindsay Hunt. Lynn is gay and Lindsay is bi and they hook up for a night together.

Lynn Basset sat in the leather chair in the board room of Basset, Wilkins and Berry the most prestigious law firm in the entire city. Lynn was the daughter of the founding partner of the law firm although she had never wanted to be a lawyer herself. Oh she had gone to law school mostly to please her father then had taken a position with the city police force eventually rising to the number two position in the department before retiring three months ago with the rank of Major. She had planned on just lounging around for a while then looking for an appropriate position in some sort of detective agency or as a security manager for one of the big corporations but her father had pressured her to come with his law firm and establish an internal investigative group that would report only to him and would investigate the backgrounds and cases specifically for their wealthy clients. She didn't want to work for her father and told him that in so many word and was standing firm until her salary was mentioned, $250,000 a year and quarterly bonuses based on successful casework. She took a deep breath then agreed but only if she could hire and train her own staff, no questions asked. He agreed and she started a month later.

Lynn had determined that she initially needed two investigators to work with her and she talked Jimmy (Dy) Dyehouse, who had been her partner on the force, into retirement and paid him a base of $85,000 a year with a promise of a partial split of her bonuses. Now the last member was up for grabs. Jimmy knew that Lynn probably wanted another female, her sexual persuasion being in that direction and frankly he didn't care, what ever she wanted was alright with him.

"Hey Dy, you ready for the next candidate?" They had already interviewed three candidates that morning and had two more to go.


Lynn pressed the intercom and asked Margie to send in the next candidate. The door opened and a goddess walked through the portal and sat down across from them. Her name was Lindsay Hunt and she was twenty seven years old and held a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. Her resume also included a three year stint with NCIS, the naval investigative service that had been made so popular by the television series. Lynn noticed that she was wearing a $500 designer's suit, her skirt down to just over her knees and sensible high heels. The white blouse was expensive too and a perfect matched to the grey pin stripped suit. Lindsay was a blonde with her hair cut shoulder length and she had the most intriguing steely grey eyes Lynn had ever seen. Standing 5'7" and a 123 pounds her stature was impressive and Lynn thought that perhaps she had a nice bust line even though it was well hidden under the immaculately tailored suit. Lynn started the interview.

"Ms. Hunt, my name is Lynn Basset and this is Jimmy Dyehouse but you can call him Dy. As you might have guessed my father is one of the founders of this law firm and has hired me to develop the internal investigation group for his lawyers. I am retired from the city police force as is Dy who was my partner for twelve years. Now can you tell us a little about yourself?"

Lindsay smiled at Jimmy then looked at Lynn and licked her lips. She wasn't positive but the woman had definitely checked her out so she decided to see where it would all lead. She leaned back in the chair and described her childhood as being fairly normal if you discount the fact her family moved every two years or so because her father was a naval officer. She had decided on a career in law enforcement when she dated her high school sweetheart whose father was the Provost Marshal at a Marine Base outside San Diego and was their next door neighbor. She had received her degree in criminal justice and applied for admission to the San Diego Police Department, the California Highway Patrol and NCIS. NCIS called first and that's how she became a federal agent.

"Alright Ms. Hunt can you tell us I why you left NCIS."

"Sure, the Federal bureaucracy. To be frank Ms. Basset, the government sucks." Lindsay turned to face Lynn and she spread her legs, not obscenely but just enough to let her know what she was thinking. "I have to tell you that NCIS is a man's world and it's hard for a woman to break through the glass ceiling and advance. And don't believe that crap you've seen on that stupid TV show, men are the driving force in the military." She smiled hoped that Lynn would get the subtle message.

Lynn liked her immediately. She had a spectacular background and beside it was somebody who she felt she could, uh... relate too, sexually speaking. She wasn't positive if the girl was a lesbian or bi-sexual but she was pretty sure it was one of the two because during the entire interview process she was sure that Lindsay had been flirting with her.

The interview lasted another thirty minutes and then they let her leave with an admonition not to reveal anything they had discussed that day and that she would be in contact with her as soon as they made a decision. Lindsay thanked both of them and left the board room.

"Well what do you think Dy?"

"She's well qualified and certainly looks trainable but she doesn't have any real police experience and certainly doesn't have any contacts in the city."

"True, but I like her."

"Of course you like her Lynn, you want to fuck her. God woman will you never learn?"

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

"Well you're overlooking her major weakness because she opened her legs a little and you want a better look inside. Jesus Lynn I thought that Carolyn Jewell would have taught you a lesson."

Carolyn Jewell had been an administrative assistant that no one wanted in the precinct that is no one except Lynn who was taken with the twenty-something blonde bombshell with the big tits. Lynn hired her over everyone's objections and not only didn't she work out but she ended up filing a sexual harassment law suit against Lynn and the department telling everyone that Lynn had propositioned her (which was true) and that she wanted a cash settlement. It was only after Dy visited her one night, one very dark night in her bedroom and with a knife to her throat that she was convinced to drop the law suit.

"Hell Dy you're right of course, I would love to wake up with her next to me in the morning but given that I still think she is the best candidate we've interviewed."

"What about the last guy, Vern Peters?"

"He doesn't interest me at all, shitty resume. You interview him and then catch me in the office and we'll vote on who we hire."

"Vote, yea right. Okay babe, catch you later."

Lynn left the room and went back to her office and thought about the leggy Lindsay Hunt. An hour later Dy knocked and walked into Lynn's office.

"Okay, I'm ready for a vote."

"Great, who's your favorite candidate?" Lynn asked with a smirk on her face.

"Well truth be told I think that Bill Parsons is just a little better qualified than Lindsay Hunt but I already know your vote so I guess I'll vote for Lindsay too."

"Look Dy I'll be her mentor and teach her what she needs to know about the city and city cops besides you know that you can disagree with me if you want too." She cooed at him.

"Yea I can and if it's important enough I will but this just ain't important enough to disagree with the boss."

"Smart man. I'll call her."

Lynn waited until the next afternoon to call Lindsay and tell her the job was hers if they could agree on a salary. The phone rang three times before it was answered.


"Lindsay, Lynn Basset here."

"Oh hi Lynn, I hope this is good news."

"Well if you and I can come to terms on a salary it is. Dy and I both like you very much and we would like you to join our team so I guess that your salary is the last barrier to overcome."

"Alright, would you like me to come in tomorrow and we can discuss my requirements?"

"Uh look Lindsay I'm really tied up tomorrow I was wondering if we could meet tonight, for dinner, and discuss this."

"Well, I guess that would be alright, where and when Lynn?"

"How about we meet at the bar of the Paradise Village restaurant in the downtown Marriott, you know where that is?"

"Sure, what time?"

"How about seven and you can come casual if you want."

"Thanks Lynn, I'll see you at seven."

Lynn had already decided to see how interested Lindsay might be in a relationship so she went home early and took a shower and was drying off when she saw her reflection in the bathroom mirror. She stopped and looked at her body and smiled. Not too bad for a 41 year old broad. Her breast weren't large and that had been a blessing in the male dominated police department and provided the additional bonus of not sagging in her old age. Her hips still looked good, a little sag to her butt but her legs were still her best asset. Long and lanky and all the women loved kissing them right up to her pussy. She combed her brunette hair until it was ready for the blow dryer and when she was finished she trimmed her pubic hair nice and short, just in case! She found a conservative business suit, a sensible but sexy blouse and decided against pantyhose, nope tonight she was going bare legged, just high cut thong panties to match her push up bra. She was sitting at the bar waiting when Lindsay walked into the restaurant - made an entrance was more like it. Lynn watched from afar and mused that she hadn't seen an entrance like that since Marilyn Monroe walked across the street grating and her skirt blew up around her waist!

Lynn raised her hand and signaled Lindsay that she was in the bar and Lindsay walked over and the two women shook hands. "Great to see you again Lindsay, I have a table reserved."

"Good to see you too Lynn and thanks for the confidence in my abilities as an investigator."

Lynn signaled the maitre'd that she was ready and he immediately came over and escorted the two women to a booth in the back of the restaurant. "Good to have you with us again Ms. Basset, I hope that your father is doing well?"

"Yes he's fine, the same old SOB that I'm sure you're familiar with Henry."

Henry chuckled. "Well you've always been my favorite anyway Lynn. Can I take your drink order?"

Lynn looked at Lindsay. "White wine for me please Henry, dry."

"Yes ma'am and you Lynn?"

"Scotch, up Henry. Maybe the Talisker's tonight"


Henry bowed and left and the two women started talking. "So," Lynn started, "tell me what your salary requirements are?"

The waiter brought back their drinks and Lindsay waited until he was gone then answered. "Well to be honest with you Lynn I can't take less than $60,000 a year. I'm sorry and I hope that doesn't price me out of the market because I think I would enjoy working for you and Dy."

Lynn took a sip of her scotch then answered. "Not at all, I was thinking of starting you at $65,000 plus a quarter share of my bonus."

"Wow, that sounds great! Tell me about the bonus?"

"Well to be honest I'm not sure exactly sure what the dollar figure will be but if we're successful it should easily double your salary. I get a quarterly bonus based on how much work we bill and how successful we are and with you and Dy I think we will be very successful. I promised Dy a quarter of my share and I'll make you the same offer."

"Well that certainly generous of you and I think I'll accept."

"Oh God Lindsay I'm so glad. I think we are going to be a hell of a team but you still sound a little hesitant, is there something wrong?"

"Look Lynn I have to ask you a question and I don't mean to sound like a prude or anything but is this offer contingent on my sleeping with you?"

Lynn sat very still and carefully chose her words. "No, absolutely not! Lindsay you're a beautiful woman and I would love to know... ah... more about you but this is a straight up offer, no strings attached."

"Alright I appreciate your frankness, now maybe we should order. Oh, and a toast to my new boss." She held her glass up in the air and they clinked them together.

"To you new job." Lynn said.

They ordered their meals and sipped on a nice Chardonnay and talked about what the job would entail. Lynn told her that she saw Lindsay's initial role as that of an outside investigator, thinking that with her NCIS background that would be the best fit while she learned all about the local landscape. "See Lindsay I have agreed with Dy that I'll be your mentor while you train." The deal was done, the meal was over and the coffee almost cold and it was time to call it a night.

Lynn looked at her watch. "Look Lindsay it's almost ten and I have to get up early in the morning so why don't we call it a night. You can come in anytime tomorrow and fill out the paperwork and then start next Monday, if that's alright with you?"

Lindsay looked across the table and licked her lips. "Is it too late for you to have a nightcap with me Lynn?"

She really didn't want another drink but she also didn't want to offend Lindsay. "Well alright, but just one. You want to order here or go over to the bar?"

"Lindsay smiled at her. "Actually I was thinking that you might like to come up to my room, I made a reservation earlier this afternoon, just in case."

Lynn was stunned. "Uh... I thought that you didn't want..."

"For a shit hot investigator you don't listen very well. I didn't say I wasn't interested in you I just asked if the job was contingent on my sleeping with you. You see I think you're beautiful and I wanted you when I first laid eyes on you in the interview I just didn't want to get the job because I would sleep with you, I want it on my own merits. Now shall we grab the elevator?"

Lynn couldn't speak so she simply nodded her head.

It was a glass elevator and as the doors closed Lindsay turned and drew Lynn into her arms and they kissed. Their lips just barely touching then Lynn's tongue flitting out and touching Lindsay's lips. Lindsay's arm went around Lynn's back and she pulled the older woman closer to her until their breasts touched, nipple to nipple and Lynn moaned.

"Oh God I've wanted to kiss those lips all night. When you said what you did I was so disappointed that I wouldn't get to kiss you that I almost wilted at the table."

"Well hang on boss and you'll get to kiss more than just my lips." Lindsay pulled Lynn back to her and nibbled on her neck as her hands explored Lynn's breasts. The elevator stopped and the doors hissed open and, holding hands, the two women walked out into the foyer of the tenth floor. There was an older couple waiting for the elevator and they scowled at the two women, knowing that they were going to be in each other's arms shortly.

Lindsay laughed out loud.

"What are you laughing at?"

"That couple! They know were going to bed and of course they disapprove, but we'll have the last laugh. God I'll bet those two haven't been intimate in years."

Lindsay inserted the plastic key into the lock and when the red light turned green she pushed the door open and they entered the dark room. She had just reached over to turn on the lights when Lynn put her hand on Lindsay's arm.

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