Suzanne, The Perfect Wife


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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A beautiful wife does eveything to please her husband, even selling herself to a rich businessman

Hello, My name is Greg Davis and I want to tell you that I have the perfect wife, one who every man dreams of and so out of sight beautiful, most women kill to look like her. Do I say this because I am married to her? No, I am telling you this because it is true.

She is not only drop dead gorgeous with a killer body, she is kind, witty, and in the sack, she does everything to please me. Of course she enjoys that part of our life also, and is always seeking new things to please me.

On the beach, she turns head, both men and women, with her five foot five inch frame, flat tight stomach, buns that couldn't be more perfect, and her 34c breasts; she is without doubt the envy of most every female that sees her.

How did I become the one of her desire, luck, pure and simple?

Both Suzanne and I were raised in a small town in central western Illinois and till this day still reside there. Suzanne first met when we were both three years old, with I being a month older that she.

My family lived on a farm that my great grandfather owned and grew corn and other vegetables that he sold to earn a living. As the years passed, my grandfather ran the farm until it was time for dad to take over, but with bigger corporate farms buying up or leasing all the land they could, dad found it more feasible to lease the property, and take a job in town.

Grandpa and dad built another house a few hundred yards from the one I grew up years ago, and that is where dad and mom lived the first few years that they were married. Dad had planned to run the farm like generations had done in the past, but after grandpa and grandma passed, he and mom took the bigger house, where I grew up in.

The many acres that dad owned were leased, but the two houses and a portion of the farm were not part of the deal, and dad and mom rented the other house for a few years, and finally sold the house and property to Suzanne's mom and dad and that was how we met.

Being way out in the country with the closest neighbor more than a mile away, Suzanne and I became playmates.

There were no pre-schools, or kindergarten back then, and when we started school, it was the first grade. Since it was a very small community, there were only three classrooms in the school, and first through fourth grades were together, fifth and sixth together, and the seventh and eight grades were together. In all, there were just thirty-seven students in the entire school.

During the entire grade school period, Suzanne and I stuck together like we glued to each other, and when it came time for high school; we were really close to each other.

The high school was a community high school, with kids from as far as ten miles away attending, and neither Suzanne nor I got close to anyone other than those we went to grade school with.

Unlike grade school, where my mom would drive us to school, we took a bus. Each morning Suzanne and I would walk the mile or so to the bus stop, and one day she stumbled on the gravel on the side of the road and almost fell. I quickly grabbed her hand to keep her from falling, and held it until we reached the bus stop.

Each day after that, we held hands as we walked, and everyone that saw us thought we were a couple. One day, one of the "new" kids I met made a comment that somewhat surprised me. While waiting for the second bell to start, he looked at Suzanne and then at me.

"Gosh Greg, your girlfriend is really pretty."

I had never thought of Suzanne as a "girlfriend", but his comment made me feel pretty good. That evening as Suzanne and I walked home from the bus stop I told her what the boy said.

"You know Suzanne, most of the people in the high school think you are my girlfriend."

She smiled and held my hand a little tighter.

"Do you think of me as your girlfriend?"

"Gosh Suzanne, I really never thought of it like that."

"Do you like me?"

"Yes, why would think otherwise?"

"No, I mean do you really like me, you know like a girlfriend?"

"Well I don't know what it is like to have a girlfriend, but I like being with you and everything. I mean the other girls in the school don't really interest me, but with you it is different. So yeah, I guess I do like you more than just a friend."

That was the beginning for Suzanne and I, and two weeks later while we were doing what we did almost every evening, sitting on the front porch swing, I kissed her for the first time. Of course neither of us really knew how to kiss, and we stared at each other while I lips were pressed together.

Suzanne pulled away and laughed.

"Greg, I don't think that is the way to do it. In the movies, the couple have they have their eyes closed, why I don't know, but it makes me giggle just staring at you."

It took a while, but she and I finally got it right, and both being healthy young teens, those kisses began to have an effect of both of us.

As the months passed, both of our parents realized that Suzanne and I were no longer just childhood friends and became worried that "something" may happen, and we both got that old birds and bees speech.

As it turned out, Suzanne and I were strong enough to not let that happen, although I was quite sure we both wanted that, but did hold off until we eventually got married a year after we graduated.

I got a job in the next town, which was forty miles away, while Suzanne took a job in town at the only drug store in town. We bought a small place just outside of town, and still live there, at least for now.

Suzanne seemed to enjoy sex as much as I did, and one day while we took a ride to the big city, Chicago, she saw an adult bookstore and pulled me into it with her. We were both a bit embarrassed by what we saw, but she talked me into buying a couple of books, and a few magazines.

By reading the very erotic stories, and seeing some really graphic pictures, we began to try some of the things we read and saw. We both seemed to enjoy everything, and we learned that sometimes just heated sex was better than "lovemaking".

Soon we engaging in every type of sex you could imagine, and possible some ways never tried before, but she was willing to do everything.

Even though we were never really hurting for money, we didn't splurge all that often on restaurants or movies and even vacation time wasn't all that special and would spend a few days up in the big city enjoying the lake and the sights.

One of those "vacations" Suzanne was walking back to our blanket on the beach after a visit to the women's room and I noticed how many guys were checking her out. When she got back and situated, I mentioned that to her.

"Suzanne, have you any idea how many guys eyed you up and down while you came across the beach? Just about all of them."

"Oh you're just saying that to make me feel good, that's all. All the girls on the beach look good, not just me."

"Well, yeah there are a lot of cuties here, but you put them to shame. I bet you could get just about any guy on this beach jumping at the chance to be with you, you know, in bed."

"I don't think so, especially married man or somebody with a steady girl."

"Suzanne! What are you saying? You could get anybody you wanted."

"I HAVE who I want, you. You do everything perfect and I don't need another man to make me happy that way. Yes, maybe guys do look, but doesn't mean anything."

"See that guy at the end of the beach bar? He watched you go to the bathroom and again as you came back here. Others have passed by him and he didn't give them a second look. You he did, all the way there and back. I keep telling you how beautiful you are, but just don't believe it. Why, I don't know, but you do. I bet if you went up to the bar to order something, he would make a move on you."

To prove a point, Suzanne got up and walked to the bar and waited for the bartender to take her order. As I predicted, he moved from where he was sitting and came up to Suzanne and started talking to her. I waited a few minutes before I went to the bar to join her.

"Suzanne, I was wondering where you went. Who is your friend?"

I could tell she was quite embarrassed and a bit shy, but managed a smile.

"Greg, this is Richard Williams, Richard this is my husband Greg."

I could tell right away that he was somewhat disappointed that Suzanne was married, but he smiled and shook my hand, all the while staring at Suzanne.

"Hello Greg, nice to meet you. Please don't misunderstand; I didn't realize this charming and beautiful lady was married. May I buy you a cocktail?"

I accepted and sat on the other side of Suzanne and for the next half hour or so we sat and talked. When he excused himself to use the bathroom I chided Suzanne that he indeed was very interested in her even though he knew we were married.

She tried to pass his interest off a just being friendly, but I knew better. As I saw him making his way back to the bar I whispered to her.

"Look, don't be shocked at what I say, and go along with it and I'll prove to you that you could get anybody on this beach. So don't freak out, and just play along, got it?"

He came back and sat next to Suzanne and we chatted a bit longer when I decided it was time to prove to Suzanne I was right.

"Richard, Suzanne doesn't believe me when I tell her how pretty she is. She feels I say that just to be nice because she is my wife, but she is wrong. Do you think so? I mean to you think she's pretty?"

"Well, not exactly. Yes you could say she is pretty, but in all honesty, your wife is absolutely the most gorgeous woman I have ever laid eyes on. Stunning is a better word."

I looked at Suzanne and gave her a cocky smile showing her I was correct, and then took it step further.

"Would you take her to bed if given the chance?"

His reaction wasn't what I expected, and he glared at me and then back at Suzanne, who was blushing with embarrassment.

"Is this a game you two are playing, or do you think you somehow can blackmail me in some way. If so, it won't work. So if you will excuse me, I think it's time to take your little game someplace else."

I could tell he was a bit upset, and I quickly tried to explain.

"Please Mr. Williams, I didn't mean to upset you, and no we are, I mean I am not playing any type of game. See, like I said, Suzanne seems to think she is just an ordinary looking girl, and my praises are nothing more than what most husbands would tell their wives. I wanted to prove to her that she could indeed attract someone other than some nerdy geek. I meant no harm and I apologize if I offended you."

He seemed to calm down after that, but didn't seem to be as relaxed and friendly as before. He turned to Suzanne and eyed her from head to toe and then reached out and put his hand on hers.

"Suzanne, in all honesty, you are a very, I mean very beautiful lady. Why you may feel you are not is way beyond me."

"Thank you Richard for that compliment. Like you, I was a bit taken back by what he said, and I hope you are not angry with us."

"No, well at least not any longer. I was a bit suspicious at first, but it doesn't appear that any malice was intended. To show you I am forgiving, I would like you both to join me for dinner."

He went on to tell us where and when we would be having dinner, and told us that he would have a car pick us up at our hotel at eight o'clock and drive us to the restaurant downtown.

As promised, a really fancy limo was waiting at the curb when Suzanne and I came out of the hotel and soon we were pulling into a really fancy looking restaurant.

Once inside, we were escorted to the table where Richard was seated, and he quickly stood up and pulled a chair out for Suzanne. For the next half hour or so we sipped wine and began to reveal exactly who and what he was.

I really never heard of a Richard Williams, or his company, but he was more than just another guy on the street. He owned a large international company that dealt in buying up distressed businesses, turning them around and then sell them off. Because of his status in the international business world he thought that Suzanne and I were trying to pull off some sort of scam and extorting money from him. He went on to explain how he did business, and made a proposal that sounded funny at first, but he was quite serious, or at least he sounded serious as he explained.

"I have a reputation world wide that is impeccable. My dealings with others are considered honest, and straightforward. I negotiate most every transaction my company makes and although I always try for the best deal, I make offers that are always fair for both sides. Yes I want the best deal, but every deal I make the other side walks away quite happy knowing that they didn't get screwed, as they say. Not to sound like some sort of a braggart, but I earn more money in one week than most people earn in an entire lifetime. Like I said, I negotiate just about every deal that is made, not that I don't trust the lawyers I have on the staff, it's because I like the thrill of making a very good deal. Sometimes I over pay, but that's because when I see something I want, I know at the right price it's mine. Have you ever done that, you know pay a bit more for something you wanted?"

I did somewhat agree with his philosophy, and nodded my head, even though I couldn't recall doing that, but it sounded reasonable and I listened as he continued.

"One day I had my driver stop when I saw a man washing his car, a 1963 split window corvette coupe, a car you don't see around too often. I asked if it was for sale, and the guy smiled and said no it wasn't. He explained he had worked for almost fifteen years restoring it, and it was his dream car. I asked if he were to sell it, how much you he think it was worth to him. He responded that a car like that could easily sell for fifty or sixty thousand, especially one in the condition it was in. So I asked if he would part with it for that amount, but again he said no. He said he wasn't sure if he could sell it at any price, and I quickly proved him wrong. See, everyone has a price, not always the price I want to offer, but sometimes that is what you have to do. I told him if he got the title and we went to his bank I would transfer five hundred grand to his account in exchange for the vette. An hour later I was driving my new car home. He said he wasn't interested in selling it, but he did, for the right price."

After we ordered our dinner, he talked more about his company and how lots of hard work and luck got him to be in the top ten wealthiest people in the world. When we finished dinner, he started to negotiate with Suzanne and I.

"You know, when I first saw you today Suzanne, I hadn't any thoughts other than some friendly talk and a drink or two, but now after Greg explained his comments at the beach, and seeing you dressed so lovely, yes, I would go to bed with you. Like I had just explained, I love the thrill of making a deal, an honest deal. Yeah, I could have taken the route of trying "steal" you away form Greg, I mean I know I could offer you more than he could every dream to, but I don't do business that way. Do either or both of you remember that movie, Indecent Proposal, the one where Robert Redford offers a million bucks for a night with Demi Moore?"

Both Suzanne and I both nodded yes and I wondered where he was going, as he continued.

"I have an offer I am going to make, but I don't want an answer tonight. I am willing to pay Suzanne two million to be my mistress for a year. I am usually in Chicago every month for a day or two, sometimes only for a few hours. Some months I am not here at all, but when I am, I am willing to pay for her. I also am extending a job offer to you Greg that will pay you five grand a month. Your job Greg would be driving a company car to pickup clients as I see fit. Like I said, I don't want an answer tonight, I want you both to think it over. I am leaving in the morning, but will be back a week from Tuesday. You can give me your answer at that time."

He handed me a business card and said to call the number next Monday, and arrangement would be made for a limo to pick us up on Tuesday. He then said he had some things to attend to, and quickly left.

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