Rod's Sisters - Milky Farm Days

by scouries

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Lactation, Pregnancy, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This story continues the saga of the Monroe family of Bowling Green Ohio. In this chapter the author visits Rod and his sisters at their secluded farm and learns all the secrets of the family even while he joins them in milky, cum filled play

Rod picked me up the next day around four in the afternoon in front of my hotel. He was driving a stylish new red Toyota pickup with air, power windows, bench seat and automatic transmission. I was feeling pretty good since I had lunched with my IT contact and the Director of the Library and was pretty sure that once I had run up a full proposal for them that we would be able to do a deal.

After lunch I had gone and bought some summer clothes for the weekend, not wanting to rely on Rod completely for all my needs, and so met him wearing shorts, a tank top and sandals. As we drove off I asked Rod how far the farm was and what crops they grew on it.

"It's not far Rocket," he started, "About forty miles from here but the last ten or so are on back roads so it takes about an hour. But first we've got to go and to pick up Clara at the library. The other girls are driving up with Soo Ying."


"She works for us; she's our maid, keeps the house's clean and tidy and does most of the cooking. Without her I think we'd starve to death. The girls and I aren't cooks I'm afraid," he said laughing, and then went on, "As to the farm, it was Granddads, Dad's father, and we've being going to it all our lives. It's in a small secluded little valley, 110 acres, with a nice old farm house and small barn. It's got a little creek that runs through the property and a swimming pond as well as a fishing hole."

"Sounds nice. Do you farm it at all?"

"Yeah, a bit. We have a small apple orchard, and grow strawberries and raspberries, and have an acre of corn and a good sized vegetable garden. We have a neighbor's girl come over and take care of it during the week and then weekends we all chip in. Debbie really enjoys the garden so she does most of the work. We also have left about half the property in a natural state, mainly forested in maple, birch, elm and oak, but also some pine and cedar."

"Sounds like heaven."

"Oh, there's my big sis now," he interrupted, and I could hear the happiness in his voice as he said it.

She was waiting on the curb as we pulled up in front of the William T. Jerome Library on the campus and I immediately saw what a beautiful woman I was about to meet. She looked exactly like you'd expect a successful, young 1990's manager to look. Blond and blue eyed, tall and slim, she was wearing a designer beige jacket and skirt ensemble over an ivory top and carried a stylish brown leather attaché case. She had the look of someone who would be comfortable in any setting, someone you'd see in a law firm, in a boardroom or in the state legislature.

Opening the door and jumping out, I approached her, a broad smile on my face. "Ms. Monroe," I asked.

"Mr. Scouries, the famous author and computer expert I presume?" she replied, grinning. After giving me the once over she said, "Hmmm, Rod certainly didn't lie when he described you."

"Is that good or bad?" I asked as I took her hand and gave her a quick European kiss on her cheek.

"Oh, I'm pretty sure that it's going to be good," she answered smiling, giving my hand an extra squeeze before releasing it.

Escorting her to the truck, I hesitated and asked, "Would you prefer the window or the middle?"

"You've got to be kidding! An opportunity to sit between two such handsome men, gosh, a chance like that doesn't come along very often," she said grinning, and after taking off her suit jacket and folding it over her arm, climbed into the pickup, making sure she gave me a good view of a great deal of her long, silky thigh.

It was tight fit with the three of us sharing the bench seat and I soon stopped trying not to touch her as she was clearly comfortable with me and seemed to enjoy each time our legs or arms met. Five minutes later I moved my left arm behind her back, ostensibly to give us more room, but really so that I could increase the contact between us. Seconds later her right hand dropped onto my thigh and she left it there, moving gently just inches from my penis, as we drove.

The conversation between us was easy, the first half of the trip we talked of her job at the library and the system I was proposing. "I told your boss at lunch that I knew your brother and was going to meet you this weekend," I told her. "He seems like a pretty good guy."

"Yeah, he's a really great guy and a fair boss. Did he like your ideas?"

"Yes, I think I'll be able to convince him and the University when I come back with the finished proposal." I then gave her an overview of my system and how it would increase efficiency while reducing costs. "I'll e-mail you some stuff on it next week so you're up to date on what's going on," I promised, as I let my hand lightly move on her shoulder.

"Thanks. Listen what do you want me to call you anyway, I think Rod will be too confusing and I not so sure about Rocket?"

"Most people just call me Scouries, that'd be fine."

"OK, now Scouries, tell me about the important stuff — your sexy stories."

"Oh, they're just amateur scribbling, but I have fun with them. Did you like them?"

"Yes, they made me hot. Did my brother tell you what we were all doing when we read them in our big bed? We read some more last night after Rod came home you know. He also told us about your sister, how she seduced you when you were in high school, how she let you suck her milky breasts."

As she talked I could see she was getting more excited by the second, and soon felt her hand inching towards my now hard penis. We had just turned onto a rough gravel road, and after the first large bump we landed with her grasping my shaft firmly while my hand had slipped off her shoulder and onto her ripe breast.

"Yes, I'm like poor Rod, he told me last night how his eldest sister had seduced him into a life of sin and depravity," I said laughing.

"Oh did you, my darling brother?" she started while listening to Rod's loud chuckle, "So it was poor little Rod, was it?" she said, and then grabbed him with her free hand and squeezed him while grinning wickedly.

"Christ Clara, I'm driving," Rod shrieked, as the truck skewed on the road. Quickly this seemingly respectable woman had both our zippers down and after extracting our cocks, commenced stroking them.

"Pull over Rod!" I insisted. "We don't want to crash, besides I think your big sister needs a good fucking." After quickly pulling over, almost putting us in a ditch in his rush, Rod, after grabbing a blanket from behind his seat, jumped out on the road, his big cock flapping happily. After stepping down from the cab, I turned and lifted the bemused librarian from the truck and started to carry her toward a grassy field on the other side of the fence.

Giggling, and then laughing madly, the beautiful siren finally protested, "Are you guys crazy, we can't do this here, we in the middle of nowhere, anyone could see us."

"Well Rod, which would you prefer, the front or the back?" I offered him gallantly, ignoring Clara's protest.

"Oh Rocket, you're my guest today, you get first choice." Rapidly Rod and I disrobed and then bared our lovely prize to the sun and wind, and then closed on her, letting her feel our erections, crowding her both front and back.

"Then I think I'll take her pussy first my friend, and leave her sweet ass to you."

While still pretending to protest our rough handling of her, I could see the shiny twinkling of excitement in her eyes. "Well Clara, it's up to you now," Rod offered. "Would you like to feel our two big cocks in you or do you want to rush home for dinner?" he asked as he rubbed his straining penis between her cheeks while I let my cock pulsate against her stomach.

"Well brother, I guess since we've come this far,... and seeing Scouries is our guest,... maybe just this once it would be alright," she said laughing, just a second before I lifted her up and dropped her on my fullness. "Oh Gaaawd yes," she moaned as her channel opened for me, lubricating me as I penetrated.

Still embedded in her fully, taking her with me I dropped to my knees and then onto my back, and as I saw Rod approach Clara, his prick in his hand, I pulled her cheeks wide apart and lightly stroked her anal hole before Rod positioned himself behind. I both heard and felt his deep anal penetration as Clara was forced even harder onto my shaft and her guttural groan rent the air.

It's a pleasure for a large man to make love to a big, strong woman, to be able to feel her strength and her passion as she struggles to meet your penetrations. Clara had clearly taken Rod in her back door before and I could see the joy in her eyes each time he slammed deeply into her. If you are a confident enough man, a man with no worry about your masculinity, it's a delight to share a woman, to feel her writhe and respond to two hungry cocks as they match thrusts.

As her orgasm washed through her body, Rod and I both exploded in unison, repeatedly depositing strings of cum in her ass and pussy. Once the three of us had detached and rolled apart, and were lying panting on our backs on the grass, I could see the white liquid dripping onto the ground below Clara, a satisfied smile on her face. After milking a last few drops of cum onto my finger, I slowly inserted it between her lips and let her taste me, let her savor my maleness.

"Fuck, you even taste good Scouries," she whispered, "God; I thought the two of you were going to split me in two. Oh Roddy, thanks, you're such a sweet brother, I love you so much," she finished and then embraced and kissed her smiling brother. "I think I'd like to stay here all night with you two, what do you say?"

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