Joan, Jill & Adam

by Paris Waterman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, White Couple, .

Desc: Sex Story: Joan and Jill continue their sexual antics with Joan losing her virginity to Jill's hubby, Adam.

"Baby," she gasped, her chest heaving, as she struggled to regain her breath. "I haven't come that hard in years. Maybe I've never had one that good."

"I'm only here to serve," Adam grinned and hefted her right breast in the palm of his hand, brought it to his mouth and kissed the nipple. Only then did he realize his lips were actually sore from eating her out so thoroughly.

"Oh, I'm done," Jill said, "I'm exhausted, really I am."

"I can go again if you'd like," he offered.

"No, thank you. But I do have a favor to ask," she said, her voice somewhat timid.

"Anything, my love," he responded and kissed her nipple again.

"Would you fuck Joan for me?"

Late the following afternoon, Joan picked up her cell phone from the seat next to her, and pulled her white BMW convertible over into the first available parking spot she could find. "Oh, shit," she yelped, as she bumped the curb in her haste in parking.

On the other end of the line, she heard a very girlish laugh.

"Jill, what are you laughing at?"

"You're too funny, Joan," Jill said in a very soft voice.

"What?" demanded Joan, who was already frustrated at being late in getting home. Dinner would be late, and it was all her fault for losing herself in a mini-shopping spree.

"Hearing you say 'shit.' I think it may be the first time I've heard you use it."

For that matter, Joan looked like about the last person in the world who would say it. Appearing very business-like and professional, she was embarrassed at how this conversation had begun, but remembered that Jill swore all the time. And so she said, "What's up?" and nervously checked her watch.

"What's up? Where are you, Joan?"

"If you must know, I'm on my way home from the mall."

"Another buying binge?"

"Well, Jill... I've got a dinner to prepare, and I'm running late. What can I do for you?"

Jill's girlish giggle started up again.

"Shit! Come on, Jill, are you just using minutes up, or do you have a reason for calling?"

"You said it again," and Jill laughed even harder. "Did you go back to the grocery store looking for King Kong?"

"What?" Joan gasped, realizing the implications in her friend's statement. "Hey, I'm allowed to say 'shit, ' all right? And 'fuck.' Shit, shit, shit! Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

"Hey! I'm only kidding," Jill managed to interject, "I know you still want a gander at that foot-long schlong of his.

With the doubt obvious in her tone, Joan said, "Sure, you were. Hey, could you hold on a minute? I'm parked and want to change my blouse before I get home. Brad will be there any minute and I bought this to impress the hell out of him."

"Changing in the car now, Joan?" Jill said, sounding impressed by her friend's impetuous action. "You're like a whole new person."

Not having time to worry about that comment, although she wished she did, Joan called out, "Hold on a minute," and tossed the phone on the passenger seat, then started peeling off her blouse.

Starting with her silky black chemise, Joan hurriedly untucked it from within her knee length white skirt, reached behind her head with both hands, and pulled it up and off by the collar. She was pleasantly surprised to find no resistance from her short, but cute blonde hair. She was braless, and suddenly remembered she was in a public place, although in her car, and took a fast look around while clutching her bare breasts in her hands. There were no cars on either side of her, and she reached for the new blouse, hoping it would impress the hell out of Brad. It would reveal her nipples, and hopefully arouse him enough to get him to have sex with her that evening.

A convertible glided slowly past, and then honked twice as Joan reached for her new blouse. "Oh, fuck," she muttered, and in her embarrassment, stepped on the gas at the waiting green light.

The car surged forward, and Joan put her left hand on the wheel, and carefully concealed both breasts with her right arm. She started talking to herself as several more cars passed her. To her surprise, none of them gave her a second glance.

"Did I just say 'fuck' again? I've gotta stop doing that. And what does she mean I'm 'like a whole new person'?"Joan uncovered her breasts, placing her right hand on the steering wheel, and glanced down at her big boobs.

"My tits are big, but they're also firm and can easily go without a bra if needed," she said aloud. Then she thought about the fact that she was driving half-naked on a busy thoroughfare, and pulled into a drugstore parking lot. She donned the blouse, feeling better even though the blouse was sheer enough to be almost completely transparent.

Joan was startled to hear Jill's voice, and suddenly recalled putting her cell phone down on the seat. Picking the phone up, she said, "Hello? Hello, are you still there?"

"I'm here," Jill replied, after a small wait.

"You would not believe what just happened!" exclaimed Joan, "I finally got to a red light so I could put my new blouse on, and then this asshole in the car next to me honks his horn, and when I look over he gives me a thumbs up. For all I know, he had his thing out, you know?"

She never even thought about fouling up the truth of what had really happened.

"Was he jerking off?"

"Yes! No! I don't know. He sped off, or I stopped. I'm confused right now, I can't think straight."

When Jill made no reply, Joan shouted into the phone, "Can you believe that?"

"You must have looked naked to him," Jill said calmly.

"Of course I looked naked, I was!"

"Honey, that's why he honked the horn."


"It was just a guy who saw your tits when he didn't expect too. So he beeped his horn. For God's sake, he didn't cut you off, and try to jump you, did he?"

"No," Joan said, drawing the 'no' out much longer than necessary.

"So are you still driving with your boobs on parade?'

"No!" she yelped, and thought about it, and then responded with, "Maybe, I have the see-thru blouse on."

Jill laughed, and then Joan heard a male voice in the background, asking if the guy was really endowed.

"Who... is Adam with you?"

"Mmmmm, Adam is definitely in me!" Jill hooted.

"You're in bed with him?" Joan asked incredulously.

"We could be on the kitchen table for all I care," Jill answered.

A completely shocked Joan huffed, "Jill!" and then added, "C'mon, what are you two doing?"

"Well, we're fucking, of course," moaned Jill, "with the emphasis on 'fuck, ' your latest favorite word."

"Oh, my God!" gasped Joan. "I can't believe you're doing that while talking to me!"

"Well, it's your fault, you know."

"My fault. How is it my fault?"

Jill answered her, saying, "When I told Adam you were a virgin, we both got kind of horny, and you know..."

Joan noticed her nipples were standing at attention and momentarily felt a rush of gratification from the sight. Then she sank back into reality, and fairly shouted into the phone, "That's no excuse. What really happened?"

"The truth of the matter is... Adam! Stop that... for just a minute, please!"

"The truth of the matter is after I told him, Adam got this beautiful erection and began rubbing it into my rear, and I loved it. Next thing I knew I had him in my mouth, and you know how that gets me going."

Eyes wide in stunned shock, Joan managed to gasp, "Oh, my God. You two are terrible!"

"I love feeling him get hard inside me, especially in my mouth, so I just stared up at him, and didn't move, just let him grow..."

Joan licked her lips, and started to squirm around on the leather car seat.

"... and after I swallowed his... well, you know..."


"I just had to call you to tell you. But you put the phone down and Adam got hard again and he's..."


"... taking me from behind, and I'm so sorry, Joan darling, but I'm going to cum!"

"Are you there, Jill? Hello? Hello?"

Joan disconnected and as she pulled her car out of the parking lot and onto the boulevard, she imagined what was taking place between Jill and Adam.

She had always been impressed with Adam. He was tall, dark and handsome, and she envisioned him lifting Jill off the ground, and slowly impaling her on his cock while he squeezed her breasts in turn.

Joan loved having her breasts squeezed. Brad had loved doing that when they were first engaged. But it had been ages since he'd even touched them. Dismissing Brad from her thoughts, she returned to fantasizing about Jill and Adam, especially Adam and absently began to rub herself through the skirt she wore.

In her mind, Adam was pumping furiously into Jill, but suddenly, Jill faded away to be replaced by Joan. Now, with one hand on the wheel, the other slid past the waistband of her skirt and into her panties.

'Yeah, fuck me, ' she thought, and almost missed the turn for her street. Forcing herself to concentrate on her driving, Joan managed to pull into her garage, shut the engine off, and then raised her ass off the seat just enough to pull her skirt up around her waist. She tugged her panties to one side, and began to stimulate herself by tugging and pulling on the surface of her entire vulva.

Moments later, following a huge sigh of release, Joan began moving two fingers up and down as if plucking at a guitar string, until grunting twice and arching her hips, she came hard and collapsed across the car seat, totally breathless from the excited state she had reached.

Two hours later, after preparing a sumptuous dinner, Joan walked through the living room to open the door and greet her husband, Brad. She wore a black, wrap around skirt to complement the all-but-transparent blouse. She had rubbed an ice cube over her nipples to stimulate them and felt assured they would certainly catch his eye.

Brad entered and gave her a perfunctory kiss that raised Joan's hopes, and she turned and led the way into the dining room, her skirt parting to reveal the very tops of her black hose. Normally, Joan would have used several pins to keep it from revealing too much flesh, but tonight she was going all out to seduce Brad, and she had promised herself to leave her morals and conscience in the master bathroom.

Brad complemented her several times during the meal, dwelling on the special preparation of the food, and he also mentioned noting that she had taken pains in dressing for the evening, and asked if they were going out following the dinner.

"No, dear," Joan said softly, berating herself for not having made it a candlelight dinner. Her thoughts at that moment were on the lighting and how overly bright the room was during the meal.

"I thought..." she paused, then continued. "... that we would make a night of it... a sort of a delayed honeymoon."

She was blushing as she finished the sentence, and could not meet his eyes.

"I wish you had let me in on the secret," Brad said, wiping his mouth with the linen napkin. "I have an important meeting in about an hour at the club."

Joan's hopes were dashed at these words, and she rose up from the table without another word and began clearing the dishes while Brad sat and watched with a faint frown on his face.

After Brad left, Joan picked up the phone and called Jill.

"How did it go?" Jill inquired enthusiastically.

Joan related what had happened, and Jill commiserated with her, and then uttered what seemed like magical words to Joan.

"C'mon over here, we've got a nice bottle of Merlot, and a good movie to get drunk and cry over."

"Okay, it certainly beats staying here... alone."

"Great," Jill said, "we'll be waiting."

"I'll just change into some jeans and a T-shirt..."

"No!" Jill almost shouted into the phone. "Come as you are. You must look beautiful, come on over here and let us appreciate your beauty."

"Are you crazy?" Joan said.

"Hardly," Jill responded. "I'll be dressed as well. We'll give old Adam here something to look at while we drink his damn good wine."

Joan laughed at her friend's antics and reluctantly agreed. "What time shall I come over?"

"The sooner the better, darling; and do wear that sheer blouse you told me about. Adam can't wait to see them... oops, that was a slip of the tongue, Joan, dear."

"I'm on my way," Joan said as she ended the conversation and hung up the phone.

They greeted her with hugs and kisses, and Joan marveled at how soft Adam's lips were on hers. She sat down and carefully covered her crossed legs with her skirt. She selected the single chair, leaving Adam and Jill on the sofa. Adam poured the wine and they made light, casual conversation for a while.

Jill had decided to let Adam flirt and see how Joan responded. If Joan shied away, Jill had decided to intervene and try to move things on.

After the first bottle of wine, Joan seemed to relax, even uncrossed and re-crossed her legs a couple times; in the process apparently forgetting to close the wide area of flesh now showing that stretched from her ankle to the bottom of her thonged panties.

Jill and Adam had rehearsed several possible scenarios for Joan's seduction one of which involved Jill leaving them alone, while searching for another bottle of wine. Adam was to get Joan to sit next to him while she was gone.

When Jill returned, Joan was seated beside her husband slightly twisted on the sofa, with her crossed legs pointing at him. She hadn't bothered pulling her skirt over her legs this time either. Adam was finishing some joke or other, and she was laughing giddily at it.

Adam laughed along with Joan and put his hand on her knee. Jill giggled as Joan almost leaped in the air at his touch.

"Here's the wine, everyone!" Jill said, a little too loudly, giving Joan a needed moment to regain her composure. When Adam casually caressed her knee a second time, Joan didn't react at all.

Jill filled their glasses, and sat back in the armchair, taking the occasional sip of wine, but concentrating on her husband's flirting with Joan.

Joan took a gulp of her wine, and asked, "So what do you two think of my new blouse?"

"It's adorable," Jill blurted.

"It's the sexiest thing I've ever seen," Adam said, never taking his eyes off her breasts.

"You like them, huh?" Joan asked seriously.

"They're adorable," he said, "to quote the lovely lady sitting over there," and pointed toward his wife, sitting across from them.

"I think they're nice too," Joan admitted, "not to big, but nice, you know?"

"They're perfect," Jill said emphatically.

Joan said, "Oh yeah?" making it more of a moan than anything else.

"Then tell me this, why is that bastard husband of mine not playing with 'em? Why am I here with you two wonderful people? I mean, I love you guys, but please tell me why that bastard is at his club, probably with his pants around his ankles while the other club members put their things up his ass, or something."

"We can't answer that, Joan. And we're very, very sorry about your situation," Adam said softly, and dropped his hand to a spot just above her knee.

Jill had to give him credit; he was still good at seducing a woman. And she was secure in knowing that he had not done so since meeting her. His hand inched upward, and before Joan could complain, or otherwise protest, he lifted it off to reach for his glass, only to drift back to her knee after a few seconds had elapsed.

Jill watched as Joan sank a little further back in the sofa, pushing her legs towards Adam, signaling that she appreciated his touch. Slowly, Adam's hand moved further up Joan's thigh, gently exploring higher and higher, as he continued talking to both women.

Joan was responding to the conversation less and less, reminding Jill of her first fumbles with a boy when she was only 14.

Adam's hand remained on Joan's left thigh, eventually reaching the top of her thigh-high stocking. Joan had a Mona Lisa type smile on her face. Neither Jill nor Adam could tell if she was welcoming further advances or not. And when his fingers touched the bare flesh of her upper thigh, Joan bolted up from her semi-reclined position and both Adam and Jill thought she was going to run for the front door.

But Joan surprised the both of them, leaning forward, offering her face to him. Adam got the hint and gently pressed his lips against hers. They kissed gently for a minute, then as the pressure grew harder, their mouths opened, and their tongues began an exploratory journey.

Jill finished her wine with one big gulp and poured herself another glass, spilling a little because her eyes were riveted on the kissing couple.

Adam kept his right hand moving gently on her upper thigh, caressing the white skin above her stockings. His other hand began caressing her cheek, then pushed through her hair, pulling her face to his. Joan kept her hands in her lap, seemingly not knowing what to do with them. Her skirt had pulled all the way off her legs now, and Jill could just see the edge of her thonged panties.

She had never thought about Joan in a sexual way before, but as her own excitement mounted, she began to imagine how Joan's pussy would look, and what she would taste like. Jill had been with another woman before, but never in a three-some. Now she was actively fantasizing about her best friend while her husband was seducing her.

Finally, the couple broke for air, and Joan sat back on the sofa. She was breathing heavily, and her face was flushed. Jill saw Adam smiling at her, and winked at him, noticing the bulge in his slacks.

"Wow," Joan huffed, "Excuse me, mother nature calls," and got to her feet, headed for the bathroom.

As soon as she had left the room, Jill pounced on Adam for a kiss of her own. His hands immediately ran up the backs of her legs, pushing her skirt up around her waist and fondled her thong clad bottom. Jill moaned happily, and he sent a finger in under the fabric to tease her pussy. She groaned into his mouth, wanting more, but pulled away on hearing the toilet flush.

'This is to be Joan's night, ' she thought. 'My satisfaction will come later.'

Joan looked more composed, as she walked back into the room. But her nipples were clearly hard under the sheer fabric of her blouse, and giving Jill a naughty glance, she sat next to Adam again, and deliberately allowed her skirt to fall away revealing her legs again. This time she didn't cross her legs, but sat with her knees primly together.

Adam looked at her, obviously taking in her stiffened nipples. Then he reached for her again, gently kissing her, and running his hand up her thigh. His hand moved quickly this time, pushing the top of the skirt out of the way until he was caressing Joan from her knee all the way up her thigh to her panties.

Jill heard her friend's gentle moans, and watched her shivering under his touch. Jill's eye's widened as Joan's hands finally touched her husband, rubbing his back, caressing his face. Jill felt her own crotch grow damp with excitement, and wished she was watching a porno film so that she could fast forward.

As if reading her thoughts, her husband's hand moved to Joan's huge breasts, cupping one, then the other through her sheer blouse.

Joan moaned again, seemingly approving Adam's actions. Jill looked on, dry-mouthed, as Adam slowly unbuttoned Joan's blouse. On reaching the last button, he pulled back and gazed at her fully exposed 40-D sized breasts.

Joan lay back on the sofa in front of him, her boobs going up and down as she took one deep breath after another. To Adam, Joan looked likeshe was ready to explode!

Adam slowly unbuttoned his shirt, finally pulling it out of his trousers and dropping it to the floor. Joan blushed again, and seemed unsure what to do next. Adam took her hands and placed them palm down on his chest. Joan slowly caressed him, running her fingers through his chest. He stopped her for a moment, and removed her blouse then pulled her tight to him, kissing her gently again. Joan rubbed his back, even going as far as reaching below his belt to squeeze the tops of his buttocks.

They parted again, and Adam stood up. '"Shall we go into the bedroom?" he asked.

Joan nodded meekly, and he led her upstairs to their bedroom. Jill followed along behind, feeling like as if she was invisible. She took her time, stopping to turn lights off along the way, and found them lying side by side on the bed, kissing and rubbing each others backs. The lighting was subdued. Jill had planned it that way earlier. But there was sufficient light to make out most details of what was transpiring.

Jill sat down in an easy chair to one side of the bed, and hitched her skirt up. The chair was in shadow, compared to the bed; the idea was to make Jill invisible to the others.

The intensity of their kisses increased after a couple of minutes and Adam reached down and pulled Joan's left leg up to him, pushing his right leg between her thighs. He pushed her skirt behind her and began running his hand up and down her thigh again. This time his hand occasionally ran over her thong-clad ass. In return, Joan ran her nails down his back, her breathing loud and heavy.

After five minutes, Adam pulled away and began to unfasten his slacks. Joan lay on her back panting and watching him. Jill grinned to herself when she saw the dark patch on the thigh of Adam's pale slacks. He pushed his trousers off and onto the floor. His big prick was straining at his Lycra trunks. He moved back to Joan, and gently undid her skirt, pulling it out from under her, and tossing it on the floor.

Jill mentally applauded Joan's silk French cut thonged panties with lots of lace, thinking that they really did her justice as Adam re-positioned himself over her again. Now his right leg went back between her legs, and as Joan moaned at the sweet contact, he gently took one huge nipple between his white teeth.

Joan moaned loudly as Adam sucked at her. Jill watched Joan's huge breasts quiver as she thrust her body against Adam, urging him to suck harder.

Jill slowly pulled her dress up over her head and let it drop to one side of the chair. Her own nipples were rock hard as they stood from her pebbled areola. She ran her hands over them, rubbing and pinching as she gazed rapturously at her husband while he brought Joan to a small orgasm.

After Joan's quaking eased, Adam gently assisted her from the bed. She gave Jill a questioning glance, for she was obviously confused, although thoroughly heated, and wanting nothing more than to spread her legs for this lovely man whom Jill had presented to her.

Adam had her lean on the dressing-table. Her big breasts swung back and forth as he slapped her rear several times, not hard, but enough so that her cheeks grew red, and stimulated Joan all the more.

He pressed the tip of his middle finger into her, knowing she was a virgin and not wanting to destroy the moment by inflicting needless pain. But he found her petals to be sufficiently distended, so wet, so warm, so vibrant and tight, but not all that tight, that he eased the finger in further, and meeting no resistence, sent it in to its fullest.

Joan was writhing and pushing against his finger. Her moans had caused Jill to begin fingering herself as she looked on.

Jill could see both Adam's finger sluicing in and out of her friend's pussy as well as Joan's contorted facial expressions reflected in the mirror.

Unable to bear watching Joan's impending orgasm any longer, Jill urged Adam to, "Do that thing with your finger... you know, that little trick that always gets me off."

Adam knew very well what trick Jill meant. Long before, he had discovered a little spot, where he could tickle and tickle and although it didn't make his partner come at once, he would send them floating off into a wonderful, warm, soft limbo. After ages, and ages, their climax would finally creep up on them, and they would go rigid for minutes on end. And all they can do as the finger uldulates within them, is shudder and groan, and wait for it to pass.

Jill came well before Joan did. And when it finally hit her, Joan went wild. Both Adam and Jill thought she was going to wreck the whole room. But then she let out this lovely, lovely sigh, had goose-pimples all over her body, and took on a feverish glow as she sank slowly to the floor.

At first, Jill was stunned by her friend's reaction. Then she found herself kneeling next to Joan and kissing her face, her breasts, anywhere she could reach. It took a minute or so before Joan's hand reached out and absently caressed the nape of Jill's neck.

It seemed funny later, but Joan's touch caused Jill to halt before she reached Joan's sopping wet bush.

"That was wonderful!" Joan murmurred a few minutes later. "Absolutely wonderfuI."

Adam kissed her softly, gently, and they both moaned with contentment.

"So that's what sex is really like," Joan said after their lips separated.

"Well, actually, that's not the full treatment sex-wise," Jill said trying to remain calm.

A somewhat dazed Joan, said, "Huh?"

"What Jill means," said Adam, "is that we haven't done it yet."

"We haven't... but I feel so good," she sighed deeply, and went on. "So let's do it, then, shall we?"

All three laughed and Joan moved to the center of the bed and lay back and spread her legs widely apart.

Jill took in her pubic hair, and the surprisingly small labia. At least they were smaller when she compared them to her own. She also noted that Joan's clit hood was very prominent, and that Adam's erection was at full mast.

""you should know that my Adam is fairly large in the cock department, Joan. Exactly how big are you, darling?"

"Let's just say seven inches and leave it at that," he replied.

"Okay, seven inches it is," Jill quipped. "Get ready, Joan, dear. He's going to fill you up. I kid you not.

As she was telling her friend all this, Adam was donning a lubricated rubber, then knelt between Joan's legs. He held his cock in one hand, and slowly rubbed his cock head against her swollen labia. Joan shuddered, her breathing became increasingly labored, and her face flushed red.

"I... I want to thank the both of you for doing this for me," Joan gasped a split second before Adam slowly entered her.

"OH!" Joan gulped, surprised at the lack of pain, and the wonderful feel of him as roughly three inches slipped into her tight sheath.

"Ahhh!" Adam groaned, as he experienced that unforgettable welcoming experience of entering a cunt for the first time.

Jill peeled her thong off and sat back in the armchair, then spread her legs and sent them to rest on the arms of the chair exposing her own cunt to the couple fornicating before her. However they were not looking at Jill, but caught up in their own blissfully slow fuck.

Joan threw her head back and moaned loudly as Adam sent the remainder of his member into her virgin hole, and then stopped to allow her to grow accustomed to the myriad of sensations this was causing her to experience. To his credit, he kept whispering assurances to her and soon Joan was purring with pleasure with each surging thrust of his cock into her cunt.

Sitting spread-eagled in the armchair, Jill pushed a second finger into herself and feveredly rubbed her clit with the thumb from the other hand.

Adam continued his slow fucking, and Joan began to move her hips, urging him on. Her nails were scraping his back, but did not draw blood. He sought her right leg, and finding it, pulled it up so it her lower leg was wrapped around his back. This changed the angle of his cock, permitting him even greater penetration.

He found her mouth and their tongues began a long lasting duel, with Joan running a hand through his hair until Adam increased the pace of his thrusts.

"OH, GOD!"

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