Plain Jane's Bane

by Mr Hymie

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Science Fiction, Masturbation, Transformation, sci-fi adult story,sci-fi sex story,adult science fiction story.

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Jane, plain Jane, runs into problems when she tries to improve her love life...

Part 1


Plain Jane.

One can be assured that she did not like her nickname. One can be doubly assured, that she was less than pleased when it followed her from High School, to College, and even to her current workplace.

It didn't matter that as an efficiency consultant, she had gained a reputation for wits, and ability to think outside the box. Apparently what did matter, was that she was flat as a board. Bereft of what God had chosen to give many of her competitors, she seemed to lack what she required to meet her goal.

She wanted John.

John vexed her. No matter how she tried or what she did, he seemed oblivious to her pent up desire. He seemed unable to recognized the one truth in the world. They were meant to be more than co-workers.

Jane had spent years working side by side with him, and she was absolutely at the boiling point. Her pent up attraction to him had her doing all sorts of things ; things that ranged into the ridiculous. Last week, for example, she had purchased two hundred dollars worth of "Boobilishous" growth formula. It was guaranteed to work, of course... not that that helped.

Flat as a board, seething with pent up frustration, Jane found herself auditing the latest company that Bernstones found. As a genetic engineering corporation, Blythes Inc had seemed like a good investment a few years ago. However, recently... even after a marginal recovery most companies enjoyed beyond the Dot Com boom, Blythes was having difficulty keep its head afloat. There had been three straight quarters of loss, and Jane's job was to analyze the latest projects, and cut everything as lean as possible.

Jane was positive that this latest department was the place to cut. The managers claimed that they were on the cusp of something "big", but of course she had heard it before. In fact, she had heard it all before, from every department at Blythes.

Quite amusing, thought Jane, but she realized that she was missing something important that Joe was saying. Joe, her technical adviser.

"So you see", said Joe, "this department of does actually seem to be interesting, unlike the last three we've been to."

Jane perked up, and asked him to go into more detail.

"Basically, they seem to have developed a substance that can be mixed with the pheromones of a person. The best part is, this substance can be enhanced... amplified, if you will. It can be mixed with a cologne or perfume as well!". Joe picked up a bottle of the substance, and continued. "Even better, it seems to be very long lasting, in the order of years. In fact, a significant part of the work done in this department, has been to reduce the length of time this substance stays active. Otherwise, Blythes may find itself shooting its own foot!"

"Joe was never the best with expressions", thought Jane.

"Anyhow, simply put, there are two formulas. One that is sexually appealing to a man, and one to a woman. As well, as I said, one can mix the pheromones of a person in as well. That would link the person's smell to that of the substance, subconsciously. For example, if you were to wear this as a perfume to a party, eventually everyone would subconsciously become conditioned to link your pheromones with this smell. The end result is that others would link your scent to that of pure arousal."

Jane was quite intrigued. Perhaps this substance could help her snag John.

A few hours later, Jane was home. She had snagged a bottle from the same rack of chemicals before she left for the day. "Jogsten", the chemical was called, and she had spied a batch of it in tubes behind Joe's head, when he was talking.

As she understood it, a few drops were generally used combined with a person's pheromones, in order to create the effect. Jane was sure that a lower tech method, of simply combining her sweat with the substance, would likely have the same effect as well.

"How much to use", thought Jane. She knew that a few drops plus pheromones would be mixed into a large bottle of perfume, so she decided to use simple rubbing alcohol and an old perfume bottle. Hopefully, she thought, this would result in the desired amount of the substance on her body.

Jane unscrewed the cap of the old perfume bottle, and removed the stopper from the large beaker of Jogsten she had stolen earlier. Lifting them up to her kitchen light, she metered out a few drops into her old, empty perfume bottle. She took a step back, to make sure she had the desired amount, but lo and behold... her cat was behind her!

"Merrrow!!!!!!!!", went the cat!

"Ahhhh!", yelled the woman!

"Whoosh!", flew the jar!

Before Jane knew it, her entire body was covered in Jogsten. Her chest was dripping with the stuff, and as she reached for the kitchen towel, she felt something strange. Almost a tingling sensation, but it was barely noticeable. It was focused on her nipples and her clit... and it was ever so mildly arousing. She picked herself up off of the floor, and headed to her bedroom. After ripping off her soaked clothes, she headed to bed.

"Enough screw ups for one day", she thought.

Jane, you don't know the half of it...

Part 2

Jane was finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate today. It seemed like her nipples were, well, like they were being gently caressed with the finest silk. As a result, they stood at attention, as if paying homage to whatever woke them. Her clit had decided to join the crowd today, as it poked its head above the trench it was in. Unfortunately, that head kept getting brushed as she moved. It had started to break down the formidable resistance that Jane had put up against such sensations.

"Enough!", Jane said aloud... almost too loud. She headed to the bathroom, where she removed her dress. Her relief was visible, after removing her bra and panties. Finally, her body could get some relief from the relentless attention her clothing was doting upon her. Still, she was too embarrassed to relieve herself in a public washroom, so she did the only other thing she could do. She thought that, perhaps, she could wear her dress, sans underwear. Hopefully this would give her the relief she desired.

She tucked her bra and panties into a ball with her hand, and exited the washroom headed in a bee line for her desk. At the half way point, she realized that perhaps this wasn't the best idea after all. Her breasts seemed a little puffy today, and her dress seemed to be sliding all over her nipples and almost teasing the underside of her breasts. Somehow, her dress had managed to hang in a way that constantly flicked her clit with each step. "Is that a seam doing that?!", she thought. She was far better off with her underwear on, no matter how uncomfortable she was.

As she shakily turned around, to return to the bathroom, she almost ran directly into John.

"Orson needs to see us right away, Jane!", and he grabbed her arm and started to whisk her down the hall. Sharp, blistering arousal ensued, as her clit was mercilessly tantalized by the seam of her rebellious dress. Her nipples turned to concrete, her breasts into zones of luscious pleasure, her thighs steamed as fabric washed over them. Any attempt at resistance to John's slight pull was lost, as her mind tried to make sense out of the rampant arousal that attacked her composure.

As they neared Orson's office, Jane remembered her underthings. Luckily John had not noticed them, as they were in her opposing hand, hidden from his view. Orson's secretary was in his office, leaving the foyer waste bin free for her to throw her bra and panties in as she passed.

"That's one embarrassment averted", she shakily thought.

Suddenly, she was in Orson's office. Her face was flushed, her nipples erect, and the sensations she had experience on her forced walk were still peaking. Just for a moment, she was sure she was going to orgasm, but it dissolved like cotton candy.

"We have problems!", shouted Orson Bernstone. "Our company has been accused of theft! Blythes, Inc has warned that something called 'Male Pheromone Binder' was stolen from their company, and by one of us!".

Jane's mind was spinning. _Male_ pheromone binder?! It was all starting to make sense. No wonder a few women had given her strange looks today. No wonder she was so aroused.

After Orson ended his storming session, she emerged from his office a bit panicky. Even worse, the garbage man had been and gone, and her unmentionables were probably being mentioned to the maintenance staff even as she pondered her distressing predicament.

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