Sean And Sean

by Martin Young

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, First, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Sean had come to the beach hotel in an attempt to sort his life out. Both his girlfriend and his job were gone and he was in a bit of a slump. That specific beach hotel held many dear memories to him and he was glad to be back. Perhaps, he would even be able to find closure. Everything seemed fine, but when he was about to check in, he was informed that he had already done so.

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Still a novice at writing, I was thrilled when one of my friends commissioned me to write him a story. He liked it so much; he wanted me to post it for other people's enjoyment. Like the main character in this story, my friend has a unisex name. His name is even shared by a beautiful female Hollywood celebrity. This story is almost entirely based upon my friend's fantasies.


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There were only a handful of persons at the beach, because it was too late in the year. The sun fell on the sand at the same time it did during the summer, but it was much weaker now. The sun fell on me as well but it didn't warm me at all. In fact it was a bit chilly.

My name is Sean Miller and I was a loser. That's right a loser. I had not always been one, but I had become one. In fact, people used to think I was smart and good-looking. I used to have a lovely girlfriend too. But, I screwed up at a huge business deal so instead of receiving a promotion, I ended up being sacked.

After that incident, everything changed forever. My parents and friends let me know they were disappointed in me and that things were different. The words my father had said to me still echoed in my head.

"Son, we're very disappointed in you. You have made many mistakes before, but until now, they have been small and forgettable. This one is not. People will always know about it. It will effect everyone's view of you, even ours. We will always love you, son, but as of this moment, you are on your own. We will not help you any more. In fact I think it's better if you leave now."

I had wanted to scream at him, but I couldn't. I knew I had made a terrible mistake, but how could a father be so cold. I had not wanted his help, just some supporting words and an ounce of sympathy. There was none. Instead, I had just driven back to my apartment in anger and started crying. I think I cried for three days straight. It felt like I had been abandoned by my parents. Heck, my parents had abandoned me.

My girlfriend, who always supported me, hadn't called in a couple of months either. I knew why. I saw her holding another man's arm while walking in town. Things had changed between us. When I had spoken to her about it, she said, "You are a man that climb ladders, but you only look at the sky. That is why you lost your footing."

What the hell did that mean? Why say that to me? I had no idea what it meant. She was even more cryptic than a delusional Buddhist monk. I was the one that had failed, so I'm not the one climbing ladders, she is the one going somewhere. She had always been more interested in a career than me so she had to be staring at the sky as well. I didn't get it.

I thought that we had been equals, but I had slipped and fallen beneath her. She had stayed with me for a while out of pity, but then it was time for her to move on. Leaving me alone and going out with a new guy. It all made me feel so miserable. I was more upset by her new boyfriend than my damned failure. I had loved her so much and I had believed that she would love me forever as well. Everybody knew we loved each other. Our friends had said that we were destined to be together. Had it just been an illusion? Had it just been a house of cards, so easy to knock over?

I remembered when I was nine; my mother took me to a carnival. I had a great day and we were almost on our way home when I noticed the poster for the fortuneteller. I begged my mother to take me to her and I guess I was persuasive at that age. The fortuneteller had been a scary old hag with an eye patch over her left eye. I had asked if I would ever fall in love like mom and dad, and I will never forget her answer.

"Your life will be filled with loneliness and heartaches. In the end, you will fall in love with yourself." The old hag had smiled a wicked smile and said, "Don't worry, it is not a bad thing."

What she had said had scared me and I had tried to forget about it. I was wondering if it might be true. At least, she was right about the heartache and loneliness. It was my loneliness that had led me to this place. The emptiness of the beach really suited a person like me.

I wandered aimlessly on the beach and headed towards some rocks. Continually washed by the waves and winds, the rocks looked like the obstacles in my own life; too big and sturdy to be moved by anything. They looked like they could stay there for an eternity.

It had been my friends that had told me to take a vacation. They told me that I was just moping around, feeling sorry for myself. I was not even trying to find a new job. They had not realised that I had just wanted to run away from the world. That was what I was doing. It was not an accident that I ended up on that beach. I had come there the summer before with my girlfriend. We had had so much fun there. But it wasn't to last. It was probably me, thinking too much, allowing her to move away from me. For her part, she had waited until our relationship had died of natural causes, before she found a new guy. Why hadn't I fought to keep fighting to keep our happiness alive? I couldn't believe that she had found another lover, well not until I saw them together. They had looked happy. The world was a cruel place for a loser like me.

I had become a failure in both my professional and personal lives. Those things had robbed my life of any purpose. I had come full circle. I no longer cared about my girlfriend, my failure or anything. I had come to that specific beach to find closure and a purpose in my life. I wanted to be reborn.

A cold breeze was coming in from the ocean and it was getting colder outside. Not wanting to catch a cold, I decided to head up to the hotel and check in. Leaving the now empty beach behind me I walked towards the big red house in the distance. As I got closer I could see a big banner "International Dermatology Congress 2006." There were also a lot of foreign cars outside. I remember thinking that I had been smart enough to book a room in advance, because otherwise I might have ended up sleeping on the beach.

I entered the hotel and found that the lobby was surprisingly empty. Someone was probably giving a fascinating speech on the latest treatments of psoriasis, keeping everyone occupied. I put my backpack on the floor since it was getting heavy. There was no one behind the front desk so I hit the little bell. After a few moments, a short man in his fifties came out. He was overweight, barely 5 feet tall, wore glasses, and was almost baldheaded. I remembered from the year before that he was the owner of the hotel.

"Hello sir, how may I help you?"

"I have a reservation under the name Sean Miller."

The corpulent man looked at me strangely and then opened up his old fashioned ledger. He looked at it for a while and just shook his head.

"I'm sorry. It seems like you already checked in."

"What? Are you sure? There must be some kind of a mistake."

"No, mistake. Room 201, Sean Miller. Checked in two days ago."

"Whomever is in room 201 must be an impostor. Here look at my identification."

I pulled up my driver's license and he looked at it closely. He raised an eyebrow and picked up his keys.

"I'm sorry, sir. There must be some kind of misunderstanding. Follow me and we will sort this out."

We headed up the stairs to the second floor and soon arrived at room 201. The short man knocked on the door and I could hear a female voice from the inside answer, "Just a minute."

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