Questions, Questions, Questions

by Pagan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Blackmail, Lesbian, BDSM, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Marriage can change a person.



Look at you now, was it only four weeks ago I said those same words.

Sitting on my big double bed I remember looking in the ornate dressing table mirror, look at you now Mrs Susan Watts; it was so strange to be called Watts, 21 years as Harbert, and for the last month Mrs Rupert Watts.

A month of bliss. My mind went back to that lovely honeymoon in the Seychelles and the things a new wife experienced.

I had saved myself; a refined bringing up, all girl school, and an important family had kept me from the seedier side of life.

Rupert had experience and did things to me, exciting things, his tongue and fingers made me putty in his hands, I thought I will, no, I knew I must learn what to do to give him such pleasures but as he said at the time, there's no rush, the excitement will be in him teaching me the, as he called it, kinkier side of love making and just the thought of innocent me learning how to give him oral sex was giving me a thrill, I wasn't so sure about the words Anal sex, but?

Newly married and I am here in this huge house in the country with all its expensive extras and my own Mercedes coming next week, oh its great to be blond, beautiful and 21, I even laughed as I remember some-one saying I was like Britney Spears, yes I was happy and going to spend the rest of my life with the man I love.

Still there is a down side, there I was packing for him as he goes back to work, the firm could have been kinder and not sent him to the Berlin office for a week on his first day back but with his executive status and money comes responsibility and I was so proud of him.

I always kept a dairy with me, logging his progress, he had been the fastest person in the firm to have risen to this important level, so he had to go away and conclude another of his big deals, I thought it will give me time to sort the house out, with the kind of money he was earning it was a big house.

He came in from the bathroom, now clean-shaven and handsome in his business suit, this evening I was taking him to the airport so I could keep the car.

We chatted for a while along the long country roads but it was silence as we hit the main roads, every man for himself until we got round and in to terminal four, no chance to stop and say our goodbyes before we new it I was being moved on by the airport security; bumper to bumper until I got back to the lighter country roads, it was then I noticed the petrol gauge, it was flashing red.

Mile after mile I drove on, searching, panicking, then I saw one, I must have been travelling on fresh air as I pulled in under the one light, hell it's shut.

I got out the car, maybe there was a phone, phone yes my mobile, I delved in to my handbag no, in the hurry at the airport Rupert had taken mine with him, my last hope maybe some one lived on the premises.

I walked around, there was nothing, I felt a little chill, the cool of the evening reminded me I had only got on pants, blouse and a skirt, I didn't expect this to be happening to me so by now I was panicking.

I sat in the car for a while thinking, should I risk the drive or wait; I got out and walked to the road nothing, there had been nothing since I got there, so much for living in the middle of no-where, I turned back to the car.

I set of headlights suddenly illuminated the fore court, where had they come from; I was dazzled. I moved to the side of the office building as a large van pulled along side me, there was the driver and another man; he rolled the window down, I couldn't see him but I heard "You lost or something?"

I moved to the door, he shone a torch in my face as I spluttered, "I'm almost out of juice; do you know where the next garage is?"

The other man past him a map, he opened it and pointed the light of the torch at it, I looked through the window, "Now we are here, this road leads back to Roundly, and this is the city road."

Like a fool I blurted out, "I know, I've just taken my husband to the airport."

He still didn't look at me but carried on saying, "Look this road takes you up to --," I never heard anymore as a hand clamped over my face, my handbag clattered to the floor and I was jerked back and up, my feet left the ground.

The man in the van jumped out and grabbed my legs, "Nice one Jake, glad we opened the back first, come on sweetheart, Christ you got nice soft legs."

I was carried to the back of the van, the driver was already in the back of the van waiting, he waved his arms at the man carrying me, then his strong arms took me, I had just one chance to scream before I was in the back and the door rolled closed.

As the door hit the floor a light came on, but a hand was over my eyes; with my arms pinned painfully behind I started to whimper, "Please don't hurt me."

I heard one of them laugh, "Why is it the first thing they always say is, please don't hurt me, Christ lady its up to you whether we hurt you are not, Bren, pass the rope, lets get her secure and see what we got to play with."

A gruff voice growled in my ear, "Keep still, keep your eyes shut and do as your told, I'm going to let go of you, move and you do get hurt, big time."

I felt my arms released and the fingers left my eyes; I didn't move or try to look I stood there shaking, I jumped as my coat was jerked off my shoulders and down my arms, I heard it crumple on to the floor, then I heard a ripping sound, "Kneel down," I was so scared I couldn't move.

I sudden thump caused incredible pain in my back, "Kneel now," screamed in my ear; trying to catch my breath and keeping my eyes closed I dropped to my knees, knocking my handbag to the side, my head was held firm and tape was stuck across my eyes.

My wrists were held outwards and I felt rope fastened to them then my arms where dragged out and secured to the sides slats of the van, I knelt there on my knees, crucified and helpless as a hand patted the top of my head and a patronising voice said, "There's a good girl, nothing to get upset about, you look just like that aeroplane your husbands in."

I swallowed hard to stop myself from crying out, but I lost that battle as I heard, "You drive, I'll find the agents key, we'll use the second of the renovated barns, its got more beams."

As I tried to whimper I felt tears through the tape, I heard movement as some-one bent in front of me, "Don't cry, we knew we were going to take you and have some fun when we saw you walking round the forecourt, pretty girls with big tits shouldn't be out alone at night."

He bent forward and I was almost sick as I felt his tongue touch my lips, his rough stubble scraped against my cheek as his face slid round to my ear, licking at it he whispered, "You said you were out of juice and needed some, well its your lucky night, you see we've got plenty of juice and we will be only to happy to pump it in to you," the van started up and moved off the fore court.

The two men must have moved behind me I heard them talking quietly to the driver. My shoulders ached as I swayed helplessly, my knees began to hurt; my short pleated skirt didn't give any protection to my naked legs; as well as scared I was cold, the short-sleeved top was only supposed to be for the warmth of the car but suddenly my mind was taken off those problems.

The men had gone quiet when suddenly I felt a hand on my bottom then a voice whispered, "You got a nice round ass." I mumbled, "Please don't do that."

The voice continued, "And what are you going to do if I don't?"

I tried so hard not to start sobbing again but when another hand squeezed my left breast I cried, "Oh god no."

Another voice said, "God's not here love but we are, now lets look at this sensible, I'm gona ask you a few questions and you gona give me some answers?"

I didn't say anything until I felt his hand squeeze my breast hard and I cried out, "Yes, yes what ever."

He stopped squeezing and said, "Now my friend asked you what you were going to do to stop him, lets look at that, ready?"

As the hands continued to rub my body, "Yes but please, I beg you don't hurt me," was all I could say.

The van lurched to the right as he said, "Told you before, it's up to you if we hurt you, now I want answers, try this, are you beautiful?"

I muttered, "I eerr," as I did I felt a hand cup over my skirt and squeeze hard at the flesh between my legs, as it began to hurt I said, "Yes, yes I suppose so."

I heard him laugh, "No suppose about it, now try faster next time, have you got nice firm tits?"

I felt so scared, but I knew I had to answer him, "Yes."

"Have those nice firm tits got big nipples?"

"I don't know, I haven't seen many others but they are, are quite eerrr long."

I felt his hand over my blouse searching for them, he suddenly squeezed one, he licked my ear as he tormented me with "And they feel thick, see I told you, you are beautiful, does your old man like sucking them?"

I chocked out, " Ya, Yes."

He pulled on them, "I bet he does, and do you like it when he licks them and sucks them out, so they're all wet, long and hard."

I was trying so hard not to sob; I knew I was in a hopeless situation as I tried to say what he wanted to hear, "Yes."

He laughed, "Yes what?"

In panic I spluttered out, "Yes I like my nipples sucked."

He almost giggled, "Well ain't that nice, I'll be glad to be doing something you like, now getting down to the nitty gritty, here's the next question, what have you got snuggling in your pants?"

As the van lurched I tried to plead again, "Please don't make me say these things, I haven't done anything to you."

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