Man of my Dreams

by pennies from heaven

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Squirting, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Lisa finally gets to meet Rick. The man of her dreams.

The bar was dim and smoke-filled. I searched the faces for his. I had only seen his face via e-mail photos that we had exchanged. My heart was pounding from the excitement and fear that he would be disappointed when he finally did see me. I had been waiting for this day since three months into when we had met.

We had hit it off from day one after meeting in the chat room. Our IM conversations covered everything and nothing but we could 'talk' well into the wee hours of the morning on weekends, and even late on week nights. I knew what he looked like by only one picture and he had seen a few of me, including some risqué ones.

Our eyes connected and I knew, instantly it was him. His face broke out into a large, warm smile and he stood up from the barstool he had been sitting on. I walked toward him, feeling I was walking in slow motion; ever conscious of his eyes on me from my head to my toes and all the curves in between. I had worn a skirt, because I knew he had an affinity for my ass. The skirt was a short, black little number with a form fitting, white cotton top. I wore black thigh-highs, a white lace thong and matching bra. The high-heeled black shoes highlighted my calves perfectly. My chestnut hair was swinging at my back and my green eyes were wide with my excitement

He was taller than my minds-eye had pictured him but he looked amazing. In jeans and a nice dark green polo-style shirt he looked casual but amazing. His light blue eyes had a sparkle to them and my heart leapt around in my chest.

Nervously we both said hello to one another and he pulled me into a hug. It felt right, like we were meant to fit together. He smelled incredible; a masculine mix of soap, leather and patchouli. I inhaled deeply to try to memorize just exactly how he smelled. His face turned to kiss my cheek lightly and I pulled back to look at him, close up. I could feel my heart pounding in my throat and wondered if he was as emotion-filled as I was.

"Lisa. You look amazing."

"Thanks, Rick. You look pretty good yourself. God. I can't believe we're finally meeting."

"Yeah. How was your drive?"

"Good. Long but good. And worth it," I said with a coy smile. "How was yours?"

"Good. After seeing you walk in," he sighed, "definitely worth it."

I giggled, nervously but feeling flattered.

The bartender came up and took my drink order.

"I ordered some appetizers. I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all, that sounds good."

We talked like we had known each other forever. It didn't surprise me. Even when we IM'd it felt like we had known each other for a long time. The conversation and laughter came easily. Suddenly the bar was the last place I wanted to be. Both of our drinks had bottomed out and I looked at him in silence. The noise of the bar had grown louder in the few short hours we had been there.

I fidget nervously on the stool and he placed his hand on my knee. He smiled a knowing smile and it was as if he read my mind. Lightly he caressed my knee and I turned my body even more open to him. Closely we sat together. I needed to be close to him, to have him touching me.

His fingers made small circles on my nylons. A shiver ran up my leg and spine. My breath caught in my throat, I smiled at him and he smiled back. I sipped at the melted ice in my glass more out of reflex than thirst.

Slowly his hand moved up my thigh. God it was what I wanted him to do and he knew it. He knew I wanted him to play with me in public; we had talked about it time and time again. I could feel my juices welling in my panties. Finally his hand reached the lace-top of my thigh-highs and his eyebrow arched at his find. I'm sure he knew that above that lace edge was my bare thigh. He continued to make circles with his fingers on my bare thigh under my skirt. It caused the fires within me to be stoked and I groaned. The noise in the bar drowned out any noise I made.

The bartender came over to take our order and out of the corner of my eye I saw him see what was going on. He turned to help someone else with a smirk on his face. What we were doing was exhibitionistic behavior and I loved it. When his finger-tips grazed my panty-covered crotch, I jerked slightly because his touch was like a pleasant electric shock. I closed my eyes and focused on his hand touching my body. After a few times over my lace thong his finger moved the fabric aside and touched my smooth, pussy lips for the first time.

It felt as good as I had imagined for many months. Then he dipped his finger-tips into my hot center. I flexed my inner muscles to grip at his fingers, desperate to keep him within the hot confines of my body. The juices dripped out each time he pulled his fingers nearly all the way out.

His body had moved closer to mine, his front was leaning into my side to better his angle. I could feel his chest heave out with each intake of breath and his warm exhale on my hair. Then he leaned down and sucked my earlobe into his mouth, breathing into my ear. His fingers continued to move in and out of me and he whispered in his guttural, deep voice, "Let's go."

I wasn't going to argue. I wanted to go. He didn't need to say it twice. He removed his fingers and I watched him put them in his mouth tasting my nectar. I could barely hear his "Hmmm," above the roar of the room around us. His actions caused me to squirm in my seat. I wanted to run for the door, dragging him by the hand behind me but I manage to quash that and demurely slide off the stool with a permanent smile on my face.

As soon as my high heels touch the bar floor I saw the bartender behind Rick smiling a knowing smile. He knew what I knew. He knew what Rick knew. Rick was going to get lucky.

I felt more than physical attraction to Rick. I felt more than just the physical need as well when he was near. I had suspected, for some time that I was in love with him. To finally meet him and to confirm that the attraction and connection were real made my heart sore. I wanted to scream from the mountain tops, that is, after I fucked his brains out. But I did take his hand and we walked out. We got held up in a section of the crowd and his hand moved up under my skirt again, teasing me in public. It was making me hotter than I had ever been before.

His pelvis was against my back and I felt the firm bulge in his jeans pressed into my taut ass. At one point I felt him grind himself into the crack in my ass and I ground back. Finally the doorway was in front of us and we exited into the cool, spring air. The noise of the bar rang in my ears. He was walking beside me, his arm around me and his hand was holding my hip as we walked.

"Where's your car?" he asked. I looked up and saw the hunger in his eyes. I knew mine was showing the same desire.

"It's over there," I replied, pointing to my vehicle. "The red one. Did you want to follow me?"

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