The Story

by wetapap

Tags: Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Humor, Cheating,

Desc: : Virgin writer gets it right (no explicit sex)

"This story contains no sex"

What is there to say? I like erotic stories, especially the cheating wife tales. Their emotional impact ties my stomach in knots and leaves me desiring more. Ecstatic, I discovered treasure troves of stories at various sites on line and finding them required little effort on my part.

I amazed myself at the diligence with which I investigated these sites, searching out the "old classics," authored by a variety of gifted writers. The process had taken almost a year. Truthfully, finding them took only half the time, the other half was spent reading, re-reading, and commenting on them, I loved to share my thoughts and feelings.

When my search was over, I discovered a desolate void between new "classics". Yeah I know those voids don't last that long but try telling an addict like me. I became grateful for the old "classics", re-reading my favorite stories kept the walls of the void from closing in.

Every night, like my poor fellow addicted kinsmen, I could be found at my computer gleaning through new stories. We are constantly searching for that new "classic", always hoping to find one, bringing relief to the drought of many disappointing nights.

An idea for a new story came to mind and I thought 'If others can try their hand at writing, why not me.' I knew the stereotypes and old plotlines, so sitting down decided to open myself up and let my story out.

First I would need an outline, get the basics down. Coffee by my side, I sat down at my computer and started to type. Believe it or not, the words started to make sense, at least to me.

So I started writing...

Outline for the story of "My Cheating Wife"

'Oh yeah that's an original story title, I can change it later. Most of this I will leave unchanged, maybe a comment or two here and there. I don't want to get confused. What names to use? How about Mike and Betty, that's our real names? Knowing Betty, she wouldn't mind.'

Main Characters: Mike and Betty

'I remember that one guy I talked to on IM, WobblyDonkey, does a good job of setting up his stories. He said it's best to keep an outline simple and fill in the gaps later.'

It started when I first met Betty, how beautiful she was and is still.

The courtship lasted six months. We filled those moments with sentimental memories of our first hand holding, kisses, caresses, the pure fire of the first touch of her breasts, and making love for the first time with a passion I could not have imagined.

The planning, preparing, and the wedding were an ordeal and half.

The honeymoon was storybook perfect; we should have lived happily ever after.

Two kids, a boy and a girl, were enough. We couldn't figure out how to get the other 0.7 so we quit there. Let another average American couple have our extra fraction.

Ten years of marriage had seen us through thick and thin. Now I was mid-management and doing well. Betty was personal secretary to her company's CEO and doing quite well herself. Life should have been just peachy keen for us.

'Ok I'veset up the marriage. Now, how do I find out about the affair, a letter? A mystery phone call? Or found the condom? nah too harsh... Wait, I have it... '

The Mountain View Motel, what a dump! It was one of only six motels in our small to midsize town. It was an absolute fluke, being there that day and seeing the fatal sight of my wife and best bud, Randy going into one of the rooms. Yes, I used the word fatal, something inside me died instantly, it would never live again as it had before, innocence's lost forever.

'Now to get evidence, nothing like the old stand by.'

I had used all my vacation and sick days, unable to take off work, I hired a P.I... A week later I had the full report with all the details.

Every Tuesday and Thursday for the past four months, they had been taking two hour lunches to meet at the Motel. Probably surmising they would never be caught, being the last place on earth any decent human being would be found dead.

'I need a catch, a zinger to get the cheating wife zealots REALLY going... Oh yeah... '

The listening device caught the most important fact; Betty was pregnant and didn't want to have an abortion. She would convince me that it was mine. Randy was scared if I found out I would beat him to a bloody pulp, before killing him. He was brighter than I gave him credit for.

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