The Perils Of Pauline Fraser

by Pagan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, BDSM, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Spot the twist before the end

Pauline Fraser, I'm on my way.

Pauline sat in the smart city centre apartment, the back had a balcony that over looked the river, a expensive bit of real estate, part of her future families business, but at this moment in time that was far from her mind, should she wear the black or pink dress for tonight's dinner, pink would go nice with the new undies, she giggled at the thought of her new sexy underwear, a bit expensive and a bit naughty, but she was worth it, soon she would be Mrs Pauline Rexel, married to a wonderful man and happy for the rest of her life.

She shuddered with excitement, so thrilled at the prospected of her lovely life, her life full of every luxury she could imagine, she grabbed the little cushion at her side and pulled it to her chest, why shouldn't she have everything, she was beautiful, clever, and he was rich, powerful and hansom, the perfect couple, she looked down at the copy of Hello, they were even going to cover the impending nuptials.

She frowned a little at the thought of the one down side, putting up with her future husbands odious father, dirty old lecher, tried grabbing her breasts on more that one occasion and even shoved his hand up her skirt, the frown became a smile when she remembered slapping him and threatened to tell his wife and son, he called her a slut and a fucking gold digger, the smile became a giggle when she remembered telling him, and you're a disgusting fat slob, your son is mine so get over it.

Life was perfect for the beautiful Pauline Fraser and she knew it. She sat sipping her cappuccino watching the television. She was still contemplating what to wear when an advert came on, she nodded as she watched the woman parading around in sexy underwear, she was talking on the phone to her date, "Yes darling I'm on my way just going out of the door now," Pauline giggled as the woman put the phone beside the door and slammed it then continued to pamper herself; She spoke to the television, "Yes that's it, make him wait."

The one thing that infuriated Pauline about Anthony George Rexel was his inability to be punctual for their dates, in business in was Mr perfection but for some inexplicable reason he could never be on time for her.

She watched as the advert continued with the sexy woman putting smoke coloured stocking on her shapely legs and clicking them seductively on the suspender belt, the phone rings again, "Yes darling I'm on my way but stuck in traffic, listen," she hangs the phone out of the window picking up the noise from the street, her long sexy leg points back and up," Pauline thought, yes I just may wear suspenders tonight, as the woman went back to pampering herself.

Pauline was getting right in to the advert, she muttered out loud, "Yes go on make him wait, teach the chauvinistic pig whose boss."

She punched her fist in to the air and waved it around as the advert continued with the women now pretending to be stuck in road works but still parading in front of a mirror, admiring herself as she showed contempt for the date on the phone. Pauline threw the cushion to the floor and exclaimed, "Yeah that's what I'll do tonight, yes tonight my Anthony, if you want to marry me then it's you who will wait for me."

She new she had to waste some time, she wasn't going to rush a get ready, first a long soaking bath; next all those feminine little jobs, finger, toes, pussy trim, legs waxed, under arm and facial.

By the time she had finished all that it would have normally been the time she would have been half way there but not this time, she spent time with her hair, then she dressed; she didn't need a bra, but the ivory and bronze trim bodice looked very sexy as her nipples extenuated the sheer silk fit. Matching panty-shorts looked wicked as the four straps of the suspenders hung from under them, the bronze clips waiting to clip on to the dark, seamed stockings.

She lay the pink dress on the bed as she found her white high heeled court shoes, she liked these, the ankle straps always looked sexy against the dark of the stockings, she put them on and coping the woman on the advert she paraded in front of her long mirror.

She looked at herself and smiled; placing her hands on her hips she nodded, "Yeah, I'm worth it, if you want me, respect me," her eyes took the vision in; long shapely legs rose from the white shoes, she turned checking the seam was straight, the panties hugged her round small firm arse before flaring loose at the top of those long legs.

The top of the panties and the suspender belt accentuated the trim waist before her upper body was hidden by the slip bodice only the two indentations of her nipples showed through the silk before the scoop of the top allowed any sight of her deep cleavage jutting out under her slender neck.

Pauline was miles away in her thoughts when she jumped, the silly ring tone on her mobile played, she giggled as reached forward, moving towards the door she spoke to it, "Now lets see how you like it," she flicked open the face, "Hello."

A rather agitated voice spoke, "Are you all right."

"Yes and you?"

"Fine, fine, where are you?"

She moved towards the door and opened, "I'm on my way, just going out the door now," she slammed the door, "Won't be long, bye."

She turned, laughter filled the room, trouble was, the door hadn't shut properly but Pauline hadn't noticed as she marched back to the mirror.

She pouted at the mirror then gyrated her hips, "Worth waiting for if you ask me, time for a cappuccino and maybe a little more gloss on the lips.

Still in her underwear she made her drink and drank it, she looked at the window and giggled, "Just like my girl in the advert, traffic next," she finished her coffee and went to put on her lip-gloss.

Half way through the application of the gloss the mobile hailed her again, she finished the gloss and mmmmmd her lips together; picking herself and the phone up she moved back into the room and aimed for the window, she opened the widow and poked her head out, she remembered the pose and pointed her long, stocking clad leg back in to the room, she flicked the face up, "Hello."

The voice was more than agitated now, "Where the hell are you?"

"Stuck in traffic, must be road works or something, where are you?"

"You know full bloody well, in the restaurant car park, sat waiting for you."

"Oh you are sweet, well you just sit there I won't be long, put a romantic C D on and think of our honeymoon, bye."

She held her pose for a moment, giggling as she imagined him sitting there sulking on his own, it was as she lowered her leg that she felt something, unsure of what it was she slowly started to move back in.

It was just as her breasts slid past the window ledge that she felt something grip her ankle then a yank pulled her all the way in. The mobile phone clattered to the floor as arms grabbed hers, the hands let go of her ankle, she was quickly manoeuvred to a standing position before a hand slapped over her mouth, she was turned back to face her own room.

Her eyes refocused, she was being held tightly, an arm locked through her elbows pinning them painfully together, a hand clasped firmly to her mouth crushed her lips to her teeth; in front of her stood an ugly man, little and dumpy would describe his stature, stubble covered his dirty face, lank greasy hair stuck to his head.

As she looked down she could see he had on a black boiler suit but she could also see a second form with a knife glinting close to her throat.

She couldn't see the other man's face but she knew from the arm holding the knife he too had on a black boiler suit, she tried to make a sound, but the hand pulled tighter over her mouth and the knife rose closer, she stared at the grinning man in front of her.

"Pretty lady like you shouldn't leave her door open, your lucky we ain't Jehovah witness's, you know how boring they can be and they never go," there was a snigger from behind her.

His eyes ran up and down the trembling beauty, "Now lets play the obvious, you don't want my friend to cut you, do you?"

Pauline tried to move but couldn't, he nodded, "I'll take that as please don't hurt me, that's what they always say, now, if my other friend takes his hand from your mouth you won't scream or say something stupid like, I have money, take what you like, please don't hurt me, what do you want, ect, you know all the stupid things women in story books say in your situation will you?"

Still Pauline couldn't answer but her eyes said it all; the man took a step closer, his hand rose to her chest as he rubbed her nipple with the back of his fingers, "You are a pretty lady, got anything worth taking?"

Her face took on a look or relief, were they just after money and jewels, he smiled at her expression, "My friend will take a look while I do the same."

She saw the knife move away as the other man moved back towards her bedroom, the first one stepped a little closer, he now had both hands up, the backs of his fingers rubbing the large indentation of her nipples, he stuck his tongue out, "Like them licked?"

Her eyes filled with terror, her body squirmed but she was no match for the man holding her; her tormentor slid his hand down the front of the silk bodice until he reached the waistband of her silk shorts, winking at her he curled his fingers in to the band and pulled forward, the way he licked her lips made her feel sick, but his eyes moved down and didn't leave the sight of the neatly trimmed curls nestling just above the curve of her thighs.

The back of his other hand ran across her stomach, his finger ends tickling at the hairs, she struggled, he looked up at her, "Think it may be time to secure you, I feel as though I'm the only one having some fun and I'm sure my two friends are just a keen to explore the delights of your extremely beautiful body."

He turned towards the bedroom, Pauline squirmed but he just squeezed tighter, she watched him disappear in to the bathroom only to reappear carrying her red pants she had worn through the day, he grinned as he approached her, "I know, hummer me, it's a man thing, we do like to gag women with their own pants, especially if they've been worn all day, its just that we imagine the taste as the juice from your mouth mix's with your cunt juice then swallowing it, even better if your came in them sometime, just a man thing."

The hand suddenly moved to her forehead and dragged hard back, she opened her mouth, he knew she would and the pants rammed home immediately. As her tongue tried to rapidly move the material so she wouldn't choke so the hand held it in.

The man moved to the side, and returned with a roll of silver tape, ripping a length off he soon had it slapped over the gloss of her lips, a second piece sealed them shut, now he had a hand free.

Both men grabbed one of Pauline's arms and twisted, she bent trying to relieve the pain, as soon as they were bent up her back three lengths of tape secured them crossed, one in the middle one either side forcing each wrist to the opposite elbow, before she could move the man slapped her arse hard, "I wouldn't stay bent like that lady, your offering a very tempting sight to my friend," quickly she straightened, a hand grabbed her hair and held her still.

"Now that's better, you can't speak, which we like, and you can't use your hands to defend yourself, which we like, and you are only dressed in sexy underwear, which we love," he moved forward and again pulled the front of her panty-shorts out, "And when my friend has finished ransacking your valuables we will remove all your clothes, have a nice play with your body and begin raping you, which we like the most."

Pauline muffled a silly helpless squeal but the man just kept holding her panties out and treating the whole situation in his matter of fact voice, he looked back at her and slowly shook his head, "Now little lady your being silly, I must admit when we came through the door we were going to rob you but look what we found," he smiled, "You, and you are fucking good to look at, I've never looked a gift horse in the mouth plus I'm a simple man of mathematics, there's one of you and three of us and you have got three very nice tight holes, so three in to three will go."

Pauline struggled but the grip on her hair held firm. The third man came out of the bedroom holding a bag, "Did I hear a fuck was in order?" the man holding her panties held her stare, "Oh yes and I take it you want first hit?"

The three men gathered around Pauline, hands came from behind and squeezed the fine breast's over the sheer silk, a hand slid in to her pants and tickled over the lips of her cunt, the grinning man nodded, "Time to fuck you, you like it hard or slow, or shall we find out for ourselves, either way lets have you sat on his bone," Pauline felt her panties pulled down and another voice, "Oh yes this is going to be a nice evening."

There was nothing she could do; she watched as the man took his boiler suit off, he was hairy and naked underneath, he lay on the floor, with one hand he held his fat rigid cock up with the other he beckoned at Pauline.

A slight struggle was all she was allowed as the two men forced her to straddle to sweating man, a kick at the back of her knees had her moving down on to the fat cock. The sound of men sniggering filled her ears as she grunted and squealed while they shoved her down, putting pressure on her shoulders until she was impaled on him, her knees now either side with his cock deep inside her. The man holding her hair pulled her slightly up then dragged her down, she had no option but to fuck the smiling man.

The smile went as he said, "How about getting her tits out, they look big and they look like their going to be fun." The dumpy mans hand moved dropping first her right strap then her left, as the silk slid off the two firm mounds he said "Oh yes there will be some fucking in them valleys later," giggling at his remark he bent to fondle one, the grunts, moans and laughter suddenly stopped when the mobile on the floor played its silly tone.

He changed directions picking up the mobile instead, as his hand closed over the phone he nodded to the man behind Pauline then he looked at her, "Talk and make sure you do it right, it's a long way out that window, so if you don't want flying lessons, just talk."

Pauline sat motionless on the fat cock, as he bent to her ear the man behind ripped of the tape and pulled the pants from her mouth, the face was flicked open and held to her ear, trying to sound normal she coughed and said, "Hello."

"Were the bloody hell are you, I'm sat in this car, not a bloody soul in sight, hungry and ready to dine with my future wife, so cut the hello crap and answer me,"

While the ranting on the phone continued the man took the phone away from Pauline's ear and held it to his own, he nodded, the man Pauline had yet to see moved forward, walking in front of the bound woman, she gasped as the size of the big black man as he strode around in front of her, a cock, large, long and hard befitting a man of his size filled her vision, the angry, purple bulbous head pointed at her face.

A large black hand grabbed a handful of the frightened woman's hair, dragging her head to meet the cock head now touching her lips, the little dumpy man smiled at her as the words in his ear finished with, "Well, well answer me, were are you, what are you doing?"

The black hand shook the petrified woman, fingers twisted her thick nipples, her eyes weld with tears as her mouth slowly opened, the man waited until the mouth was as wide as it could get then the fat cock pushed past the gloss covered lips.

As the voice on the phone all most screamed, "Come on I'm sitting here waiting for an answer, just give me one, " the little man cleared his throat, "The young ladies busy at the moment, she seems to be the one being given one."

There was a pause before, "What do you mean, who are you, busy how, what?"

"Now I take it from that conversation you were having with your young lady you are sitting in your car, yes?"

Another silence before, "Yes, but look I."

The little man grinned at the sight in front of him as he stopped the conversation, "Well I suggest you stay sat in your car and don't move or do anything stupid or this lovely young lady will take flying lessons from her forth story window and even with the two superb air bags she has on her front I'm sure she will be of little use after."

"Yes, yes I'll stay, but please don't."

"Don't hurt her, yeah, yeah we've been through that, now just to keep you sat and still we will carry on our little chat, in fact I will give you graphic details of our very enjoyable encounter with, I take it she's your future wife, do you understand?"

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