The Perils Of Pauline Bates

by Pagan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Gang Bang, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: Spot the twist before the end

It's the quiet ones.

Erickson's double glazers, nice firm, family run, employed about twenty staff, fitters, office, sales reps; Pauline Bates worked in administrations and her husband Gerald was a sales rep. The Bates lived about half an hour away from the firm, they where happy with their lot, a little two bedroom bungalow, no kids yet but as she was twenty eight and he thirty three they thought time was running close but due to working and saving they were doing little to have one.

With that in mind Gerald was working lots of hours, he would volunteer for most jobs, be they in the area or a chance to get large contracts further a field; money was their god at the moment and sex was an after-thought.

It was 8.40 Monday morning, already both of them were at the office; Pauline was at her desk, she only had a three-day week this week, so loads to do. The boss Mr Trevor Erickson watched his lovely admin secretary with lecherous eyes; the turn of her slender ankle under the desk, if he bent his eyes feasted on her dimpled knees just showing beneath her black pleated skirt, he cursed and thought why were they never parted, the swell of her fine breasts restricted under her neat blouse, her hand always pushing her dark curls away from her face as she worked at the computer, he turned back to his work thinking, a beautiful quiet, well refined woman and a dam fine piece of ass then he realized, shit two days without seeing her, here to day then she was off again Tuesday and Wednesday, she had worked so hard he owed her hours and she was taking them off, he couldn't or wouldn't pay the over time so she had to take the time off.

Gerald sat in the salesroom studying a road map, he was getting ready to go after a large contract, three days he would be away but things weren't going well, interruptions annoyed him as he had not got his last job completed, there was a problem there had been a cock up. He said it was the surveyor's fault the surveyors said it was his but a large posh house had seven windows in and three laying on the floor, to small to fit.

Pauline was oblivious to the row going on in the sales-room, and to put it politely she was unwell, she had a bit of a hang over. Over the weekend Gerald had been busy preparing his presentation for the contract and her friend Rachel was having\a little girly party so, with his blessing she went and the wine flowed a little to well making the silly Ann Summer's stupidity a giggle; she was pleased when Monday night came and they went home, Gerald to set off on his journey, her to go to bed.

Tuesday morning came, a leisurely time for Pauline, shower, clean up, put on her little white house socks, a comfy flared skirt and t-shirt, make some toast and relax on the sofa for a bit of day time T V.

In the office Mr Erickson was trying to sort out the problem of the small windows, he had three fitters standing around doing nothing and a very angry customer; he called the ganger in. Ron Portman stood in the office his two workmates Ian Burnell and Bob Griggs paced around outside.

"Okay Ron, take the lads to Lakeside and do the best you can, look busy, play for time until I get the right bits and drop these memos off at Pauline's, I'll get them picked up and faxed tomorrow, but she must check them today, if Turnpenny's don't get these we don't get the bits for those bloody windows, just use up the day and pacify those posh bastards, we must get this cock up sorted see you tomorrow."

The van drove to Lakeside, they didn't even have to get out the van, the gardener told them that the Harrington's were away for a few days, couldn't stand the mess, they expected everything done on their return, Ron didn't worry he knew it would be, just get the memos sighed, twenty four hour delivery and everything would be sorted.

Next stop Pauline Bates, every male member of the firms little miss fantasy, that quiet woman who just got on with her job, didn't make to much conversation but she was the epitome of eye candy, the three men, played, imagine what undies she'll have on, as they drove towards the home.

Pauline was bored with the silly chat shows and who fathered who's child, so making another cup of coffee. She stood at the open kitchen door staring at the garden when a thought struck her, she went to her best bag, if she remembered through her haze of the other night had she seen some chocolate from the Sunday night party, she picked the bag out of the wardrobe from where it had been slung in her drunken stupor and tossed it on the bed, what came out drew her breath.

She smiled as she picked up the two boxes and the thick magazine, Oh dear, she thought, I bet I know who stuffed them in the bag, Rachel your dead when I see you; in her hand was a box with a chocolate cock in it, she smiled at the writing on the box, creamy centre for added enjoyment, just suck it and see and in the other a plastic version of the same only this one said it pumped and buzzed, moving in all sorts of directions and as for the magazine.

Giggling like a schoolgirl and with the three items clasped in her hand she went back downstairs; the coffee sat cooling in the breeze from the open kitchen door but she'd lost interest she was intent in heading back to the sofa.

She put her hand to her mouth, "Oh my god," she said loudly as she pulled the chocolate cock easily out the box, the wrapper was broken, then in a low sexy whisper "Hello big boy," before she burst out laughing, then holding it up she bent forward and licked the head, it burnt her tongue a little.

As she cooled her tongue her eyes fell on the other box; curiosity was too much she put the chocolate down and opened that box. As she pulled at the red knob on the end it clicked, she almost dropped it as it whirred and clicked, jumping in her hand, Pauline spluttered the words, "The bitch has put batteries in, what does she think I need, I will kill her."

She put the thick magazine on her knees, brought her legs up and started to flick through the pages, page I, page 2 as she got to page 3 the flicking slowed and she spent time taking in every detail of the page, reading the sexy story that accompanied the pictures. The large cock, the open cunt, the mauling hands that squeezed the fat breasts, the hunky torso and rugged face, her left hand trailed over the page, her finger tracing across the long hard meat, her right hand subconsciously folded around the plastic cock lying at her side.

It was as if she was mesmerized, she just stared at the pictures, back and forth the pages turned; women in sixty nines, women talking ones, twos, threes deep throat, Pauline gazed, she found herself licking more and more at the top of the chocolate cock, it seemed addictive and she was toying with the hard ribs that ran the full length of the plastic one and all the time her pants were getting wetter and wetter.

She was licking the head of the chocolate cock when she jumped, subconsciously her hand had slid behind her bent legs she was now fingering her own wet pants, she realized she was breathing heavy, a strange taste filled her mouth and throat, her breasts rose and fell, her eyes darted over the sex filled lines on the page, words like, fuck, cunt, suck it, take it up your ass filled her mind, she felt something she hadn't felt for a while, aroused, very aroused.

She drew her knees up making it easier to push a finger inside her sopping pants and tickle the sensitive skin between her arse and cunt, her most erotic spot, she was soon so hot she couldn't help but finger herself. Her eyes closed and opened, the lines of the sex story merged in a haze, she found herself sucking hard on the chocolate cock, she had broken through the outer coating, the cream filling had the same strange burnt taste as before, only mixed with the cream it was now sliding down her throat, a warm glow caused a numbing feeling in her mind, all she wanted to do was look at the cocks that now seemed to dance around the page.

She found herself jabbing her fingers in to her wet hole, she needed relief, her hand quickly moved to the plastic cock, she held it, trying to focus she laid it between her breasts and stared down; her hard nipples showed large and pointed through her tight tee-shirt. She groaned as if unable to control her own body, her hand moved down over her, the large plastic cock seemed to have a mind of its own, like a drunk trying to act sober she focused on it as it disappeared around her thigh until she felt its head touching under her, pushing at the side of her wet, sticky pants. Suddenly the hard end pressed to her cunt lips, she moaned, a shudder ran through Pauline's hypersensitive aroused body.

Her mind had difficulty comprehending what she was doing; the world was an erotic mist as she deliberately rocked from side to side feeling the end of the hard cock being forced, due to the divide of the cushions further and further in to her slippery hole. Groans and grunts spilled from her pouting lips as the plastic cock filled her hot cunt, she moved, her tits ached as the nipples grew to enormous proportions; the last of the cream had been sucked from the now melting chocolate cock as she finally had the whole, fat, thick ribbed cock inside her.

The magazine lay on the floor, her head rolled from side to side, her body on fire, she was in the most incredible state of arousal she had ever felt and the cock she was rocking on was not putting out that fire.

Her hand felt under her skirt, her pants were soaking as was the cushion she was sat on, she felt between her legs, the plastic cock buried deep up her, she felt the thick ribbed knob and gripped it, with out a thought she turned it, it click, the cock vibrated, the head move slightly, she groaned, her head fell back as she savoured the pulsating movement inside her.

Her body swam with pleasure, pleasure she hadn't felt in some time, she rocked back and forth, her fingers curled around the material over her nipples and tugged at the hard bud. Her fingers moved under her skirt and rubbed the front of her pants immediately stimulating her sopping hard clit; there was no control now she had abandoned anything else but her own pleasuring, her fingers slid under the cotton as she felt for the red knob, wet as it was it responded to her touch, she turned it once more.

The vibrating reached a new level, the revolving head turned and touched her, she rocked forcing it to touch other places, without thinking her fingers, still on the knob turned again, the turning was now accompanied by a slight thrusting, Pauline giggled and shrieked as she climaxed. There was no way she was able to stop, her head hung as the orgasm subsided but before she could do anything the continual moving, vibrating, thrusting and turning inside her body propelled her towards another.

It was the squeal that alerted Ron, he slowed as he reached the kitchen door, he listened, shit she had some-one in there, or maybe not, her husband was away, his mind ran on overtime. Taking a few steps back he beckoned to the others while putting his fingers to his lips.

Cautiously the other two men moved down the path, both of them making weird quizzical looks at Ron, watching him as he strained to listen to the guttural sounds coming from inside.

Hardly daring to breath the three men pushed at the kitchen door enough to slid through, making sure they touched nothing they moved towards the connecting door. Ron was the first to peek around the door edge, he swallowed, his hand moved to his mouth to cover any sound as he gazed at the sight; there on the sofa, not seven paces from him sat the woman he usually saw sitting like a quiet, prim teacher over a desk only now she lay back, her hands squeezing at her t-shirt and she pulled on the nipples underneath. Her whole body rocked, her legs slightly open, oblivious to anything but her own grunts that, along with the drone that came from between her legs filled the room.

Ron moved back letting first, Ian then Bob get an eye full. All three stood back staring at each other, until a smile spread across Ron's face, Ian smiled back, "Its worth a try," Bob took his mobile out of his pocket, "I little some thing to remember it by?" click.

He slid back to the door, by now Pauline was almost at another climax, they seemed to be coming fast, Bob took three shots before nodding at Ron, who then loudly coughed.

He had to cough three times before Pauline's eyes shot open, he coughed again, Bob watched through the crack in the door frame at the panic unfolding as the woman, who could hardly speak let alone move tried to cover what she was doing.

Ron shouted, "Mrs Bates, its Ron Portman I've brought some memos for you to sign, here," he moved, Bob had watched as she had breathlessly pulled the buzzing thing from her sopping cunt, she stood, almost falling as she tried to turn it off and hide it behind her back, she grabbed for the wall to steady herself before turning, trapping the cock between her and the wall she faced the advancing men.

Her legs were shaking as she tried to compose herself, the stupid grin on the faces of the men worried her, "H, hello eerr, just, just eemm leave them on the, a, the table, thank you," the men grinned at her confused stammer.

Ron was the first to speak, he knew he didn't want her to cool down, "Having a little fun while hubby's away are we?" as he spoke so Ian walked around the sofa, Bob moved, cutting off any escape to her right, she was flustered, her throbbing cunt still leaked juice.

Her mind didn't want to concentrate on anything but another orgasm, her body was still stimulated, her nipples rubbed on the shirt aching to be pulled, she struggled for words, all the time she fought to regain any sense the men moved closer, Ian could now see the large plastic cock trapped behind her back.

She just said, "Why don't, eerr, em you," when he took her arm and jerked her forward, the cock clattered to the floor. Pauline, confused and still highly aroused, turned and bent to pick it up; I her weakened state she had to hold the wall. Ian's hand moved to the hem of her skirt and pulled it up exposing her wet pants, at the same time Ron moved down with her reaching the plastic cock before she did, "My, my Mr Bates playing second fiddle to this little thing, you are a naughty girl," Bob took her other arm and held her, not letting her get up.

Ian slid his hands over her wet crotch, "Seems to have done the trick," Pauline went to squeal but it came out as a moan, her knees went weak as she tried to straighten up. Her little voice now shaking, "Please no, no, I emmm, I need you to go, ah," Ian rubbed a little harder but she still managed to stand though only to lay back against the wall, all three men crowded her.

Ron waved the plastic cock under his nose, "Mmmmmmm still smells hot and horny, are you still hot and horny Mrs Bates?" he pointed it at her, "mmmmm you like this or maybe?" she tried to squirm away from the wall but they didn't move. Ian crouched down, his eyes wandering all over the slender, firm legs, he let his finger trail up from the little socks up the side of her calf, Ron saw her bite her lip.

She made a feeble attempt to push at Ron but he easily held her wrist, a small, "Pleaseeee," trailed off as Bobs hand tickled the front of her shirt just over her hard throbbing nipple, she tried with the other hand to push it away, Ron grinned, "Please what, Mrs Bates, please don't, please don't stop, is that it, you horny cunt, you quiet ones are all the same, once your fired up you fuck, you want to fuck now, do I hear a please?"

She tried to answer him, move him, escape but Ian's hand was now under her skirt, fingers traced over and between her thighs, the feeling were still there, her breathing became laboured, she swallowed hard, "Please no, I, I ahh have to go, why, eemm," Ian's fingers slid over her wet pants, at the same time Bob squeezed her breast trapping the nipple between his fingers, she tried to speak her mouth open but Ron clamped his mouth over hers.

She struggled and squirmed as he pressed her against the wall, hands mauled her breasts, fingers touched her between her legs, her knees buckled as she fought to control her body, she was a married woman, Gerald had been her only man, yet here she was surrounded by three strangers and her body on fire, she could feel her cunt beginning to throb, the cramp in her loins begging for stimulation.

Ron pulled back, "Soft mouth, I guessed it would be, how hot it is, is something we should find out, now Mrs Bates about that fucking we are all going to give you, shall we?" Pauline lay against the wall drained and still aroused her little hands made a pathetic attempt to push away the invading digits, her glazed eyes looked up at the gloating face, Ron bent just enough to grab the front of her skirt, one hand lifted it the other hand cupped over her sopping pants and squeezed her cunt, Pauline's eyes opened and rolled upward, a groan grunted from her throat as her knees bent more; Ian immediately moved his hand under her arse and attacked her cunt from behind.

Ian didn't know it but as his fingers trailed between her arse and cunt he was touching the most sensitive part of Pauline's arousal, her mouth opened, panting in air as her body jolted and another orgasm started to heat her loins.

Ron could almost see the movement of her heart as it thumped the adrenaline through her body; her eyes wet and glazed tried to focus on the gloating face. Her hands went to his chest as she tried to summon the strength to push him away, both her wrists were easily captured in his free hand.

Held against the wall there was no room to move, a hand now slid under her t-shirt and started working on her bullet hard nipples; a hand slipped inside her panties and rubbed her clit slipping in to the hood with easy as another set of fingers tickled at the other end of this tight wet hole.

Ron bent forward and kissed her mouth, "mmmmm taste's good, I wonder what the other lips taste like, see you soon," he knelt.

She started to beg, maybe it's a man thing but Ron, Ian and Bob revelled in the sound of a beautiful woman begging them to stop assaulting her when all the time they knew if they just carried on working on her she wouldn't be able to stop them, Ron was the first to enjoy her humiliation as she tried to speak, her body only allowing her words to come out in breathless strangled bursts.

His hand grabbed the front of her skirt and pushed up, his other hand gripped the top of her pants and pulled down framing the wet, glistening, curly black triangle of hair. A squeal let the other two know Ron had his mouth suckling over Pauline's wet cunt.

"No, no, ple, Please stop, you, ah mustn't do this to me, I can't, I'm married this, ss, iss, not ah, ahh right."

The hard nub stood proud from the hood, Ron's tongue licked over it, faster and faster his rough tongue slavered all over her wet gaping slit, her knees buckled, the relentless squeezing and rubbing over her nipples, the hand just under her arse, she couldn't help it, her head was swimming her knees parted, the three men had her and they weren't stopping.

Now Ron was between her legs Bob could get her t-shirt up, his mouth sucking and licking at her nipples and with her legs now parted Ian fondled her arse. Ron stuck a finger up her wet cunt and started to push in and around, grunts and moans were all Pauline could muster as her body betrayed her it was then that Ron stood, still with his finger stuck up her wet, aroused hole, he grinned at her as she shook her head, a little, "nooo, please stop," made him laugh.

Taking no notice of her pleading voice Ron started to pull her by her cunt towards and behind the sofa, grinning at her he watched her squirm to the relentless wiggling finger, "You ain't stopping us, you don't want us to stop, your gagging for it, your man can't be that good at fucking you if you have to have a replica, wait until you have three men fucking you, you'll know what your missin, fine piece of cunt like I got my hand on needs a good fucking and you won't stop us, not after this, I've seen what it does to you."

He suddenly moved at the same time Ian shoved her forward, Bob had picked up the plastic cock and while the other two held her bent over the back of the sofa Bob pulled her pants to one side and pushed it back up the wet hole before turning it to its maximum, a little squeal spilled from Pauline's lips followed by, "Oh god no you can't, take it aaahhout."

Ignoring her protest Bob reamed it about, turning it, moving it, doublings it's fucking by moving it as it moved inside her. Ron grinned at Ian as they held the struggling beauty, smiling as they heard her pained, struggling protest's get less and less, the, "Please no, ahh, you ca, a, an't, help me, soommmoneah, hep meeeee, ah, ah," slowly turned in to panting, "Ahh, ahh ooohhh, mmm ha, yess, oh, ah, yes ahhh."

All three knew this was now the time to have their way with the aroused woman; she wasn't or couldn't stop them.

Ron moved first.

He moved to the front of the sofa and in front of her glazed eyes, quickly he took his clothes off, then he knelt on the sofa her head just above his hard rampant cock, grabbing her hair he pulled her face on to it, "Come on, suck this big boy Bates, I promise you it well taste better than your plastic friend."

As he planted it on her lips so Bob dropped his trousers, pulled out his rigid meat, pulled out the plastic cock and drove himself in to the sopping hole, her loud, "Aaahh," was muffled by a thick cock burying itself inside her mouth.

Ian couldn't help but let out a gleeful, "Yes, got you," his hand dropped under her, his open palm rubbing back and forth over the hanging rock hard, sensitive nipples, all three men stifled giggles as they started their onslaught; Bob taking charge, fucking her deep with long, hard thrusts making sure he kept her uncontrollablely horny and available for what ever they wanted to do to her.

As soon as Bob pumped himself empty then Ian took his place, fucking her really hard, keeping her wet and making sure she was heading for another climax. Ron had stopped fucking her mouth, the force of the cunt fucking she was getting made her do all the work and he was in no hurry to take his cock from between such warm sucking lips. Bob sat on the sofa, his right hand up and caressing her nipples, Ian was thrusting in and out, fucking the bent woman as hard as he could while all the time his fingers were tickling the sensitive skin between her arse and cunt, loving the way he was making her groan and grunt while her arse dipped and wiggled for him.

Ron winked at Bob, "Click, click time," Bob knew what he meant and took his phone out; leaving her tits alone he proceeded to walk around making sure he got all of her including the cock fucking her cunt, click. Ron held her hair back and up, manoeuvring her head making sure he got shots of her face and the fat cock stuck in her mouth, click; Bob got six really good shots before returning to play with the two swinging orbs.

She gurgled another orgasm and rushed to another, only stopping as she tried to swallow Ron's cum, while Ian cooled her with a cunt full of juice. The two men pulled out of her and let her hang over the sofa back, Ron grabbed her curly black hair and dragged her face up, grinning at the lines of wet sticky cum dribbling from each side of her mouth, making sure Bob got a shot of it, "Your a good suck Bates, I could get quite used to fucking that cute mouth," he turned to the others, "What's her cunt like, hot?"

Ian laughed, "Hot all right, hot, wet, tight and horny, just like a cunt should be, and from where I was stood her arse looked perfect," Ron hadn't let go of her hair, "Hear that Bates, you're a good fuck, does your old man fuck your arse, I don't think so, am I right?" she tried to shake her head, "No, no I'm not in to that," Ron winked at them, "You may not be."

"Please leave me alone, this should not have happened, you must believe me, I love my husband, I don't know--," Ron shook her head, "Oh cut the crap, you wanted fucking and you got fucked, you want us gone then we want some more pictures, you pose for us and then we will go, otherwise your loving husband get a great e-mail on his works desktop, followed by the rest of the works, now get those pants off, loose the shirt, we want you naked."

Ian grabbed her arm and marched her around the sofa, only letting her go when she reached the middle of the lounge; on shaking legs she tried not to look at the three men but Ron was having none of it, he grabbed her jaw, "Strip and make it good, your being snapped so smile."

Trapped and alone she could do nothing else but obey, after a few moments she smiled towards Bob and slowly took her t-shirt off, Ron gloated, "Play with your tits while you get rid of the pants and keep your cunt on full view," Pauline used one hand to pull at her nipples the other pushed her pants pasted her hips, then with both hand needing her own tits she wiggled and squirmed as the sticky pants slid down her legs, as she stepped out of them she did as ordered and opened her legs pointing herself at the camera, click.

Ron barked another order, "Use one hand on your tits, finger your cunt with the other, do it sexy like as you kneel down and keep those thighs parted at all times," she looked at him, he laughed, "Bates we got hours yet, you want us gone we want the pictures, just do as your told, you have no choice."

Soon they had her pouting for the camera, legs open, her own fingers up her cunt and pulling her own nipples, Ron's cock was stirring again, he walked up beside her, "Kiss it and lick it and watch the camera all the time, keep playing with yourself but I want to see your pretty lips all over it," she looked at him, he shook his head, "Just do it you stupid cunt and I want a happy face while you use your mouth on my cock," reluctantly, her fingers still rubbing her sore cunt she started to kiss his meat.

Ron watched as the lovely face moved up and down his cock, her lips felt soft and smooth as they kissed over it, he nodded to Ian and motioned behind her, all the time Bob got close ups of her humiliation, click. Ian stood behind her; Ron tapped her head, "Use both hands on your tits, some one else will see to your hot hole."

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