The Tease Learns A Lesson The Hard Way

by ynyn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Rough, Anal Sex, Leg Fetish, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Melissa's "friend" takes his revenge for her teasing ways.

Melissa was a beauty, the 25 year old was hot and she knew it. She had golden brown hair, slightly curly, her body was absolutely gorgeous. She had rather large tits, almost, but not quite, too large for her frame. And her legs... oh my god! Models would be so lucky as to have Melissa's legs.

Unfortunately, as often happens with beauty outside, you get ugliness inside. She was a merciless tease and a flirt and loved to use her feminine wiles to get guys to do whatever she wanted, then she would just leave them cold.

Melissa had one guy in particular she did this to repeatedly, he had been her "friend" for years, all the while he longed to be more than a friend, and she knew this. She would often have him take her out somewhere and then she would either meet another guy, or totally emaciate him in public. The guy took it, and that is one him, but with each successive event, he grew angrier and more bitter at her. He was plotting a revenge, and he would have it someday.

Anyway, on this day Melissa wanted to go out to the club, and called her obedient friend, she knew he would always do anything for her, and, of course he agreed. She got herself all dolled up, she wore a tan/beige colored dress that had a nice dip on top showing her cleavage, and the dress came down to above her knees. With this she wore nude colored stockings, partly because she loved to show off her legs (which didn't even need stockings" and largely because she knew this drove her friend crazy as he was a hosiery freak.

As he picked her up at her house, he sighed as he took in her voluptuous figure and couldn't stop himself from staring at her legs as she entered the car.

"Hey, about time you got here!" she squawked.

"I made it here in 20 minutes." he replied. "Duh, I'm just kidding, idiot." Melissa snapped. She was constantly insulting him under the guise of "just kidding."

"Uhh... Can you please stop staring at my legs?" She asked as they made their way to the club... then, like she would always do, she feigned feeling bad and apologized.

"I'm sorry," she said in her baby-talk voice, she gently rubbed his thigh and kissed his cheek," I just had a bad day, hon."

He had been through the ringer so many times... he was unfazed as he thought to himself "bad day, huh? you ain't seen nothing yet!"

But, alas, as usual at the club she paid enough attention to him and danced with him enough to keep him obedient, his idea to plan revenge was placed on back burner as the club made last call.

Melissa, tipsy, said to her friend "C'mon, let's go home, you're spending the night with me tonight"

She staggered a little but he held her upright, and at the same time copped a nice feel of her tit. This whole routine has happened before, she would have him spend the night with her, in her bed, but would only kiss him and rebuffed any further advances.

Melissa sang along with the radio in the car en route to her house, as he kept stealing horny glances at her... he wanted her sooo bad! Her tits bounced as she got into the beat.

Finally, they arrived at her house, they went to her bedroom and laid there listening to the radio, then they began making out, as usual. Melissa let him get into it hot-n-heavy and, just like clockwork, she stopped him again.

"Noo!" she said as his hands slid up her leg under her dress, as he moved to kiss again, she abruptly turned her back to him and said good night!

Now, he was very unhappy to be used again, so as Melissa drunkenly slept, he began to fondle her sexy legs, sliding his hand up her stocking covered thigh... feeling more bold he gently pulled her body toward him, rolling her onto her back next to him. Further emboldened, he began fondling her tits through her dress, and then was going to go back to her legs, when she, startled, awoke.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" she snapped "YOU FUCKING LOSER, GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE NOW!" and with that she got up from the bed and said "NOW!!" as she grabbed the knife she kept next to her bed.

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