Rape of the Saleswoman

by ynyn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, BDSM, Rough, Anal Sex, Leg Fetish, Violent, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Businesswoman on a trip meets a strange man, with bad results.

Kim is a very hard-nosed saleswoman. She may be small in frame, but she is tough as nails when it comes to getting what she wants. She has been working at the same large company on the east coast for over 10 years. Over that time, she has gained a well-deserved reputation as a bit of a bitch. That said, it has served her well professionally as she heads the sales department now after starting as a junior executive a decade ago.

Today, Kim was preparing for another of her business trips to settle another new account. The 40ish woman did not look her age at all; she had the body of a woman 10 years her junior. She is only 5'2", but her tits are very perky and always accentuated well by her tight blouses. The skirts she wears to work are just as tight and hug her sexy ass perfectly. Although her legs are amazing, she typically wears tan or nude colored stockings, and she gets plenty of looks every time she goes out.

On this day, Kim was wearing a tight fitting yellow-ish blouse, a black business skirt, and tan stockings. She would be flying out today to head to Seattle; the only drawback of the job for her was the amount of coast-to-coast travel she had to endure. Kim would be tired because, in addition to jet lag, according to her itinerary she would not arrive in Seattle until after 11:30 at night.

She gathered all the things she needed for her trip and went to the airport. She was surprised to find that her flight was on time. Sitting in her first class seat, she took advantage of the extra room and took off her heels and stretched out her stocking clad legs. This was all to the delight of the gentleman seated beside her, who took in the view with a smile. Kim did not notice the man ogling her. Later in the flight, she struck up a conversation with the man just to pass the time. It turns out that he was on a business trip to Seattle and was staying at the same hotel. They talked about travel and work for a while and made tentative plans to meet at the hotel bar later that night.

The flight was otherwise uneventful, they reached SeaTac airport on time. Kim took her bag, caught a cab and headed to the hotel. As she emerged from her cab, she walked almost right into the man from the plane.

"Hey there! Long time no see." He says with a smile. Kim gives a fake laugh; the man asks if they are still on for a nightcap at the bar. She says sure, not really knowing if she was going to show up or not.

Kim then went to her room; she rolled her eyes at the thought of that guy from the plane. She just talked to him to kill time. On the other hand, she thought, a nice drink might help her get some sleep before tomorrow afternoon's meeting. She went to the mirror to straighten up, she applied some red lipstick and made sure her suit and skirt weren't wrinkled and looked okay. Kim straightened her stockings and decided she was ready to go, but first she would check her email.

"Oh, dammit!!" Kim exclaims as she sees an email explaining that the meeting for tomorrow was postponed for a day. She angrily replied that it was very unprofessional to change the meeting this late. Damn it! Now she had a whole day with nothing to do, and she took the late, long flight for no reason! She really needed a drink now, she thought, and grabbed her purse and headed out of the room.

She went into the elevator and then headed to the hotel bar, sure enough the man was there sitting at the bar. He smiled as she approached, something about his smile looked odd, but she didn't worry about it and sat beside him. "Hey Kim! I thought you wouldn't make it." He says to her. "Oh, well I wasn't going to, but... I'm sorry, I forgot your name?" "Kevin," he says, somewhat insulted that she would talk with him for an hour just a little while earlier and not even remember his name.

Kim continues, "Okay, Kevin, well like I was saying I wasn't going to head down, but they just cancelled my meeting for tomorrow, so I don't have any work until Wednesday." She orders a martini and asks if they could move to a table, as she doesn't like sitting at the bar, she says only drunks sit at the bar.

Kevin is insulted a bit by that also, he always liked to sit at the bar. Oh well, he figured, and as they walked to a table he leered at Kim's sexy legs. Hmmm, stockings or hose? He wondered to himself as he stared at the woman's hot figure. As they reached a corner table and sat down, he watched her cross her legs and saw the tops of her stockings at the hem of her skirt. Question answered, he thought. The two of them talked for a while, but Kim gave him a dirty look when she caught him looking at her legs during a lag in the conversation.

"You have a wandering eye problem?" she asked, angrily. "No, I was just..." He stammered. "Yeah, whatever knock it off!" Kim snapped at him. "I'll be right back," she says and walks off, she heads to the bar. She returns a few minutes later, and angrily speaks to Kevin. "I just went and paid for my own drinks, I don't want anything from a pervert! Let's just sit here quietly so I can finish my drink and go up and get some sleep. Damn, I just spoke to you on the plane to kill time, you are so annoying."

As she rambled on, he was incredulous at the extent of her rudeness. He just took a sip of his drink and thought about a way to teach this bitch a lesson. Just then the bartender came over and spoke to her. "Excuse me miss, is your name Kim in room 311?" She said she was. He told her that she had a phone call from her boss. "I'll be right back." Kim stated and left to answer the call. It was her boss confirming that she had received the email about the schedule change.

Kevin looked on as she left, what a sexy bitch, he thought. Just then he saw the top of her hotel room key sticking out of her purse. He had heard her room number, 311 which was interesting. He was in 317, maybe he should pay her a visit tonight. He reached in and took her room key and put it in his pocket.

Kim returned to the table, sat down and finished the rest of her martini. Barely even looking at Kevin as he sat there, she grabbed her purse and got up to leave. "Bye." She says as she strides off toward the elevators, not even turning to look at him.

As he sat alone, Kevin thought to himself about the fact he was going to teach that bitch some manners later on that night. He paid off his tab, and walked to the elevators, as he reached them, Kim was getting out and looked really upset.

"Hey! You, have you seen my room key?" "No, why what happened?" he asked. "Jesus, I lost it, what the hell do you think?" Kim responded in disgust, and she walked to the front desk. Kevin hopped on the elevator to get ready for his night visit with Kim!

Swiftly, he went to his room and grabbed a couple things, then he went down the hall and entered Kim's room. He waited in the darkness for the sexy, bitchy woman to arrive.

Meanwhile, at the front desk, Kim is explaining that she lost her room key and the manager is handing her a new one. He says that this happens frequently with business travelers; it will most likely turn up in a hallway or somewhere in a day or two.

She was very frustrated now, as it had been a rough day. Kim took the key and waited for the elevator to get back to her room.

Kevin stood in the room, waiting as he heard the key in the lock. As the door opened, Kim walked in and as she went to click on the lights, she was grabbed from behind, and a gag was forced into her mouth. "Aggh-MMMMPHHHHHHHH!!"

The small woman was dragged to the bed and thrown down on the mattress. She looked up to see a man with a black stocking over his head standing over her. The man jumped on top of her and took her arms, pulled them over her head and secured them to the headboard.

"NPPPPMMPHHHHHH!" Kim shook her head violently side to side, trying to scream through the gag. As she kicked her legs trying to free herself her shoes flew off and went across the room. The masked man took two stockings and tied each of her ankles to the corners of the bed.

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