The Perils Of Pauline Brown

by Pagan

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Desc: Sex Story: You don't pay we play

Was it only Wednesday? I was looking at the racing page, the 12.20 at Springfield, Hard Days Night at 500 to 1, I thought just imagine that coming in.

I looked in the sideboard draw, yes it was there, a £50 note. I knew Daniel had left me that to pay the milk bill, could I bluff my way out of that for another week, I had bluffed most of the debt collectors why not again? I grabbed the note, put my coat on and went off to the bookies.

Half an hour later I was back home I had the slip in one hand and a coffee in the other, this win would sort all my problems out, as I took a sip I wondered just how many times I had thought that in the year I had been married.

I poured another cup and planned my day. First, lets think who was due today, it's Wednesday the 13th, that's right Daniel was due back on the 15th that's Friday, so second Wednesday, middle of the month, so it's that nice Mr Ferguson from the Furniture Warehouse, we ordered a lot there when we set up home almost all our furniture, tele, video, washer, spin drier, and the fridge, ooppps almost forgot, there was the computer as well, how could I forget that, without it's contents Daniel's job would be imposable.

He will have a cup of coffee, I'll give him some excuse, tell him how sorry I am then take a letter from his firm to give to Daniel threatening court action. If my husband ever found out how much we still owed after all the money he has given me to pay for our luxuries, but lets be honest, I'm just having a poor run on the horse's and I was sure if I bought lots of lottery lines I would win more then that pathetic amount I did, still there's always tonight, could be a roll-over and I'm sure to win with 200 lines and then I'll pay them all off and have money to burn.

I was just thinking how nice it would be for Daniel not to have to work so hard, after all he is twice my age, I laughed at the thought of him having a bit more stamina in the bedroom department, maybe enough to break the bed and then we could buy a nice big sexy four poster. I was lost in the thoughts of Daniel having some kinky ideas when there was a knock at the door.

I looked through the curtains, nothing, a voice shouted, "Competition delivery for Mrs P Brown." A prize, I'd won a prize and rushed at the door and swung it open.

"Hello, I'm Mrs Pauline Brown."

A tall thick set man pushed in to the door way, "Good Morning Mrs Pauline Brown is Mr Daniel Brown in?"

I was a bit taken a back, "No he's away but you said a competition delivery for me."

He smiled and raised the clipboard he had in his hand, "I said compensation delivery, let me explain, I'm from the Furniture Warehouse may I come in?"

I had no choice but to make way for him to come in I thought shit where's the nice old man, but I thought quickly and asked, "Mr Ferguson ill, such a nice man."

"No I'm Mr Barber, Mr Ferguson is no longer with the firm, seems he was a little lax in his job, I'm here to get results, with that in mind I think we should sit down."

I sat opposite, I could tell my short skirt meet with his approval and hopefully my tight jumper would keep his mind off any problems I may have and besides I always wear clothes that show off my body, I'm proud of it, I did win some beauty pageants some years ago.

He finished eyeing me up and down and raised his clipboard, "You owe my firm £4,876. 44 and we need payment," I started to splutter but he carried on, "You have had enumerable reminders of which you have ignored, have you the money?"

I tried to remain calm, "My I didn't realize it was that much but still my husband has the money, he was going to leave a cheque but forgot, he will be back on Friday and we can come down to the warehouse and sort this little problem out," I smiled and thought, that should hold him, now give me the letter and get out so I can think.

He didn't move, instead he looked toward the window, "Take a look outside Mrs Brown," I rose, pulling my skirt down and went to the window. A huge removal van sat outside, there was a knock on the door, before I had time to move he got up and opened the door, two large men in overalls marked Furniture Warehouse walked in.

He returned to the seat, sit down gentlemen, we still have some things to discuss with Mrs Brown, I looked out at the van once more then went and stood in front of the fireplace.

"So we are going to get it all, in it's entirety on Friday, is that correct," I could feel the sarcasm in his voice, I smiled and nodded, he smiled back at me, "Good that's settled then," I breathed I sigh of relief.

He suddenly said, "There you can make arrangements to have this furniture and all other goods returned to you." I was stunned, he turned to the two men, "Get it loaded."

They stood up, I know I shouldn't but I shouted, "No, no wait eerrr please we must talk."

They sat down again, Mr Barber looked at me, "What is there to talk about that we haven't talked about already?"

He knew I was lying but with my best sweet girly look I carried on, "Look, that's silly, why waste time lugging all this stuff out only to lug it back again, doesn't make sense, besides you big strong men must have other things to do."

Barber put his clipboard down intertwined his fingers and pushed back in to the chair, "Makes sense to us and it will to our boss, or we give you this, it's a court order, for you to attend the county court on the 3rd of next month to face criminal charges," he took a delight in reading allowed, "Furniture Warehouse verses Brown for unpaid debts totalling £4876.44."

They sat silently looking at me, my brain raced, the computer all Daniels work, everything, how would I explain that I had gambled away our money, our home, we would have to start all over again, that's if Daniel stayed with me. They were waiting for me to cry, I wanted to but I thought lets go for the sympathy vote.

"Look Mr Barber can I be honest with you, I did have the money but I lost it."

I noticed the other two men lay back on the sofa as though they had heard it all before but I carried on.

"I had a few tips for the horse's well you know what it's like, your partners away a lot and you want something to do so I had a flutter and one thing lead to another, well I lost and then tried to win it back but got deeper in to trouble"

Barber loosened his tie, "£4000 is a lot of trouble and hubby is going to give us a cheque on Friday? I think not."

I felt myself pleading, "No, maybe not the full amount but at least we can come together and sort things out."

Barber looked at the men, " Gentlemen, looks like we are still loading the wagon, best get started."

Tears burst through and I started to beg, "No, no, no, please all his work is on the computer, our life is wrapped up in this house, you can't, please no, what can I do?"

The men sat back, Barber looked at me, "Well while us big strong men think of other things to do, you can get us a drink to start with."

As I opened the drinks cabinet I read the label inside, Furniture Warehouse, was I in trouble or what, I poured three brandies and turned to them, "I have brandy is that all right?"

Barber said, "That will be fine, for starters, aren't you having one?" I smiled back, "Yes of course, now what else can I get you, water, soda?"

Barber took the glass but held my hand around it and looked up at me. "Excited."

I pulled away, "What do you mean?"

His eyes never left me, "I said you can get me excited."

I was now back at the fireplace, "I'm sorry I still don't understand."

He slowly undid the buttons on his coat, "Let me help you understand, do you want us to take your stuff?" I went to speak but he carried on, "I think not, we have set aside some time to move your stuff so we have time on our hands, I think so."

He flicked his coat open, "So you keep us entertained for the time we have here so we can think about what we are to do when we get back, because we don't want to get in bother because of you, don't you think so?"

I was scared now there were three men between me and the door, things looked bad, my brain was trying to get me out of this when, "You have been pointing those fine tit's at me for the past half an hour, get me excited, show them to me."

My mouth opened in shock and my arms folded across my chest, he looked at the two men, "Tim the computer box," one of them got up moved the screen on top of the computer to the side and lifted the box, he held it above his head, Barber looked back at me, "Got smashed on the way down the stairs, pity about the hard drive."

My hands went from my chest to my mouth, "You wouldn't, that's my husbands life's work, you."

He just nodded, "Now when you show me your fine tit's you can tell me you want to?"

I was beaten, I took a last look at the box above the mans head, lowered my arms and gripped the bottom of my jumper and pulled it over my head, I stood there.

"That's a bra that I can see, I want to see flesh and you know what to you say, " I, I'm going to shhh, show you my tit's," he nodded as I put my hands behind my back and undid my bra strap.

It clicked undone and I slid the straps off my shoulders, my hands instinctively went over my breasts, he smiled, "Walk towards me and repeat, "I want Barber to suck my nipples because I'm a prick tease."

My situation was hopeless, I couldn't do anything but play their perverted game, the alterative was unthinkable. Trembling with fear I slowly stepped forward, cleared my throat and said those awful words, "I want Barber to suck my nipples."

"Go on."

"Because I'm a prick tease." He got up from the seat and sat on the arm.

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