Buying and Selling

by Pagan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: People have different ideas about business.



Mady, short for Madeline was riding high, she sat on the plane gazing out the window, here she was about to make one of the biggest deals her firm could capture, Mrs. Madeline Goddard could even get a department all to her self, the boss, she stifled a giggle.

She contemplated her life, once Miss Madeline Stokes, then Mrs. Madeline Jensen, she pondered on that short failed marriage, was it her fault she lost the baby, was it her fault she couldn't have children now, was it her fault he wanted them and ended her happiness, was it?

She took a deep, full of pride breath as she remembered getting back in to work, burying herself in it, moving in to her favourite field of company stocks and shares, buying and selling controlling other peoples money and making it work, collecting the bonus, the whole scenario made her hyper, just as she was now.

The feeling of pride washed over her, she had met and married Andrew, don't call me Andy, Goddard another high flier on the way up, they had become rivals, each going and getting bigger and better clients, then with out realizing they fell in love.

Mady stifled a little giggle as she remembered his chat up line, he'd always admired the looks and brain of Demi Moore and now he'd met her look alike could he get to know her, she was glad she let him as now they have it all, big house in 3 acres of ground, including swimming pool, an in-house gym for that toned, fit, mean aggressive look, a top of the range car each and a very healthy bank balance, what more could she want.

Then this; Andrew was going to clench this deal; all was set up but then that eventful day and the accident. They were larking about in the garden like a couple of 30 year old newly weds when Andrew fell, a metal plant stake pierced his leg, leaving dirt in the wound, it turned septic and he was forced to take time off, he found himself laid up on a course of antibiotics so Mady got the job of sealing the contract.

Much as she adored her husband the thought of going one up on him did have its benefits, he'll live and she was off to the big city and the big prize.

The day went perfectly but a lot longer than anticipated, it seemed to take an age explaining and describing documents and long term projections, how much this and what dividends that, Mady convinced them that her buying and selling skills were the best in the business; she was a very happy lady as she took the signed papers and left their office's with a skip in her step as she walked out in to the hot stuffy city evening, she looked at her watch, late so now where to stay.

She walked down the street, mobile in hand as she recounted her wonderful buying and selling presentation to a reluctantly proud Andrew, told him she loved him as the only man in the world for her and looked forward to seeing him tomorrow.

She didn't want to go to the swanky hotels, much as she thought she deserved it, no a little family run sort of thing would do and as it was late a local one to this area, one near to the underground would do then she would be ready for the airport in the morning.

On the corner was The Avis House it looked alright nothing to grand but smart, it was only the way the clerk looked at her that made her uncomfortable as he looked over her registration form, taking his time, making a phone call, asking for her I D, she just thought the only looking he was really doing was over her but she ignored him and took room 207 key-card and went to the lift.

The heat in the room was stifling, she was hot from outside let alone the heat in the room, she immediately took her jacket off, her blouse was sticking to her fine firm breast's and she couldn't wait to get her stockings off, she went to the air conditioning and flicked the switch expecting a cool rush of air, nothing.

She went to the phone by the bed and rung, as she waited for a reply she looked at the strange paintings that clipped to the wall, lots of dots and circles, modern art she thought, the clerk answered.

She asked after the air conditioning and he explained that it was being fixed and a pitcher of ice water was on its way up, hoped it wouldn't be long and apologised, the phone went dead as the water arrived.

This man was just as objectionable as the clerk, undressing her with his eyes making no secret of what he was looking at, she could see him almost slavering over the outline of her large firm breasts, against the sweat soaked blouse, he almost went to touch her long athletic legs as he placed the pitcher on the bedside table, Mady just moved to the door and opened it, putting on her superior boardroom look, she watched him leave.

The first glass never touched the side's even though she did think it tasted chalky then another and another, the last glass was sipped slowly as she stripped for a shower. She went to the bathroom, still more circle and dot paintings, must have bought a job lot she thought.

She stood there and let the water cascade over her before she started to wash herself over, her little rough scrubbing cloth felt good as it invigorated her shapely body; it glided up and down her long firm legs before it touched between her legs, oh that felt good, she rubbed her cunt again, why was she doing this it was disgusting, she never played with herself but it felt very good.

She pulled the cloth up her body and over her breast's, her whole body tingled, her nipples stuck out from their puffy ruby cushion and they were long and very hard and so sensitive, much as she was enjoying rubbing over them she still couldn't wait to get down between her legs again, soon she was rubbing hard at her exposed clit.

She lay back against the shower cubicle her fingers now taking the place of the washcloth, her clit hard and exposed, she rubbed hoping for a quick release but that didn't happen just the incredible feeling intensified.

She turned the water off but still the feeling grew, as she tried to dry herself her fingers rubbed over her cunt, she couldn't understand why she was trying to fuck herself, she just knew she had to lay on the bed and some how get relief.

She dragged two pillows in to the centre of the bed and laid over them her fingers imbedded in her cunt as she humped at the pillows. She rubbed her tits hard on to the course linen sheet, she was all most feeling sick with excitement. Her fingers were soaked in her own juice as she humped and rubbed, little moans and squeals forced themselves from her mouth but still the feelings grew.

She turned and lay on her back her hips over the pillows, her legs wide as she didn't know whether to finger her cunt or pull her nipples, her legs opened and closed as she squeezed one set of fingers as far up herself as she could, while the other set rubbed hard on her clit, she had never felt like this before. Her eyes closed and opened as the room swayed and span to her sexual arousal.

She found herself rushing towards a climax, the juice spurted from her cunt as the orgasm nearly made her faint but no sooner had the first climax shuddered her entire body then she felt another start. She was both disgusted and excited by herself, she had one hand up her cunt, her fingers fighting to get in deep while her other hand was pushing her breast up so she could suck her own nipple, never had she done anything like this before and still the climax grew.

She humped away at her hand, she was so horny she had no control over her body, her eyes flicked, then opened, standing by the door was a man in blue overalls, air conditioning maintenance written on the pocket, he just stood there grinning at her as he put his tool box down.

She wanted to scream at him to leave, she wanted to cover her fantastic body from his view, she wanted him to go but all she could do was keep working furiously at her cunt, her eyes darted from him to her bouncing tits and thrusting hip, her naked writhing body on display to this dirty stranger, her throat was so dry she couldn't even speak, but he could.

He moved around the bed, "Well you are one horny arsed cunt, you look like you need a good seeing to, hot and gorgeous just my kind of on heat bitch, come on move your hands out the way lets have a look at your wet hole."

She struggled to say, "No, pl, pleasee no, you must ahhh must get out," bending down he played with her nipple, rolling it between his fingers tugging it out as he just laughed, "Okay make me, close your legs, stop playing with your cunt and throw me out, otherwise shut your mouth, keep your legs open and get ready for me to use you, play with you, lick that wet cunt and of course fuck you."

He got down between Mady's spread thighs; she groaned a last pathetic whispered, "No," as he grabbed her hands.

He pulled her hands away, her hips tried to follow as she pulled her knees up and dug her heels in to the bed, her cunt exposed to his gaze, "You are a fucking wet bitch, looks like your going to let me do just what I like and that's gona be a whole lot of fucking to cool that hole down, but before I take you I know you won't mind if I have a taste of what's on offer."

His head buried itself between her open thighs, she squealed as his tongue licked over her hot wet flesh, he let go of her hands and told her to keep her cunt lips open; there she lay, this respectable powerful business woman, naked with a stranger licking her cunt and her holding her cunt open for him to do more.

He licked at her, his tongue rubbing the hard clit nub, then sending her crazy by flicking it from side to side before pushing his tongue up inside her and making noises as he blew in to her; she squealed and gyrated her body rushing towards another climax, his fingers thrust up her driving her over the top.

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