Passed Out Drunk -- Too Bad

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Drunk/Drugged, Group Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Lisa and her husband Rob invite two other couples over for an evening of sex. They go out to a club first and Lisa gets drunk and passes out. They bring her home and sex occurs even if Lisa knows nothing about it.

Lisa thought she could hold her booze and keep up with all the other people there at the party that night. She'd started out by taking the first beer her husband, Rob, handed her and Lisa had quickly guzzled that down. She knew if she drank enough beer especially that she'd have to go to the bathroom to pee more often, but she didn't mind that and it gave her a chance to go touch up her makeup and even possibly exchange some hot gossip or some naughty caresses and kisses with some of the other wives and girlfriends there that night.

When Lisa returned to the party, she began to feel the effects of what she'd been drinking very suddenly and before she knew it, she was realizing that she was drunk. She was so drunk, in fact, that she wasn't sure but what she was just about to pass out. She managed to make it back to her seat there in the club, and then as she began to feel that she was going to actually pass out, she leaned over to Rob and whispered, "Honey, I'm feeling really bad," and then Lisa passed out. Rob realized what had happened and he let the other two couples who'd come with them know that he was taking Lisa home. Since they'd all come together, they watched Rob scoop Lisa up in his arms and they all headed out with him back to their place.

At home, Rob carried Lisa into the house and he laid her out on the living room couch. Lisa was so drunk that she barely even moaned when Rob had picked her up and carried her to the car and then on into the house when they arrived at home. Rob sat there for a moment watching Lisa and making sure she wasn't going to actually get sick or anything that might harm her. As he was watching her, the other two couples started doing what they'd all planned to do before they'd gone out to drink that night -- switch partners and fuck. The other two couples switched mates and began to get undressed while Rob sat there with an unconscious wife, totally fucking drunk and out of it. As Rob watched her for a moment, he heard the others started to make the telltale noises and sounds of guys and girls playing with each other, having oral sex, getting turned on and then preparing to fuck each other. Rob's cock got super hard when he looked over and saw the other four people naked and already moving into the first stages of having sex there in the same room with him and Lisa. Then, he decided that if Lisa was stupid enough to drink so much on a night when they'd all planned to have sex, she was going to get fucked even if she wasn't conscious to realize it.

Rob made sure Lisa was lying in the right postion and then he began getting her naked for sex by reaching down and pulling her T-shirt up to her neck, exposing her black front-closure bra. Then, he reached down, unfastened her pants and he slid them down and off of her legs, revealing the matching black thong panty that Lisa had put on that night in anticipation of their hot evening of group sex and swapping mates. Then, he undid his own pants and shirt, slipping them off and he stood there wanking his cock up and down as he felt himself getting turned on by the thought of actually fucking Lisa when she didn't know it. He got himself fully erect and then he reached down, unsnapped the clasp of Lisa's bra and peeled the cups back to reveal her sexy full tits. Then, he rubbed his fingers up and down over the thong-covered slit of her pussy and then he slid her thong off and leaned over to kiss and pull on her sexy dark nipples.

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