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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Lactation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young nursing mother, who runs a salon for her mother, tries an older male client and likes it enough to allow him to sample her wares frequently.

At first glance when I pushed through the front door, I thought there was nobody in the salon. But that wouldn't make sense. It was, after all, a few minutes after the nine o'clock opening time on Wednesday morning and the door was unlocked. Surely someone had been there to unlock it.

Then a head popped up from behind a half wall and a young woman smiled and said, "Good morning. Come on in."

She was dressed in beige slacks that barely concealed a nicely shaped butt, a knit sweater that displayed the company's logo and a pair of hooters that were probably too big to fit in a D-cup. Her left boob sported a nametag that said "Toni."

I walked back towards her and she pointed me toward a swivel chair. I sat down, laying my glasses on the counter by the wall mirror. She asked what kind of cut I wanted and I described my usual uncomplicated needs.

She picked up the clippers and started to work. I have always been most appreciative of female barbers who do 'close' work... cut my hair while rubbing against my body, even if it was just my elbows. The way she started she didn't even touch me although there was no way she could use clippers on top of my head without accentuating her boobs.

"What kind of weather are we supposed to have today?" she asked, probably just making conversation.

"I hear we might have rain but not until tonight," I replied.

"Oh, I hope it doesn't rain until late," she said. "I'm going to a pool party today and my son loves to play in the pool."

"Ah, yes. How old is your son?"

She came around me and picked up a picture from the counter, an image of a young boy holding a baby. "My oldest is 2 1⁄2 and the baby is just two months."

"Cute kids. Does mama also like the pool?"

"Oh, yeah, I love it but I can't go in the water right now." She paused and I wondered if it was because she was having her period but then she continued. "I'm breast feeding my two month old son and there's so much chlorine in pool water I'm afraid it might poison him. That stuff sticks to the skin, you know."

"Wow! I wouldn't have thought of that. You mean it would stick to your... breasts and your son would suck it in with your... milk?"

"Yeah. You know kids can get poisoned so many ways."

"Yes, I guess so," I said, watching her tits rocking back and forth as she trimmed the front of my hair.

She glanced down and saw the direction of my gaze before I could avert it.

"Yeah, I know. They are pretty gross, aren't they?"

"No! No, they are not! They are absolutely beautiful," I said reverently.

"Oh? You like my boobies?" She stopped almost right in front of me.

"I think they are wonderful," I said as honestly as I could.

But then she surprised me completely, suddenly pulling her sweater from waist to shoulders, then quickly lifted her bra, letting her globes dangle. She was obviously not concerned about sun poisoning because there were no tan lines... and she had a great tan all over. Her tits seemed full, round and ripe and her nipples were inflated, dark reddish-brown protrusions in the midst of dark brown dimpled areolas.

If she was showing, I was touching so I reached out with both hands and cupped her globes in my ham-sized hands. No sooner had my fingers touched her nipples than drops of white liquid appeared.

She said, "Careful, unless you want to have milk all over you. They are pretty full."

I leaned over and pulled her left nipple to my mouth and was instantly rewarded with the sweet taste of warm mother's milk.

She stepped closer and I put a hand on the small of her back to discourage her from backing away. She didn't, just standing and letting me suckle for a couple of minutes before pulling her tit away from my mouth and offering the other one for the same treatment.

About three minutes later, she pulled back, tucked her tits into her bra and pulled the sweater down into place while I let my hand slide down over her hip cupping her left buttock.

When she started on my hair again, she didn't bother moving my hand.

After a bit she said, "My mother keeps telling me I should stay away from boys but I like them too much."

"What do you like most?"

"Oh, I guess... well, you know... I like to get laid."

"Uh, huh. Wow. I would love to have a piece of a magnificent ass like you have."

"Oh, yeah? You don't... still... at your age, do you?"

"You bet I do. Haven't you ever done it with an older man?"

"No, I thought they stopped doing it."

"Honey, you should try it with an older man sometime. At least some older men do it longer and slower and do a better job than younger men."

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