A Promising Slave

by Rachel Gumm

Tags: Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Slavery, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Humiliation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism,

Desc: : A slavegirl makes a promise to her master's friend in order to be permitted to orgasm.

(C) 2006 Rachel Gumm. Thanks to Stephen Strange for the original idea. You may freely distribute this story digitally, but only in full, crediting me as the author. I welcome feedback, and try my best to reply to it all.

From the comfort of the bed, Adrian looked Claire up and down, taking in the captivating sight. It had taken a while for the two of them to get her into her current outfit, but now that it was finally complete, he could see that it had been worth it. He started by taking in her feet. She was wearing shiny ankle high ballet boots with impossibly tall heels and tiny padlocks dangling down from the top.

Slowly working his way up her body, he took in the beauty her curves, emphasised by her tight-fitting black spandex catsuit. It covered every inch of her body from her neck down. Even her fingers were encased in its gloves. In stark contrast, her crotch was encased in a gleaming steel chastity belt that she was proudly wearing over the top of the catsuit, and in which Adrian could even make out a blurry reflection of the bedroom's assorted expensive furnishings.

Higher still, above her slim waist and small yet perfectly formed breasts, Claire was wearing her usual steel collar. This evening, however, it was tethering her to the wall by a fairly light yet completely sturdy metal chain that only permitted her to walk to the bathroom and balcony. The bed was currently completely off limits to her.

Completing her outfit was the head harness strapped in place around her face, fitting tightly around her head and keeping its large ball gag firmly in her mouth. Beneath the head harness, Adrian could still make out the light yet immaculate makeup she was wearing. Her bright lips were wrapped snuggly around the gag; her eyes, with just a hint of eyeshadow, were pleading. She looked perfect.

"Don't look at me like that." Adrian played idly with the keys to her chastity belt and the small padlock holding her catsuit's zip in place at the back of her neck. "I'll take your chastity belt off for you, but I'm not going all the way over there." He patted the bed. "I'm comfortable."

Claire tugged on the leash tethering her to the wall. It was solid. Turning away from the bed, she moved as close to her master as she could, but still couldn't reach back far enough to sit on the bed, even with the chain stretched taut all the way from the wall to the front of her collar.

"You should look at yourself, my little pet," suggested Adrian. "You look so cute and helpless, all dressed up like that." Ignoring his own advice, he opened the book lying beside him on the bed and resumed reading it.

Either her master was teasing her, seeing how long he could prolong her torment, thought Claire, or he was already playing the game with her. She glanced out of the open door leading to the balcony, deep in thought. Had he already given her a clue that would lead to her reward? He'd given her an order, she realised. Taking great effort to slowly navigate the room in her ballet boots, she made her way to the bathroom, the chain rattling behind her.

Studying her reflection in the large mirror on the wall, she had to concede that she did indeed look cute and vulnerable. She knew how much Adrian liked that. Pretending not to care must be killing him, she realised, casually reading a book instead of ripping her clothes off right there and then. She let a smile creep across her face as much as the gag permitted. Then she noticed something. A pair of keys dangled from a single ring that was taped to the mirror's luxurious frame. There was a note attached to the ring. It simply read "boots."

Claire walked out of the bathroom, her feet encased only in the smooth fabric of her catsuit. She dutifully put her boots in one of the two corners of the room that she could reach, out of the way.

"Good." Adrian glanced up from his book. "So you can see how slutty you look."

Claire nodded, humming in agreement.

"There's no reason to be selfish though. I think other people would like to see what a slut you are too. Why don't you go outside and show your slutty little outfit off to the world, my pet?"

Go outside? thought Claire. She was tethered to the wall. She couldn't even reach the hall, let alone walk down the stairs and out of the villa, onto the street. Wondering how she could possibly leave the room, she stared idly into space. Eventually she realised what she was looking at. The door to the balcony.

Claire whined into her gag in protest, but it was no use. Adrian was already reading again, and she knew she had to complete all of her tasks to get her reward. More than that, she didn't want to let her master down.

Reluctantly, Claire walked towards the balcony. She shivered as she tentatively stepped closer to the gentle breeze that was cooling the room slightly. Determined to please her master, she took a deep breath and stepped outside.

The wind felt cool against her spandex clad body. It was early evening, and only a handful of people were outside the villa, commuters making their way home and elegantly dressed couples on their way to expensive restaurants. Claire stood and watched them for a while, grateful none of them were inclined to glance upwards.

She discovered the next set of keys taped to the railing. Facing back towards the bedroom, she had to stretch her arm as much as possible and blindly grope around the railing in order to reach them. Finally, she managed to pull the keys free, but her trembling fingers dropped them on the balcony floor. Thankfully they were well within her reach this time, and she made an effort to calm down as she picked them up again. Their note read "head harness."

Glancing at the street beneath her one last time, she suddenly noticed a couple staring back at her. The man was pointing straight at her, while the woman was trying to see what he was looking at. She soon found her, and together they just stared at her. For what seemed like forever, her heart froze. What would they think of her? They'd probably think she was in danger, she realised. She had to somehow send them a sign that she was OK.

Not knowing what else to do, Claire tentatively raised her hand. The man's expression slowly changed from one of concern to a bemused smile, and he started to wave at her. She waved back. Then the woman joined in, waving to her. Claire didn't wait to see if anyone else would wonder who the couple were waving to. Embarrassed more than she could take, she hurried back into the warmth of the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

Claire gently sucked her ball gag dry before placing the harness next to her ballet boots. There couldn't be many more tasks for her to complete, she realised. She instinctively returned to the bathroom to touch up her makeup, then knelt down in front of the bed.

"Good girl," encouraged Adrian.

Claire didn't like it when he called her that, but as usual, she let it pass. Let him have his fun, she thought.

"It's important for you to learn to celebrate who you are. Don't be ashamed to be my plaything. You should be proud to be such a well-trained slavegirl."

"Thank you, master." Claire's voice was soft, but she didn't feel as calm as she sounded.

"You're welcome." A warm smile made Adrian's face light up, and Claire instantly remembered why she'd fallen in love with him. Although he demanded a lot of her, always pushing her limits further and further, he was kind and always made a point of encouraging her to grow as a woman as well as a slavegirl.

"Your final task may be your hardest," warned Adrian.

Claire felt her heart racing despite her best efforts to stay calm. She wondered what could be harder than stepping out onto the balcony for everyone to see, dressed as the slavegirl she had become.

"What must I do, master?" asked Claire obediently.

"I want you to promise to go down on one of my friends. I want you to go down on Greg."

"Excuse me, master?" Claire's voice revealed more fear than anger. "You want to share me with your friends?"

"I want to push you beyond your current limits."

"Do I have to do this, master?" Claire braced herself.

"Of course you don't," assured Adrian. Claire felt herself relax a little. "I would never force you to do anything against your will."

"Thank you, master." Claire breathed a sigh of relief, realising she wouldn't have to go through with the act.

"Of course," added Adrian, "if you don't complete the tasks, then once you're out of that adorable little catsuit of yours, I'll lock the chastity belt back on you. You'll be able to wear it under your regular clothes, of course, and no one will be any the wiser, but you won't be permitted to orgasm for at least a month this time."

"A month?" Claire's eyes widened like those of a rabbit trapped in headlights.

"You must earn the privilege of orgasm and release," explained Adrian.

"By offering to go down on Greg?"

"By pushing your limits."

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