Road Rules

by Techsan

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Oral Sex, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Being selected to participate in a team competition for a TV show proves to be very educational and broadening for a young college student.



Chapter 1

The first day I met the others at the starting point. There were just six of us and we came from all over the country.

Donnel was a 23 year old, heavyweight black man with a great sense of humor and an equally great appetite. Sean was a 22 year old Italian American who was rather moody but athletic. Mary Beth was a 21 year old college student with long brown hair and better looks than most high fashion models. Brittany was a 20 year old with short blonde hair and attractive face marked with acne. Traci was a 21 year old African-American who was rather quiet and exuded intelligence.

And then there was me. I was a 19 year old from a growing Atlanta suburb. I had just finished my freshman year in a Florida college and was still trying to decide what I wanted to be. I had done pretty well in school, making the Dean's List both semesters but had no illusions that things wouldn't get progressively harder. So, the eight weeks of being on Road Rules was a welcome break from school, a chance to make some new, diverse friends, and hopefully time to reflect on my life's direction. I told them to call me Nathan or Nate.

The first order of business was to pick up our motor home, which would be our only shelter for the life of the project. It was not huge but, at least, it turned out to be large enough to sleep six without having to convert the eating booth, which could be used in a pinch. Donnel elbowed everybody out of the way and claimed the lower single side bunk. Sean took the upper single side berth. Mary Beth and Brittany had dibs on the double bunk above the front seats. That left the double bed in back so I walked back and lay down, deciding quickly that I had the best option.

I had forgotten about Traci until she walked in and lay down beside me, asking, "Do you mind if I sleep with you?"

"Not at all," I said sincerely.

We all spent a few minutes stowing our baggage near our selected bunks. Our initial message from the director said that we would have three days to get used to the RV and sample life on the California beach before we got our first direction. We decided to take a dip in the surf which was only a couple of football fields from where the RV was parked. We all changed to swimsuits and I got my first surprise: with only the outer door being closed, everyone changed without being concerned about privacy.

Traci stripped naked in front of me and fumbled with her bikini, which was in a tangle that she had not bothered to correct before she undressed. Not to be outdone, I skimmed out of my clothes and pulled over my trunks but she stopped me by asking for my help in untangling her bikini. Naked as jays, we huddled together and worked on the little strings. When I got a hard-on, Traci giggled but said that it was pretty good sized.

As I got her strings undone, she reached for the little garment but her left hand grasped my tool and squeezed it for a few moments. I cupped a handful of her ass but then someone called and we hastily got dressed. However the bulge in my trunks didn't leave a lot to the imagination and all the others commented about it and laughed. Traci said that they were just jealous.

The ocean was cool and warm at the same time, giving an overall fantastic feeling. We cavorted playfully and aimlessly for a while. However knowing how this game was usually played, I decided to find out as much as I could about the other players. Sitting in waist-deep water, I bounced over to where Brittany was and asked if I could talk to her. She came over and got in my face, splashing water at me playfully. For a while we just played with each other and then I began to ask questions about her background. I found out that she was from a large family, her hometown was a small Kentucky place, her high school class graduated 119 seniors, where she was going to college, and that she was a cheerleader and in both the FFA and FHA groups, even the fact that she had no current boyfriend although she had several exes.

As time progressed Brittany was sitting on my folded-up legs, her hot lithe body pressed up against mine. Even though I had encountered a number of sexually uninhibited girls during the last college year, I still had not gotten used to girls who dealt with guys as if sex was a non-issue, okay if they did, okay if they didn't. Brittany seemed to be one of those and she could not have sat where she did without knowing that she was having a dramatic effect on my libido... my cock was trying to punch her in the ass.

Without breaking off the recitation of her ex-boyfriends and why they had become exes, she pulled my cock through the loose leg of my trunks, pushed the crotch of her bikini panties to one side and sat back on my tool, letting it be swallowed by her cunt. It was such a matter-of-fact move that it was done before I even thought about the impact it might have on the team dynamic. I looked around but the other four were chasing a ball in the surf and no one was paying any attention to us.

Brittany didn't try to fuck me really, just sat on my shaft and the wave action caused her to ride gently up and down. As our conversation lagged, I felt the pressure in my balls build and suddenly I was spurting cum into Brittany's cunt. After I'd finished cumming, she gave me a little wink and eased off my lap, pulling our suits back into place.

I said, "I'm sorry."

"What for? I thought you liked it."

"I loved it. I'm sorry I didn't help you get off."

"Oh, honey, you did. I'm pretty good at hiding my orgasms. I had three while your thang was in me. We've got to do it again sometime real soon," she said in her Kentucky drawl. She bent over and gave me a peck on the cheek, probably to keep from raising suspicion from other members.

We rejoined the group and played with a beach ball for a while until I got Mary Beth off to one side and began to ask her the same questions. She was cooperative but was very careful to keep distance between us. That was unfortunate because I thought she was the sexiest and most beautiful woman I had the opportunity to meet. Still she was nice enough to talk to and provided a good sketch of her life.

She was from a suburb of Tampa, her only family member was her mother, her graduating class in high school was large and impersonal. She was a member of a dance corps but it was not associated with school. She'd had a couple of boyfriends but didn't feel like she was very good at dealing with men, which was something she hoped to improve during our project.

When it got dark, we walked back to the RV and fixed some dinner, which we ate outside watching the sun set across the water. We sat and talked for several hours before heading inside to go to bed. Donnel was the first in bed and he was snoring rather loudly by the time anyone else went inside. Sean and I went in about the same time while the girls stayed out to talk a little longer. I got into my sleeping shorts and climbed under the sheet and was nearly out when Traci came in and crawled under the sheet. She moved over onto her side facing away from me but scooted back so that we were touching. I was very surprised to find that she was naked.

She whispered over her shoulder, "I sleep in the nude all the time. I hope you don't mind."

"No, that's okay," I replied.

"Then what's that poking my booty?" she asked.

I was embarrassed that at our first touch, my cock had begun to grow and was now straining against my shorts to get out.

Traci turned so that her face was next to my ear and said, "I think you'd be a lot more comfortable if you got out of those shorts." Her hands tugged them down as I lifted my bottom and then my legs.

Again she whispered in my ear, "I'm going to turn over again. If you want to, put that in and we'll have a little fun 'til it goes down. Just don't get to rocking too hard."

She turned over and pushed back until we were spooned together. With her head lying on my bottom arm, she pulled the other over her and brought my hands up so that they were cupping her shapely tits. My dong took another leap of faith and began to quest for a home between her buttocks. When she raised her legs slightly, the head of my probe settled at her cunt opening and an almost imperceptible push put it inside. With a little wiggling from both of us, my whole boner was soon inside her.

She felt great! The sensations from my cock were of a velvet reception, warm, welcome, slick, and wonderful. Her cunt enveloped my shaft like a kid glove, tight without being constricting. Her buttocks against my crotch were smooth, round, hard yet soft at the same time.

She started to move, not a big movement but just little "standing in the same place" kind of moves, her ass seeming to move in circles. I kneaded her titties, squeezing and pulling on her nipples and the sigh she made almost silently seemed to approve. Then, when I moved a hand down her side and into her valley to touch her clit, which was standing up almost like her nipples, the sigh was longer, more uncontrolled.

Even so I don't think she made any real noise, nor did the bed move and I did not think the RV was shaking with our movements. Still I knew she approved of my touching her clit the same as she knew I loved the way her pussy felt around my penis. And when she dropped a hand between us and cupped my balls, I gave her an extra squeeze of approval.

Over her shoulder, she whispered that we had to go slow to keep from rocking the RV so I was very careful not to start pumping her pussy. We didn't have a clock near the bed but I guessed that we were at it for ten to fifteen minutes when she stiffened, her head jerked three times and her whole body shook as she climaxed. Right then I wanted to pound her ass until I shot my load into her but I knew we couldn't do that so I let her relax and begin her movements again.

Again, a number of minutes passed before she stiffened once more, her head jerking back and up violently and the shaking started anew. The next time, it was me that started cumming, spraying her pussy with my hot sperm. That seemed to trigger her third climax, just as violent as the others but, when it was over, my cock deflated and slid out of her and we both sighed and drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 2

In the morning when I woke up, I was in the same position but Traci had turned over in the night and scooted down in the bed. She was pressed up against me so that I could feel her tits pressing against my abdomen. Her head was lying on my stomach and one arm was over my hip and her fingers were touching my ass. It was a rather sexy position to be in and I grew erect rather quickly.

I had been that way just a few minutes, afraid to move lest I wake her, when she stretched and turned over, moving up in the bed in the process. I thought she was still asleep but then her butt pushed into my crotch and with one hand she spread her buttocks. I aimed my dong at her exposed pussy and pressed forward, watching the head of my cock disappear inside her. When I hesitated, Traci bowed her back, causing her bottom to back into my crotch and sending my shaft completely inside her.

Just as the night before, she began to rock her bottom gently and the sensations of her pussy around my cock came flooding back to me. I cupped her hooters and kneaded them for several minutes. Her hand again worked its way between us and she cupped my balls and her fingers played with their contours. I slid my fingers down and into her crevice, teasing her clit until, like the previous night, she came three times by the time I unloaded my balls into her belly. After a couple of minutes, Traci turned over and snuggled up to my length.

She looked in my eyes and whispered, "I'll make you a deal, sugar. As long as we're both on the team and sleeping together, you can put that thing in me any time you get hard. I won't mind. Just do it. Okay?"

I nodded my agreement. That was a great arrangement for me.

We dressed and went outside, since none of the others were up. However we'd only been sitting in the lawn chairs for a few minutes when Sean stumbled out, not quite awake. Probably fifteen minutes later, the other two girls came out giggling but it was another hour before Donnel came out complaining about how early it was.

We rented bicycles and started a leisurely tour of a few miles of the coast area by mid-morning. I managed to talk to Sean enough as we rode to get my personal bio questions answered and then I did the same with Donnel at a couple of rest stops. In the afternoon, I rode beside Traci and got her to tell me about herself, completing the cycle. I hoped all the information would at least let me be a better teammate even if it didn't come up in some test.

By early afternoon, Donnel was complaining of muscle cramps and a sore butt from the bicycle saddles so we turned around and headed back before we really wanted to, stopping at almost every wayside stand along the way so he could get something else to eat. Thus it was nearly sundown when we got back to the RV after turning in the bicycles.

We had things in the RV for hotdogs so we built a little fire on the beach and roasted wieners and ate hot dogs for dinner, roasting marshmallows for desert, sang songs for a while and then told made-up ghost stories. It was a great evening. And it ended with a great fuck of Traci.

The following morning we had instructions for our first 'event', which was to be an individual 'breaking the ice' event to see what we knew about each other. The reward to the winner was a check for $6,000. Suddenly everyone was trying to find out all the information I had gotten the last couple of days.

Mid-afternoon a courier brought six moderate sized white boards and some markers. We sat around in a semi-circle facing the project host and hostess who read the questions. I guessed right on some of the questions of the other five, knew the correct answers on others, and got fifteen of the eighteen questions right. The next closest was Mary Beth with eight right so I got the check for $6,000. We also were informed that the next morning we would receive new instructions so we should enjoy the evening.

I called the team together for a huddle and outlined a plan that everyone enthusiastically approved. While Brittany and I went down the boardwalk to a bank about five blocks away, Mary Beth and Sean made some calls and arranged for a limo to pick us up at six o'clock. At the same time, Donnel and Traci asked some locals for 'best restaurant' recommendations and made a call to get us reservations. Afterward they all asked questions of people on the beach about the best places to have some fun in the evening. My plan was that I would share my afternoon's winnings by paying for a first class evening before whatever the next day brought.

By the time Brittany and I got back from cashing the check, it was after five o'clock so we had to rush through quick showers in the RV and dressing in some clothes we could go out in. The limo arrived right on time. As the BMOC for the day, I got to sit in the middle of the huge back seat with Mary Beth on my left, Traci on my right and Brittany directly in front of me. Sean and Donnel took the side jump seats. Sean found the bar and poured libations for everyone and a great evening got underway.

I enjoyed the company of everybody although Donnel was a little... strange to me, a little too uncouth, but he was funny and had jokes for every occasion. He even told dirty, sexy jokes but the girls seemed to love them, although I would have felt awkward telling them in mixed company. I felt like I had made friends with them all. Although Mary Beth was a little distant, I felt that way generally around women I considered beautiful and she was... WOW! Friendly enough but she wasn't going to stand close enough to me to let something rub off, in spite of her position in the limo.

We toured four different hot spots after dinner, drinking and dancing and having a good time. Brittany and Traci thanked me for the evening with long sensuous kisses and Brittany found an out-of-the-traffic spot where she gave me a great blow job while the others were occupied with sight-seeing. She would have made it even better but it was too hard for her to get out of her skin-tight jeans. It was after 2:30 when we crashed back at the RV and I was asleep a few seconds after I shot my load into Traci's all-too-willing cunt, accompanied by her usual three orgasms.

In the morning I slaked my lust again by thrusting into Traci's hot pussy until my balls were empty and then we went outside for the fresh air and found our instructions. We were going on a sort of scavenger hunt that would take us through parts of ten states and approximately 3,000 miles in the next seven days.

We had maps and clues to the first location. At that location, we would find instructions to the next checkpoint and so on until we reached the final stop. If we didn't make it within 168 hours of starting, we would have to vote to evict a member, who would be replaced by someone else. If we exceeded the speed limit at any time, we would receive time penalties that would add to our total time.

I was not very happy with the other two guys on the team by the time we'd completed the first day's travel. We had decided that we needed to try to keep the RV rolling as much as possible so we would swap drivers every couple of hours. That would give everyone some rest time and everybody would take turns navigating too.

However in reality Donnel and Sean sat at the table and played cards and ate the whole day, helping with neither the driving nor the navigating. When we stopped at our first destination, Donnel did at least join me and the girls in searching for the clue to the next stop but Sean didn't even get out of the RV... he decided it was time for him to take a nap.

By the third day, even the girls were ragging on him about his laziness so he reluctantly took a turn driving... and in less than two hours, got us three separate time penalties for going over the speed limit. Everybody was so angry with him we were ready to toss him off the RV. After that we let him stay in his bunk the rest of the trip.

We were making good time, having hit six caches with new instructions in the first six days and driven halfway to the final destination by sundown on the sixth day. We decided to stop at an RV park along the way and have a good night's sleep. Since I had napped late in the afternoon, I wasn't able to sleep as early as some of the others so everyone but Mary Beth and me were inside in their bunks sleeping. I was reading in a lawn chair beside a picnic table while Mary Beth was sitting on the bench of the table, occasionally asking questions or talking about the trip. Just her presence made it difficult for me to read but I kept trying, lest she see the fear I have of dealing with beautiful women. Finally she grew quiet and I became engrossed in my book.

Then, when she asked, "Do you think I have a fat ass?" I was unprepared.

I started, "Mary Beth, you do not have... a fat ass. You've got the greatest figure I've ever seen," and by then I had looked up.

She was on her hands and knees on the picnic table bench within arm's reach of where I sat. She had tossed her short skirt over her back and she was not wearing anything under it. Her bare round ass stood in sweet relief just inches from my face. And between her beautifully tanned legs was the inviting sight of her soft pussy lips covered with a light brown curly down.

I couldn't help myself. I reached over and ran my hand lightly over her ass, feeling of each of the perfect globes of her buttocks. Then my fingertips trailed down the crack between them and over the soft flesh of her exposed pussy.

I said reverently, "Mary Beth, you have the most perfect ass I have ever seen. It is beautiful... just like the rest of you."

"Nathan, do you really think so?'

"Yes, for sure!"

"Well, you've never said so. You never let me know you liked me."

"Mary Beth, I've been afraid of you since the first time I saw you."


"Because... you might... reject me and that makes me afraid... to say anything that might... make you think you wouldn't want to be with me. Yeah, I know, it's a stupid self-fulfilling prophesy, right?"

Mary Beth scrambled from the bench and laid herself up my form. It was either cuddle with her or let her drop on the ground. I'm not dumb... I chose to cuddle.

I put my arms around her as her mouth sought mine and we kissed. My hands rubbed up and down and then cupped her beautiful round ass.

My cock pressed up against her and she said, "I've been wondering if you were interested in making out with me."

"Oh, baby! You just don't know how much."

"Yeah? Well, me too. Let's do it."

"Yes... please."

She said, "Got an idea. You sit straddling the bench, okay?"

She got up and turned out the camp lantern, and I moved to the bench, kicking one leg over it. As I was settling down, she pulled my shorts down under my scrotum, revealing my whole package. Mary Beth turned and stepped over the bench the same way I had, facing away from me. She bent over, pushed back, captured my cock in her hand and guided it into her hot wet pussy as she sat down.

She leaned back against me and said, "Mm, mm, good!"

I kissed the side of her face and her neck, nibbled at her ear and smelled the soft fragrance of her hair. My hands worked under her thin top and fondled her tits, which were not as big as Brittany's or Traci's but were still a good handful.

She turned her head a little and whispered, "You can do this all night if you want to."

"I'd love to," I responded, "but I don't think my third leg will let me stay like this as long as I'd like."

I flexed that muscle, feeling my shaft wander around her inner chamber and then her muscles responded in kind. From the movement of the moon, I guessed that it was nearly an hour later when I made a move, letting one hand trail down over her stomach and into the valley of her pussy, finding her clit and teasing her into an orgasm, then a second and third before she slumped forward and I rose up and began pumping her pussy from behind, pounding my crotch against her wonderful ass. Just as I started spraying her love box with my sperm, she came once more.

When we had rested a few minutes, Mary Beth got up to go in but first turned and said, "Nathan, I hope this was just the first of many." Then she was gone.

Chapter 3

Ten minutes later I tried to get to bed quietly but Traci was waiting for me.

As I climbed into bed, nude as usual, she turned when her ass pressed back into my crotch and whispered, "I couldn't get to sleep. I need it, honey."

She massaged my balls until my cock was hard and then guided it into her slick opening. I didn't get to sleep for another forty minutes.

The next day we arrived under the time limit but within the allotted time. However the penalties that Sean accrued put us over the limit and meant that we had failed the mission. Therefore we had to vote a member off that night. Around the campfire, Sean pointed to Brittany and said he voted to evict her because of her attitude. One by one, every one else pointed to Sean and voted to evict him because of his attitude. He was given one minute to leave.

A few minutes later a replacement member walked up. He introduced himself as Jeremy, a 21 year old Midwest college student. He turned out to be very engaging, very outgoing, and a good singer. He kept us entertained many hours through the coming weeks. For his first week on the team, he was exempt from eviction.

Two days later we were given instructions to drive to a mountain cabin which was home to a climbing school. There we received our next mission, which was to climb from the 9,200 foot level to a spot over 12,000 feet high, in the process crossing crevasses on shaky aluminum ladders and rope bridges. We would rappel down an 1800 foot ice face into a fissure in the ice, traverse the fissure for 300 feet and then climb 200 feet through a natural bridge, a donut-shaped ice-covered rock formation. From there we would climb down roughly 1500 feet back to the starting point. If we did not all make it back by sundown, we would fail the mission.

I was surprised that Mary Beth had manipulated things the last few days so that she and I could take some long walks by ourselves and each time she found a spot where she let me fuck her. I could easily have fallen in love with her and for sure I was in lust with her. I began to believe maybe it was the same with her. She opened her pussy for my use and I ate it thoroughly and fucked it just as thoroughly.

Traci seemed to know what was happening between Mary Beth and I and it apparently did not sit well with her, even though I had seen her at various times screwing both Sean and Donnel. I knew also that Brittany had fucked both of the other guys although I did not know whether Mary Beth had or not. I really didn't want to know either. However, Traci began to bitch about not wanting to be on the team, wanting to go back home, being homesick for her family, and anything else that came to mind. She had gone from a very friendly person to one that got on every one's nerves and didn't seem to care. The only time she shut up was when she came to bed... then she didn't seem to mind who was doing whom.

We started the mission at daybreak, having consumed a breakfast of energy bars and juice. We had guides to show us where to go and how to get there but no one, not even team members, was allowed to help other team members. We were each outfitted with a pair of crampons for our feet and one ice axe. During the whole mission we were roped together for safety but there was a hundred feet of rope between team members so it was only a last ditch measure.

The initial 3000 foot climb went well, although there were some shaky times on the two ladder bridges and the very unstable rope bridge but we made it without anyone falling off completely. The rappel was actually a series of steps where we used the crampons and axe to descend the first 1500 feet and then we made a series of four rappels of about 75 feet each to get into the fissure. Everyone made the traverse just fine until Donnel tried it and he nearly got stuck in some of the tighter spaces. He wasted quite a bit of time though trying to get through them.

The climb out of the fissure to the natural bridge proved to be the biggest challenge. First Jeremy climbed up, managing to push and pull himself up with no real problems and once out of the fissure the climb was a snap. Having seen the way, Mary Beth and Brittany followed in succession, making it with no problems. Traci really struggled with the climb out of the fissure and nearly didn't make it but after lots of struggles finally pulled herself up and disappeared over the top.

Donnel was next, leaving me to bring up the rear with still over an hour to complete the mission successfully. Over and over he thrust his axe into the overhead ice and moved up a few inches only to come back down a few seconds later. The hosts announced when we only had 30 minutes and he was still in the same position. He made one more attempt and failed and then spent the remainder of the time tuning out the exhortation of the team and just standing with his axe in the ice. Only when time was called and I could push from below and others pulled from above did we get Donnel out. It was a sad procession back to the RV.

At the camp, Traci and I voted to evict Donnel for causing us to fail on the mission. However the others all voted to evict Traci for her change in attitude and lack of desire to be on the team. Sadly I bid farewell to my bedmate before she walked off the mountain.

A few minutes later, a new member walked into the circle of light around the campfire. She was wearing low-rider jeans and a short tank top that left at least eight inches of bare midriff, including a very impressively shaped abdomen. It looked like if she inhaled, she just might be naked. She introduced herself as Dana, a 20 year old blonde Californian who was a junior at Berkeley. She hugged everyone and said she was happy to be part of the team. As it turned out, not everyone on the team was happy to see her.

I was mildly surprised that, when Dana asked where to stow her things, Brittany showed her to the front overhead. When we went to bed later, Mary Beth had taken Traci's place in my bed. She came to bed in her underwear but we soon had it off her and were clenched in a tight embrace. For the first time, I fucked her in bed missionary style although the pace was exceeding slow to keep from rocking the RV. It took longer but we both got great satisfaction from it. Mary Beth even bit a hole in her lower lip when she came the fourth time.

For two days, we went up the mountain for pleasure skiing and snow boarding. We had a great time, with lots of laughing and talking and teasing everyone. It was the first time to ski for both Donnel and Dana but we had enough experience to give them all the help they needed.

There were enough side trips, both on the mountain and down at the warmer camp site, that there was all kinds of hanky-panky going on. Both Jeremy and I serviced all three of the girls but they complained that Donnel had a little dong and didn't really show much interest in sex anyway; they began to wonder if he was gay but he never said anything to Jeremy or me.

Dana was a really hot little number with the biggest boobs of the group. The second day she was with us, she and I had skied ahead of the group and she executed a sharp U-turn in front of me, causing us to make contact and go tumbling down the hill a little way. We wound up sliding into a dry hole at the bottom of a big evergreen tree, completely out of sight of everyone and everything. Dana was laying across my body and she turned and first thing I knew we were lip-locked.

Pulling a few Velcro tabs, her exposed pussy settled over my exposed erection and she rode me like a professional cowgirl. I worked my hands into her snowsuit and played with her ample tits while she rocked on my implement. The cold of the nearby snow did not affect my pleasure in the least as her velvety smooth cunt moved up and down my rock-hard flagpole until she had cum twice and I spilled my seed into her hot twat. My legs were still shaky as we skied down to the lodge without further incident. However I still thought Mary Beth's pussy was the best there was.

The following morning we had instructions to travel to a spot in New Mexico to participate in solving a puzzle. Everyone was assigned a specific specialty and we were given a week to bone up on the specialties. My specialty was compass and map reading. Donnel was the riddle master, Brittany was the languages expert, Jeremy was the code breaker. Mary Beth and Dana had their unique assignments as well. We were fighting to solve the puzzle before a three hour time limit expired and each specialist had to solve his/her part without the help of any other team mates but all team mates had to follow the whole puzzle and cross the finish line together to complete the mission.

We were given directions to the first clue, about 300 yards down the mountainside through some moderate undergrowth. There we found a board with six lines of instructions, one in each of the six languages Brittany was given to study. I thought she had spent a lot of time studying the books she had been given but she struggled with the clue, going from French to Spanish to German to Italian before feeling confident that the clue said "Down to Road and South."

We took off through the underbrush heading downhill and about half a mile down found the service road. Checking my compass, we turned right to go south and followed the road a little over a mile before we found the next clue box where another road from above quartered into the service road. The clue had a list of words and two possible categories. Donnel, who had done absolutely no studying in the last week, looked at the choices and picked one which sent us up to the RV to determine if it was the right choice.

The RV was up the diagonal road almost two miles at a fairly steep grade. We tried to run but Donnel just couldn't keep up and the group had to keep stopping to let him catch up. It took us 45 minutes to cover the two miles only to find that Donnel had picked the wrong clue. We had to go back down the hill to pick the other clue, which then sent us in the opposite direction to the next station. By the time we crossed the finish line, we were more than an hour behind schedule because of Donnel's error and slow progress.

At the campfire that evening, the five of us all voted to evict Donnel and he walked away, not really unhappy for being kicked off the team. We were joined in a few minutes by a tall lanky kid named Doyle, a 21 year old Texan who had just graduated from veterinary school at A&M. He had a wry sense of humor that made everything he said seem funny. He had us all laughing before he even sat down.

When it came time to go to bed, Doyle asked the girls up front if it wouldn't be nice to break things up and let him sleep on the longer front overhead bunk, since he was taller. Jeremy agreed, asking Brittany to share his single side bunk. Dana said that she would like to stay in the overhead... with Doyle.

That changed the whole dynamic in the RV. With three couples sleeping together, nobody thought anything about the van rocking and it frequently did. Dana even managed to get on top of Doyle in the shallow confines of the overhead bunk. Most of the time Jeremy and Brittany screwed doggy style on their sides while I rode Mary Beth's saddle almost every night with the freedom to use any position we chose. It was agreed that twice a week for the rest of the mission, each of the girls would move to another bunk for a night.

After the big puzzle fiasco, we had five days and nights to test the new arrangement before we had to move to a new venue. I felt some pangs of jealousy when Doyle or Jeremy were fucking Mary Beth but that didn't keep me from loving every second I was screwing Dana or Brittany. I loved fucking all three women and each of them had something that was a little unique about their love-making that made it special.

I think I was the slowest fucker in the bunch because my partner and I were almost always the last to finish. The girls said I had more stamina than the other guys and because of that they all had one or two more orgasms with me than with the other guys and that was a plus. It sure kept me in high pussy.

Chapter 4

On the sixth day we received instructions to travel about 600 miles to Zion National Park. Once there we were met by the host and hostess and last year's winning team. In this mission we were going to play against another team instead of the clock.

At 9 AM two days later, we met with the host and hostess and our opponents in the park. We were introduced to a Fillipino warrior with tattoos all over his body. He was an expert in body tattoos and their meaning. He would be the judge of the first part of the competition.

We had paints in four colors: green, black, blue, and red. We were to design a series of tattoos for each team member and then explain their meaning at the judging. Our show piece tattoo was to be Mary Beth, who would be covered from head to toe. The other girls convinced her to take off her bikini top and let us put on the non-permanent ink tattoos all over her body. A little reluctantly she allowed us to paint her all over, right down into her bikini bottoms and completely covering her buttocks.

The design took advantage of her body contours and we felt good about the result. Everyone else had a little more normal design so that when we went to the judging, everyone was pretty well covered in the paints. Although it was make-believe, we had developed a story about how the islands were formed and changed over the years and then came up with tattoos to convey that story.

The other team was overwhelmed when Mary Beth removed a scarf she used to hide her upper half and revealed her bare breasts painted into the design of a fierce Filipino battle and the signs of a victory, right down to her exposed buttocks. She even pushed her bikini bottom down dangerously low to show everything. The other team had done a good job too but couldn't match Mary Beth's scenario and the judge awarded us the win. One down and two more competitions to go.

After the challenge was over, we had the rest of the afternoon free. Most of my team went into town to check out the action. I had not slept well the prior night and begged off to catch up on some sleep. As they were leaving, I went into the RV and sacked out. I was almost out when the door to the RV opened and Trista, a 24 year old dark haired beauty from last year's team walked in. She said she needed to get some sleep too and said that she knew our accommodations were more comfortable than theirs so she asked if I would mind if she slept with me. I smiled and said that I wouldn't mind.

Trista pulled off her top revealing a nice large set of jugs, then dropped her shorts to show a completely shaven pussy with an even tan all over. I held up the sheet and she climbed in beside me, just as naked as me. With less than a minute's work with her hand, my penis was rock hard and she climbed on top of me, easing herself down around its hardness. She lay on my chest and we kissed for several long minutes while my cock flexed like crazy inside her pussy. Then she started to rock her ass around in no particular pattern and we both got hotter. By the time she had been riding me just a few minutes, I forgot all about being tired.

While Trista concentrated on moving my cock in her pussy, my hands were feeling up her shapely buttocks, then her heavy tits, then back again. For several seconds, I helped her move her ass, then squeezed her hooters and pursued her tongue. She was moving in such slow motion that it was taking forever but it was a delicious forever. Finally she sucked in her breath, rolled back her eyes and quaked through an orgasm. When it had passed, she lowered herself to my body and just lay there spent.

I rolled us over without taking my cock out of her and slowly I started stroking my grateful tool into her hot cunt. After several minutes, she began using her legs to change the feelings coming from our coupling by changing ever so slightly the way we met at the bottom of each stroke. Thirty minutes later, when my balls emptied with great delight into her sloppy slick cunt, she had already cum four more times and was wearing the most lopsided smile I'd seen in a while. We fell asleep in each other's arms but were awake in time to fuck once more before the crowd straggled home at 2 o'clock in the morning.

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