Road Rules

by Techsan

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Oral Sex, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Being selected to participate in a team competition for a TV show proves to be very educational and broadening for a young college student.



Chapter 1

The first day I met the others at the starting point. There were just six of us and we came from all over the country.

Donnel was a 23 year old, heavyweight black man with a great sense of humor and an equally great appetite. Sean was a 22 year old Italian American who was rather moody but athletic. Mary Beth was a 21 year old college student with long brown hair and better looks than most high fashion models. Brittany was a 20 year old with short blonde hair and attractive face marked with acne. Traci was a 21 year old African-American who was rather quiet and exuded intelligence.

And then there was me. I was a 19 year old from a growing Atlanta suburb. I had just finished my freshman year in a Florida college and was still trying to decide what I wanted to be. I had done pretty well in school, making the Dean's List both semesters but had no illusions that things wouldn't get progressively harder. So, the eight weeks of being on Road Rules was a welcome break from school, a chance to make some new, diverse friends, and hopefully time to reflect on my life's direction. I told them to call me Nathan or Nate.

The first order of business was to pick up our motor home, which would be our only shelter for the life of the project. It was not huge but, at least, it turned out to be large enough to sleep six without having to convert the eating booth, which could be used in a pinch. Donnel elbowed everybody out of the way and claimed the lower single side bunk. Sean took the upper single side berth. Mary Beth and Brittany had dibs on the double bunk above the front seats. That left the double bed in back so I walked back and lay down, deciding quickly that I had the best option.

I had forgotten about Traci until she walked in and lay down beside me, asking, "Do you mind if I sleep with you?"

"Not at all," I said sincerely.

We all spent a few minutes stowing our baggage near our selected bunks. Our initial message from the director said that we would have three days to get used to the RV and sample life on the California beach before we got our first direction. We decided to take a dip in the surf which was only a couple of football fields from where the RV was parked. We all changed to swimsuits and I got my first surprise: with only the outer door being closed, everyone changed without being concerned about privacy.

Traci stripped naked in front of me and fumbled with her bikini, which was in a tangle that she had not bothered to correct before she undressed. Not to be outdone, I skimmed out of my clothes and pulled over my trunks but she stopped me by asking for my help in untangling her bikini. Naked as jays, we huddled together and worked on the little strings. When I got a hard-on, Traci giggled but said that it was pretty good sized.

As I got her strings undone, she reached for the little garment but her left hand grasped my tool and squeezed it for a few moments. I cupped a handful of her ass but then someone called and we hastily got dressed. However the bulge in my trunks didn't leave a lot to the imagination and all the others commented about it and laughed. Traci said that they were just jealous.

The ocean was cool and warm at the same time, giving an overall fantastic feeling. We cavorted playfully and aimlessly for a while. However knowing how this game was usually played, I decided to find out as much as I could about the other players. Sitting in waist-deep water, I bounced over to where Brittany was and asked if I could talk to her. She came over and got in my face, splashing water at me playfully. For a while we just played with each other and then I began to ask questions about her background. I found out that she was from a large family, her hometown was a small Kentucky place, her high school class graduated 119 seniors, where she was going to college, and that she was a cheerleader and in both the FFA and FHA groups, even the fact that she had no current boyfriend although she had several exes.

As time progressed Brittany was sitting on my folded-up legs, her hot lithe body pressed up against mine. Even though I had encountered a number of sexually uninhibited girls during the last college year, I still had not gotten used to girls who dealt with guys as if sex was a non-issue, okay if they did, okay if they didn't. Brittany seemed to be one of those and she could not have sat where she did without knowing that she was having a dramatic effect on my libido... my cock was trying to punch her in the ass.

Without breaking off the recitation of her ex-boyfriends and why they had become exes, she pulled my cock through the loose leg of my trunks, pushed the crotch of her bikini panties to one side and sat back on my tool, letting it be swallowed by her cunt. It was such a matter-of-fact move that it was done before I even thought about the impact it might have on the team dynamic. I looked around but the other four were chasing a ball in the surf and no one was paying any attention to us.

Brittany didn't try to fuck me really, just sat on my shaft and the wave action caused her to ride gently up and down. As our conversation lagged, I felt the pressure in my balls build and suddenly I was spurting cum into Brittany's cunt. After I'd finished cumming, she gave me a little wink and eased off my lap, pulling our suits back into place.

I said, "I'm sorry."

"What for? I thought you liked it."

"I loved it. I'm sorry I didn't help you get off."

"Oh, honey, you did. I'm pretty good at hiding my orgasms. I had three while your thang was in me. We've got to do it again sometime real soon," she said in her Kentucky drawl. She bent over and gave me a peck on the cheek, probably to keep from raising suspicion from other members.

We rejoined the group and played with a beach ball for a while until I got Mary Beth off to one side and began to ask her the same questions. She was cooperative but was very careful to keep distance between us. That was unfortunate because I thought she was the sexiest and most beautiful woman I had the opportunity to meet. Still she was nice enough to talk to and provided a good sketch of her life.

She was from a suburb of Tampa, her only family member was her mother, her graduating class in high school was large and impersonal. She was a member of a dance corps but it was not associated with school. She'd had a couple of boyfriends but didn't feel like she was very good at dealing with men, which was something she hoped to improve during our project.

When it got dark, we walked back to the RV and fixed some dinner, which we ate outside watching the sun set across the water. We sat and talked for several hours before heading inside to go to bed. Donnel was the first in bed and he was snoring rather loudly by the time anyone else went inside. Sean and I went in about the same time while the girls stayed out to talk a little longer. I got into my sleeping shorts and climbed under the sheet and was nearly out when Traci came in and crawled under the sheet. She moved over onto her side facing away from me but scooted back so that we were touching. I was very surprised to find that she was naked.

She whispered over her shoulder, "I sleep in the nude all the time. I hope you don't mind."

"No, that's okay," I replied.

"Then what's that poking my booty?" she asked.

I was embarrassed that at our first touch, my cock had begun to grow and was now straining against my shorts to get out.

Traci turned so that her face was next to my ear and said, "I think you'd be a lot more comfortable if you got out of those shorts." Her hands tugged them down as I lifted my bottom and then my legs.

Again she whispered in my ear, "I'm going to turn over again. If you want to, put that in and we'll have a little fun 'til it goes down. Just don't get to rocking too hard."

She turned over and pushed back until we were spooned together. With her head lying on my bottom arm, she pulled the other over her and brought my hands up so that they were cupping her shapely tits. My dong took another leap of faith and began to quest for a home between her buttocks. When she raised her legs slightly, the head of my probe settled at her cunt opening and an almost imperceptible push put it inside. With a little wiggling from both of us, my whole boner was soon inside her.

She felt great! The sensations from my cock were of a velvet reception, warm, welcome, slick, and wonderful. Her cunt enveloped my shaft like a kid glove, tight without being constricting. Her buttocks against my crotch were smooth, round, hard yet soft at the same time.

She started to move, not a big movement but just little "standing in the same place" kind of moves, her ass seeming to move in circles. I kneaded her titties, squeezing and pulling on her nipples and the sigh she made almost silently seemed to approve. Then, when I moved a hand down her side and into her valley to touch her clit, which was standing up almost like her nipples, the sigh was longer, more uncontrolled.

Even so I don't think she made any real noise, nor did the bed move and I did not think the RV was shaking with our movements. Still I knew she approved of my touching her clit the same as she knew I loved the way her pussy felt around my penis. And when she dropped a hand between us and cupped my balls, I gave her an extra squeeze of approval.

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