Seducing Mary

by Baptist Jack

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Four of the members of the Happy Executive Swingers' Club seduce one of the member's wives into joining the club using a combination of bravado, liquor and poker.

Brian, Tom and Jenna sat around the kitchen table. Brian was actually more pacing than sitting, and was so deep in thought that he had worked a cigarette out of its pack, put it in his mouth and had it halfway lit before realizing that Jenna would have his ass on a platter if he finished the action in her kitchen. Surprisingly, she was so deep in thought that the whole process, complete with stamping out the cigarette and putting it back in Brian's pocket managed to escape her in its entirety.

Tom's hand snaked up under Jenna's skirt and Jenna swatted at it, "I can't think with fingers in my pussy and it would seem that getting Mary into bed is going to take some actual thought. Knock it off... hell, give us a good idea and I'll be down between your legs before you can say 'blow job.'"

Tom smirked and stood, paced for a moment, and began shadow-boxing with Brian. Brian, irritated at his inability to conjure up a good idea and tired of this thinking exercise, shrugged and joined in. As he parried and returned blows, Brian's glance fell to a lonely poker chip, "Oh, I forgot to tell you... Larry and Stu can't make poker next Friday."

"Why those two let themselves get called away every other weekend on business is beyond me," Tom responded, jabbing at a distracted Brian. "So I guess it's gonna be you, me, and Mike unless we can scare up some other guys?"

Brian smirked and then broke into a full grin, the one that Tom called the Evil Genius Grin. "Alright Brian, give over."

"Hasn't Mary been bitching at Mike since they got married that she doesn't think our guys-only poker club is fair?"

"Well... I don't think fair has much to do with it. It's much more casual and fun without the tension of having some of these wives..." Tom stopped, and broke into a laughter.

Brian walked over to the table and sat on it, earning a swat on the ass from Jenna, "Off of the table, you cretin. Chairs are for sitting in, tables are for eating off of. I don't want my food where your ass has been."

"Pay up, little girl... I have that idea," Brian said, as he unzipped his jeans.

"No tickee, no washee," Jenna retorted, crossing her arms. "What's this idea?"

Tom walked around behind Jenna and began caressing her breasts through her blouse. "Mary has always wanted to come to poker night, but until this week, it's been men only. Between Brian's panty-wetting Margaritas and my grade-a poker skills, we ought to be able to tap that ass in no time."

"Besides," Brian added, pulling his cock out and drumming his fingers expectantly, "we will also have Jenna there to cajole Mary into action and my two packs of marked cards to back us up if Tom's card-sharking gives out."

"Mmmm... I get to come to poker night," Jenna said, standing to allow Tom to help her out of her blouse and bra. "Alright Brian, let's see what you've won." With that, Jenna bent over and sucked Brian's raging cock into her mouth as Tom dropped his jeans to the floor and pulled up Jenna's skirt to reveal the lack of panties beneath.

Jenna let out a groan around Brian's erect penis as Tom's fat 7-inch cock slid into her wet cunt. The two men fucked and sucked with Jenna with renewed vigor in the anticipation that Mary's little red-haired cunt would soon be theirs.

Tom answered the door, greeting Brian and grabbing the two large paper sacks out of his arms. "Brian, when I said the liquor cabinet was running a bit low, I didn't mean I needed to restock a bar."

"Just as well," Brian replied, following his host downstairs to the game room, "Mary is gonna need some rather strong margaritas so I about half of that is tequila and quality, tasteless vodka."

Jenna glanced up from behind the bar and wrinkled her nose at the sizable stack of cigars that Brian was loading into the humidors. "No cigars tonight, Brian."

"Not now, Jenna... but I know that at least Tom and I will want victory cigars later."

Taking two packs of cards out of his front pocket and handing them to Tom, Brian noted, "I think that's everything."

"More or less... let's mix up some drinks and be ready for our guests who," Tom checked his watch, "should be arriving in about twenty minutes."

"Start out light," Brian called back, going upstairs to take his seat at the recliner.

Fifteen minutes later, Tom and Brian answered the knock at the front door and let Mike and Mary in.

Tom took both of their coats and Brian handed each a drink. "A whiskey sour for you, Mike and a margarita for the lady."

Mike looked like he could desperately use the whiskey sour, which he downed in two gulps. Mary sipped delicately at her margarita, "What is this? Trying to ruin my acute poker skill with alcohol. I'll have you know that I'm neither a lightweight nor will I be sabotaged so easily."

Brian grinned, "Last chance to back out, Mary. I bet you could get a nice pair of shoes with that hundred dollar buy-in."

Mary grinned maliciously and pulled a crisp C-note out of her purse. "I plan on seeing this and another couple like it when I leave." She placed the bill in Brian's hand as he bowed and led her to the card table.

Mike held back and whispered to Tom, "Are you sure about this?"

Tom took Mike's drink, pulled a flask from his pocket and refilled it. "Just calm down, drink this and leave the rest to us. Jenna is a pro and Brian is even better."

The two men joined the others downstairs. Brian had handed the deck to Mary who was making a great show of inspecting it for flaws while Brian and Jenna sat down. Tom refilled his own drink and sat down next to Jenna while Mike drained his whiskey sour and walked over to the bar for a refill.

"I find this deck satisfactory," Mary proclaimed, sitting down next to Brian. "Now I just have to keep an eye on this card shark."

Brian gave his best look of injured innocence as he fed the deck into the auto-shuffler and waited for Mike to take his seat between Mary and Tom.

"For the benefit of you ladies, the name of the Game is Texas Hold 'Em." Brian said, pulling the cards from the shuffler and passing one to each player. High card deals first, there are no limits. Any questions on the rules?"

Mary smirked and said nothing while Tom passed out chips.

Jenna's Queen was the high card and she dealt the first hand. Within the first couple of hands, Mike had finally eased up and was enjoying the game, Mary had called Brian a cheater no less than seven times, and Jenna had demonstrated her lack of poker acuity, each hand transferring the her chips to either Tom or Brian.

After about a half an hour, Mike stood and went over to the humidor, "Anyone else want a cigar."

"Not while we're here you don't!" Jenna announced.

"Yeah Mike... and apparently we shouldn't have any alcohol either for these light-weights." Brian quipped, pointing to the women's half-full drinks sitting beside three empty tumblers.

"Well I'm sure not smoking, but we can drink just as well as most of you!" Jenna retorted, draining her daiquiri and holding the glass out.

"Don't say 'we' when you mean 'I'," Brian noted, smirking at Mary. Mary promptly upended her margarita and handed the glass to Brian.

The game nearly came to a pause for the next half hour as Tom was forced to spend a minute or two mixing drinks between each hand of poker. Mary was knocking them out to keep pace with Brian and Jenna, not realizing that Tom was mixing hers at double strength and theirs at half.

Things finally became interesting as the bidding finally exceeded ten dollars and large piles began moving around. First Jenna lost $50 to Mike and then Mike lost $75 to Mary who proceeded to get masterfully maneuvered by Brian into almost giving $60 to Jenna and then another $30 to Tom.

Three hands later, Brian found the opening that he'd been looking for and pushed Mary into a bidding war where she went all-in on a bluff and he drained her for all of the $135 that she'd been sitting on.

"Well shit, Mary's out and we've only been at it for an hour," Brian sighed teasingly.

"I'm not out yet, I'm gonna get more money!" Mary retorted, snatching up her purse.

"Not in the shape you're in," Mike said, taking his wife's purse and removing the keys.

Mary pouted and then, realizing that everyone else was in agreement, went over to mix herself another margarita.

Jenna spoke up, "We girls need to stick together, I'll lend you $10."

"Nope," Mike responded, "We've been down this path one time too many with Jason and Stu... no loans."

"Then I'll buy her shoes off of her for $5 each," Jenna smirked.

Brian spoke up, "No strip poker, them's the rules... I don't want to see any naked guys running around."

Mary leaned over Brian's shoulder to hand Jenna the shoes and grab $10 worth of chips. "Oh, but I do!"

Brian glanced over as Tom dealt, "That $10 isn't going to get you very far... you probably should have sold your shoes for a bit more."

"Oh... you don't think $10 will do it?" Mary grinned, tossing in her ante.

"At $1 a hand and a minimum of $5 to see it through to the end, you're gonna have to get pretty lucky."

"We'll see."

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