The Culmination

by Techsan

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: An online encounter with a precious lady turns into a threesome and hope for a lasting relationship.

I was laying behind her with my throbbing penis worked as deeply into Samantha's anus as it would reach, my right arm around her side with my hand buried between her legs. Two fingers were gently probing the top of her slit.

Jonathon was sitting in front of her, watching her bobbing head moving forward and back on his erection while her right hand fondled his balls. His left hand kneaded her huge right breast. A steady but broken string of muffled sounds came from her full mouth, indicating her contentment with everything that was happening to her.

I concentrated on sliding my cock in and out of her lush booty, not traveling far with each stroke but enough to feel the pull of her ring of muscle around my shaft, enough to know that the thousands of nerve endings in her opening were all getting a little well-deserved attention. My fingers found the going easy in her crease -- there was a steady flow of juices from her pussy that were slick and stringy and I knew that they would have tasted better than the finest honey if I'd been able to replace my fingers with my mouth. Too bad that wasn't anatomically possible.

Jon groaned and his eyes rolled back as his head tilted back. He must have started shooting his load into Sammie's concave mouth because I heard her murmur, "Uh, huh!" and her slurping became more liquid-sounding. Either that or my ministrations got her over the mountaintop as her body quivered and her muscles tightened on my fingers and my penis. Seconds later my balls boiled over and spewed my hot cum deep into her bowels. I pulled her bottom into my crotch hard and stayed pressed against her, savoring the delicious feelings of real sex with a very real woman.

I was amazed to find myself in such a setting. Never before had I been part of an MFM threesome, although it had been a recurring dream for many years. I had been married for many years and the sex was okay although certainly not spectacular but there had been none... zero... zip... zilch... nada... for going on twelve years. And there had never been any involvement with another person.

Then I ran into a user called luvs2suck on an internet erotic literature site and it was lust at first sight. She partially displayed a magnificent pair of breasts, the kind that simply hold a magnetism that is impossible to explain. Even the pictures she posted where she was completely covered screamed, "Sexy Woman!" She never posted completely nude pictures, always leaving a bit to the imagination.

She had also posted some erotic stories and when I read them, I found them to be captivating. It wasn't difficult to imagine that the author was the woman in her stories and they usually included two guys, so I simply imagined that I was one of them. Thus I was vicariously having the most erotic sex with her that I could imagine.

I began to exchange emails with her and found her to be fascinating, intelligent and very gracious. Our emails were mostly short but sweet. At first I was concerned that she would be put off by any sort of endearments or sexual innuendo but not so. She seemed to enjoy compliments, both about herself and her writing... which shouldn't be too hard to believe, I suppose, but these days there are just too many stories about women being offended by any sort of advance from a stranger.

Over the days and weeks, the "stranger" persona faded as we became friends... even lovers of a sort... from long distance. I learned that her real name was Samantha, that she was a number of years younger than me, that we both had lived in several different parts of the country but never in the same area at the same time. She had been married for quite a few years but they had finally split and the sex had seldom been good between them. She was and still remains somewhat inhibited but was beginning to come out of her shell.

After she had split with her husband, Sammie had moved again and very seldom took a lover for several more years. Finally she met someone online, a man by the name of Jonathan who began to develop a relationship with her. At first it was just a series of electronic exchanges but eventually they set up a real meeting and they found that they clicked. They even had sex although it was not great... some of the parts "had forgotten how to act." But there was a subsequent meeting that went better and a third, which was great.

Jon was working on a way that he could move closer to Samantha, hopefully via a transfer within his employer's organization to an office closer to where Sammie lived. In the meantime, they exchanged email frequently, used a lot of telephone time, and met occasionally when one was able to travel to the other's location.

It sounded like a nearly perfect situation for two people who were 'going around again' in the relationship circuit. But there was a little fly in the ointment. Before Sammie & Jon met, she had posted pictures of herself, using the id of luv2suck, and received so many glowing compliments from men all over the world that now she was not willing to give up that adulation. It boosted her self-esteem and she felt she needed it to continue with her life. As a result of those postings, I had entered the picture, we had become good friends and she was unwilling to break off our relationship, even if it was not quite the same as what she and Jon had.

When the opportunity had arisen for me to visit Sammie, Jon was very set against it. However Sammie pointed out that they did not have an exclusive relationship, at least not yet even though she had not been with another man since they had been together, and besides they were not even talking about marriage. Sammie said that he could either join us or forget about any future meetings between them and he agreed, albeit reluctantly.

Jon had arrived on Friday afternoon and I arrived about four hours later. We went to dinner together, had a nice long talk together, and then somewhat tentatively went to Sammie's bed together. It had started out rather awkwardly, with both Jon and I afraid to touch the other, although we both wanted to touch Sammie. It was her lust for the both of us that eventually melted the ice and let us just enjoy each other.

That first night I often found myself simply licking or sucking on various of her body parts while Jon got a little more involved in using his cock. However there didn't seem to be anything Sammie wasn't willing to do if it didn't involve pain and by the time we were too spent to continue, I couldn't have been happier. I'd had my hand and mouth all over her sweet body, had deposited one load of cum in her wonderful pussy and another in her mouth. I think Jon had been equally successful and between us she had cum several times.

Saturday morning Sammie took us out to see some of the sights around town. It was unusually high, with mountain peaks all around, something that was a rarity in my experience so I found it fascinating. She took us to a little natural park where we spread a blanket and had a great picnic.

However by mid-afternoon, Sammie was ready to return home. She had gotten horny again and by the time we arrived it had proven to be a contagious condition. She said she had been thinking about having a cock in her pussy and one in her ass at the same time and it had turned her on so much, she wanted us to try it.

By silent consent, I lay on my back and Sammie straddled me, letting her wet pussy engulf my pre-cum-coated cock. As she was settling down, I rubbed along her smooth sides around to her back, hugging the sweet woman to me as Jonathan slathered his cock with lubricant. Sammie and I kissed, a deep, tender exchange that made my already-racing heart flutter with anticipation.

I moved my legs as wide apart as I could, sweeping Sammie's knees further to the sides, making room for Jon to get close to her ass. I felt his fingers working the lube into her back door and she murmured into my mouth. He took his time, working his fingers gently, and I felt her body relaxing bit by bit.

It seemed strange when I held her cheeks apart so he could guide his cock to her anus. Never before had I felt another man's genitals touching me and I wasn't particularly thrilled by it even then but I saw the look of anticipation on Sammie's face and knew I could easily put aside those feelings just to give this wonderful woman any pleasure she wanted.

I felt every movement Jon made. When his mushroom head popped inside her tight hole, I felt it against my cock, separated by just a thin layer of flesh. The further he pushed into her the more I became aware of his presence. I have to admit that it was not an objectionable feeling either.

If either of us moved too fast, Sammie yelped in pain but every time it passed quickly. We took our time, trying to insure that we didn't stretch her too far. I let Jon handle all the movement and as he slowly pushed into her ass, she slipped up my shaft, making me feel indescribably fantastic. As Jon slowly pulled back out, he pulled her down onto my shaft until she bottomed out and every time, my cock flexed inside of her, loving the feelings of being inside her.

My hands roved all over her body, although I tried to stay away from her bottom since Jon was using her hips for leverage. Although she was laying on my chest, I played with the sides of her bulbous tits, loving the feel of that particularly soft flesh. Jon was very loving, maintaining his leisurely pace even though I knew the urge to ram into her faster and faster was very strong. His eyes were glued lustfully to his point of entry.

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