Tennis Anyone

by Techsan

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Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: I was enjoying a summer evening in a country park when a family started playing on the tennis court. Their skill didn't attract my attention but her big heavy hooters did! I decided that she would be my entertainment for the rest of the night.


It really was just a chance encounter. I could have done so many other things. Sometimes I just can't explain why I do the things I do.

Looking for amusement, I stopped at a local park and was watching a men's softball game, whilesitting in my car. This was not a particularly high-class game but it was interesting. At least it was until a family came from the parking lot onto the nearby tennis court. That changed things.

I didn't pay much attention to the family at first. I noticed that there was a man and a woman, a girl of about 12 and a boy, maybe 8 or 9. While the softball teams swapped positions between innings, I notice that the family broke out a passel of shuttlecocks and badminton rackets and began to play over the tennis net. That in itself seemed humorous but to watch the uncoordinated way they played just made me shake my head. I turned back to the softball game.

A few minutes later, I noticed they had switched to tennis equipment and were chasing a half-dozen tennis balls around the enclosure. The woman caught my eye — as most women do. She was wearing conservatively cutoff jean shorts and a T-shirt top with a couple of buttons in the front. The shirt didn't hide the fact that she had a nice, moderately heavy pair of twins on her chest. She had a nice round bottom although not outstandingly noticeable. When she swung at the ball — whether she made contact or missed — the shirt rode up a bit, revealing just a touch of an extra roll around her middle. That didn't make her beautiful but it didn't disqualify her from consideration by me, either.

The guy appeared to me to be older than the woman. She was probably mid-thirties and I figured he was late forties or early fifties. He was going bald and had a very noticeable potbelly. I noticed he played with the woman and kids for a while and then he went outside the enclosure and sat at a picnic table watching the softball game — or the women passing by on the walking track.

I split my time watching the game and watching the woman. As time passed, I found it more interesting to watch her than to watch the guys. No, she probably wouldn't win any beauty contests but there was definitely something sensual and sexy about her. I felt a slow growth occur in my groin and began to get a firm feeling that I knew where my evening's main entertainment would come.

The softball game was in the last inning when the woman and kids began putting their gear back into a couple of black plastic carrying cases. If I was going to do anything, now was the time.

Closing my eyes, I visualized the area of the tennis court and expanded it twenty feet all the way around. My initial command block covered that area, which would then remain with the people who were initially in the area until I dissolved the command block.

People within my command block received a series of mental commands that would have them doing whatever I required of them. To the children, I commanded, "You will see nothing unusual. You will obey your father and do everything he says. You will not question whatever your mother does."

Then I concentrated on the man. I thought, "You will take your children and treat them to something special to eat. You will take them home and insure that they get to bed at the right time. You will be unconcerned about anything your wife does. You will know that she will be having fun and that will make you elated. When you see her later, she will tell you everything that she did and you will have no problems with her activities. However you will find that her activities will turn you on and you will beg her to allow you to have sex with her. Her answer will be her choice and you will be satisfied with that answer."

I turned my attention to the woman and thought, "You will leave your children with your husband and come with me. You will not question any instructions you receive from me but will do exactly as you are told. Other instructions will be provided as needed."

The softball game was already decided although three more outs had yet to be recorded. I turned back to the family to see the woman kiss the man and tell the kids goodbye. The man headed to their car with the kids in tow while the woman walked along looking at the vehicles to see which one she was supposed to approach. The recognition was obvious when she saw my car.

Her name was Linda and she was definitely puzzled as she settled into the passenger seat of my car. I leaned over and she met me halfway with a long wet kiss. I took time to fondle her breasts and was not disappointed in their size or shape. This lady was going to be fun.

During the short drive to my house, I added to her command block "halo" by adding, "You will willingly perform any sexual activity that I request. Every time I say 'Eureka, ' you will have an orgasm. Any time I say, 'Eufala, ' you will relax your anus and prepare to accept any penetrating object that I use, all without any pain."

She looked at me questioningly. I reached over and stuck my hand through the unbuttoned top of her shirt, grazing her luscious breasts. She seemed a little surprised but didn't pull back. Then when I said, "Eureka" the change in her expression was almost comical. Her eyes opened wide and so did her mouth as her whole body shook.

I backed out of the parking space and slowly traversed the long parking area. Just as I got to the road, I told her to take off her shirt and bra. Without a word, they came off, although she did slump down in her seat just a smidge. Her breasts were just as big and beautiful as I had imagined.

The country road was not highly traveled so I had little competition for my attention. I wrapped my right hand around her left globe, capturing the distended nipple between my thumb and index finger. For a few moments, I rolled the hard little button this way and that before I said, "Eureka!" Again her orgasm caught her by surprise.

Although I knew I could delve for the answers without asking, I wanted to hear her comments so I asked, "Does your husband make you cum?"

"Of course."

"Every time you have sex?"

"Most of the time."

"Just once?"

"Well... yeah."

I shifted my hand to her bare right boob. "Does he ever make you cum by touching your tits?"

"Uh... no."


Again she was surprised when she came. I loved feeling the waves of pleasure roll through her body. It was like touching someone sitting on a massage machine.

Pulling up before my garage, which was at the back of the house, there wasn't much chance of being seen but there was a little thrill in making Linda walk inside with her tits completely exposed. I led her to my bedroom and laid her back on my bed while I licked and sucked both of her tits, making sure that she climaxed while I worked over each of them.

When I removed her shorts and panties, I wasn't surprised to see that she had a heavy thatch of curly brown hair and another idea was born. I took her over to the dressing area and helped her up onto the marble countertop. Pulling up a rolling stool, I sat between her legs, soaked her pubes with a warm wet washcloth, lathered her up with shave cream and very carefully shaved her as clean as a baby's butt. Twice, with my fingers inside her pussy to hold the skin taut, I said the keyword and felt her shudder through another orgasm.

She was so weak I had to help her down from the counter and steady her as we walked back to my bed. Once there, I sank down between her legs and began tasting her pussy. Mm, it was tantalizingly good. In fifteen minutes of eating her, she came five times... three of which I did not have to induce mentally. By then she was barely able to lift a hand.

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