Roomies - Graduation Present

by Patricia51

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Desc: Sex Story: Pam decides to give two male friends a graduation weekend that they will always remember.

Pam Maguire banged on the flimsy front door of the trailer, pulled it open a crack and called "Are you decent?"

"Well," came a male voice, "We're dressed anyway."

Chuckling, the brunette coed entered.

"Hi, Pam. You're just in time for lunch," said Scott White, a slender blonde guy in his early twenties.

"Providing you cook it, of course." added Jerry Carter, the darker, heavy set male sitting on the couch.

Pam rolled her eyes and looked with fondness at the two. Both were good friends and fellow theatre students. Scott specialized in sound and lighting while Jerry was the lead carpenter and set construction supervisor. Both were seniors and had finished their course work and exams. In two days, on Sunday afternoon, they would graduate.

"Is there anything there besides beer and left over pizza?" inquired Pam as she headed into the kitchen area, pointing at the refrigerator as she did.

"Actually I think there is," Scott answered.

Pam opened the door and looked in. To her surprise she found everything she needed to cook several different meals. She decided on Chicken Parmesan. Prying off the tennis shoes she wore, she assembled cookware and hunted through the cupboards for spices.

"Now that I like to see," teased Jerry. "Barefoot and in the kitchen." Pam looked over her shoulder as she stretched to reach the paprika and made a rude noise at him.

"This had better really be paprika," she announced, "And not pot. If nothing else, you all are too close to graduation to get busted now."

"Cross my heart," promised Jerry. "All we have is beer and a couple of bottles of wine."

"Okay," Pam replied. She got busy, but her mind wandered as her hands functioned on their own. That was interesting. Jerry had been looking at her legs when he made that remark. She wondered why. He and his girlfriend Nicole had been dating for the last two years and he had never shown any real interest in anyone else. Now Scott, her lips curled in a grin. Scott and she had so much fun flirting and teasing each other that they had developed a regular routine that she had never thought of disturbing by actually dating him, much less going to bed with him.

"Where's Kim?" Scott's words broke into her thoughts.

"She's off with the baseball team, regional championships," she said. Her thought shifted to her dark-haired roommate and the slight smile tugging her lips broadened.

"Miss her, huh?"

Rather startled, Pam looked at Jerry. That she and her roommate were very close, VERY close indeed was not exactly a secret but neither was it something they flaunted. They both led a full and varied social life and dated a lot. That either might occasionally get closer than was generally accepted to another female, and often to each other in the privacy of their dorm room, was something she didn't think was public knowledge.

A glance at Jerry revealed nothing but casual interest. Pam decided he simply meant what he had said.

Yeah, no one to blather to at night and no one to keep me studying when I'd rather be goofing off. But she'll be back Tuesday." She changed the subject. "Speaking of that, where's Nicole? I haven't seen her in a couple of weeks."

There was a silence long enough for Pam to realize that something was wrong, even before jerry, in a low voice said "We broke up."

"Oh gosh, I'm so sorry Jerry." Pam hesitated, thinking about asking Jerry if he wanted to talk about it. She decided that a three-way conversation was not the way to go about it. Jerry's stony face precluded asking anyway, at least for right now.

Things remained quiet until the food was done and the three of them ate. The guys did the dishes while Pam relaxed in an overstuffed easy chair, her feet curled under her. After the kitchen was cleaned up, an operation Pam noted that took the two guys twice as long as it would have taken her alone, they plopped themselves down on the couch.

"So any plans for your last weekend of college.

"No," said Scott, as he slumped back against the cushions. "I think we'll just relax and hang out here." His eyes met Pam's and she read the unspoken words. Jerry wasn't feeling up to anything and as his friend Scott was prepared to forebear any activities to stay with him. She liked that. It showed a depth of friendship between two guys that Pam had always considered two really nice guys.

Pretty good looking too, the both of them. Jerry was muscular and the dark hair covering his arms and peeking from the top of his shirt had always given him the air of a big, happy bear. And Scott, well, he appeared slender and slight, and always had an innocent look in those bright blue eyes that had lured in more than one female of Pam's acquaintance. But Pam herself had always seen the mischief dancing behind those eyes. Not malicious, Scott was too good a guy for that, but a little devil that spoke promises to any one who would see it and take him up on it.

A surprising, reckless feeling came over Pam. She lowered her head, hoping the devil in her own green eyes had not been noticed. Getting up, she crossed to the couch.

"You know," she remarked casually, standing between their out-thrust legs. "I almost forgot your graduation present."

"You got us a present?" said Scott in surprise.

"You didn't have to do that," added Jerry.

"I know, but I wanted to. Now then, its a surprise, so y'all have to close your eyes. Go on," she urged, laughing as she did so at the sudden uncertainty in both their faces, "It won't bite you."

"Okay," said Jerry and obediently shut his eyes. Pam tapped her bare foot.

"All the way Scott, I see you peeking."

"No I'm not," protested the soft, innocent voice that matched his face, and had lured a number of girls into bed with him over the last four years.


"Okay, okay. Gesh," he mumbled as he screwed his eyes tight.

After a quick confirmation that Jerry had followed suit, Pam shivered. Could she do this? It had been a sudden impulse, a thought that had just popped into her mind. Then she cast caution to the winds. Why not? In one quick movement she pulled her t-shirt over her head and tossed it on the chair where she had been sitting. Her cut-off jeans shorts and panties followed. Since she had taken off her shoes before lunch, those three items had been all she was wearing.

Pam smothered a giggle as she looked down at her two friends. They looked like little boys awaiting a piece of birthday cake. Well, she ran her hands over her slender athletic body, they were about to get a piece of something alright.

Dropping to her knees between the two pairs of outstretched legs, she leaned forward. Taking a deep breath and with a grin on her face that went from ear to ear, she reached out and firmly grasped both guys right between their legs.

The result was everything she could have hoped for. Both sets of eyes popped open in surprise. Both guys looked at her, kneeling nude between them and their eyes grew to look like saucers.


"Okay, guys, are you listening?" Two heads bobbed up and down. Pam hoped they WERE listening, the bulges had already swollen enough that, instead of her hands resting where they had landed, her fingers were now forming circles around two growing hardons.

"Since you all weren't planning on anything, let's just plan on staying here for the next forty-eight hours." The bulges were straining Jerry's jeans and Scott's shorts now. "During that time, whenever you want me, however you want me, you can have me, I'm yours." Two head nodded together as though they were mirror images and she couldn't help but giggle. "Now then, who's first?"

Scott gave her his trademark smile and winked. Then he stood up. Moving to Pam, he touched her shoulder, turning her towards Jerry.

"He is."

Looking up at Jerry, Pam winked in turn. Her fingers caught the zipper of his jeans and pulled it down. At the same time she leaned forward and unfastened his belt. A quick pull on his underwear and his cock popped free, only to disappear immediately between Pam's lips and into her mouth. She braced herself with her hands on either side of him and began to pump her head.

At first she barely moved. Each bob went a little farther down before she came back up, holding just the head in her lips. Each time she rose her tongue slid over the smoothness of the helmet and tickled the slit. Then she went down again. And again. And again.

Intent as she was on sucking Jerry's cock, she almost missed a feather-light touch between her own legs. For a moment she dismissed it as a product of her imagination, brought on by her own arousal. Then the touch became more pronounced. Her eyes widened as she realized that it must be Scott.

She squirmed. It definitely was a tongue stroking up and down first the inside of one thigh and then the other. He was avoiding actually touching her pussy. Instead he licked her legs, tracing the creases where her bottom began, then worked down the back of her legs.

A moan of protest from Jerry brought her attention back to him and she resumed sucking his cock. His hands were on her head now, just resting there, not making any attempt to push her down, but she could still feel the urgency in them as they quivered against her hair. She went all the way down on him in one quick motion, burying her face on him until she could go no further.

Pam increased the suction of her mouth on Jerry's cock. She rolled her head around, feeling the swollen head rub against the back of her mouth. His cock was no monster, but it filled her mouth very nicely, poking against the opening of her throat. And Scott, oh god, his tongue was between her legs now and he was stroking her open slit. She thrust her hips back against him and his tongue entered her.

Her head was all but bouncing on Jerry now. She tightened the grip of her mouth on his slick shaft and heard him moan in approval. His hands rode the back of her head and his hips began to lift from the couch to her. Scott's tongue found her clit and one, then two fingers entered her. They pumped into her in the same rhythm as her head bobbed onto the now swelling cock. She moaned and the satisfaction in her muffled voice must have been the last push for Jerry.

For the first time, his hands pushed her head down onto his cock. The first rush filled her mouth and she gulped to keep from being drowned. He continued to cum, the hot liquid running down her throat. Well, she had intended to swallow it anyway, but holy cow, Nicole and he must have been on the outs, at least sexually, for more than a couple of weeks. She struggled mightily to keep up with the flood, even as her own body began to twitch under Scott's touch.

Jerry moved and suddenly he was gone. Pam opened her eyes and blinked. Where did he go? Then two burly arms were around her and she was being lifted up to the couch and carefully deposited on her back. Hands spread her legs and Scott slid on top of her. With one fluid movement his hips pushed forward and his cock entered her.

Like Jerry, Scott was no monster, but he filled her nicely and that was all she ever asked. And the longer he was in her, the more she thought he deserved his whispered reputation. Scott used his entire body on her. He shifted his hips, varying the speed, the depth and the angle of his strokes. His smooth chest rubbed back and forth over her breasts, exciting the nipples. His mouth darted here and there, now nibbling her shoulder, now licking the side of her neck and running up to her ear.

Pam's body responded and she began to move back against Scott. She caught his earlobe in her lips and her arms held him against her, even as his own arms slid around her. His hips were pumping now, still shifting around as he went faster and faster, plunging his hard cock into her. She braced her feet, using the strength of her runner's legs to meet him each time. She felt him swell and knew he was on the edge. A quick heave and her legs locked around him. pinning him against her and into her as he came deeply inside her, flooding her pussy with his hot cum.

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