Claiming Kristen

by johntackle2006

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Cheating, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The main character drugs and impregnates his girlfriends best friend.

"I was just calling to see what we were doing tonight"

"Nothing much, Kristen's hanging out with us tonight since Sam (her fiancé) is out of town on a camping trip with his friends. We're just going to watch movies and stuff."

My dick stirred a little in my pants. I had such a boner for Kristen, my girlfriends best friend.

"Ok, cool" I said." I got to go now, Love you."

"Ok, I love you too" she said.

I waited for her to hang up but the telltale beep didn't happen. Instead I heard her cell phone clack as it was put on the table. She must have missed the end call button again. I could still hear Sarah and Kristen talking.

Since I had nothing better to do I listened in. At first they just talked about girl stuff and the conversation drifted towards the subject of Kristen and Sam's marriage that was coming up in two weeks. The conversation was starting to really bore me and I was ready to hang up until I heard Kristen tell Sarah that she had stopped taking her birth control pills. Suddenly my dick sprang to life.

Kristen: "Yea, I stopped taking them about three months ago. I think were ready to have a family."

Sarah: "Have you guys already started?"

Kristen: "No, I want to save it for our wedding night. Were still using condoms. I want it to be special on our wedding night. We've never done it with out condoms so it'll be like our first time."

Sarah: "That's so romantic. Have you ever done it without one?"

Kristen: "No, I was always afraid of getting pregnant."

Sarah: "Me too. I still won't let John do it without one. You have to tell me what its like later"

They both broke up in to giggles and I hung up the phone. Oh man, Kristen was a real hottie and the thought of her taking her first load of baby batter unprotected made me want to go and pull it out right where I sat. Sam was a lucky guy getting to break her in for the first time and knock her up as a bonus. I unzipped my pants and pulled my staining member out. The tip of my swollen head was leaking precum. Oh, how I'd love to rub the slippery head of my cock around the opening of her cunt before shoving it in her. I was leaking a lot of precum by now. I had been wanting to fuck her ever since I met her and had jerked off way to many times thinking about how tight her cunt must be. I would have given anything to nut in her. Then the though crossed my mind. I had to have her. I had to claim her But how? The whole idea sounded crazy but I couldn't get the thought out of my head all day. I tried to get some work done but I kept drifting back to thoughts of how I would take her. I couldn't rape her. Bad idea. I couldn't convince or trick her. Besides I couldn't get her alone even if I could.

Frustrated I left work early and went to the local coffee shop to think or at least try to distract myself. I sat there drinking my coffee thinking I probably shouldn't since I'll be up all night with insomnia. I'll just take one of Sarah's sleeping pills if that happens. All of a sudden it hit me. I could almost hear a perverted chorus singing hallelujah in the back ground. Sarah took some pretty heavy duty sleeping pills and they knocked her completely out. I could jump on the bed banging pots and pans together and she wouldn't wake up. Yes, this is how I would do it. Kristen's pussy would be mine tonight if everything went well. Feeling suddenly calmer and more relaxed I downed the rest of my coffee and left.

When I got home Sarah and Kristen were in the back yard by the pool drinking margaritas. I said hi and went back in to take a shower. In the shower I trimmed my pubes short(so I wouldn't leave any stray hairs behind and gently massages my balls getting them ready for tonight. The shower had a little window and I could see Sarah and Kristen laying by the side of the pool. Let me describe them to you. Sarah has jet black hair cut in to a Betty Paige hairstyle, slim yet curvy body, stands only 5ft 5in, d cup breasts and a pale flawless complexion. Kristen on the other hand has wavy long warm red hair, stands a little over 6ft tall, firm little c cups and has a light dusting of freckles over her milky white skin. Don't get me wrong, I love fucking my girlfriend and I think she's really hot but I've always wanted to fuck Kristen.

After the shower we made a light dinner and made small talk about Kristen's up coming wedding. I felt genuinely happy for her and I felt really guilty about what I was planning to do but I had to have her.

After dinner the girls went to the video store and I was left behind to make some drinks. Could this work out any better? I took four pills and crushed them up in a little pestle until they were a fine powder and mixed them into Kristen's Kahlua and then did the same for Sarah's drink. Both of the drinks were extra strong. Making sure that my glass was a different color I set up the snacks and the drinks and waited. The girls came back with a romantic comedy. The girls sprawled out on the big couch and I sat in the love chair. The movie was boring but then I wasn't really paying attention to the movie. I was watching the girls drink and slowly begin to get tired. " I can barley keep my eyes open" said Sarah. "Too much swimming" slurred Kristen.

Soon they were fast asleep. Sarah had fallen asleep sort of sitting up and Kristen had fallen asleep laying on her side with her head in Sarah's lap. I turned the volume down on the movie and gave them a gentle shake to see if they really were out. Neither on of them stirred. I got up and pushed the coffee table out of the way to give myself some room at the edge of the couch. I set up the video camera and began to record. The first thing I did was to kiss Kristen deeply. Her lips were slack and yielding. My heart was racing. I couldn't believe what I was doing. I could get in so much trouble if I got caught. But that thought only made me more excited.

Nervously my hand reached down and cupped her soft breast through her shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra and I could feel her nipple through the fabric. I squeezed and pinched her breasts. She showed no sign of stirring. I lifted up her shirt and one firm creamy breast came in to view. I gently worked her shirt off and immediately began licking and sucking her amazing tits. Her nipples were so soft in my mouth. As I licked her breasts I undid my pants and pulled my hard member out. Breaking contact only long enough to remove my shirt I devoured her soft orbs. I stopped to pull of my pants and admire her breasts glistening with my saliva.

Now it was her turn. I stood up and pressed the tip of my cock against her closed lips. I rubbed my member around her lips like lipstick leaving a glistening trail of precum on them. I pressed forward a little and her lips parted almost as if by instinct. I entered her warm mouth and she, still sleeping wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and began gently sucking it like she would her thumb. If she only knew what she was doing. I just stood there completely motionless letting her gentle sucking do all the work for me. I ran my fingers through her long red hair and grasping the back of her head I began to slowly force my member deeper in to her mouth. She took the whole length with little problem and soon I was slowly face fucking Kristen's lovely mouth. As I raped Kristen's mouth I looked at my beautiful girlfriend laying there unconscious. Sarah never really liked going down on me and has never let me finish in her mouth How nice it would be to cum in her mouth and have her swallow it, but I didn't want to risk her choking on my cum or waking up with the taste of semen in her mouth. Besides, I was planning to saving my cum for another hole anyway.

I pulled my now wet cock from Kristen's mouth.I grabbed the waistband of her sweat pants and panties and pulled them off of her as one leaving her now completely nude before me. Getting on my knees I gently pulled her legs apart so one long leg was thrown over the back of the couch and the other was on the floor. Now I had complete access to her open cunt. I stopped for a moment and drank in the sight of her lying naked and exposed before me. She was so beautiful and vulnerable. I reached down and tentatively ran my fingers through her coppery red pubic hair and using two fingers spread her labia apart. Thorough the tangle of coppery hairs I could see her small but beautiful clit. I leaned in and inhaled her musky perfume. She smelt so good. I felt lightheaded. Holding her cunt lips apart I slowly stuck my tongue out and gave her sleepy little nub a lick. I began licking and kissing her and soon she began to get moist. I could feel the heat from her sex and when I pulled back I could see a clear bead of her lubrication forming at her entrance. Never would I have believed I would ever get to taste her sweet pussy and now I was.

My cock was beginning to ache. I wanted her now. It was finally time to make my dream come true and make Kristen mine! I positioned myself between her legs and lined up my throbbing member with her waiting hole. My heart was racing and my adrenalin was pumping. Was I really going to do this!? A part of my mind screamed at me to stop... Could I really rape and impregnate this innocent woman and have her unwittingly carry my child? Her cunt lips felt so soft against the tip of my cock. I was torn. There would be very real and terrible consequences if I did this This wasn't just a fantasy, This was the real thing and it was rape! I knew I was a terrible person but I had to have her whether she wanted it of not. Giving in to my lust I began to push in to her naked cunt. This was my first time ever without a condom and The difference was amazing. Her labia felt like rose petals as I pushed the dome of my penis against them. My cockhead was pressed firmly against the opening of her vagina now and I could feel the moist heat of her sex. I began to push and slowly her cunt yielded and inch by exquisite inch I sunk in to her tightness. Her cunt was snug and hugged my cock in its wetness. The deeper I sunk in her the tighter her tunnel seemed to get. I savored this new sensation. Whenever I fucked my girlfriend she always seemed to be tight right at the opening and get looser deeper in. The pressure around the head of my cock was intense. Soon I was buried to the hilt in her tight unconscious cunt. She felt so good! The sensation of skin on skin, her wetness bathing my naked cock, my precum freely leaking in to her. It was enough to make me blow my load right there. I had to hold absolutely still to avoid a sensory overload. Oh my god! I was in Kristen and without a condom! I looked down to where we were joined, my thick cock plugged deeply in to her soft cunt. My dark pubes contrasted with her light red hair. It almost looked crude the way her cunt lips were stretched around my veiny member. How nice it was to not to have to see the usual telltale ring of latex around the base of my cock.

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