Ruby's Medical Problem

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Is there a medical justification for cheating?

My story was like a thousand others - a hundred thousand others - and it took place every day of the week. Get up in the morning and my lovely wife of twelve years would fix my breakfast, wish me a good day at work kiss me goodbye and send me on my way. Go to work, put in my eight to ten hours and then head home to the loving wife who had dinner ready and on the table. After dinner we sat on the couch and watched TV while holding hands or read until bedtime and then we went upstairs and made mad, passionate love. I would fall asleep thinking how lucky I was to have a job I liked a woman I loved, and a woman who loved me.

Ruby and I met in college, fell in love and went steady for three years before getting married right after graduation. I wasn't Ruby's first nor she mine so our first lovemaking wasn't a series of mistakes. We both knew what we wanted from each other and we were not at all hesitant in letting each other know where to push, where to touch, where to stroke and the result was a sexual nirvana the like of which I had never experienced before. I looked forward to spending the rest of my life with this beautiful, sexually exciting woman.

Our road to the wedding chapel was not an easy one. We were both strong-minded and some of our disagreements were very heated, some to the point of causing us to break up. Ruby always found another boy friend and seemed to go out of her way to rub my nose in the fact that she was letting some one else have her body, but some how we always managed to end up back together. I didn't go looking for anyone during these separations because like most guys on a full ride football scholarship I just didn't have a whole lot of free time once practice and the season started. That's not to say that I didn't occasionally have something just drop into my lap.

Once at a frat party I came down stairs after a very spirited romp with a gorgeous redhead to find Ruby, on the arm of her current lover, giving me a withering look. A couple of months later when we were back together she made some catty remark about "that redheaded slut that was hanging all over you" seemingly oblivious to the fact that at the time she was fucking the guy she was with when she saw me and Sally. I found it to be humorous and I smiled and got a "What's so god damned funny" for my trouble.

Whatever, we made it through college, learned not to argue with each other and got married. The next twelve years went quickly by. I found a job that I liked, was good at, and that paid well. Ruby, who had majored in Computer Science, got involved with a start up and was one of the smart ones who got out before the big bust and she'd made enough money that neither one of us had to work again. But I liked my job and everyone needs to be doing something, right? Ruby started a consulting business and worked out of our house. We bought several time-shares; a week in Vail, a week in Ft. Lauderdale and a week in Palm Springs. Our weekend s were spent flying to places we had never been and then flying back home. Life was one big adventure for us and as a result our marriage never reached the 'stale' stage that so many other marriages seemed to fall prey to.

Ruby refused to let our love life go stale. She was inventive and was always wanting to try out some thing new and her appetite for sex was enormous. There were many nights I would come home from work and have Ruby tell me she wanted a 'quickie' before dinner and we would never get out of the bedroom. She was the perfect wife, loving, caring and a sexual dynamo. I worked hard to keep up with her and I do mean I had to work hard. In high school and college I was constantly in training for one sport or another and as a result I had been in great shape.

Following graduation from college the sudden cessation of daily physical training combined with the good life I was now leading tended to put some poundage where it wasn't wanted or needed and Ruby had made the comment one day that she hoped I wouldn't get so out of shape that she would have to take a lover or two to help me fill my husbandly obligations. Some time in front of a full-length mirror and an honest self-appraisal convinced me that I needed to get back on a full regime of exercise. It took me six months, but I got back to my college playing weight and daily exercise was keeping me there. Ruby of course commented on it, "Greedy bastard aren't you. Want to keep me all to yourself I suppose. I was so looking forward to getting you some help. Oh well, maybe you will fall off the wagon. Come on lover, let's go and put those muscles to good use."

So, good job, good physical shape, great wife, great love life, and a great marriage - life was good!

Right up to the day I came home early and found out that Ruby had indeed gone and gotten me some help. I'd come home early because I'd just finished a project that had made my company a bundle of money and my boss had given me the rest of the week off as an added bonus. I got home and found two strange cars parked in the driveway and so I had to park in the street. When I walked in the front door I immediately knew what was going on because I could hear it all the way down stairs; one long wail that I knew only too well, "Giveittome giveittome giveittome don't stop damn you giveittome."

I debated turning around and walking out, but realized that it would only eat at me until I got back home. If I walked upstairs right then I'd at least have the satisfaction of ruining some one else's day. But I didn't do that either. I hollered up the stairs as loud as I could, "Honey, I'm home. I'll make a pitcher of martinis and be right up."

Then I went into the kitchen and did just that. The kitchen is so situated that you can see the stair way and I saw two guys in their twenties rushing down the stairs trying to get dressed while trying to get out. I almost laughed, but didn't. I took the pitcher of martinis and two glasses and climbed the stairs to face the trembling, guilt-ridden wife who would beg me for forgiveness, but she wasn't there that day. What I found was a slightly bemused Ruby, legs still spread, pussy lips still a bit puffy from the recent workout that I had interrupted. She greeted me with, Well, you sure know how to ruin a girls day."

I looked at her and said, "You and your two friends haven't done a whole lot for mine."

I poured her a martini and then took mine and went over and sat in the chair across from the bed. She sipped her drink and watched me, absolutely no remorse showing. I could not believe how calmly I was taking this, at least outwardly - inside my guts were churning - and I said, "Where do we go from here?"

You could have knocked me over with a feather when the brazen bitch said, "Well for starters you could get over here and finish what Hal and Phil started. I was right on the edge of cumming when you terrified the poor dears."

I was so surprised that I actually started to get up and do it, but then caught myself and sat back down. Ruby giggled and said, "Don't fight it lover. Right now you are looking at me, lying here freshly fucked, and you want me. Your face might be saying 'bullshit' but the tent in your trousers is saying otherwise. You know you won't be able to think straight while half the blood you need to make your brain operate is in the head of your cock. You might as well take care of it now. You'll feel better and then we can talk".

I sat in the chair with my jaw hanging open. I finally got myself under control and took a sip of my martini, "How can you even think that I would want to follow someone else into your unfaithful cunt?"

Ruby grinned at me; "It shouldn't bother you at all lover. You have been doing it for years and it hasn't slowed you down any."

I sat in my chair and thought to myself that this wasn't real, I must be asleep and having a nightmare. In real life I'd be raging, throwing chairs, punching my fist into the wall and screaming at Ruby. She would be crying, cowering at my rage, begging forgiveness and making promises that it would never happen again. I shook my head to clear it and said, "How long has this been going on?"

Ruby looked me straight in the eye and said, "How long have we known each other?"

I looked at her with disbelief written all over my face and she said, "That's right baby. I've had lovers on the side since the day I met you. The only time I wasn't getting some extra cock was on our honeymoon."

I stood up and started to leave the room, "Where are you going?" I didn't answer and as I got to the head of the stairs she cried, "David come back here, I need you."

I turned and went back to the bedroom door. She was off the bed and pulling on a robe. "You don't need me Ruby. I don't know what you do need, but it obviously never was me" and I left the house.

I spent the night in a motel with my cell phone turned off and having the rest of the week off I drove back to the neighborhood and parked down the street from the house. My pager started going off about nine which was what time the switchboard at the office opened. I surmised that Ruby was trying to reach me at the office and that they in turn were trying to get a message to me. I turned my cell phone on and it started ringing almost immediately and the caller ID showed that it was Ruby. I ignored the cell phone and the pager and around ten-thirty I saw Ruby back out of the garage and head toward town.

I went into the house, grabbed all my clothes, and cleaned out my home office. At the last minute I remembered my golf clubs and got them. I was certainly going to have plenty of time to play from now on. I drove back to the motel and checked back in for a couple of more days and then I called the office. There were nineteen messages from Ruby, and the receptionist told me to hold for Charlie, my boss. He came on the line and asked me where I was and I told him.

"Ruby is calling here every ten minutes. She's frantic to find you. You need to call her and let her know where you are if for no other reason than to clear the switchboard and take the pressure off of Claire."

I saw his point and I called Ruby on her cell.

"David, where are you?" You don't need to know. All you need to know is that I have the rest of the week off so you can quit bothering them at the office."

"David please, we need to talk."

"No Ruby, you feel the need to talk to me, but I don't, repeat don't, feel the need to talk to you nor do I have any desire to hear what you have to say" and I hung up on her

I spent the rest of the day looking for an apartment, finding a nice one, and playing eighteen holes of golf. The next day I moved in, hit a Wal-Mart for what I needed to set up house keeping and played some golf. Friday, Saturday and Sunday I worked out at the health club in the morning and played golf in the afternoon. My cell phone went off almost every hour on the hour and the caller ID always said it was Ruby and I always did not answer.

Monday morning when I arrived at work Ruby was parking in my assigned parking space waiting for me. I parked in a visitor's spot and headed for the door, but she beat me to it.

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