Abbey's One Night Stand

by pregnantlover2001

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, First, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Abbey has a one night stand with her college study partner

This story is a work of pure fiction. The events are a product of the author's imagination and do not resemble any actual events. It was written for the enjoyment of the reader, and for my own pleasure. The author does not partake in any of the actions.

Abbey sat at a table in the college library furiously trying to study world history. She was always a good student in high school, graduating with a 3.6 GPA, but history was the subject she hated most. Quickly scanning the first paragraph of chapter three, she wondered why someone majoring in marketing needed to know the history of India. She took a deep breathe and shook her head. She desperately wanted to be somewhere else, especially at the party her best friend Sarah invited her to. She reluctantly declined because her assignment was due in two days.

Abbey scanned the room, trying to avoid reading about India. It was approaching ten o'clock on a Thursday evening and the library was nearly empty. She figured everyone else was probably at the party she was missing. She rolled her eyes, telling herself she needed to at least read the first page. Just as she was getting into the second paragraph there was a tap on her shoulder. Abbey jumped, turning to see a young guy standing behind her. He was smiling and apologized for startling her.

He told her he had been watching her from across the room and noticed she looked frustrated. Abbey nodded and told him he didn't know the half of it. He introduced himself as Billy Johnson and told her he would be glad to help her study. She thanked him for his kind offer and told him she didn't have anything to do right now but get through this chapter of reading. Billy tilted his head to read the title of the chapter. "Classical Civilization: India."

Billy shook his head and told her he was sorry. He took world history last semester and just barely passed. Just three weeks into the class and Abbey figured she would probably be in the same boat. Billy told her if she needed help he knew a few good tutors who knew a thing or two about the history of India. He wrote his number and email address down on the cover of Abbey's notebook and told her to give him a call.

The next day Abbey was back in the library dreading getting back into her history book. She stared at Billy's number on the cover of her notebook and considered calling him. Not because she wanted help but because she thought he was kind of cute.

She opened her book to the second page of chapter three and started reading about the history of India. As her eyes scanned the page her mind slipped away. Wondering where Billy lived, what he was doing right now, and most importantly whether he had a girlfriend or not. It's been almost two years since she last went out with a guy. She stopped dating after she broke up with her last boyfriend after she caught him making out with another girl. She started to believe all guys were the same and decided to take a break. But that was two years ago and now she was ready to get back into it.

Abbey picked up her cellphone and dialed the numbers on the cover of her notebook. Pushing send she listened to the phone ring three times before he answered. Billy told her he was glad she had called. He had been thinking about her all night hoping she got through her reading. Abbey told him she was just now on the second page and Billy laughed. Before she could even tell Billy why she had called he asked if she wanted to meet for lunch. His friend Jack was over and he thought they should meet because he's a major in world history. Abbey loved the idea and he told her to meet them in the cafeteria in half an hour.

Abbey quickly packed her things and headed for the cafeteria. Being a freshman she was still getting to know the campus. She thought it might take her a half hour to find the cafeteria. After twenty minutes of searching she finally had to ask a security guard who pointed her in the right direction.

When she arrived she found Billy sitting at a table against the wall with another guy. She figured he must be Jack. They both stood as she arrived and Billy introduced Jack. Jack was a soft spoken guy with short brown hair and blue eyes. Abbey could barely hear him when he said hello. She thought he looked just a little nervous.

They sat and talked for quite awhile and after about ten minutes Jack began to get comfortable. They talked a little about world history and Jack told her he would be glad to help her with her assignments. Abbey said she needed a lot of help and Jack laughed. He told her he never liked history either until he learned it the fun way from his tenth grade history teacher. Abbey smiled wondering how you can learn history the fun way.

After an hour passed Billy told them he needed to be getting to class and he left Jack and Abbey to talk about history. Jack told Abbey he had an apartment off campus and he invited her back to his place to study.

They left the cafeteria and walked for about ten minutes before they finally came to his apartment. Jack opened the door and apologized for the place being a mess. Abbey said she didn't mind. She put her backpack down next to the door and Jack told her to make herself comfortable. He told her it was hard to study if you're tense and Abbey agreed.

They went into the living room and sat on the couch. Jack took off his shoes and propped his feet on the coffee table. He told Abbey there was soda and beer in the fridge and to help herself. Abbey said she was fine for now.

Jack popped on the television and told Abbey to get comfortable. He told her he likes to watch a half hour of television to get his mind off school before he starts to study. He said it helps him concentrate. Abbey slipped off her shoes, put her feet up on the couch, and they watched an episode of Friends.

After Friends was over Jack turned off the television and they went into the kitchen. He put some popcorn in the microwave, turned it on, and got out his books.

Sitting at the kitchen table Abbey flipped open her book to the page she had been reading. Jack stood over her shoulder and silently read the title. Abbey's eyes scanned the page as she took a deep breathe. She knew Jack was standing behind her and his aroma smelled great. She turned to look up at Jack and they both smiled.

Jack got the popcorn out of the microwave, dumped it in a bowl, and sat down beside Abbey. He started talking about the politics and religious activities in India and Abbey desperately tried to follow. Her mind began to wonder and her eyes shifted. Jack could tell she wasn't paying attention and stopped mid sentence. Abbey looked at him when he got quiet.

Jack asked if everything was alright and Abbey just shook her head. She told him she didn't understand anything he had just said. He told her it was okay because he didn't understand it all either. He went back over it again hitting the important topics and skipping over the things she didn't need to know. Abbey took notes as he talked, a few times asking him to repeat what he said so she could get it down.

Jack looked at her notes when he was finished talking and told her she had great handwriting. Abbey smiled and said it was a girl thing. After they studied for about two hours Jack said he was getting hungry and asked Abbey if she wanted to order a pizza. Abbey said that sounded good and Jack left the room.

Abbey shook her head and breathed a sigh of relief, happy with their efforts. Jack returned five minutes later and told her the pizza would be there in twenty minutes.

When the pizza arrived Jack and Abbey sat in front of the television watching the news. Jack popped open a beer, offered one to Abbey, and she gladly accepted. By the time they finished the pizza each of them had polished off three beers and were just about to start a fourth. Abbey excused herself, telling Jack she had to pee. Jack took a swig of his beer and pointed toward the bathroom.

Abbey stood off the couch feeling dizzy and nearly falling down. Jack put his hand up catching her just below her left breast. Abbey looked at his hand and laughed then stumbled her way to the back of the apartment.

When she retuned from the bathroom Jack had killed his fourth beer and was half way through his fifth. Abbey sat back on the couch, knocked back her beer, and guzzled it down. Jack told her that was the way to do it and through her another.

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