Things You Learn In College.
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, School,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A college girl discovers that her roommates advances aren't so unwanted.

My freshman year of college was coming to an end when the roommates decided since Sarah was graduating we would throw a party. I had been busy and hadn't really helped with too much of the planning so I was a little surprised when Shannon and Sarah wrestled a keg out of the back of Shannons Tahoe and into the kitchen of our house. They bustled about making dip and doing last minute cleaning while I went to the gym. By the time I got back home they were both showered and dressed for company. They scolded me for taking so long and said that I need to get ready. I mumbled back that I didn't even want to drink tonight and their glares made it clear that my absence wasn't an option. With the feeling that I wasn't going to get out of it, I headed to my room. After more discussion in the kitchen with Shannon, Sarah decided there wasn't enough Malibu for mixes and took off in her truck to the store. Shannon stepped into my room as I was stripping off my gym clothes.

"Hey!" she said startling me.

"Hey yourself... I'm trying to change." I grabbed a towel from my dresser and wrapped it around myself as I turned. I could feel Shannon's eyes traveling across my skin as her long body leaned against the doorframe.

We'd known each other for a few years, we had interned together in high school and kept in touch since then. Throughout the last year we had grown much closer living together, but recently I felt like Shannon wanted more from our friendship. It had started with the back rubs... I get knots from volleyball, and Shannon rubs them out every night before bed — a few weeks ago her fingers had begun to wander lower on my back and wrapped further around my sides. I had made some crack about it 'goin' a little low eh?' she'd laughed nervously and after another minute or so she left clearly upset.

"Ummm... Shannon, was there anything I was supposed to do before tonight?" her eyes snapped up to my eyes and she began to play with her neck.

"No no, I just wanted to see if you needed any help." she asked.

"I think I'm alright, just gonna grab a shower and dress."

"Well I was thinking we could take care of your knots now since we won't get to it later." she said innocently. I knew she was right, I didn't like getting backrubs after drinking because I was far too sensitive. Even sober I am a moaner during massages, I wasn't willing to explore how far that went. I nodded and grabbed a pair of shorts. I slid easily into them and dropped my towel as I laid facedown on the bed.

Shannon's hands were cold as they rubbed along my back, I shivered and felt my nipples go hard. As I loosened she began to dig her thumbs harder into the knots. My moans turned a little breathey as the pain merged with pleasure. As the digging continued into my lower back the moans grew louder and I began to squirm under her hands. She tried to stifle the movement under her hands but was unsuccessful.

"You have to stop wiggling or I'll never get these out." She said with mock frustration and dug her thumb into the knot.

"I can't..." I half moaned as I squirmed under the pressure. After another minute of trying to control my movement under her hands she gave a defeated sigh.

"That's it, I didn't want to have to sit on you, but I have no choice." She swung her leg over my hips and sat, her ass on mine and my hips firmly between her thighs. Her focus continued on my lower back as I moaned into the pillow. She found two identical knots on either side of my spine and began a slow rhythm working them out. My moans muffled into the pillow and between them I could hear her breath become labored. I wanted her to push harder but incapable of words between the moans I tried to rock my hips into her press. I felt her reposition herself slightly lower on my legs, her fingers still teasing. My hips continued to rock, each motion now pressing my ass back into her spread legs. Her fingers spread across my lower back, working through the tension, they slowly wrapped around until she had her hands enveloping my hips and probing around them.

My phone rang... I slid sideways under her leaning my naked torso off the bed to grab the cute pink cell phone.

"Hey Sarah, what's up?" I said quickly trying to control my breathing.

"Not too much, David called and he needs me to pick him up so I'll be home in an hour or so... don't worry no one is supposed to show until 9 and I'll be back by then."

"Alright doll, see you later." I said and hung up the phone.

"So, Sarah is going to be a bit?" asked Shannon as she touched my back again. I moaned a yes.

"Good, we never get to spend time alone together anymore." she said wrapping her fingers around my hips again. Before I could respond she rubbed her fingers into the front of my hips causing them to rock back against her and sent me into another moaning fit. Her fingers continued to work, becoming more brave with each moan. Her fingertips slipped almost unnoticed under the elastic of my shorts and it wasn't until a finger brushed the top of my mostly shaved bush that I realized it had gotten so far.

I tightened and tried to slid anyway from the finger. Her hands stopped moving and she pulled them away from my back.

"I should probably shower." I said lamely. She didn't touch me but her legs still straddled me. After a minute she slid down to lay next to me with her leg draped over me. She ticked her fingers across my back causing goosebumps, I bit my lip and softly moaned. I had told her once that I loved that sensation. She tickled for a few more minutes and then went back to the massage. I was so lost in the pleasure that I never heard the door, it wasn't until a voice interrupted my moans that I was even aware that Shannon and I weren't alone.

"So this is what you do when the brothers and I have meetings?" Luke joked. Shannon immediately got up and looking uncomfortable said, "I should leave you two alone." She disappeared into her room. I rolled over and slid to the foot of the bed, Luke smiled and closed the door.

"Come on Luke, you know we're on a break." I grinned knowing it meant nothing to him, as I was sitting in front of him half naked.

"I know, but I've never had sex with someone I wasn't dating. I've always wanted to." He said as he spread my legs with his knee and stepped close to me. I looked him over, his hair was gelled to look disheveled, and he had a collared shirt and tie on over his jeans. He was so cutely preppy, and I love when a man has his sleeves rolled up and the tie loosened around his neck.

"Really? You haven't? Well I would hate to give you what you wanted, I am after all the bitchy ex." Luke leaned down and began to kiss me, it was soft and sweet with his fingers in my hair.

He pulled away and stood "well, I suppose I should let you get ready." I reached up and grabbed his belt, tugging his body toward me again, this time I kissed him. My hands slid under his shirt and along his back as I explored his familiar mouth. I finally stood and pushed his shirt off, the kissing became deeper and my hands fumbled for his belt. Luke had one arm wrapped around my back pulling me in and his other hand cupped my breast and rubbed light circles. The teasing was too much, I moaned into his mouth and steadied myself by grabbing his hips. He twisted me around and moved me against the wall next to my bed. His hips pushed into mine and his hard chest crushed against my breasts. He grabbed my ass with both hands and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He tossed me on to the bed, and I exploded into a ball of giggles as he stripped down, tripping on his own pants.

"Hey you, no laughing, that didn't happen in my fantasies." He grumbled as he crawled on top of me. I laughed again and pulled him in for a kiss. He kissed down along my jaw and collar bone, nibbling a bit here and there. His tongue circled one nipple and then the other, and he slipped his hand under the elastic of my shorts. He slid two fingers in and slowly began to rub as his mouth covered my breast.

"I'll never get tired of these, your tits are perfect." Luke pulled to my mouth and kissed me as he began a slow rhythm with his fingers. I moaned and my hips kept time with his hand. He began to move faster and my moans increased, I bit into his shoulder and moaned again.

"It's so hot when you moan." Luke whispered into my ear. "Tell me you want me and I'll give you what you want."

"I want you..." I managed to breathe out. He pulled his fingers out of me, I whimpered a bit. He kissed me deeply once more and kissed down my body again. He got to my stomach and pulled my shorts away. His tongue dipped into me and slowly licked up. I grabbed the headboard as I squirmed under his mouth. My moans got louder and bit my lip to stifle them.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the door inch open, and Shannon peak through. I clamped my eyes shut as Luke's teeth brushed my clit. His mouth continued and I was getting close so I looked toward the door again to see if Shannon was still watching. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip. I looked lower and saw her hand snaked up her skirt. The thought that I excited her that much sent me over the edge, and I screamed "oh god!" as I came. The door quietly closed before I was able to look again.

"You need to shower before you guests get here." Luke said softly. "We'll finish this later." I kissed him and grabbed a towel before I walked into the hallway. Shannon was just stepping out of her room.

"Hey, I think that..." she noticed my lack of clothing and her voice caught in her throat. Her eyes locked on my breasts for a moment, I smiled inwardly.

"You think that... ?" I asked softly. Her eyes jerked up to mine and she licked her lips.

"Uh, I think that David and Sarah are pulling in the garage." Her eyes drifted down again, "I see the gym is working out for you."

"Yeah, I can't thank you enough. I'm finally getting rid of all that fat." I said poking myself in stomach. Her hand grabbed mine.

"Stop it, you were never fat." I dropped my hand down and hers went to my stomach. "Your abs are great, they were flat before but you're starting to get shape." She dropped her hand to her side. "Ummm, you should get ready. We don't want Sarah angry." She said before she headed downstairs.

By the time I got downstairs there was a crowd and David and Luke were busy at the BBQ. Sarah was helping them with the food and refreshments so Shannon and I were left to entertain. The evening began slow, with the food and conversation as the focus, mostly just light mixed drinks at that point. As the grilling wrapped up Sarah suggested a few drinking games, and everyone agreed. David said we couldn't start the party until Sarah did a keg stand as the graduate. The first few games are basically a blur, I remember doing body shots off of people, and having to kiss several people but at some point I didn't want to be sitting anymore. I was pretty tipsy by then and feeling very friendly so I headed to the living room where there was a small "dance-party" started. I danced and flirted with one of Luke's fraternity brothers and he felt me up as we danced. Sarah wandered, clearly drunk, into the living room.

"Hey Meghan, we are OUT of beer, could you go get some? It's in the garage." She asked with a slight slur.

"Yeah, sure hun." I broke away from the boy who was kissing my neck and told him I'd be right back. He nodded and sat on the couch to wait. I slid through the kitchen where there were lines of people doing shots, and the laundry room where a few couples were making out and finally to the garage. I unlocked it without spilling my drink and stepped inside, padding in my bare feet towards the big cooler Sarah kept in the back. Just as I got to the cooler door Shannon and Luke walked in.

"Hey need a hand with that pretty lady?" Luke asked with a grin. Shannon hung back by the door as he walked up to me. His arms slipped around my waist, and he kissed me squarely on the mouth. "I'm not mad about Brian, we're on a break, but I want to be with you tonight so don't do anything stupid okay?" I nodded and he grabbed a few cases of beer. He kissed me again before leaving the garage, "Shannon wanted to talk to you so I'll see you later." Shannon locked the door behind him and looked at the floor as she leaned back against the door.

"Hey darling, are you okay?" I asked as I crossed the garage. She fidgeted with her sleeve and sighed heavily.

"I should tell you something Meghan." At this point I was leaning against her Blazer, just a few feet from her. "I just don't want you to hate me, promise you won't hate me." She looked like she was going to cry, so I hugged her.

"Oh Shannon, I could never hate you. You're my best friend, I love you." I said as I squeezed her. I backed up but kept my arms around her shoulders, "why would you think that?" Her hands settled on my waist, and she looked in my eyes.

"I uh... I want to tell you... that I uh..." her fingers wrapped a bit tighter, "you're knots are really bad, and I can work on them if you want."

"You were worried about my knots? You are SO sweet, how could I hate someone so sweet?" I pulled her in for another hug and she rubbed her fingers into my back.

"MMmmm... Shannon that feels so good." Her fingers rubbed into the back of my hips and between the alcohol and my legs feeling a bit weak I leaned into her even more.

"Meghan, we should get back to the party." Shannon said.

"I don't want to, I shouldn't be with Luke tonight and I am only dancing with Brian to piss him off. I want to just talk." She kept rubbing my back and I moaned lightly with my head on her shoulder. "Can we talk Shannon?"

"Of course, do you want to go into the house?" when I shook my head no, she just stood there rubbing my back some more. She leaned against the door and let my body lean into her.

"Shannon, do you think I'm pretty?" I asked

"You know I do, you're gorgeous." I nuzzled into her neck as she complimented me. She continued to rub and I moaned a bit more, her body stiffened.

"Meghan, I really like you..."

"I like you too, Shannon." I said back to her. She sighed with frustration. I had a good idea of what she was talking about and I was feeling very touchy so I kissed her neck. Her hands stopped moving and she didn't breathe.

"No, don't stop." I begged as I kissed her neck again. She still didn't move, I looked her in the eyes and kissed her mouth. I slid my tongue out and parted her lips, her hands squeezed my back and I moaned into her mouth. Her hands found their way under my tank-top and unsnapped my bra. I decided then that it would be fun to continue. I stopped kissing her and stepped back. Immediately she began to apologize, I smiled and pulled the tank off, and let the bra slip to the floor. Her eyes dropped to my pink nipples and her jaw dropped a bit. I grinned again, "Are you just going to stand there?" She stepped toward me, grabbed the back of my neck and roughly pulled me in for a kiss. Her tongue searched my mouth and she pushed me until my back hit the cold metal of her car. Her hands enveloped my face and kissed me more deeply. I arched my back so my head would lean against the hood of the car, she kissed me for a few more minutes before her mouth dropped to my tits. Her mouth and hands toured them like they were fragile at first. Her hands rubbing and tongue doing little circles around my nipples. I moaned lightly and she began to suck a little, I arched and moaned louder. After that she ravaged them.

I grabbed her face and pulled her mouth to mine. "Wait Shannon, wait." I said in a breathy voice. "Just slow down." She pulled away and leaned against the car next to me.

"I can't, I don't want to..." she closed her eyes and laid her head back. "I don't have enough control."

"Then let me," I said as I put my hand on her face. I tried to get her too look at me, but she starred ahead. "Shannon, come on, I want this."

"I think..." she started. I clamped my hand over her mouth and moved in front of her.

"Shut-up, you think too much. Just... stop." I said. Her eyes met mine with tears. I slowly pulled my hand away and replaced it with my mouth. I kissed her softly, "I don't know if I can give you everything you want, but I'm your best friend. I want to see you happy, let me try to make you happy." I swept a tear off her check and she looked at me again. "Do you trust me, Shannon?" When she nodded, I kissed her and said "we have to go soon but trust me, trust that I want to make you happy." I kissed her for a few more minutes before I got dressed and went back in the house. She followed soon after.

No one had even noticed we were gone except for Luke, who came and kissed me.

"Wow, that was kind of long, are you guys okay?"

"Yeah, we're okay, but I need to talk to her about some stuff later."

"Everyone's clearing out, I have to drive David home later but I was thinking we could ummm... go upstairs." He smiled and kissed my ear softly.

"Want a race?" I asked with a grin. He grabbed my hand and tugged me up the stairs. Racing is something we started while we were dating, basically you try to outlast the other person, I almost always win. Within seconds of entering my room we were both naked, pushed him to the bed, "it's my turn to be on top." He was spent in just a few minutes. "I get to torture you..." I sucked him hard again, and circled the tip with my tongue again. I kept him hard and teased him for almost 15 minutes before he rolled me over and slammed his shaft into me. In three hard stokes I came and he wasn't far behind.

A few hours later Luke left with David, and Sarah was concerned so she went to take care of David who was too drunk to walk. I was beginning to sober up as I got out of the shower. I couldn't wait to get in bed but as I walked down the wall I noticed that Shannon's down was cracked open. I stepped inside the door, "Shannon, I'm sorry I pushed you, I don't know what came over me." She didn't answer, and I realized she was still asleep. I figured I would talk to her in the morning, I hugged her. In the middle of the hug she began to hug back. "Shannon, are we okay?" I asked simply.

"Are we?" she asked back.

"I think so." I said. "Do you want to talk about any of this?"

"No, you probably just want to get away from me." She said bitterly. She rolled away from me. I crawled under the blanket and snuggled up against her until we were spooning. My arm snaked under hers and I reached for her hand. She jerked it away. "Shannon, please don't pull away." I reached for it again and she moved again. I was so angry. I pulled away and rolled her over. "We can't be close anymore? I know this is confusing but I'm trying. Don't push me away."

"That's the point," Shannon said, "we don't feel the Shannone, you are trying too hard."

"Tell me you don't want to kiss me." I said to her. She shook her head, and I leaned toward her. She closed her eyes, and I kissed her. She rolled on top of me, and took control of the kiss.

I pulled away, "No, you don't get to do this." I said to her. She looked hurt and confused.

"I want to give you a massage Shannon." She shrugged and rolled off of me.

"You're sending mixed signals." she said as she sat turned away in front of me. I began to rub her back and shoulders. As I rubbed her ribs I snaked my fingers around a little too far and slightly rub her breasts. She was moaning like crazy, I moved to her lower back and rubbed around her hips. My hands moved to the front of her hips and she rocked back a little. I slid my fingers to the inside of her pajama pants and under the sheer material of her panties. I kept rubbing her hips moving closer and closer to her mound. I felt her breath stop and I grinned as I boldly slid a finger into her. I heard her gasp and I slid another finger in. I slid my other hand under her shirt and around her to caress one of her breasts. I pulled her body back into mine so she laid out a bit more and I had better access.

"God Shannon, you're so tense. I think it's been a while since anyone rubbed out this stress." I said as I pinched her clit between my fingers. She groaned deep and I created a rhythm with my fingers. I pinched her nipple and played with her tit with the other hand. It wasn't long until I could feel the walls of her vagina begin to flex around my fingers. I pulled my hands from under her clothes as she whimpered in protest. She reached down to finish herself off but I caught her hand before it reached it's goal.

"Hey Shannon, why aren't you naked yet?" she looked at me with question but got up and took her clothes off slowly. She watched my face as she dropped each article of clothing to the floor. She stood naked in front of me, I slid to the edge of the bed and sat there looking at her. She fidgeted and tried to cover herself. "My god, your beautiful Shannon." I said to her. I stood and kissed her, deep and passionate. Her response came through her needy and searching tongue. I pushed her to the bed, "I've never done this..." I kissed her mouth and neck. I suckled her breasts and circled her belly-button with my tongue. I kissed down one of her thighs and over to the other. I lined up with her slicked cunt, and slid my tongue out, it was slow and timid. I licked her clit lightly, she inhaled sharply and her hips rocked forward. I sucked lightly on her clit and tongued her slit. I wrapped my mouth around her and tongued her, in seconds her back arched and she screamed her climax.

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