Dora's Night

by Amasterfound

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: It is Dora's night to be in charge when visting the local BDSM club. While there she meets a new friend who will show up in future stories. This is the first story in the Dora's Adventures Series.

Mike was due to pick me up soon. We had made plans to go to a BDSM dungeon together tonight. We were not dating. We just liked to have fun together from time to time: BSDM fun. We had a relationship that people called "friends with benefits." I had known Mike for a long time: since before my ex divorced me. I had only known of Mike's involvement in BDSM for the past couple of years. Both Mike and I were switches. We took turns playing the Dom/Domme. Tonight, I was the Domme and he was the sub.

I was dressed in my black mini skirt and red, corset style blouse. I had on black mid-calf 3 inch high boots. I decided to forgo the panties as always. Mike would be wearing his black skin tight pants and a shirt that said "Boy Toy."

I glanced at my gold Rolex women's watch and decided to walk outside my front door. He had BETTER be pulling up within 2 minutes or else! Just as I locked the front door and walked out front, Mike pulled up in his black Corvette. I walked over to the passenger side and waited until he opened the door for me.

Mike always insisted on opening the door for me. It drove me crazy on one level; on another, I found it quite endearing. Tonight I insisted on it, since I was in charge.

"Are you ready for a night filled with fun and games?" Mike inquired.

"I sure am, but what are you suppose to call me tonight?" I returned.

"Oops, I forgot. I am required to call you 'Mistress Dora' on nights that you are in charge," Mike corrected.

"Yeah, likely excuse and I am NOT buying it," I replied.

I climbed into the car and waited until he got in to drive us to the house used for BDSM play. It was about 30 minutes from my house. After he got behind the wheel and pulled way from the curb, I glanced over at him. Mike was a very lean and muscular man. He stood about 6 feet and weighed 190. He had 8 pack abs that showed he spent hours working out. I loved his dark auburn hair with deed red highlights. He was male perfection. I looked down at his groan; he had a bulge already. That bulge was over 8 inches. It was 6 inches around the shaft. I got wet just thinking about it filling me. I inhaled the scent of his cologne: English Leather, one of my favorites. The scent suited him.

"How was the café today?" I asked.

He owned his own café. He served good home style cooking. The café was only 2 blocks from my house. I ate there on a weekly basis. My favorite was their breakfast platter.

"It was very busy. I had to fire a waitress today: Marie. She did a rather sloppy job; too many customers were complaining. Then, this afternoon, I got lucky and Stacy came in. She moved back to town and wondered if I had a position open. I, of course, said 'hell yes'! She was one of my best waitresses. I was sad to see her move. I am very glad that she is back, however. You should have heard the applause when I hired her back. She started working right away. She was eager and I, of course, needed the extra hand," Mike replied.

"Oh, cool. She was my favorite waitress. I am glad to see her back. Now, I want you to take your dick out of your pants," I instructed him.

I watched as he undid his black latex pants. He then pulled out his growing cock into my view. I loved looking at it. I could tell he was both nervous and excited about exposing himself. The idea of someone catching him turned him on. He pulled up to a red light, and I saw a truck with 2 women pulling up next to us. I decided to have a little fun with him.

"Jack off for the ladies next to you. They appear to want a show," I ordered.

I saw the look of indecision cross his face. I remained quiet and started tapping my foot, letting him know that I was not backing down. After a couple more seconds, he relented and started to jack off. The girls were staring at his cock and the show he was giving them. They then looked over at me and grinned. I just smiled and waved hello at them. When they light finally turned green, and we were able to continue, I gave him permission to stop.

"I don't know whether to be angry or pleased that you had me do that. I get such a rush at the idea of someone watching or a cop pulling us over," he commented.

"Yes, I know. That is why I do it. Besides, all the cops around here know us. They won't do anything, other than ask that you not let kids see it. They know our lifestyle and I think they enjoy the view they get from us. Don't you remember the last cop that saw me? He pulled me over, just so he could have a better view," I reminded him.

"Yeah, I remember that. I loved watching you turn red with embarrassment and get wetter at the idea of him watching you. God, you came hard that night!" he rubbed it in.

I just gave an unladylike snort and ordered him to give me a good show. I sat back the rest of the way and watched him stroke him hard cock. I loved seeing his big purple head get even bigger. We were almost to the house and I told him to zip back up. We pulled into the huge drive way and parked. I noticed a blue SUV I had not seen before. The license plate showed they were from Tennessee. I wondered who they were. Most everyone that came was a regular, so any new people or cars I noticed right away.

I waited until Mike opened my door and I led him to the front door. As we walked in, I looked around, trying to spot the newcomers. I always welcomed new members. I remembered the first time I ever came here. I was alone and VERY nervous. It helped that everyone was very kind and welcomed me. The thing that helped me the most was seeing Mike there and learning his interest in the lifestyle. He was alone that night and so was I. I came dressed as a slave and he came as a Master.

I spotted a couple over at the spanking bench. They were inspecting it. The girl was very slim and looked to be several years the guy's junior. She had auburn hair and looked very excited, as she inspected it. I could tell right away that this girl loved it when someone spanked and whipped her. I walked over to them and introduced myself to them.

"Hi, I'm Dora. This is Mike. We are switches. Tonight, I am the Mistress. We are not actually a couple, in case you were wondering, I noticed that you are new here and wanted to welcome you," I introduced us.

"Hi, my name is Jose and this is my lovely slave Debbie. We are new to town. We just moved here from Tennessee about 3 weeks ago. I just happened to hear about this BDSM dungeon from an adult toy store about 30 minutes east of here," Jose replied.

"That wouldn't happen to be the one by Mike's café, would it?" Mike asked.

"Yes, it is," answered Debbie.

"Mike here owns that café. You should stop in and try it sometime. We only live a couple of blocks away," I stated.

"Oh, WOW! We live just 4 blocks from there. Maybe we can meet up sometime. It would be a pleasure to have friends in the lifestyle near by," Jose commented.

"It's a date! Maybe we can meet tomorrow morning for breakfast! I have a craving for Mike's breakfast platter," I responded.

"Dora, you ALWAYS have a craving for my breakfast platter! Hell, you are my best paying customer! I swear you spend more at the café than you do on groceries; not that I am complaining. We do make good food and it does pay for my car," Mike joked.

"I DO NOT spend more money at the café than I do at the grocery store! It's just that it is easier to buy something already made and have good company than try to cook for 1 and eat alone!" I denied, even though I DID spend more at the café than at the grocery store most weeks.

Everyone laughed, including me. I always enjoyed making new friends. I noticed that Debbie was very submissive. She was not a bit switch. She tended to keep her eyes down, but I did catch a hint of mischief in them from time to time. She might be sub, but her eyes and demeanor spoke of being very lively. I was going to have fun playing with her. I could picture years of mischief making! It looked like Vicki and I just got a new 'partner in crime', as my best friend's husband described us.

"Uh oh, I don't like that look Dora! That usually precedes me having to bail you and Vicki out of some kind of trouble. Please tell me you aren't planning more mischief," Mike implored with a look of horror.

"Mischief, NOOOOOO, not me just a little bit of fun," I insisted.

I knew full well he would see right through it. From the look on Debbie's face and Jose's, they both saw through it too. Debbie face showed a look of hope. Jose, on the other hand, had a look that spoke of "you better behave or else". Damn, I hated that "or else" look. It was scary! Damn, his was worse than Mike's. I quickly got the subject off me.

"So, Debbie, it looks like you want to try that bench. Mike here enjoys it very much, both when he is on it and when I am on it," I replied.

I looked around and saw everyone was pairing up into groups or just couples and beginning. I had plans for Mike tonight. I wanted to watch him suck some cock, while I fucked his ass. I saw just the man across the room. Harry was a Dom and bi. He loved to have guys suck him. His cock was a good 9 inches or larger. I had seen Mike on several occasions eye it and lick his lips. I knew that he would enjoy it. Mike was bisexual, but had always been a bit apprehensive to try sucking a cock. Tonight he would not be backing out! I wanted to make his dreams come true.

"Yes, I do. I love to be spanked, flogged, and whipped. I have tried the cane a couple of times, but had a bad experience with it one time. Master is helping me overcome my fear of the cane," Debbie replied.

I noticed that she didn't use Ma'am or Mistress and wondered about that. I didn't have to wonder long.

"Debbie, you can call her Mistress or Ma'am: whichever she prefers," Jose told Debbie, and then to me he said, "I believe that not just anyone gets the respect of being called Mistress/Master or Sir/Ma'am. They have to earn it or I will judge that they are worthy of it. I can tell that you are worthy of it. Even if I see a little mischief there, I also see someone that believes that there is a line between fun and disobedience," Jose confirmed.

"Thank you, Sir; I prefer to be called Mistress Dora, if that is ok with you. I find it an honor that you are allowing her to call me Mistress. That speaks very high of you. I agree with you; not everyone gets to be treated with respect, just because they say they are Dom/Domme," I returned.

"Thank you, Mistress Dora. As Master said, it will be a pleasure having more friends. We don't know many people here and the city is so big. Maybe you can show us all the fun spots?" Debbie replied.

"I would be happy to do so. Now, why don't you too have fun? There are lots of whips and spanking devices on the wall behind you. Just help yourself. I am going to have some fun with Mike," I commented before heading over to the other side of the room to speak with Harry.

Mike and I walked over to Harry. He was alone that night. It didn't look as if he had found anyone to play with yet. That was good. I was eager to watch Mike deep throat him. As we walked over, I ordered Mike to take out his cock and stroke himself.

"Harry, are you busy with anyone tonight?" I asked

"Not yet. The person I was supposed to meet here couldn't make it. Therefore, I decided to come alone and hope to join in on some fun. I see you are here as a Mistress tonight. You need some help?" Harry answered.

"Yes, I do. How would you like to have your cock deep throated by Mike tonight, while I fuck his ass? After that, you can take his ass, too." I returned.

"Hell, yeah, I never turn down a good deep-throat," Harry grinned.

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