Lessons Learned

by slave Debbie

Tags: Mult, Slavery, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Humiliation,

Desc: : Debbie disobeyed a direct order from her Mistress. Which resulted in her not taking proper care of her Master's "property" while he was away. Debbie learns her lesson the hard way.

The phone rings and I sleepily reach over to answer it. Who would be calling me at this hour? I looked at the clock. It read Five AM. I pick up the receiver and answer with a half asleep tone in my voice.


"Slave I want you prepared for my return. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Master." I reply. Now fully awake.

"Good." He says and hangs up.

I could not have gone back to sleep if I wanted to. The tone in Master's voice had been very harsh. He did not sound happy at all. I wondered if I had angered him somehow. But he had been away for two weeks Taking care of the closing on our place in Tennessee. We had only moved to Texas six weeks ago.

What could I have done? Had he found out I had not taken proper care of his property by not going to the hospital voluntarily when I needed to? My mind raced as I got up and headed to the bathroom for my shower. Knowing I had somehow disappointed him crushed me. Master did not usually resort to physical punishment. He knew how hard I was on myself and how just the tone in his voice could reduce me to tears. Somehow though I think this was going to be different. I was not sure why. Perhaps it was because of the tone of his voice and the abrupt way he hung up. But, somehow I just knew I was in for a very severe punishment.

After I completed my shower I dried my body off with a big fluffy towel. My eyes fell upon the tattoo that Master had taken me to get just three weeks ago. It was the chinese symbol for slave and it was on my left breast. I ran my hand over it slowly. Remembering that day fondly. I loved looking at it. It reminded me of my position in life as his slave.

As I stood there recalling that day and then thinking back to his call an hour ago my eyes began to fill with tears. What had I done to displease the man I so adored? Thoughts began flooding my mind. What had he heard? What was he going to do? How long did I have to prepare?!? I looked at the clock sitting on the bathroom shelf. SHIT! He called almost an hour and a half ago. I better get busy I thought to myself.

I hurriedly began straightening out the house room by room. It was not terribly messy. Just a few glasses sitting about and the newspaper from the day before was scattered over the coffee table. Although it was not a mess Master preferred everything in it's place. I had been tired when I returned home from work last night and did not get everything done. Once I had everything back in it's place I gave the furniture a quick polish. Now that everything sparkled I could begin getting myself ready.

I went back into our spacious bedroom to prepare myself. The bedroom was truly one of my favorite rooms in the house. Well other than the play room. It had a plush rose colored carpet. The furniture was victorian in style, Like something from out of Gone With The Wind. The four post bed was a very sturdy one. Perfect for bondage. The furniture although most of it was antique shone like it was brand new. The bed was covered in black satin sheets and comforter. In the air you could smell the aroma of the lavender scented candles.

I picked up my collar held it up to my lips and kissed it. I could smell the fine leather. I inhaled deeply and then placed it around my neck; Master had it made special for me. It was a purple collar with a heart on each side of the o ring which hung from the front. In the back it had a lock. I picked up the lock and snapped it into place. The only time my collar had been removed was to shower. Without my collar I felt naked even if I had layer upon layer of clothing on.

I stopped for a moment trying to think of what exactly Master would like me in when he returned. He had not been specific. All he said was be prepared. I decided to just slip on a simple sun dress, no panties and no bra. Waste of material any ways I thought. I much preferred going pantie less and letting my 38 C breasts go free whenever I could. I brushed my long red hair and let it stay down free. Master loves it that way.

I headed to the play room to retrieve my matching wrist and ankle restraints. I thought I should probably have them on before Master returned. I buckled and locked each one into place and was so involved in what I was doing I had not even heard the door open and someone enter the house. Quietly she stood behind me. Not moving nor saying a word. I had no idea I was being watched. I looked around the playroom making sure everything was just where it belonged and put away neatly. The play room was indeed spotless. Even the cage shone brightly. We rarely used the cage but Master had gotten it "just in case we need it" He knew I was not exactly crazy about the cage. He mainly saved it for punishment. I shuddered thinking I would probably be spending some time in it very soon from the stern way in which Master spoke this morning.

I gave the play room one more quick glance and said aloud. "I think he will be pleased with the way things are in here."

"Are you sure slave?" I hear a woman's voice say. Startled I quickly spin around.

"Mistress Dora hello. I did not know you were here."

"Obviously not slave." she remarked... I quickly kneeled with my ass high in the air and my head to the floor. I wanted so badly to gaze up at her and all her beauty. Mistress was five foot nine and had the most beautiful wavy red hair that hung down over her shoulders. It was so silky soft and smelled of flowers. She had a slender build with large beautiful breasts. She was truly a vision to behold. And today she was wearing her black mini leather skirt, corset top and a pair of high heel boots. To say she was a knockout would be putting it mildly.

"You may rise slave." Mistress said.

"Thank you Mistress Dora." I replied quickly rising to my feet.

"Mistress would you care for some refreshment? We have some sweet tea in the fridge I made fresh." I asked her.

"Yes slave, get it and bring it to me in the living room." She answered.

Quickly I rush off to the kitchen to get Mistress a drink. I again glance at the clock to notice what time it is. DAMN! I say as I hurry to get the tea. Three hours have passed. Master could be here anytime. My nerves are on edge and I drop a glass and it falls to the floor and shatters into a hundred pieces. I let out a low growl of frustration before getting down to pick up the glass and clean the mess. Once everything is cleaned up I pour Mistress another glass of tea and bring it to her in the living room.

She is sitting on the couch, relaxed with her feet up on the ottoman in front of her. A riding crop laying across her lap. I kneel and hand her the tea.

"Thank you slave you may sit."

Mistress and I talk while waiting for Master. She can tell I am distracted. My mind can't help but wonder what Master knows, what he is going to punish me with. All I know is it must be something major. Suddenly I remember I had not taken my medication. Master always counted them to make sure I had taken them as I am supposed to.

"Mistress may I be excused for a moment?" I ask in a panic.

"For what slave?" She asks

"Mistress I need to take my medications." I reply nervously.

"Go and be quick about it."

"Yes Mistress, Thank you."

I get up and quickly run off to the bathroom. "Damn, I hate these water pills," I think to myself as I pop one in my mouth. Followed by my thyroid medication. I down a glass of water and swallow them before rushing back out to the living room. When I return I see that Master is back. He looks so handsome standing there in his blue jeans, white button down shirt and black leather jacket. Quickly I get into position to greet him, My ass high in the air arms out stretched and head to the floor. Master slowly walks over to me, circling me he lifts up my dress and inspects me. "Very good slave glad to see you are prepared. About time you were obedient." Master said, giving me a hard swat on the ass with his hand.

"I have had a rather distressing report about your behavior slave and we are going to correct that. I am sorry you need to learn some lessons the hard way. This will definitely be the hard way. It is not something you will soon forget that is for sure." Master then orders me to kneel before him as he sits in his chair. He begins lecturing me.

"Slave you are my property. Yet you have not taken proper care of my property. If I were to leave something else of value in your care would you treat it well or would you ignore it and not do anything for it. Allowing it to perhaps die or become broken and damaged?"

"Master I would care for it very much Sir." I reply with my eyes downcast in shame.

"You are MY property are you not?"

"Yes Master."

"Then WHY did you NOT take proper care of yourself and risk your health while I was away?"

"Master I am sorry. I look to him with pleading eyes. "I did not think it was serious."

"THAT my dear slave is not your choice to make. If you have a problem you seek medical help and do NOT argue with ANYONE! ESPECIALLY your MISTRESS or MYSELF. And for the record, chest pain is a very serious matter. You also disobeyed a direct order from your Mistress. That type of behavior little lady will NOT be tolerated. Is that understood? He said placing a finger under my chin and lifting so that our eyes met. I usually loved looking into his eyes they were dark but oh so beautiful. They usually sparkled. But today all I saw in them was hurt and disappointment. I had put that look there.

"Yes Master I understand, I am sorry I did not take proper care of your property. Mistress I am sorry I did not listen to you as well." I reply with my head hanging down just wishing the lecture were over. Wishing they would just beat me. I can't stand to hear the disappointment in his voice and tears continued streaming down my face. My heart is broken. I have let down the two people I love most in this world

"Slave, crawl to the playroom. When you get there you are to go to the corner and kneel waiting for us." Master orders.

"Yes Master." I reply as I turn to crawl away Mistress swats my ass with the crop and tells me to get moving. I crawl as quickly as I can to the room. I went to the corner and kneeled putting my hands behind my head. I waited for what seemed like forever before I heard the heavy soundproofed door squeak open.

I hear Master coming up behind me his heavy boots thumping on the cold hard floor. Master is truly a very handsome man with his dark piercing eyes and his black wavy hair. His skin always so tan. Although Master is of mexican decent he was born right here in the united states. He still however had a bit of an accent. His accent could make me melt like a popsicle in the middle of summer. You could also tell that Master worked out. He had six pack abs that would make any woman drool. Although his chest was mainly hair free he did have that tease trail that I so loved to play with.

There would be no playing today however. I was in for a serious punishment and I knew it. I also knew I deserved it. Master reached up under my hair and pulled me up to my feet. He turns me around to face him and I immediately lower my eyes not wanting to see that look of disappointment in them.

"Look at me NOW slave." Master said with a stern sound in his voice. Slowly I raised my eyes up to his.

"Slave normally I do not punish you very harshly but this time you have pushed me too far. You will regret your actions. You will learn to take proper care of my property AND to obey when you are given a direct order!" With that said he led me over to the middle of the room. He and Mistress raised my hands above my head and fastened them to the chains above. He then pulled on the chain rasing me up so that I was only on my tip toes.

Mistress then placed a spreader bar between my legs spreading them far apart. She fastened them to my cuffs and I was now suspended, open and bound, and completely helpless.

"Jose would you like her gagged?" I hear Mistress ask of Master

"No I think not Dora, Let her scream, this is a soundproof room after all. He answers.

"Hmmmm I do love the sound of a screaming slave." Mistress said with a big grin spreading across her face.

"Ladies first." Master said pointing the way to the wall of various torture devices. He then took out his knife and cut my dress away. It fell to the floor in shreds at his feet.

I could hear Mistress as she walked towards the wall where the toys were hung. Her high heel boots clicking as she walked across the room. She studied the toys carefully before selecting the single tail. I had not experienced much of the single tail but I knew it had one hell of a bite. Mistress cracked the whip once in the air for emphasis which made me jump. They both chuckled at my reaction.

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