A Driving Job

by Alistair Acorn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Employed to drive a converted coach accross Australia, but he also had a very obliging passenger to look after.

'Driver with Heavy Vehicle License needed urgently to deliver vehicle to west. Mobile 04 1234 5678'

The advert caught my eye as I read my friend's paper at 4:30 in the morning. I had spent a miserable night trying to sleep on a two-seater couch. I may only be five foot eight, but I'm heavily built and need to stretch out.

Now why would I be bumming a place to sleep; the reason was that I was broke. I needed to get back home to Western Australia and the only money I had in my pocket was $6.50. I didn't think I'd get far on that. The advert seemed like a gift from heaven, but there would be many trying to get it even if it involved nearly a five day trip. That is if you work to the rules, four days more likely, if you push it.

To hell with the time I thought, as I used my friend's mobile and called the number. To my surprise it was answered within three rings by a gruff male and I guessed elderly man's voice.

"I rang about the ad in the paper?" I started to say.

"Corner of Wood and Larken, Waverton, eight this morning, don't be late." Then the phone went dead.

I thought, 'you ignorant bastard, ' but then at this time of the morning any sane person is a bit narky.

When I arrived at the intersection there were three other men waiting and obviously truckies, two looked as though they hadn't shaved in days, the other had torn jeans. We chatted for a piece before a Bentley car pulled into the kerb at the park side which was the opposite we were sitting at. Out of the car stepped a man in his late forties - early fifties with one of his arms in a sling. Looking at him you knew he was a businessman. He waved the four of us over and without even asking for credentials or names he said, "No thanks lads, I won't be needing you," to the other three.

"Well it looks as though you have the job," he said to me smiling. "Have you ever driven a large coach?"

"I drove a bus in Perth for four months."

"But not on a long journey?"

"No I don't think I went above 80K."

"At least you are honest. As you see I have had an accident. I was going to drive the camper over myself, but not now. Oh I didn't tell you, the coach has been converted into a camper."

"Wow, it must be some size!"

"There is one other thing, I want you take my mother with you. Any objections?"

"No none, at least it will be company."

"Take your time, no rush, if mum wants to visit somewhere you take her. Also no longer than eight hours driving a day, I don't want mum tired out. I will give you money to pay for meals, not in some cheap take-away but in a restaurant."

"That could take about a week."

"Are you in a hurry to get to Perth?"

"No, you are paying for it."

"Now give me some proof of identity, your license will do."

I handed the license to him and he got out his mobile and dialled a number. He had his back to me, but I heard him read out my license number. He turned towards me, "Won't me a minute Henry," then he was talking again to someone at the other end of the phone. "Yea, great, thank you I owe you one." Then he turned to me smiling.

"Well at least you are clean, so when can you begin?"

"Right now, I have all my possessions here in this pack."

"Even better, get in the car I'll take you to see mum and the camper you will be driving. I would like you to start the journey first thing tomorrow morning to avoid the morning traffic, mum doesn't like the traffic."

He seemed to worry a lot about his mother, wish I knew mine. I was dumped and Child Welfare brought me up, so I had many mothers, several of them right bastards too.

Mum was a small plump woman, blue rinsed hair, large boobs, really big, wide hips and a comely smile. She was what you imagined your grandmother would look like, well what I imagined anyway. After talking with her and her son I formed the opinion though that she was a bit thick and easy to fob off. I couldn't care less over that, I was going to have her company for the next week it looked like, and she would be good company.

The camper was huge, with a shower, toile, two bedrooms, well a big one at the back with a double bed and a bunk bed opposite the bathroom and toilet. All had sliding doors fitted. The driver's seat was like a big easy chair which swivelled round and served as a lounge chair when stationary. The passenger's chair served the same purpose. The whole front of the coach or camper was a curved windscreen and when seated in the driver's seat made you feel you were outside the vehicle with full 180 degree panoramic view. Hell I was going to love driving this, a fully automatic Mercedes coach for just two people. Some people have all the luck, being able to buy something like this.

As we made our way out of Sydney on Route 1, the one that goes all the way around Australia, we had been chatting for some time about the build up of traffic and all the other useless things one talks about while driving.

"Lady, I don't know your name and I can't call you mum, so what do I call you?"

"Mum, will just be fine, what do you call your mother?"

"A selfish bitch for dumping me on the steps of the hospital and vanishing."

"Oh I am sorry to hear that Henry. All the more so to call me Mum, for that will be what we are, mother and son on a camping holiday."

So that was how I started calling her Mum, not that she was my real mother, but as her adopted son for this trip.

We made it to Lakes Entrance and parked in a Caravan park, got connected to water, electric and sewerage. This was good for we could flush the sewerage tank out and then leave with an empty tank. Mounted under the floor were the storage tanks for water and sewerage which, when connected to the camp sewerage, could be flushed out. Also there was a generator to supply lighting and power for the TV, microwave and other 240V AC appliances. As I said, a very well outfitted camper.

As directed I took Mum to dinner at a restaurant, and it being midweek and winter there were few patrons so it was easy to get a table.

Just the short distance from Sydney to here brought a dramatic change in the weather, here it was cold, snow lay on the side of the road and the forecast was for frost and more snow. I was glad I wasn't out in weather like this hitching, for that was what I intended if I never got this job.

After watching TV for a bit we turned in, Mum in the bedroom at the back, me on the lower bunk of the other bedroom, if you can call it that.

There was one appliance I didn't know was fitted that if switched on would, I think, have changed the outcome of this story. There was a 240V reverse cycle air-conditioner installed as well as the 24V one which ran when the camper engine was running.

It got colder and colder, but there were no more blankets available, so I was curled up in the foetal position when I heart a light tapping at the door. It could only be Mum, so I got out of the bed and slid open the door. She was wrapped in a dressing-gown and I could see she was wearing a flannelette long nightdress.

"I'm freezing, bring your blankets and come share them with me. We can cuddle up and keep warm. I'll have to speak to Sam about this cold," Mum said and without waiting on a reply returned to her room. I ripped off the two blankets and followed her. All that was on my mind was to get warm and if it meant sharing a bed so be it.

Mum lay on her left side as I spread the two single blankets over the bed and got in and lay on my back.

"Get cuddled up to my back Henry, we will both be warmer then," Mum said in a low voice.

I did as she asked and within ten minutes we were both nice and warm. Once I was warm I then realised just where I was with my large cock resting between her buttocks. When I realised where it was I started to get an erection which pressed harder than ever against her. Then Mum lifted her hips which for a time broke contact and then I realised she was pulling up the hem of her nightdress to her waist. Her hand then came around, fumbled with my shorts front and released my now rock-hard hardon, placed my cock between her thighs and clamped them tight.

Now my cock was in contact with the puffy lips of her pussy. I was that stunned by what she did that I just lay there. I placed an arm around her, she lifted her elbow and with the other hand placed my hand on one of her heavy soft breasts and then held it there.

"Now that is more comfy, now go to sleep Henry."

It wasn't the most comfortable position to sleep in, but I did. In the morning I woke to find I was on my back and Mum was lying facing me with her arm across my chest and her head on my shoulder. My hand was around her. I couldn't remember moving into this position, but now it was more comfortable. How I was going to get up without disturbing her was the next problem.

I started to rise up a bit to remove my arm from under her, when Mum opened her eyes and looked at me. "I was nice and comfortable, we are in no rush, it's early. Lie with me a while Henry," she said in that sweet pleading voice I was going to hear a lot on this journey. Her hand slid down and encircled my hard cock and that action changed my mind and I lay back.

"You like me holding your penis, don't you. Just like Sam does, but you are so much bigger than him."

"You hold your son's cock?"

"Oh more than that, he isn't married and someone has to take care of his sexual needs. It is a pity that he doesn't have more, for I love to satisfy him any way he wants. Want me to do the same for you Henry?"

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