Meet The Buggerman's

by Finc

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, NonConsensual, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, BiSexual, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Couple move into new home but fall prey to urban myth predators. Strapped and drugged both Carl and his hot wife become the play things of Mr and Mrs B

Nicole swatted her husband's hand from her ass as she stood proactively on the stool. These drapes where hard enough to hang straight without him becoming distracted with her firm trimmed rear.

"Carl stop it," she said frustrated but allowing her self a satisfied smile.

They'd been married five years but she still felt the eagerness in his hands. Both their jobs had gone from strength to strength and now this new big home in the suburbs was a dream come true. As she turned and her handsome blonde husband lifted her down to the floor she finished her thoughts vocally.

"And now all we need is a nursery."

"No problem," he answered with a big grin and charming wink, "I'll start straight away."

She looked at him confused. " On making a nursery?"

He pulled her closer as she giggled replying in a playful caveman grunt.

"No me make baby first."

"Steady there vice president," she laughed pushing herself away in mock refusal, Carl adding a correction to her title. "You mean deputy vice president honey; deputy."

She waved her hand in dismissal, "Oh does it matter?"

Carl smiled at her convenient lack of memory adding; "yeah it matters. It matters about 60k a year."

His beautiful wife was not listening, already onto her next job, unpacking boxes. There were many rooms of them and she hadn't time to waste.

As she knelt working he admired her slim framed body with curly blonde ringlet hair. She always appeared to be made from porcelain her shapely legs and delicate hands as pale as her linen skirt and top. She wore the slightest of lip-gloss her expressive big blue eyes so mesmerising. At 33 she was easily a match for any Hollywood red carpet babe as far as he was concerned.

They'd been in their home only a few days. It was in a picture perfect street. Imposing white panelled houses with movie style picket fences. The lawns were manicured to perfection and in the tree lined street you could hear the hiss of sprinklers and the occasional hum of a big expensive SUV. Carl had found the people welcoming and was already on nodding terms with the guy over the road.

Carl gave a wave from the window the man waving back as he cleaned his gleaming Italian sports car.

"Stop sucking up to the neighbours," Nicole quipped as she pulled him back to his chores, "he's never going to let you drive it."

Unexpectedly there was the chime of her new doorbell and her eyes widened looking at Carl for guidance. She wasn't used to the idea of visitors.

"Well? Go have a look," he said shrugging his shoulders. "You're not in the city now."

Nicole opened her door to find a smiling couple standing on the front porch.

The woman was holding a bottle of wine the man a gift-wrapped box. Nicole didn't get time to speak before the woman reached out to grip her hand shaking it warmly.

"Oh hello darling I'm Madison; I live four houses up," and she pointed to where a dark Winnebago sat on another immaculate drive. However Nicole could see the jet-black vehicle had slipped onto the front lawn its wheels tearing chucks in two railway line scars.

Nicole cocked her head, smiling, a little confused by the erratic parking and Madison shrugged her shoulders." I know! Mr B is such an awful driver." She then gave a quick wave to the car enthusiast over the road; who in turn raised his head to look then returned to his washing.

"Mr B?" Nicole asked thankful she had an opportunity to speak at last. Then the other visitors spoke.

"She means me my dear; we're the Buggerman's. And this excited creature is my wife."

He held out the ribbon-encased box." We wanted to give you a welcoming present."

Then added, "Its Nicole isn't it?"

Nicole smiled and nodded taking hold of the gift. She could hear something rattling inside and was about to say thank you when Madison stepped through the door and seeing Carl in the other room rushed to say hello. Mr B followed behind smiling at the startled Nicole who could only offer the invitation to enter after the event.

"Oh thank you er yes come in... please do."

She put her gift on a kitchen surface and shook the man's hand.

"And your name is... ?"

The man looked a little surprise by her question then saw Carl approaching.

"Mr Buggerman." He said shaking her husband warmly Nicole feeling her temper rising a little. Carl grinned and nodded looking back at his sexy wife, giving her a "calm yourself" stare.

Nicole was just about to ask the question again when suddenly Madison shrieked in theatrical delight.

"The house is beautiful, absolutely beautiful!" At which point the perplexed couple beamed back in pride at their unexpected guests.

Mrs B wasted no time in sitting on the luxurious leather coach patting the fabric telling Carl to join her; meanwhile Mr B was already popping the cork on the bottle.

"Do we have some glasses my dear?" He asked to Nicole as she struggled to keep up with the pace of events.

"What? Oh yes no problem."

By the time Nicole had return with four tall glasses of champagne Carl and the Buggerman's were laughing and talking animatedly. She sat herself down smiling at their new neighbours now able to get a good look at them.

Madison was maybe mid forties. It was hard to tell exactly as her features were tightly defined her figure well toned. It looked like she went to the gym every day. Only the slight crows feet around her eyes told her she was probably ten years older than her firm body might suggest. She had oil black bobbed hair and rosy red lips. As she smiled her eyes flared with thick massacred lashes. It occurred to Nicole that on reflection she was quite pretty.

Madison raised her glass and the crystal of each chimed together as they copied her action.

"A toast to your new home." She shouted triumphantly.

Everyone drank and Nicole realised that the unpacking could wait. This couple were so enthusiastic; interested in everything they had to say. Mr B nodded intently hanging on Nicole's every word about their jobs, old home etc, etc. He was also mid aged but lean with a narrow beaky face. They both had refined accents and held themselves with a confident pose. Nicole had to admit they seemed an odd match in looks; but in politeness and charm they were definitely soul mates.

As the wine bottle emptied Madison put a hand on Carls knee. Nicole's handsome man seemed to shrink a little in his chair then wiped his blonde brow looking a little uneasy. His uncomfortably close guest in the black dress and boots was explaining their arrival.

"I just said to Mr B didn't I dear? When we saw you viewing the house we thought if they ever move in we should definitely pay them a visit."

Mr B nodded finishing his drink, "that right dear we certainly did."

Madison continued her hand still on Carls knee her eyes open wide like an excited child. "We thought you looked like such a nice sexy couple."

Nicole nearly spat her last mouthful of wine on her brand new carpet and she burst into giggles. She thought her reaction was odd not what she might normally do. But in this case these pair were comical and the drink had already gone straight to her head.

"Well, splutter! Er thank you," she giggled again; a little red faced. "I'm not sure that's my first reactions on seeing new people but... thanks."

She then looked over at her husband with a sharp stare her composure returning a little. That hand on his knee was really starting to piss her off. Carl seemed to be frozen in his seat the woman's fingers like a giant tarantula edging up towards his torso.

Madison winked at Carl her hand moving higher her well boned striking good looks appearing to mesmerise him. Nicole knew she should protest but struggled to think what to say. She then quite un expectantly made a slight moan realising her knees were now weak and her head was beginning to feel like the inside of a hot air balloon.

"What's wrong with me?" She thought, and then groaned again as the drink filled her veins. She felt very disorientated and warm like a blanket was shrouding her. She didn't get drunk that easily these days, did she?

Mr B stood up placing his empty glass next to the rest.

"Just relax Nicole don't try to move too suddenly or you'll collapse."

He headed for the kitchen without any more explanation adding." Now where's that little gift of ours?"

Madison's hand was nearing Carl's crotch as he also put his hand to his head the room seeming to throb in from the walls in rhythm to his heartbeat.

"I'm not feeling to good I think I need..."

"Was the drink a little strong for you too?" Madison asked sympathetically then she looked back to Nicole the blonde beauty still trying to extract her self from a seated position.

"Now what did Mr B say silly girl?" She chastised playfully.

Nicole's hand slipped and she rested back on her butt. Getting up had suddenly turned into an Olympic event.

"A concoction of barbiturates and Viagra," Madison explained. Then licked her lips.

"But like anything, drink it enough times and you develop a resistance."

Mr B returned to the room holding the ribbon box in one hand feeling his crotch with the other.

"Some resistance," he laughed adjusting his cast iron erection as it tried to escape his pants.

Mrs Buggerman looked back at the intoxicated Carl opening his knees putting her hand on his jean zipper. His cock was bulging trying to unfurl inside the fabric the sensation painful but his body unable to shift his weight to release it. He felt limp everywhere else like all the bones had been sucked out of him and his arms could bend like rubber.

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