Trading Clothing For Drinks

by Roxanne

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Drunk/Drugged, Group Sex, Orgy, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: I lost at strip trivia. My penalty was to write a story about girls trading fabric for drinks. There is little graphic sex in this tale, so if that is what you are looking for, this story is not for you.

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In 2001, I was playing strip trivia with Barb and Spidey and a few other people. It was men versus women. Barb and I were down to our panties. Spidey was down to his Jockeys. Everyone else was naked.

There was a two-point carryover, because nobody had answered the last two questions. That often happens near the end, when the game is on the line, because if you are the first to answer, and you are wrong, you lose a garment. If you are naked, you accumulate a penalty for each wrong answer, to be assigned as soon as your sex is naked. Sometimes the penalties are less than pleasant.

The question hit my screen. I knew the answer, so I answered it before anyone else could. I was wrong! Nobody else could be penalized for being wrong, only the first answer, if wrong, so there were several answers on my monitor within seconds. Spidey got it right. Since it was a two-point carryover, Spidey got three points. With two of his points, he stripped Barb and I naked. Now all the females were naked, so penalties could be assessed. Some of us had already accumulated penalties, which the males assigned. Spidey had one more penalty to assess; I don't recall who got it.

I had just earned a penalty of my own, for being first and wrong on the final question. Spidey assigned it to me, because I earned it during a point he won. He assigned me to write a stripping story, send it to him, and post it here. This penalty is a little late.

I asked Spidey what I should write about. He said to do a story about women trading their clothing for drinks at a party. This presented a problem, because I had to find women who had done such a thing, or people who had attended such a party. It took a very long time, before I heard a rumor about that particular activity. I found a guy who was at the party, and he put me in contact with Kath. As I talked with her, I realized she had a lot more to share than a simple stripping story at a party. In fact, the party doesn't appear for several pages.

Through Kath, I met Jen, Carole, Beth, Mary and Liz. Their stories are presented here, as the six women and their friends told them to me.


Four weeks ago Sunday, Jen and I left Sacramento. We each had two sheets, a towel, a duffel bag full of clothing, our life savings, just over three thousand dollars each, our admission letters, checks from mom and dad for the first semester's tuition, my year old Celeron notebook, and high hopes for our freshman year.

We also had letters from the University Housing Office, telling us we were ninth and eleventh on the waiting list for dorm space.

My name is Kath.


Jen and I had been friends since kindergarten. We lived next door to each other since mom and dad and I moved to Sacramento, when I was five. We had been 'sisters' since the eleventh grade.

I don't remember the first time I saw her parents and mine naked together. It was probably in the third or fourth grade. I had trouble sleeping that night; I had to get up to pee. I heard noises downstairs.

I peeked over the railing and saw Jen's dad naked. I remember seeing his thing, and a big patch of hair around it. I'd seen boy's things a few times, but none of them had hair around them. My mom was only was wearing panties, Jen's mom was in her bra and panties, and my dad was wearing his slacks.

They were doing something with coins. They each had a glass with brown liquid in it. There was an empty glass in the middle of the table. I saw Jen's mom bounce the coin on the table. When the coin fell to the table, she drank her brown liquid, and she took her bra off. Jen's dad poured more liquid from a square bottle into her glass.

Jen's dad and my mom bounced the coin into the glass. My dad missed. He took off his slacks, and drank his brown liquid. I wondered what they were doing, but I was so tired I went back to bed.

Some mornings, I'd wake up and find Jen's dad and my mom sitting at the kitchen table, drinking coffee. Other mornings, it'd be my dad and her mom. I found out from Jen that usually one of my parents stayed overnight with one of her parents at her house on the same night. When Jen and I were 16, her dad and my mom went away together. They never came back.

Jen and her mom moved in with us, and we became sisters. By then, we'd figured out what swingers were. Like a lot of kids, we made the opposite choice from our parents. All through high school, we kept our clothes on, we didn't smoke, drink or do drugs, we both graduated with high honors, and with our virginity intact. That summer, we got jobs in the discount mall. We made new friends. They introduced us to a new and exciting life. We discovered beer, and wine, and parties. We discovered boys, and strip poker, and skinny-dipping. Neither of us made it to the Fourth of July as virgins.


The university housing office predicted there would be to be about sixty or seventy dorm beds unclaimed, but instead of being ninth and eleventh on the waiting list, we were one hundred ninth and one hundred eleventh. Everybody between number 100 and 199 was as angry as we were. There was no hope of dorm space now, but we would probably get to the top of the list by final exam time. If we were lucky, there might be space in the dorm by midterms.

We managed to find two beds in a mini-dorm. It was a converted four-bedroom house. It had sixteen bunk beds, two in each bedroom, two in the former family room, and six in the garage. Jen and I shared a bunk bed in the garage, with nine boys and five other girls. Each of the four bathrooms had two toilets, side by side, without any stalls. Each of the showers had two showerheads. There was absolutely no privacy.

The rent was $275 a month per person in the garage. In the house, the rent was $350 in the small bedrooms, which had no room for any furniture except for the beds. The larger bedrooms had two six-foot folding cafeteria tables, four folding card table chairs, and rented for $375 a bunk.

There were two washing machines and two dryers in the garage. They were coin-operated. There was one table for folding clothes. They were in full view of the beds. The dryers dinged when the clothes were dry.

The living room had rows of folding cafeteria tables, and enough folding chairs so most of us could sit and eat, or study and write. Food was not included in the rent.

The bedrooms and bathrooms had doors, but no locks. There was closet space for everyone to hang about eight garments. There was space under the bottom bunks for each person to keep two cardboard boxes of clothes or other belongings. Those of us with cars kept most of our belongings in the car. Changing clothes, undressing for showers, and drying off was done in the open, because there was no place to hide. Aside from Jen and me, there were ten other girls, and twenty boys. We saw a great deal of those twenty new breasts and twenty new penises. It was not an erotic thing, or a sex thing, just an every day thing. Seeing and being seen just became a part of our lives, to which we tried to attach no importance. We did not succeed.

We showed up for our classes, and we managed to crash others. We found jobs at In 'N' Out Burgers. We settled in, went to class, worked and studied. We did not have a heavy-duty social life, but we met people in the library, the commons, and the student union. We went to the occasional movie, or a football game. We went bowling a few times, and we played a little pool. We jogged a few times a week. There were no romances, we didn't go to any fraternity parties, we didn't participate in rush, and we had no sex life. We got good grades on our written work and midterms.


We didn't much like where we lived, but other than that, we settled in fine. A few weeks before finals, Carole, one of the girls in the mini-dorm, moved into a furnished apartment with three other girls, when their fourth roommate gave up and went home. Carole found Jen during finals, telling her two of the roommates were leaving right after finals, and asking if she'd like to take over renting a bed. Jen said she thought she and I might like to rent them both. That night, we met with Carole and her roommate Beth. That weekend, we became their roommates. Jen and I shared a room with twin beds. We shared a closet, which had enough room to hang most of our clothing, and we shared a dresser with enough room to put what we couldn't hang up. The same owner had a newer 24-unit apartment next door. It had a nice pool, and a rec. room. We were allowed to use those facilities.

The rent cost us $550 a month each. Our share of the phone and utilities was $50 each. That was more than double what we were paying in the mini-dorm. It was worth it, but we were going to have to dip into our savings some, and if we weren't careful, we could burn through them.

We relished the privacy. As many people lived in this eight-unit apartment building as lived in the mini-dorm. We tried to put the best face we could on the mini-dorm, but we were embarrassed to be watched on the toilet, and in the shower. Sometimes we'd be sitting on the toilet, and a boy would walk into the bathroom, stand in front of the adjoining toilet, unzip and urinate, his penis barely a foot from our face. I never had a guy step into the shower while I was in there, but it happened to Jen a few times, always the same guy. She thought he was creepy. I did find it uncomfortable to see one or two naked boys waiting outside the shower for me to pull the shower curtain open and emerge wet and naked.

Jen and I got close with Carole and Beth. They took us around and introduced us to most of the residents in the building. They seemed to be a fairly nice group of kids.


The second Saturday night in the apartment, the four of us fixed a nice dinner. Liz and Mary, two seniors who lived downstairs, joined us. They had a two-bedroom apartment on the first floor. Liz shared a bedroom with her roommate, Ron, who had a date. Mary lived with her boyfriend, Larry, who went home between semesters. They brought two bottles of wine; we had a couple of partial bottles, an open jug of red, and a partial box of white. Dinner went well, and the wine really flowed. The conversation was interesting and helpful during dinner. Liz and Mary had been at school for three and a half years. They knew about the city and the faculty, information they shared with four freshman girls.

About nine o'clock, the six of us adjourned to the living room. We took the wine with us. There was a coffee table in the middle of the room, centered between two old couches, with chairs on each end. The conversation got more personal. We learned that Liz came to university with a great deal of sexual experience, while Mary came in a virgin. Carole and Beth had begun their sexual careers by the time they were fifteen. We told them about our limited but intense post virginity experiences in July and August, and our total lack of activity since arriving at school. Beth and her original roommates had been burning the candle at both ends until the first girl went home. Carole fit right in with the other girls. Clearly, Jen and I were the beginners.

Liz asked about having sex with other girls. She had done it many times. Mary had done it once with her freshman roommate, and found she liked it, but had only done it a few times since then. Carole and Beth had been experimenting together, most recently that morning. You could have fooled me. Jen also fooled me when she said she'd never done it, but said she would have liked to try it with me in high school, if she knew I had an interest. I told her I had felt exactly the same way, especially right after she and her mom had begun to live in my house.

Mary asked about strip poker. She began to play when she came to the university. She and Liz had played several times. Carole and Beth had never played. Carole asked if the games culminated in sex. Mary said they seldom did in the beginning, but often did now. Jen said she and I discovered the game after graduation, and only the first game ended without at least one of us getting fucked. Liz asked if any of us had ever played in an all girl game. Only Mary would admit to that, but she insisted those games never involved sex.

Liz asked if we wanted to play now.

The short answer was yes!

Each girl had eight garments and a card with her name on it.

There was no ante, but anyone with a pair of jacks of better had to open, and bet a garment. All the players matched the opening bet. If nobody could open, there are no garments in the pot. We could bet whatever garments we wore, or won. Once out of garments to bet, each girl had the card with her name on it to play. If she ran out of garments to bet in mid-hand, her card counted for all subsequent bets and raises. If she was naked at the start of the hand, after the deal, she had the option to drop, or to bet her card. That card covered all the bets and raises for the hand.

If she won, she got her card back, and kept playing, with her new winnings. When she had nothing to bet, she could use her own card again. If she lost her card, she was indebted to the girl who won her card. Once someone won another girl's card, it could not be bet again.

The winner of a girl's card could assign any forfeit she wanted, which wouldn't get her hurt or arrested, or the winner of the card could get sex from card loser. The winner of girl's card could not assign a girl to have sex with another, unless she won both girls' cards; that assignment used both cards.

With all the wine, we were betting pretty aggressively. I have no idea which hands I won, or with what cards. Very early in the game, I know I won Carole's card, making her the first naked girl eliminated. The first time I got naked, I bet my card, and won the hand. The second time I got naked, Jen won my card, eliminating me. As she raked in her pot of clothing, Jen said, "I know what Kath is going be doing when the game is over."

Later, Mary won Jen's card. When the game was over, Mary asked me if I'd trade away Carole's card, in return for Jens. "I haven't had Carole, and I'd like to sample her." I was delighted to accommodate Mary. The other four went down to Mary's and Liz's apartment, where they each have double beds. As they were leaving, Carole told Jen and I to "use our room; the beds slide easily together to make one big bed. We'll be back at one this afternoon."

All four girls left their clothing on the living room floor. So did we.

Within a minute, we had the bedclothes pulled down to the bottom of the beds, and shoved the beds together. We'd never had any experience with another woman. We started slowly, lying down, full frontal contact, tits to tits, pubes to pubes, tongues dueling. We had all the rest of the night, and we used most of it. We rubbed and massaged and licked and sucked and kissed and orgasmed. It wasn't until dawn that we fell into a 69. That lasted a long time. Eventually, we fell asleep, completely sated.

I was no sooner asleep than shaking awakened me. My first thought was we were having an earthquake. It wasn't an earthquake. It was four more naked girls in bed with us and on us. The rest of the day, every possible combination and contortion which six girls could perform were performed. I have no idea how many times I came, or how many times others came because of my ministrations.

It was dark before we got out of bed, and six naked and very tired girls were fixing and eating their first meal since dinner Saturday night.


We had seven weeks between semesters. The first three weeks ran through New Years. Several of the students who worked at In 'N' Out Burgers went home to visit their parents. After the holidays, many of them went skiing. We didn't have the money to go away, but we each picked up 40 hours of work, which grew into some overtime. The money would come in handy. We were able to get the same shifts.

During semester break, we began to party pretty heavily after work. Mostly it was alcohol, with some heavy duty make out sessions with boys we met at the parties. We came home pretty drunk some times, but we always made it home. We didn't bring any boys home with us, nor did we spend a lot of time in bed with each other. We had to kick in some cash to pay for our share of the booze at most parties, but with the extra hours we got, money was not a problem.


During second semester, we hit the books again. We did some drinking, but reserved most of the partying for weekends. We spent a lot of money buying our share of booze. Boys who were already seniors hosted most of the parties. They could legally buy alcohol, but we had to pay for our share, either with an admission fee, or paying by the drink. We had to skip some of the parties, so we could afford to pay our rent.

One Saturday afternoon, we went to a house party, at an old Victorian house four boys rented. It had a big back yard. Almost a hundred people were there. Beers were a buck, or you could buy a wristband for six bucks. Neither Jen nor I had six bucks.

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