Son Of A Preacher Man

by kewtieboy

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Teenagers, Reluctant, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Gay, BiSexual, DomSub, Group Sex, Interracial, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Brought up to think of any sex outside marriage as evil by his bible-punching father, William finds sex through being seduced by a male collegue. He then seeks casual and brief encounters in toilets until one day a rough ex-pupil recognises him and decides to blackmail him into servicing him. William's sex life takes a change for the better!!

Gilbert Ray was a Baptist minister of the full Hellfire type. He was a God-fearing, bible punching minister with no flexibility in his beliefs. Sex, other than with one's wife, was unimaginable. You can therefore imagine his views on drugs, homosexuality and abortion. This was 1966 and attitudes all around him were changing, but not Gilbert. He still preached in his Baptist church to a moderately packed congregation of like minded people who loved him for defending the moral high ground.

It was in this environment, that William Ray had been born. In 1966, William was 14 and had few friends outside the church. His life revolved around school, homework, some sport and, of course, church and bible classes. William wasn't unhappy. To be fair he didn't know what it was he was missing as everyone around him was missing it too. Gilbert so wanted William to follow him into the church but William was showing a great interest in the English language and had already expressed an interest in being a teacher, something his father might just accept.

William was 14 and was surprised that his sexual organ had a habit of standing up every morning and also from time to time during the day. He had no one to ask and tried to broach the subject with his father. This led to a long lecture on the evils of the flesh and when William's bed sheets were discovered with sticky stains on them one morning, a beating following just to underline how evil all this was. William hadn't the faintest idea what the stains were or how they had arrived on the sheets.

William was 20 and just about to continue his teacher training in a Primary School nearby when his mother was diagnosed with cancer and lasted just 3 months. His father was heartbroken. There were many things that could be disliked about Gilbert, but the love of his wife could not be doubted. His heart attack 3 months after his wife's death was rumoured to be a broken heart. Whatever it was, William was left as a 21 year old orphan with a small house and a moderate amount of money.

He put all his effort into his study and was determined to be a Primary School teacher. It was on a residential course in Brighton that he met a rather worldy-wise young man called Rick Johnston. Rick had a tattoo on his arm and was a little uncouth by William's standards but they were sharing a room during the course and in a way William quite liked Rick's attitude. Rick persuaded William to go out for a drink and was successful in persuading him to add a shot of vodka to his first orange. What William didn't know, is that he had added a shot of vodka to each of his subsequent orange juices. William was aware of the trip back to the small hotel they were staying at but was also aware of euphoria and more relaxed state then he had never encountered before. When Rick and he arrived back, giggling, they collapsed on their respective beds.

Perhaps I should take a few moments out to describe William. He was, by now, exactly six feet tall. He was slim but not skinny but also didn't have a defined body. He dressed rather plainly, tending to wear a dress shirt for casual wear rather than buying casual clothes. He had an attractive face, a legacy from his father, with dark hair which he kept quite short, and piercing blue eyes. He had rather large hands and feet to match which all contributed to his "attractive but slightly geeky" look.

As William lay back on the bed, the room slowly revolved and he started to giggle. Rick started to get ready for bed and being more used to alcohol, was soon down to a pair of white briefs which clearly outlined his manliness. William had never seen another human being in a state of undress, except for the odd glimpse of a school mate after gym, and was fascinated by Rick's well defined body. What he didn't know was Rick was bisexual and horny. He loved nothing better than seducing woman or men on his terms. Still giggling, he started to strip William and within a few moments, with the odd hold up to remove shoes, had William stark naked on his bed.

William felt a little silly and the softness of his cock reflected it. The uncut piece of meat lay flaccid out of his rich black pubic hair. Nothing happened until Rick pulled off his briefs to reveal a semi-erect cock which once it reached full size, would be 7 inches. Rick said nothing as he walked about, but William couldn't take his eyes away from it. Rick knew he was being watched but kept up a casual conversation while his cock started to really grow. He popped a couple of cans and handed one to William who meekly took it and started to drink, gagging slightly at the bitter taste.

"How big does it get," asked Rick?

"What," said William naively?

"Your dick, stupid," was the reply.

Talking about his cock, made it start to rise and within ten seconds it was a full 9 inches. William giggled, looked down and said, "That big!"

Rick walked over and gripped it. William jumped.

"Lie still," commanded Rick, "and I'll show you some fun."

He pushed William back on the bed and started to suck his cock. If William hadn't been drunk, Rick would have had a full mouth in seconds. Rick licked the balls and the cock while stroking his own. Each time William tried to see what was happening, he was pushed back. Rick climbed up to William's chest and forced his mouth on to his slightly resisting mouth. He climbed further and gently inserted his cock into William's mouth. He had to lightly slap William when he felt teeth on his cock. William opened up more and on command started to suck.

"That's it... yess... suck it slowly. Hold my balls. Yes, stroke my cock as you suck." William did as he was told.

Rick climbed off the bed and went to the bathroom. He came back with some cream. William was made to roll over on to his face and lift his buttocks up as cream was rubbed on his hole. He was too nervous to say anything. Each time he started to comment, he was told to shut up and relax. Rick was not only forceful, but used to getting what he wanted. Rick's cock was slowly pushed into William. In fairness, he took it very gently and William didn't want to miss out on his first ever sex. To that end, he managed to take almost all of Rick's cock and even managed to regain his own erection once Rick started to really fuck him. By now William was up on all fours and Rick was pumping his arse while gripping William's stiff cock as he went.

Rick's climax, when it came was like hot water being poured into William. He could feel the hot liquid pump inside him. It triggered something and he sprayed a jet of cum that was both copious and forceful as it jetted across the room and hit a mirror on the side wall, running down the glass. Rick collapsed off William and with a cursory, "Thanks mate," was in bed and asleep within 5 minutes.

William lay with the sensation of cum slowly oozing out of his battered hole. He went to the bathroom and tidied himself up and then cleaned the room before lying back on the bed where he too, fell asleep.

Two nights later, and without much booze at all, William was stripped and fucked again by Rick. He was slightly bewildered as he had never really looked sexually at another man before, but since he had never looked at a woman sexually either, it was a man who was giving him pleasure at the moment and that was fine for him.

He returned to the Manchester suburbs and didn't see Rick again. The memory of his two encounters with Rick, were indelibly imprinted on his mind and gave him much pleasure in his solo sex sessions. His mind turned back to work, however and he was a teacher by the time he was 23.

By now he had started to look at men. He preferred to look at slightly older and rougher men and had also discovered a park where men met in the toilet and had brief sex. He could go there after school and be finished in about 10 minutes and on his way home. He particularly liked it when men came in and told him to do things or made him do things. One man even pissed in his mouth while he was sucking him. The taste was awful and William gagged as he hadn't expected it, but the though of being forced to do it gave him a few wanks for the following week.

So that was William's life. Few friends outside school, a visit every few weeks for a 10 minute fumble in a toilet, a list of guys who knew he would do whatever they asked and a lot of wanking at home. He was still single and despite this nerdy existence, by the time William was 32, he was actually quite a handsome man. He was articulate in many subjects and good conversationalist, he had filled out and was better proportioned and many of the female teachers had made gentle passes at him, only to be quietly rebuffed. Even males who wanted William to go home with them were rejected. He was happy with his 10 minute fix.

The toilet continued to be used but on one visit, William was shocked to find it closed for redecoration. He was randy and had no idea what else to do. In 1984, knowledge about these things was written on toilet walls rather than the internet. As he quietly panicked, he remembered a scribbled message on the wall about a nearby shopping centre toilet being good and so headed off in search of it. The centre was a neighbourhood one and the toilet block was actually a separate building outside the side entrance. He went in and found it empty. He stood at the urinals but noticed the people coming and going were fathers with children or just people shopping.

William decided to go into a cubicle to see if there was any more writing to tell him of somewhere else. He stood in the cubicle trying to read the masses or writing and heard someone come in next door. It was irrelevant to him and he continued his search, while absent-mindedly stroking his hard cock through his trousers. He was jolted to reality by someone whispering. He looked down to see a finger tapping a sizeable hole in the partition wall. A cock came through.

The cock was about 6 inches long and a voice said "Suck it."

William always did what he was told.

After a few minutes, the cock was pulled back and the finger tapped again. This time it was William's turn and as he put his cock through he heard a voice say, "Nice." He was enveloped in warmth as a mouth was placed over it. After a short turn at being sucked, he was asked to suck again and the voice again said "Don't stop."

William didn't stop and received a blast of cum in his mouth and lips. The guy zipped up and left. William had to satisfy himself as he swallowed the salty liquid. Once more his legendary cum shot plastered the wall. As he left the toilet having had his "sex fix" for another few weeks and headed back to school for the afternoon session. He didn't see the young lad following behind him!

Now Ryan Grainger was a little over 16 years old and was a local minor thug. He didn't rob banks or beat up old ladies but he did do his fair share of shoplifting and bullying younger lads for their pocket money and the occasional sexual favour. Of course he was convinced he was straight even though he used every excuse and opportunity to get his hands on a cock. He had convinced himself that it was only because he was a randy teenager and it was easier to get some guy to suck him off than a tart. His two sidekicks, Len Winslow (a half Caribbean, half Mancunian and rather sexy little number) and Pete Simpson, a shaven headed rough nut who always had a horn and talked about "fucking girls" all the time). Of course their real experiences with girls could be written on the back of an envelope and in most cases it was a fumble, a feel and a squeeze of tit.)

The three boys used every opportunity to grab each other's balls, compare sizes in wanking competitions to see who could cum first and, to coerce younger schoolboys under threat of violence to wank them or even suck them. Most of these exploits were done as a group in the woods close to school (a school they were still meant to be attending for a few months more, at least). After all these sexual games, the guys would talk about girls and how great it would be once they could get their hands on one or two. It was strange they had never really tried.

Why was Ryan following William? Well Ryan had rather enjoyed his little blow job. His friends knew nothing of the glory hole, of course. This would be one step closer to being a poof and anyway, he didn't want any competition. He usually could get some old guy to suck him off but he had realised that the guy today was younger and well equipped. He just wanted to see how he looked so he could fantasise a bit when he had a wank later.

It came as a shock to realise that the guy who had just sucked him off, had been his teacher at Primary School. He remembered the tall quiet guy and how soft he had been. They called him "Billy Bible" due to his religious beliefs. He was following to find out if "Bible Billy" was still at Meadowhill Primary School. He was!

That night, Ryan found himself thinking about "Bible Billy's" cock and how big it looked. He thought about what it would feel like to suck it some more and have the cum shoot out. After he came, Ryan felt guilty then thought how terrible it was that William Ray was teaching kids. He could be paedophile! I bet the school governors would sack him if they knew he had sucked a 16 year old boy off. Maybe he should confront him and give him a shock. Ryan had never taken on an adult with his bullying before and the thought of blackmailing an ex teacher excited him. He could demand money, maybe even get enough for a scooter. Then he looked down and wondered why his cock was still hard and realised he might get an even more valuable reward for his blackmail.

Ryan convinced himself that he was doing this to teach the "pervert" a lesson but deep down he knew he was lying to himself. He waited outside Meadowhill on the first opportunity he had which was two days later, and saw "Bible Billy" coming out while talking to another teacher. He followed him until eventually the other teacher said his farewells and headed in another direction. He stayed behind William until it looked like he was close to his home and then he quickly caught up and in a loud voice said, "Mr Ray?"

William turned to look at this tough little nut in front of him a quizzical look on his face.

"Ryan Grainger," said Ryan, "you used to teach me at Meadowhill."

"Ah yes, troublesome Ryan. I remember you," said William. "How are you?"

"Fine Mr Ray, but I still don't have a job. You're still at Meadowhill I see," came the reply?

"Yes I am."

"I presume this is your house Mr Ray," said Ryan nodding to the bungalow outside which they were standing.

"Eh, yes it is," said William.

"I wanted to have a chat," said Ryan, "can I come in?"

"I think that would not be a good idea Ryan as people might get the wrong idea of a young boy and an ex-pupil at that, being alone in my house with me," said William.

"You mean they might think you were going to suck my cock, Mr Ray," said Ryan?

William went scarlet as Ryan continued," But you already have Mr Ray, three days ago at the park toilets!"

Now William was scarlet!

"Can we talk Mr Ray," said Ryan.

William bundled him into the house.

Ryan walked around the house touching things, picking up and looking at ornaments and asked for a beer. William refused. Ryan shrugged his shoulders and sat down.

"I was just in the toilet 'cos I needed to go and you were playing with your thing and asked me to put my dick through the hole. I was so nervous that I did and the next thing you sucked me off. I've never done anything like that before as I even have a girlfriend. Bet your school friends would be interested to know you have sex in toilets with ex — pupils."

"What do you want Ryan," asked William. "I'm not wealthy so haven't got money to give you if it's blackmail your after."

"At the moment," said Ryan," it would just be good to have a place to come with my girlfriend or mates and chill out. It gets cold hanging about the streets and somewhere for a beer would be nice. Could I have that beer now Mr Ray" said Ryan sneering in a threatening manner?

William was stunned. He walked to the fridge and took a beer out and gave it to Ryan. He opened one for himself and greedily slugged it down. "I keep myself to myself," said William.

"Well now you don't have to Billy boy," said Ryan. He quaffed his beer and walked to the door saying, "See you!"

William was shaking after he left. He had three beers and was very drunk as it didn't take much to knock him out. He remembered the session in the toilet and the nice little hard cock he had sucked to fruition. He could remember the taste. It had been much sweeter than any cum he had drunk before but he put that down to youth since he had never been interested in younger boys. His cock was hard and despite being really frightened, William had to wank. His thoughts, as he stroked his long cock, kept drifting back to that stiff piece of flesh being offered through the hole and the taste as the thin jet of fluid had hit the back of his throat.

It was eight o' clock in the evening on the following Saturday when his doorbell rang. William didn't get visitors so jumped when it rang. He opened the door to find Ryan standing there. "Hi Billy, I'm on my own tonight and thought you might want company. I bought us some wine here and I'm sure you'll give me a tenner towards it won't you?"

He walked past William grabbed two glasses off the display cabinet and flopped on the couch. He twisted the screw cap on the red wine and poured two glasses. William hadn't said a word as he picked the glass and slugged some wine, feeling it burn as it went.

"I was just thinking 'teach'," said Ryan, "you got to see my credentials so you can talk about me and I didn't get to see much of yours. Tonight is payback time."

William took another slurp.

"So I'm going to sit here and you are going to strip naked," the teenage tearaway said.

"I will not," said William defiantly.

"0161 465 6756," said Ryan.

"What," said William?

"Education Department complaints department," said Ryan, "now fucking strip!"

William finished the wine. He very slowly started to remove his shoes and socks, his shirt and trousers until he stood in a pair of surprisingly trendy black briefs. His large bulge was soft but obvious. Ryan walked over to him and yanked the briefs down. William's heavy cock slapped down over his big balls.

"Impressive for a poof," said Ryan.

Ryan was aware his cock was rising and made sure that William couldn't see the bulge in his track suit bottoms. William too, found this situation erotic but as he wasn't sure of Ryan's intentions his normally stiff monster only showed a little of its impressive size.

"Bend over and touch your toes," said Ryan. William obeyed and Ryan squeezed his stiff cock once more while William looked the other way.

Ryan went over and started to finger William's hole. "Well pussy boy, I'll bet you like that?

William mumbled.

"Sorry, say that again and you had better say you like it," said Ryan.

"It's good," said William.

"Down on all fours," commanded Ryan.

He went through to the kitchen and retrieved a dishtowel. He took the towel and wrapped it around William's eyes really tightly. This gave him the opportunity to release his straining six-incher. The hole looked very tempting especially to a randy virgin who was pretending he wasn't. He had to have a piece of it. He put his hand between William's legs and felt his balls. They were so heavy and as his hand wandered he gripped William's cock. William gasped!

Ryan, started to push his cock against William's arse. "Protection please," said William, pointing to a drawer in the display unit. Ryan opened the drawer to find lube and condoms. He ripped one open and pulled it over his cock enjoying the new feeling of the tight rubber. He rubbed some lube on William's arse and stuck his cock straight in! William yelped as the cock intruded. He was hardly used to being fucked, let alone fucked so roughly. Ryan didn't mean to be rough, he just simply didn't know what to do and he also wanted to act like he was in control. He hammered roughly on William's arse and was never going to last long. William was aware of this as he felt the cock inside tense and then Ryan pushed one more time as his balls emptied into the condom.

"Jeezus," he said as he slipped out, "that was the best fuck ever!" He failed to mention it was his only fuck ever. "I'm going to have more of that or you're going to lose your job, Billy boy!"

He zipped up and left, leaving William still naked on all fours, the spent condom lying with thin boy cum oozing out on to the wooden floor. William removed the blindfold and lay on his back, emptying Ryan's cum on to his cock and balls as he brought himself off, spraying jets of cum over himself.

It was fully seven days before William heard the doorbell. He had intended a quiet night in and had just bathed. Ryan stood there in football gear. "Just thought I would pop in on my way back from football practice for a shag," he cockily said as he walked past William. "Mind if I shower?"

William didn't reply as Ryan headed for the bathroom. When he came out William asked what he wanted. "Another piece of you," he said trying to act as masterful as he could.

"We really shouldn't," mumbled William, "you're so young and I could get into trouble."

"I might be young but I'm fuckin' horny so shut up and strip," commanded Ryan!

William did as he was told. Ryan again blindfolded him and laid him back on the sofa. He preferred if William couldn't see how turned on he was. This time he looked at William's body. William had a small patch of brown chest hair which wistfully turned into pubic hair as it passed his navel. He was slim and though a bit gauche, was not a bad looking guy. The large cock certainly was one attribute that appealed to Ryan. Ryan handled the stiff organ and William let out a sigh.

"Shut up faggot," said Ryan, "I just want to see it."

A thin trickle of pre-cum dribbled from behind the foreskin and this time Ryan pulled his shorts down and off so he was just in his football shirt. He took a trickle and tasted it. It was musky and slightly salty. He had tasted his own so it didn't surprise him but his cock certainly liked it as it stood on end. He suddenly engulfed the cock with his mouth. William went to say something but Ryan pulled it out to tell him to shut up before returning to suck. The hard meat felt amazing in his hands and mouth and he sucked up and down. He then went round to the side of the sofa where William's head was and stuck his cock in William's mouth. William sucked greedily. Ryan then realised he could reach down and continue sucking which he did. He was about to stick his finger into William's hole ready to prepare him for another fuck when something odd happened. His own bum felt really warm. He realised William has his tongue in his arse. The sensation was unbelievable. Ryan was going to shoot without even touching his cock if William didn't stop so he pulled himself away.

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