Darcy's Punishment

by Amasterfound

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Rough, Light Bond, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Darcy is the school tease. After her brother hears of the rumors he has his friend date her one night to see if it is true. When he finds out it is, he decides she needs to be taught a lesson, and he is just the man to do it.

Darcy giggled as she looked at the poor sob's crotch. He clearly had blue balls from all of the teasing that she gave him. It served the bastard right for drooling over her ass! Who said that she had to put out, just because she flirted with him? She took a certain sadistic delight in leading boys on for a long time, even occasionally letting them cop a feel, but never giving them any relief! The idea of a boy's aching cock and balls after a thorough teasing cracked her up. Boys were so stupid! Her girlfriends and she would laugh for days over this one!

Not only was the "jerk-off" a 12th grade football player, but he was also her brother's best friend from high school. Did he really think that she would show him special favor for that reason?

Todd glared at her with obvious contempt, as he drove her back to her house. Just wait until Dale found out about this bullshit! They had heard rumors about her, but thought they were just exaggeration. He had no idea, until tonight, that she was deliberately teasing him with the idea of sex.

Dale and he had always hated that kind of girl: a cock tease who took sadistic pleasure in tormenting boys. Contrary to what certain women's TV networks and the school's "Rape Awareness Campaign" claimed, such girls deserved to have someone rape them and otherwise punish them, as examples of what happened to teasing bitches! Their group of friends had even acted on their views about this kind of behavior. None of the girls involved ever came forward, because of fear of the consequences.

Some of the worst case girls became permanent bitches to his group. They found themselves forced to service the boys on demand, as well as anyone else that was required of them. Most got off with a single night and a warning. From the looks of it, Darcy was in danger of being a lifelong bitch to them! He just wondered how Dale would handle this information about his sister. In either case, he would know soon, because Dale would wait at home to hear about it. They always talked about their dates, and this case would be no different.

Darcy laughed at him, as she got out of the car and headed into the house. The loser asked for it. She assumed that he would just drive home, licking his wounds. She never guessed that he would tell her brother what she had done to him. What boy would admit to his friend that he didn't get it? He rather stunned her when he killed the engine and started to follow her into the house.

"Dude, give it up already! Being a gentleman won't do any good at this point! I haven't put out for anyone else, and I won't put out for you! No one will believe you, if you tell anyone what I did! It's all your fault and I'll make sure that they agree with me! I never told you that I would sleep with you," Darcy snorted at him.

"Get over yourself, already! I am not walking you to the door bitch! I'm going to talk to your brother, Dale! He is my best friend, after all!" Todd snarled back.

"Whatever, dude! Believe what you want to believe! You're still hoping to get into my panties!" she threw the words over her shoulder, as she turned her back on him and walked inside.

Darcy walked into her house and saw Dale watching TV in the living room. He was clearly waiting for them to get back.

"Hey, Dale, your friend wants to talk to you! See you later! I'm going to phone Kathy," Darcy announced, before heading up the stairs. This would have her girlfriends in stitches for days!

"Gossiping as usual? When are you ever going to grow up? How do you expect Todd to consider you, if you talk about him like he is beneath you?" Dale commented.

"He is! I don't want to take Todd or any other guy as a boyfriend, or anything else! All guys are inferior! Why would I want to have anything more to do with a guy, except to torment him?" she said, making sure that Dale heard her.

"We'll deal with that issue later," Dale shook his head and went to greet Todd.

He had a sneaking suspicion that the date went sour, and knew that it wasn't Todd's fault. Darcy was a BITCH! She acted superior all of the time and it irritated at him. He hoped that she wasn't a cock tease as well, as the rumors made her out to be. That was another reason why this date was set up tonight. He wanted to put to rest the rumors once and for all. He hoped for her sake that things turned out in her favor. Unfortunately, he knew that he wasn't that lucky.

"So, give me the run-down, man! Was she as bad as the rumors say? She was very snotty when she came in!" Dale inquired anxiously.

"Worse! Dude, no offense, but your sister is a pain in the ass! In my case, she's a pain in the groin! She really needs an attitude adjustment! She acts as if someone taught her that men should serve her! My dick is hurting bad! It is sore with a capital S! If I get the chance, I would literally rape her ass!

"She pretended all night that she would give out, but never did! Then she had the nerve to say that she never 'told' me that she would give it up! She never said so, but her actions made it quite clear what she was offering me! What a bitch, one of the worst types of cock tease! That doesn't help your reputation! I hope that you punish the bitch good! She needs a man to tear up her tight little ass! If I had my way, both of her virgin holes would bleed and then some!" Todd snarled.

"Well, Mom and Dad are away for several weeks! This time, it's my problem! Sorry, bud, but you will not get her cherry ass! That's going to me! You'll have to wait until after she's my bitch before you get to take your revenge. Then I'll think about pimping her ass out to any guy that I feel like letting use her! I may just keep her for my own private use," Dale replied, his anger growing at his sister the more he thought about her actions.

"I thought as much, but I can't wait until I get to plunder her ass! Just don't make it too loose this time! I want her to suffer when I fuck her there! You tend to stretch them out a lot, you know! I'll see you later. I'll grab Liz and take it out on her ass, before this problem kills me!" Todd said, before walking away awkwardly.

Dale saw how much agony his friend was in, due to his sister's treatment of him. He would take care of the matter tonight, as tomorrow was a Saturday and she didn't have to worry about school. By Monday, he would make it difficult for her to sit down in class. It would be a painful reminder not to tease the guys at school, if he allowed her to go to school at all next week. There were more important things than her silly social life and phone calls to that airhead Kathy.

He walked around to the side of the house, where the phone lines began, and disconnected Darcy's private line, immediately ending her phone call to Kathy. He heard Darcy cussing in the house about the phone line being "dead again". He entered the house, just as she went downstairs, and saw that she only wore a long T-shirt that barely covered her ass. She headed for the main house phone, to see if it worked.

Dale grabbed Darcy, before she could lift the phone off the hook. He threw her over his shoulder, as he had the usual football player's build (he was a player on the college team too). He carried her up the stairs, scaring her as he did so.

"Dale, what the hell are you doing? Put me down this minute! You can't do this to me! I'll make your life a living nightmare if you don't quit manhandling me!" Darcy replied, trying to hide her fright at his actions.

"Not a chance, Sis! I will make your life a living nightmare! We're going to have a 'discussion' about your treatment of my friend tonight, and how you will treat guys in the future! I'm tired of being the laughingstock of school because of your attitude toward guys! I still have friends there, you know! People know you as the school tease, for Pete's sake! That makes me look bad! The guys are always complaining. I intend to adjust your attitude about guys! This thinking that you're superior to them is unacceptable for a sister of mine! You'll find that you are just the opposite!" he shouted, as he tossed her onto his bed.

Dale was in a rage as he threw his sister on the bed. How dare the bitch treat guys as if they were beneath her! He would make her see that men were clearly superior to women! Women like her made life hard for men! Well, this one would never do that again. She would learn that her place in this world was to serve men, or better yet, serve him! Yes, Dale was a male chauvinist pig, and he was proud of that fact!

Darcy stared up at her brother. She trembled at what she saw in his eyes, pure anger! She knew that somehow she pushed him over the edge this time! What did he have in mind for her? She was a virgin. She hadn't even let a guy see her naked! Her mind went over all the things he was liable to due to her. He might rape her: that was at the forefront of her mind. Next, she contemplated him spanking her. Contrary to what he thought, she heard the rumors of his little revenge game against girls who did what she did! She just didn't want to believe that her loving older brother would ever degrade a woman like that. He had always stood up for her and protected her.

"If you rape me, I'll tell Mom, Dad, and the police! You'll go to jail and become a bitch! You have no right to punish me! I did nothing wrong!" she threatened, trying to disguise her fear. To quote a line she had heard somewhere, "Never let them see the whites of your eyes."

"The hell you will! You'll be quiet and take your punishment, or it will be even worse for you! Do you understand? You're my bitch now, you silly tease! Why I love you at all is sometimes beyond me!" Dale informed her.

"Fuck you," she said, as she spat in his face.

"That was not a wise choice, bitch!" he declared.

He wiped the spit off his face, grabbed her favorite T-shirt, and ripped it open from the neck down. She was now totally exposed. He saw that she shaved and wore no panties.

"It's damn slutty of you to shave like that, considering that you don't put out. That and not wearing panties makes me think that you want me to rape you! Why else would you walk around the house in only a threadbare T-shirt, shaved, without panties, when I am the only other person in the house? Are you asking me to rape you?" he taunted her.

"Just because I dress like this gives you no reason to rape me! No means no!" she parroted the language used in the "Rape Awareness Campaign" at her high school.

"What bullshit! You're subconsciously asking for it, and you're going to receive it! Your mouth says 'no', but your body says 'yes'! I prefer listening to your body right now! Since your mouth is useless except for taunts, I will start your punishment by fucking it! Suck my cock, slut!" Dale ordered her, as he unzipped his pants and shoved his cock into her mouth, before she could protest any further.

Darcy almost choked, as her older brother filled her throat with his dick. Her gag reflex started to act up, but he wouldn't let up on her. He fucked her face mercilessly, not allowing her to refuse him. She was scared of what he might do to her next, not to mention of this darker side of him. Evidently, the rumors were quite true.

Then she thought, oh, my God, he's going to sodomize me too! He's even going to make me service his friends whenever they want me! He's going to pimp me out! How could he do this to his own flesh and blood?

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